Chapter 885 - Heretic God’s SeedDarkness (1)

Chapter 885 - Heretic God’s Seed—Darkness (1)


Yun Che opened his mouth, but for a long moment, he didn’t know what to say. The mysterious feeling she gave off was much stronger than when he met Jasmine in the past, as well as when he encountered a genuine primordial devil within Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

The four colored glow coming from the girl’s eyes was mysterious yet quiet as she continued to look at Yun Che. There wasn’t a glint of curiosity, and no matter how hard Yun Che tried, he could not decipher what hid behind that glow.

“Have you been here for a long time?” Yun Che asked.

Just like before, the girl just nodded slightly.

As for how long “long” was, perhaps even the girl herself did not know.

“Then you…” Yun Che hesitated for quite awhile before finally asking the question he cared about the most. “Do you know how to leave this place?”

The girl’s lips parted a tiny bit… but she didn’t nod or shake her head. In the end, the shine in her eyes changed slightly.

She did not shake her head… Could it be that she knew?

However, the girl didn’t know how to speak. Therefore, even if she did know, she had no way to tell him.

This girl was simply too mysterious. Although Yun Che really wanted to know who she was and why she was there, there was no doubt that the most important thing to him was leaving this place.

Yun Che quietly took out the soul crystal. Although he did not know how long he had been unconscious, the soul crystal was still intact and its glow hadn’t diminished at all. He firmly believed that it wasn’t possible for Su Ling’er to be here. However, he was also more willing to believe that the soul crystal definitely belonged to Su Ling’er. This crystal had been given to Yun Che by Su Hengshan who was already determined to die, which meant that he had entrusted Su Ling’er’s life and future to him. How could he possibly be wrong!

Intense pain constantly spread through every part of his body. Yun Che was eventually able to bear it after standing for some time. He put away the Netherworld Udumbara Flower that the girl gave to him and softly said, “Before anything else, I need a while to treat my wounds. I’ll talk to you afterwards, okay?”

The girl did not react and instead continued to silently watch him. Her silence was like that of being under a starry night sky.

Yun Che sat down cross-legged and swiftly calmed himself as he concentrated on recuperating. In the past, whenever he treated his injuries, he would devote thirty percent of his senses to in case danger were afoot no matter how safe the location was. Here, however, he concentrated entirely on healing and left no defenses.

Although this girl was so mysterious that she could have been a dream, Yun Che was absolutely certain of one thing—that she wouldn’t harm him. On the contrary, she gave him a mysterious sense of security. She had helped him gather the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, and she was definitely the reason why the dark beasts didn’t dare to enter this area.

Yun Che stabilized his aura, his profound energy and the Rage God’s strength channelled together. After his breathing became consistent and light, his entire body quickly entered a state of trance. His profound energy and the Rage God’s strength operated even faster, quickly healing the injuries on his body.

The girl didn’t disturb him, and from start to finish, she just stayed there levitating like a carved silver doll. Her eyes didn’t leave him either, and her gaze gradually became calm. She looked at the small golden pagoda above his head and the color that started returning to his pale face.

A long time passed in silence, and the girl’s stance and gaze did not shift in the slightest. Eventually, once Yun Che’s internal injuries had recovered more than halfway, his profound aura began to radiate from him even more. It gradually grew into a strong, quickly spinning profound aura spiral that surrounded Yun Che’s entire body.

The second that this profound aura spiral that was used to treat external injuries appeared around Yun Che’s body, the colorful glow in the girl’s eyes began trembled and continued to do so for quite awhile… It was as though she had seen something of utmost importance.

It was a field of purple silence; the flow of time almost couldn’t be felt. After what seemed like forever, the aura on Yun Che’s body started to relax. His internal injuries had already completely healed and his external injuries were mostly recovered as well. Given a few more days, they would be entirely healed.

Yun Che exhaled softly, opened his eyes, and immediately he saw the petite figure of the girl beside him. He smiled at her and moved to stand up… but suddenly felt that his heart was beating furiously.

Yun Che was stunned and the expression on his face changed completely...

This… this was...

Could it be...

An eerie bone-piercing feeling spread from the depths of Yun Che’s profound veins. Immense pain flooded his body like a plague. Yun Che’s pupils shrank, and his body, which he’d just treated, fell to the ground yet again, his palm pressed tightly against his chest.

A weak black aura gradually appeared from where Yun Che’s palm was pressing against his chest and started getting thicker. Soon enough, Yun Che’s body and face were shrouded by an increasingly dense black aura.

Yun Che’s entire body spasmed and his face twisted with pain. His entire body broke out in a cold sweat...

The devil origin orb…!

Why was this happening…? Why so soon!?

The devil origin orb had just been sealed by the Golden Crow Divine Spirit! Even though it would undoubtedly relapse eventually, it should have remained sealed for another month or two. Why was it happening now…?

In the midst of his pain, Yun Che’s pupils grew significantly larger… in sudden realization. Could this deep dark abyss be the reason why his devil origin orb was relapsing prematurely?!

This was a world that was filled with dark devil energy. Furthermore, that energy was frighteningly dense! It was highly likely that staying in such an environment had spurred the recovery and growth of the devil origin orb.

“Ughhhhh… Ahhhhh…”

Yun Che cried out in pain. Not only had the devil origin orb unexpectedly broken from its seal, it was relapsing with a strength that was far greater than last time. In a few breaths of time, the darkness profound aura that came from the devil origin orb had easily broken his profound energy defenses apart. It surged through his entire body, attacking every part of it as though he had been sent to hell.

Yun Che almost didn’t have time to struggle, and his entire body was immersed in the deep darkness abyss. His profound aura was quickly and completely dispersed under the influence of the dark devilish aura. He could not even stand up, let alone muster up any defense.

Looks like… I really won’t make it this time...

Yun Che had a grim expression on his face. His vision slowly grew blurry due to the increasingly dense dark aura. He gave up his struggle, lacking the consciousness to do so.

He quickly lost his grip on his senses, and the only thing he had that he could focus on was to try and forcefully stay conscious.

I originally thought that I’d prepared how I was going to die… I didn’t expect that I would die in a place like this…

I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Father... Mother… Xue’er and the rest…

I didn’t get the chance to see Ling’er again...

I feel… so unsatisfied...

But… it’s not that bad… I can finally… see Little Fairy sooner...

The relapse of the devil origin orb was so sudden and far more intense than before. No one could help him this time. Even if the Golden Crow Divine Spirit were present, she still wouldn’t be able to help him reseal it.

The black aura that shrouded Yun Che became thicker and thicker, swiftly devouring Yun Che’s body as well as his life force. Yun Che gave up on struggling and just stared blankly at whatever he could still see… He could barely see the girl in front of him approaching, lifting up her small hands, and quietly manipulating a small orb of black light.

That orb of light was so pitch black that it defied common sense. It looked as if it were the black hole that legends told of, the one that appeared at the center of the universe. Yun Che’s vision and consciousness had already become hazy, but that shine of that orb of black light seemed to be exceptionally clear in the core of his soul.

Looking at this orb of black light, Yun Che’s body, which was already immersed in darkness, started to ferociously throb all of a sudden. This throbbing came from the depths of his profound veins, and his profound veins, which were originally enveloped in the dark aura, started to flash with a scarlet, blue, and purple profound glow. It seemed to gradually oppose the darkness and become stronger and stronger...

This feeling...

Could… could it be…!?

The girl’s figure eventually stooped down to Yun Che, and she shifted the orb of black light in her hands so that it was next to his mouth. Her small hands then flipped upside down, and under the influence of a gentle force, the orb flew into his mouth and ended up inside of his body.


The exceptionally dense dark aura that surrounded and permeated Yun Che’s body suddenly surged. All of the darkness profound aura resembled a fierce beast that had just been rudely awakened and was now angrily screaming as it circulated through his body.


A noise that seemed as though it had come from the depths of hell rang out, and the black aura on Yun Che’s body exploded, completely dispersing. Only a flawless black light remained. This black light attached itself to the surface of Yun Che’s body, and even his eyes shone with it.

All the pain in Yun Che’s body disappeared, and he swiftly regained consciousness. In the depths of his profound veins, the devil origin orb that was embedded there was still releasing a strong black light and an aura of darkness. It had initially been like a frightening foreign object to Yun Che, the source of his terrifying doom. Now, however, not only did Yun Che clearly feel its presence, it no longer felt foreign to him at all. He could even clearly sense that it was just another part of his body, closely interconnected to it, his profound veins and his soul. It had become peculiarly gentle, and he could freely control freely.

It was just like how he could control his own limbs.

Even the darkness aura that had previously almost destroyed him was completely fused with his profound aura and circulated as he wanted.

This… this is… What happened?

Just what in the world happened?

The enormous changes that occurred in his body had been completed in just a few breaths of time. It happened so fast that Yun Che had been unable to react or even think about it. However, the bizarre changes did not stop there… they had only just begun.

Boom… Boom… Boom…!

The black light that had entered Yun Che’s profound veins all started to shatter, and the darkness had, beyond all comprehension, fractured into countless slivers of darkness. When each one came into contact with his profound veins, they immediately fused with it like mercury touching the ground—not one bit had been lost.

It was as though they were one entity to begin with.

At the same time, after every sliver of darkness fused with Yun Che’s profound veins, massive tidal waves of energy surged within those very profound veins… This energy was foreign, yet unbelievably strong. Yun Che opened his eyes, but his expression was one of complete astonishment. He had clearly felt the orb of black light fuse with his profound veins, and was definitely experiencing his own profound strength increase at an alarming rate...

Seventh level of the Tyrant Profound Realm…

Eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm...

Ninth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm...

Tenth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm...


Following the strange noise that resounded within Yun Che’s soul, the bottleneck that numerous overlord spent their entire lives trying to break through was shattered in one push. The profound aura within Yun Che’s body subsided and his profound veins became silent. A dense profound aura began to calmly circulate within them as though they were layers of nebula.

On this plane of existence, this was the strongest of profound auras.

—The first level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

The orb of black light that came from the girl finally finished fusing with Yun Che’s profound veins. All the weird changes stopped, and Yun Che’s entire body became calm. He inspected his own profound veins… the profound veins that had originally been scarlet, blue, and purple now had an additional region within them that was black.

The black region was at the center of the profound veins and nearly took up half of the space within them. In the space around the black region, the three colors of scarlet, blue, and purple coexisted as though they were stars surrounded the moon that was the black region.

At the core of the black region was the devil origin orb that had become unusually tranquil.

Yun Che didn’t know when he stood up, but his entire person was in a state of shock. He was unable to focus for quite some time.

With her colorful eyes, the girl silently watched him. Ever since he had appeared, her gaze had not left him. It was not the gaze of a person that seemed to be observing a stranger. It was a gaze that seemed as though the girl was looking at someone that meant the entire world to her.