Chapter 116 - Instant Kill

Chapter 116 - Instant Kill

When she saw Yun Che, who had suddenly appeared before her eyes, Lan Xueruo’s eyes became hazy. She stared blanky at Yun Che for quite a while before finally believing that all of this was not an illusion and she was not dreaming. The corners of her lips raised in a warm curve, her gaze trembled with astonishment, happiness, comfort… and traces of tender sentiments that even she did not perceive….

“Junior Brother Yun, you are still alive… very good…” She gently smiled. Even though this was her first time getting tightly embraced by a man, there was not even a trace of rejection in her heart. Instead, her mental state which had been stretched taut had completely relaxed. Knowing that Yun Che was still alive, all of the anxiety, fear, and pain on her body was entirely replaced by happiness. Being embraced by Yun Che like this, she felt a kind of contentment and ease that she had never felt before.

“I did tell Senior Sister before that I’m a person who treasures my life the most, so how could I die so easily… Come, swallow this down.” Yun Che took out a Heaven Returning Pellet and gently placed it into Lan Xueruo’s mouth. Lan Xueruo swallowed without hesitation and revealed a look of deep astonishment, because the moment the pellet entered her mouth, she felt a warm current flowing through her entire body. All of her injuries stopped hurting and began to heal at an extremely fast speed.

“Heaven Returning Pellet?”

A medicine that was able to quickly heal in a short period of time, used the most valuable ingredients, required extremely precise refinement techniques, and at the same time required a very long refining process. When the pill entered her mouth, Lan Xueruo realized with astonishment that it was the healing panacea, the Heaven Returning Pellet; furthermore, it was a medium-grade Heaven Returning Pellet which was only inferior to the high-grade Heaven Returning Pellet. Even if such a Heaven Returning Pellet was possessed by one of those top-notch sects, it would still be considered an extremely precious first-rate medicinal pellet.

Yun Che gave a slight smile and softly spoke as he helped Lan Xueruo up: “Senior Sister, rest well for a while. Leave these villains to me.”

On the other side, Black Demon was scared witless after the previous explosion instantly killed thirteen Black Demon Mercenaries. Beside him, Black Wolf said: “Captain, don’t panic! That must be the same unusual weapon that was used a month ago! Moreover, there should only be one such weapon left, otherwise he wouldn’t wait till now to use it!”

As he heard Black Wolf’s words, the fear in Black Demon’s heart vanished without a trace; this was undoubtedly the most logical explanation. Even if he were to be beaten to death, he would not believe that a profound practitioner at the Nascent Profound Realm could release that kind of attack. He took a big step forward, and pointed at Yun Che as he howled furiously: “You little bastard, you actually dare to kill over a dozen of my brothers! I’ll skin you alive! Go, take both of them down for me! Both the man and the woman must be alive!”

The surrounding Black Demon Mercenaries roared and swung their weapons as they simultaneously attacked together. Lan Xueruo’s heart, which had just calmed down, once again tensed up as she spoke with urgency: “Quickly leave, Junior Brother Yun! You have such a strong profound movement skill so you should definitely be able to escape. After you escape, I will have a way to immediately escape and meet up with you!”

Yun Che smiled as he shook his head: “If Senior Sister really has a way, you wouldn’t have been nearly caught a moment ago. I will not and do not need to escape… Wherever I am, I’d never let Senior Sister suffer a single injury!”

As his voice faded, the Tiger Soul Sword in Yun Che’s hand suddenly swung forward. While it traveled in the air, the meter-long sword blade suddenly spewed out a three-foot long tongue of flame. As the tongue of flame left the sword, it swept horizontally into the Black Demon Mercenaries that were rushing head-on.


The fluttering flame was like a raging fire dragon as it roared and smashed onto the bodies of the Black Demon Mercenaries. Along with the blood-curdling screams that were mixed in, five of the Black Demon Mercenaries were blown away; each suffered a fifteen centimeter wound on their body that vigorously spewed out fresh blood and the clothes and skin close to the wounds were all scorched… As for the frontmost mercenary, the area around his wound had already been burned black.

The five rolled on the floor while they screamed in pain. Their screams sounded like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves.

Lan Xueruo stared with her beautiful eyes wide open. After staring blankly for a while, she exclaimed in shock and delight: “Junior Brother Yun, your profound strength… Has actually reached… the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm!?”

She could feel Yun Che’s current profound strength, yet her voice carried a deep disbelief.

Only a month had passed! He had actually jumped from the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm to reach his current level at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm! And nearly crossed over an entire huge realm in the span of a month! Not only that, the flame attack which he had just displayed was incomparably stronger than the fire profound art that he had previously shown.

“Correct! Because, I successfully passed that phoenix trial! I received a mystical Divine Phoenix Pellet, which allowed my profound strength to immediately reach the peak of the Nascent Profound Realm.” Yun Che said with a smile as he covered Lan Xueruo with half of his body. He had initially thought the Divine Phoenix Pellet would raise his profound strength by five to six levels, but he didn’t expect it would actually help him break through nine levels in succession. This phenomenon seemed to be related to the Fire Seed of the Heretic God in his body that allowed him to absorb a hundred percent of the Divine Phoenix Pellet’s power.

Black Demon and the rest were all shocked after seeing Yun Che blow back five Black Demon Mercenaries who had an average profound strength of the fifth level of the Nascent Profound Realm with one move. Seeing the Tiger Soul Sword that blazed with flames, Black Wolf shouted loudly: “So it turns out that you are not a member of Xiao Sect, you’re a member of the Burning Heaven Clan!!”

With Yun Che’s previous attack, they had also grasped the level of Yun Che’s profound strength —— Tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm! And being able to release such an astonishing flame profound energy at the Nascent Profound Realm, other than the disciples of the Burning Heaven Clan, they could not think of any other sects that were able to do that!

“Burning Heaven Clan… no matter if it’s Xiao Sect or Burning Heaven Clan, he must die! If not, we will all be doomed!” Black Demon said with a solemn face. However, he did not have a trace of fear on his face. After all, even though he was a minor problem, he was only at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm; he was simply not a threat. Even without him, any one of the three Vice Captains were capable of defeating him.

“This brat, to have an arrogant face… I’ll go cripple him!”

Black Wolf gave a low growl and covered his entire body with profound energy. He took a step and burst forward in Yun Che’s direction, swinging the spike-covered Wolf Fanged Mace towards Yun Che’s face… Obviously, Yun Che’s young and visually attractive little white face caused him to subconsciously become jealous.

After knitting his brow and wrapping his arms around Lan Xueruo’s waist, Yun Che’s figure faintly swayed.

Swinging the Wolf Fanged Mace furiously, he easily hit Yun Che in the face… However, before Black Wolf could reveal his smile, his face suddenly changed, because the Wolf Fanged Mace did not stop. Instead, it directly passed through Yun Che’s “body”, and went through his entire body before the illusion vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, Yun Che’s real body, which was hugging Lan Xueruo, appeared beside Black Wolf. Without turning back or glancing sideways, his left hand suddenly struck behind him, and smashed mercilessly into Black Wolf’s waist before withdrawing instantly. His entire movement was as fluid as moving clouds and flowing water.

Along with the increase in profound strength, the broken shadow speed and distance of Star God’s Broken Shadow had increased by a wide margin. As for the instantaneous movement he had just displayed, forget about Black Wolf, not even Black Demon and Lan Xueruo could see what had happened clearly… Furthermore, he had accomplished this instant movement while still embracing Lan Xueruo.

Black Wolf collapsed onto the floor after receiving the blow from Yun Che as all four of his limbs spasmed.

Black Tiger and Black Devil were astounded. Black Tiger took a deep breath and said: “Hmph, as expected of someone from the Four Major Sects, this profound movement skill is indeed remarkable.”

“Tch! So what of it.” Black Devil disdainfully twitched his mouth: “He is in but the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm. Black Wolf might have suffered a small loss, but if he actually wanted to take him down, it would only take three or four moves… Hey, Black Wolf, what are you still lying there for, showing off your butt? Aren’t you going to get up and f*ck this brat up… Black Wolf? Black Wolf!?”

Black Devil continuously yelled a few times, yet Black Wolf did not respond and motionlessly laid there.

“There’s no need to shout,” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth curled up and laughed deeply: “He will never reply to you again in this lifetime.”

“What!?” Black Tiger and Black Devil’s expressions sunk and rushed over at the same time, turning Black Wolf over with a kick. Immediately, both of their expressions greatly changed; Black Wolf’s entire face had already turned ashen, his corner of his mouth foamed with blood mixed with froth, and his eyes opened extremely wide. Both his eyeballs substantially bulged out, yet they had long lost their focus and spirit, leaving behind only a field of deathly gray.


He actually… died!

“Impossible! Impossible! How could he die just like that; all he took was a single strike from this brat! This is impossible!” Looking at Black Wolf’s condition, Black Devil turned pale from fright, completely unable to believe his own eyes. A profound practitioner of the first level of True Profound Realm who took a single blow from a profound practitioner of the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm, how could he have just died like this? The difference between them was not just one level, but also the divide of an entire realm!

Even Lan Xueruo opened her beautiful eyes wide and became baffled. However, thinking back to the time when he had crippled Xiao Luocheng who was at the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm while he was only at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, she immediately felt much more natural.

A blow from a tenth ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm would naturally be impossible to directly kill a True Profound Realm practitioner just like that. However, even though Yun Che’s profound strength rank was at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, under the effect of “Heretic Soul”, the power of his profound strength was far greater than this. In addition to the fact that he had killed a countless number of people, he was extremely familiar with the structure of the human body and thoroughly understood where all the major vital spots of the human body were located; he could kill with one hit, without the slightest margin for error!

“You… you actually killed our third brother! I will dismember your corpse into a thousand pieces!!”

Black Devil and Black Tiger went into a violent rage at the same time, emitting anger and murderous intent from their body. Both of them rushed towards Yun Che at the same time; the two Wolf Fanged Maces stirred up an astonishing profound energy storm and violently smashed toward Yun Che

Yun Che gently pushed Lan Xueruo back. He didn’t dodge this time. Instead, he took in a light breath and shouted deeply. With Heretic Soul in his body and the Tiger Soul in hand, the sword blade started to burn with flames. He clearly intended to forcefully take the combined attack of the two True Profound Realm profound practitioners head-on.

“Be careful, Junior Brother Yun!” Lan Xueruo immediately cried out in alarm. How could a Nascent Profound Realm practitioner, directly defend against an attack from two True Profound Realm practitioners.


The Tiger Soul Sword clashed together firmly with the two Wolf Fanged Maces, and the ear-piercing sound of metal clashing rang out ceaselessly for a long time. In that split second, the corners of Black Devil and Black Tiger’s mouth revealed a sneer; if their opponent had used that mysterious profound movement skill just now, they might’ve had a bit of a headache. However, since the opponent recklessly tried to intercept their attack head on, they were confident that the only outcome would be the immediate injuring, or even crushing, of both his arms from the shock. However, their sneer only lasted a moment before becoming completely frozen. This was because what had traveled up from their arms, was actually an unbelievably strong recoil, which momentarily caused their arms great pain and ruptured the skin between their thumb and index finger.

Both of Yun Che’s arms also sunk for a moment. But right after, the phoenix imprint on his forehead shone faintly as he let out a deep shout. The Tiger Soul Sword, which paused for a moment from being suppressed by the two Wolf Fanged Maces, suddenly released an ear-shattering tiger roar. It swept through the two Wolf Fanged Maces while carrying scorching-hot flames towards Black Devil and Black Tiger pupils dilated to the extreme.


The two Wolf Fanged Maces were cleanly cut apart; Yun Che’s Star God’s Broken Shadow was also activated in that instant. Carrying a stroke of blazing light, he pierced through both of their bodies like a bolt of lightning, and appeared five steps behind them.

Black Tiger and Black Devil’s expressions froze as their pupils widened. Under the death-like silence, their heads neatly dropped off from their neck and tumbled onto the dry ground.