Chapter 137 - Sound Transmission Jade

Chapter 137 - Sound Transmission Jade

“Is it really that amazing?” Yun Che said in shock. The first stage of cultivation could already increase one’s arm strength by one thousand five hundred kilos, and the third stage increases it by ten thousand kilos…. Then if one reaches the highest twelfth stage, couldn’t they split the heavens and earth with a single fist?

“Raising one’s strength is only one of the effects of the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’. If it was only capable of this much, how would it be worthy of the title “Forbidden Heavenly Tome”. After cultivating the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’, no matter the inside or the outside, your body would be completely reborn. Not only will your physical body’s strength increase by a great degree, the extent of your physical body’s toughness will also greatly soar. At that time, even if you don’t protect yourself with profound energy, it would still be very difficult for others to harm your body. The higher the realm, the tougher the body; after reaching a high enough realm, your body, veins, organs, or even the most fragile of all, eyes, would become as tenacious as fine steel.”

“At the same time, your body will possess an extremely strong power of self-regeneration; the higher the realm, the greater the power. After Big Brother cultivated the “Great Way of the Buddha” to the sixth stage, for grievous wounds that others would need two months under the nourishment of profound energy to fully heal, he only required two or three days to completely recover. Big Brother had even told me before that if one can cultivate it to the seventh stage, even if they were bodily handicapped - for example: broken arms, physical impairments, or even blindness… I could all can be self-regenerated. It’s just that the sixth stage was my brother’s reachable limit. The seventh stage is, after all, a realm that he could only hope for but never reach.”

Yun Che became more shocked as he listened on; he naturally wouldn’t doubt what Jasmine had said. But he had never imagined that in this world, there actually existed such a incomparably frightening and unbelievable profound art. If these words didn’t come from Jasmine’s mouth, even if he chose to believe them, he would only treat it as a fantasy.

“If you are able to successfully cultivate “Great Way of the Buddha”, that would be equal to you having the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, and the physical body of the Rage God. No matter the Heretic God’s power, or the Rage God’s power, what you have experienced and heard is only a tiny corner of the iceberg. The powers left by the True Gods of the Primordial Era are much more formidable than what you can imagine. I granted you the Heretic God’s Profound Veins… The biggest reason was to save my own life. As for teaching you how to cultivate the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’... I only want you to never give up the heavy sword, and to never forget your original intention for choosing the heavy sword!”

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded without any hint of hesitation as excitement surged in his heart… If the “Great Way of the Buddha” was really as frightening as Jasmine had described, there was no reason for him to refuse at all.

“You had battled with that Feng Yue earlier, and is still somewhat exhausted. Rest today for now. Revitalize your condition, head to the Profound Gathering Tower tomorrow, and then start cultivating the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’!”


One night passed….

And the matter of Yun Che’s arranged battle against Murong Yi of the Inner Palace had also spread throughout the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace; almost everyone knew about it.

“Hah! A new disciple that had just entered the Palace actually wants to challenge Murong Yi three months later? Did his head get squeezed by a door or kicked by a mule?”

“Cough cough, this brother, what you are saying is not right; that Yun Che’s head was obviously squeezed by a door and kicked by a mule at the same time!”

“That said, what kind of cultivation does that Yun Che have… Hah? Nascent Profound Realm? Damn! Challenging the True Profound Realm rank nine Murong Yi at Nascent Profound Realm? And moreover, proclaiming to let Murong Yi do whatever he wanted if he lost? You’re not joking, are you?”

“I heard that Palace Chief Qin personally testified to this matter, and even said that he would personally go see this arranged battle three month later. What’s more ridiculous is, for the sake of ‘fairness’, Palace Chief Qin actually allowed Yun Che to directly enter the Inner Palace for these three months, and enjoy the same cultivation conditions as Murong Yi!”

As this matter was still uproaring within the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace, news that made one spray even more rice came.

“Big news! I heard that Yun Che had already picked a weapon from the Sky Weapon Pavilion and actually chose that Overlord’s Colossal Sword that no one had even touched for who knows many years.”

“It’s definitely because that heavy sword is an Earth Profound Weapon, so he just choose it based on the grade. Tsk tsk, this clown.”

“More news! Yun Che choose two profound skills in the third floor of Supreme Profound Hall; they’re respectively 《Flame Fist》 and 《Fire Cloud Palm》.”



A Nascent Profound Realmer challenged Murong Yi, chose the Overlord’s Colossal Sword as weapon, and chose two profound skills that couldn’t be any more trashier….

In conclusion, Yun Che very naturally became the “Biggest Clown in the History of the Blue Wind Profound Palace” in the Profound Palace disciples’ mouths.

And at this time, this biggest clown had just woken up from the big bed in the Inner Palace’s living quarters, and was actually awakened by the sound of door knocking. This big bed was really too comfortable; if he had not been woken up by the sound, he probably would’ve satisfiedly slept until almost noon.

“Who is it?” Yun Che got up, and said while stretching. He speculated that the person outside would definitely be Sikong Du because, within the Inner Palace, the only person who would come find him could only be Sikong Du.

Contrary to his expectations, a girl’s voice came from the outside.

“Junior Brother Yun, it’s me.”

“Senior Sister Xueruo!” Yun Che hastily fixed his clothing, jumped off the bed, and opened the door. Outside the door, Lan Xueruo stood there with lively charm; her blue attire fluttered as she wore soft breezy smile on her face.

“Senior Sister, why did you come here?” Seeing Lan Xueruo, Yun Che was naturally joyful. However, he remembered Qin Wuyou saying that Lan Xueruo was a disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Middle Palace in name, so why would she come to the Inner Palace?”

Lan Xuerou smiled softly, and said: “Instructor Qin told me that you were here, and even temporarily gave me the qualifications to enter the Inner Palace. Junior Brother Yun, first of all, let me congratulate you on becoming an official disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Only, I didn’t imagine that so many things would actually happen yesterday. For you to defeat Feng Yue, I am not surprised in the slightest; but I had never thought that because of Murong Ye, Murong Yi would actually deal with you by striking out, and even forced you to arrange a battle with him three months later… This incident, the Blue Wind Profound Palace from the top to bottom had all heard the news. Discussions about you are everywhere right now; moreover, they are essentially all voices of mockery.”

After she finished speaking, trepidation was revealed on Lan Xueruo’s face. Yun Che let out a laugh, and said: “Senior Sister, no need to worry. I am not the kind of person who would let himself suffer losses.”

“Mn, I also understand that Junior Brother Yun is not the kind of person who is insolent and arrogant without any sense of propriety. And so, even though challenging Murong Yi is very exaggerated, I actually don’t feel too worried about it.” Lan Xueruo made a slight smile and took out a piece of yellow colored jade and a stack of talisman paper: “The reason why I’m here is to give you these; this is your Sound Transmission Jade. The Sound Transmission Imprint is already set. Instructor Qin Wuyou’s Sound Transmission Imprint as well as mine are also added in. And these, are thirty sheets of Hundred Mile Sound Transmission Talismans and five sheets of Thousand Mile Sound Talismans; if any urgent matter arises in the future and you need to seek me and Instructor Qin, you just need to transmit sound to us using the Sound Transmission Talisman.”

Yun Che received them and carefully stored them away. As a matter of fact, if Lan Xueruo didn’t come and give these to him, soon enough, he would’ve also gotten a piece of Sound Transmission Jade himself. After all, it was something that could transmit sound over a distance of hundreds or even thousands kilometers; it really was too convenient.

Lan Xueruo examined Yun Che’s room, and said with a light smile: “Even though I’ve been in the Blue Wind Profound Palace for a while as well, it’s still the first time I’ve ever entered the living quarters of the Inner Palace disciples. It really is unexpectedly extravagant; better than the Middle Palace disciple’s living area for who knows how many times. Just this big bed, it wouldn't even be a problem for two or three people to sleep on it.”

As she said till here, Lan Xueruo’s voice suddenly froze. Unbeknownst to what she had suddenly recalled, two touches of red glow emerged lightly onto her face.

Yun Che’s gaze blurred as he gently looked into Lan Xueruo’s eyes: “Even though the bed is very big, I didn’t sleep very well because I kept on feeling that something is missing in this emptiness… Senior Sister, did you feel a little unaccustomed when sleeping last night?”

In the ten days during their travel toward the Blue Wind Profound Palace, they had always shared the same bed and slept together. Ten days, was enough for a dubious habit to quietly develop… What Yun Che had said, was blatantly asking her: Are you not accustomed to sleeping without me to keep you company?

This question of Yun Che’s, directly struck the insides of Lan Xueruo’s heart. Because, she still had not been relieved from the emptiness and feeling of loss in her heart before sleeping and waking up. Her expression became slightly flustered, and she shook her head in a somewhat discomposed demeanor: “In my own home…. Of course I would very accustomed. I… I’ll be leaving first, I still have important matters to do, and won’t disturb your cultivation anymore. Every minute of cultivation time in the Profound Gathering Tower is valuable; at least, in these three months, you need to work hard.”

After she finished speaking, as Lan Xueruo was preparing to leave, Yun Che caught the hastiness within her complexion… Clearly, she really was going to busy with something.

“Senior Sister.” Yun Che went up to stop her, and asked with concern: “What are you going to busy with? Can you tell me? Maybe I could be of help.”

“It’s alright.” Lan Xueruo slightly smiled as she shook her head, hesitated for a second, and said with a whisper: “It’s just that my father’s body has always been ill. When I went to visit this morning, I discovered that father’s condition turned for the worse again, so I’m going to go invite a doctor back.”

Even though he didn’t know what Lan Xueruo’s identity is, to be able to influence Qin Wushang who was the Vice Palace Chief of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, her background must be extraordinary. Having such a background, yet she needs to personally go invite a doctor; this made Yun Che unable to hold back, and he asked while slightly knitting his brow: “Senior Sister, there’s no need to find anyone, let me accompany you to see your father. Even though I’m still quite young, I am a authentic genius doctor. You’ve also seen my medicinal skills, if you bring me, your father’s illness will definitely be quickly cured.”

Lan Xueruo froze for a bit. Then, her face revealed a slightly strained expression. She shook her head once again, and reluctantly smiled: “It’s okay, my father’s illness is from constant overwork, and it has already been like this for many years. Over these years, it has always been that doctor who nursed him. It would be good for Junior Brother Yun to stay here without worry, and properly cultivate. There’s nothing to worry about on my side.”

“After everything is completely settled in my family, I’ll come visit you more often.”

Lan Xueruo’s charming eyes fixated onto Yun Che for a second. Then along with a smile, she turned around and left.

After Lan Xueruo left, Yun Che stood in the same place. He slightly knitted his brows and remained speechless for a long time.

Because from within Lan Xueruo’s gaze, he saw many things that he didn’t want to see… Anxious, worry, hesitation, and there was even a bit of melancholy.

Senior Sister, what exactly happened in your family? Yun Che muttered to himself in his heart. But it was obvious that Lan Xueruo didn’t actually want him to be involved with her family matters.

He also didn’t plan on snooping around for Lan Xueruo’s background. He was waiting for that one day, when Lan Xueruo could completely open the window of her heart to him and voluntarily tell him everything he wanted to know. But at least up until now, what he could be completely positive about, was that even if Lan Xueruo was concealing something from him, or if her actions up until now was for the purpose of “contriving” something from him…. She definitely wouldn’t do anything that would try to harm him. After all, her gentle and kind nature would never change.