Chapter 838 - Golden Colored Flames

Chapter 838 - Golden Colored Flames

Yun Che exterminating Burning Heaven Clan was at least due to the fact that they touched his reverse scale. However, Xuanyuan Wentian did not hesitate to scheme against the other Sacred Grounds and even used great amounts of effort to destroy the mighty Eternal Night Royal Family. This was not because he had some immense hatred against them but simply because of a “possibility” that he could not confirm at that time!!

This was more than just being sick in the mind!

He, the remaining avenger, had actually been a chess piece left behind intentionally by the other party… Furthermore, each step that he took had been according to his prediction!

“Xuanyuan Wentian… You… won’t… succeed!!” Feng Juechen clutched the Heavenly Sin Devil Sword and trembled as he stood up. When he had successfully awakened his devil blood, he already sensed the existence of the devil soul within the sword. Furthermore, on the fifteenth day of his awakening of the devil blood, it had actually directly attacked his soul and tried to destroy his consciousness. However, he managed to successfully fend it off with much difficulty and forced the devil soul to submit to his will.

Combining with what Xuanyuan Wentian had just said, the devil soul within the sword had originally wanted to wipe out his consciousness before stealing the devil blood within his body before bestowing it upon Xuanyuan Wentian! Therefore, he could confirm that Xuanyuan Wentain had already completely failed at the last step!

“Hehehe, is it?” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed, stretching out his pale white palm towards Fen Juechen, “Fen Juechen, you actually should thank me today. If it weren’t for me wanting to keep you alive, how would you have managed to live up to today. I have granted you so many years of life, so today, it’s time for you to repay me for everything!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s outstretched hand pulled back strongly.


In Fen Juechen’s brain, something seemed to have suddenly exploded and there was a humming noise. His vision instantly turned plain white and his eyes lost their color before he fell to the ground stiffly like a wooden plank.

Xuanyuan Wentian let his hands down as he turned around and said, “Let’s begin.”


Feng Xue’er ran northwards all the way without stopping even slightly. She did not know where she was nor did she dare to stop and ask anyone. She only faintly felt that she had already left the perimeters of the Divine Phoenix Empire.

The sky gradually darkened and signs of the approaching dusk started to appear on the western skies. The vast forested region below and the blowing cool breeze seemed to calm Feng Xue’er’s chaotic mind down slightly. From the time when Xuanyuan Wentian had been interrupted by Fen Juechen till now, several hours had already passed and there were still no signs of Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura appearing behind her.

After so long, it must already be safe.

Feng Xue’er’s speed slowed down gradually as she held Yun Che tightly and gently said, “Big Brother Yun, we’re already safe. I know that you won’t fall so easily. I’ll immediately… immediately make you better.”

She looked down before gradually flying towards a small narrow space. Yun Che’s injuries were so severe that she did not dare look. The glimmer of life aura that did not dissipate was as weak as a firefly’s glow. What she was going to do next would be to completely give up her Phoenix origin power that the Phoenix God conferred upon her to Yun Che… She knew fully well that the severity of Yun Che’s injuries did not lie with his external injuries but the fact that his organs had all been destroyed. Furthermore, the severity of the destruction was such that even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity were to descend from the heavens, his injuries still could not be healed. Even if she were to give up all her Phoenix origin power, all that she could do would be to grant him one last breath for a short period of time.

However, other than doing this, she did not know what other choice she had remaining.

Feng Xue’er descended gently before lowering Yun Che to the ground. Yun Che’s entire body was covered in blood, especially his chest… The miserable state caused Feng Xue’er’s heart to wince in pain at first glance. She closed her eyes as she could not bear watching any longer, gently lifting her hands and burning her most precious Phoenix energy source without any hesitation.

At this time, her body suddenly shuddered. Her beautiful eyes that had just closed opened suddenly and intense shock appeared on her face… Right at the moment she started to burn her Phoenix origin power, an extremely frightening aura shot over from afar and fixated firmly onto her.

The strength of this aura was far superior to her and even exceeded that of Feng Zukui… it was at the pinnacle level where Xuanyuan Wentian belonged to.

Just when she thought Xuanyuan Wentian had caught up once again, two other strong and dense auras which did not pale in comparison to the previous one fixated themselves onto her as well.

A voice, suddenly rang from far away in the sky, “Oh? Isn’t this the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Princess Snow? We just attended your banquet in the afternoon but now here you are thousands of kilometers away. What unbelievable fate that we meet again.”

Feng Xue’er drew back her flames and turned around, looking at the silhouettes of the three figures in the sky… Three figures who were at the pinnacle of profound cultivation within Profound Sky Continent, three of the four Sacred Masters!

Sacred Emperor Huangji Wuyu, Sovergien of the Seas Qu Fengyi, Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie!!

In order to avoid Xuanyuan Wentian, she had brought along Yun Che and escaped at top speed, with almost no stops in between… However, right here, she had met people on the same level as Xuanyuan Wentian, and three of them in fact!

How could this be a coincidence!

“It’s you guys!” Feng Xue’er instantly understood. The three of them obviously had the same motive as Xuanyuan Wentian. They kept following her, which was why they were currently here!

“What do… you all want?” She stood in front of Yun Che and shouted with the fiercest voice that she could possibly muster.

“I don’t want to say too much nonsense,” Qu Fengyi coldly spoke. “The three of us have chased you all this way. As for our motives, could the clever Princess Snow really not have guessed them already?”

“However, from the looks of it, the condition of your fiance isn’t very good,” Huangji Wuyu’s gaze left the bloodied Yun Che whose aura could not be sensed and said. “Previously in Phoenix City, your father told us that Yun Che had already died but we did not believe him. Looks like the Divine Phoenix Sect did not lie to us.”

“Since Yun Che is already dead, this make matters much simpler,” Ye Meixie smiled as he spoke. From the understanding of the three Sacred Masters, Yun Che’s current state was already a completely dead man. Regarding how he suddenly died so tragically, it was not important. Ye Meixie stretched out his hand in the air, “Princess Snow, you should obediently hand over Yun Che’s body to us. When we obtain what we want, I can assure you that we won’t cause any trouble for you. We might even return his body back to you.”

Ye Meixie’s last words were no lies. Even with their absolute strength, there was no need for the three of them to do anything to Feng Xue’er. Because, unlike Xuanyuan Wentian, they had not verified the death of the Phoenix God yet. They might dare to kill the others from the Divine Phoenix Sect but Feng Xue’er was the Phoenix God’s sole successor. If they were to kill her or severely injure her, the would undoubted incur the wrath of the Phoenix God…

The wrath of the Phoenix God, unless they did not have a choice, they did not dare take that on.

Although in their hearts, they still possessed different levels of doubt as to whether the Phoenix God was still alive, even if they were ninety percent certain, the remaining ten percent was sufficient to deter them from touching the Divine Phoenix Sect’s bottom line.

“You wish!” Despite the immense pressure of facing three Sacred Masters, Feng Xue’er’s aura was like a spark within a hurricane. However, her eyes still possessed unprecedented determination, “I will never let… you all harm Big Brother Yun anymore!”

“Hehehe,” Huangji Wuyu laughed, “He’s already a dead man but Princess Snow still remains so infatuated. This really calls for praise.”

“Big Brother Yun won’t die!” Feng Xue’er shouted loudly. “Even though you are all Sacred Masters, your hearts are actually so vicious. You guys are the one who should die! Previously at Supreme Ocean Palace, you guys worked together to snatch something Big Brother Yun owned but were taught a lesson by Big Brother Yun’s master. In the end, she still let you all off and you all also personally promised in front of everyone that you all would not harm Big Brother Yun anymore. Doing all of this today, aren’t you afraid… that Big Brother Yun’s master will not let you all off anymore!”

Thinking about that absolutely frightening young girl in a red dress, the three of their hearts froze but merely for that one moment. Following which, Ye Meixie started to laugh, “Hahahaha, you’re right. I didn’t expect the gentle Princess Snow to have such a glib tongue. We are indeed afraid of the red demoness but unfortunately, she belongs to another world and has already left. She will never ever return again and even personally announced that she would sever all ties with Yun Che. I’m sure Princess Snow also heard that clearly.”

“Hmph, the shame and pain that the red demoness has caused me is something that I’ll never forget!” Ye Meixie’s voice instantly turned cold, “All this is because of Yun Che! I had originally wanted to make Yun Che repay this debt properly but never would I have thought that he would die so quickly!”

“No need to say anymore,” Qu Fengyi’s voice turned cold. “Feng Xue’er, since Yun Che is dead, we’ll only ask for the Mirror of Samsara. If it’s still on him, just throw his corpse over. If it’s on you, then you'd better obediently hand it over.”

“You’d best listen to us obediently,” Huangji Wuyu smiled as he spoke. “The shame they suffered that day, they wanted to vent it on Yun Che. If you make them act themselves, I cannot assure you the completeness of Yun Che’s corpse.”


Feng Xue’er’s long hair ruffled and turned a fiery scarlet. The phoenix flames on her body instantly burned thirty meters high. Within the phoenix flames, the silhouette of a phoenix spreading its wings appeared. Her gaze and voice were hateful and determined, “If you all want to harm Big Brother Yun… you must first step over my, Feng Xue’er’s ashes!”

“Hmph, so disobedient,” Ye Meixie laughed indifferently.

“Let’s go,” Qu Fengyi said in a low voice.


The sound of thunder erupted in the air. Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi had acted simultaneously. They shot down from the skies and straight towards Feng Xue’er. Feng Xue’er was undoubtedly the strongest within the current generation in the Profound Sky Continent. Her natural talent was unrivalled within the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent but under the immense pressure of the two Sacred Masters, her Phoenix flames had instantly been suppressed by half. However, the other half had continued to burn ferociously with her strong determination.

Big Brother Yun, although I’m not your wife yet, if I could accompany you in death, I would have no regrets in this life… Feng Xue’er muttered in her heart and shot towards the two Sacred Masters with a resolute will. The clear sounds of a phoenix shooting through the skies could be heard.

Right at the moment Feng Xue’er shot out her phoenix flames she suddenly saw an eye-catching golden color from the corner of her eye..

That was also a ball of flames, however, it was in the most elegant and eye catching golden color! The golden flame was not big; it seemed as though it had appeared out of thin air and it shot towards Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi like a comet… The instant the golden beam descended, the two Sacred Masters’ frightening aura had been completely overshadowed.

Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi’s stopped moving. The glaring golden beam caused them to almost be unable to open their eyes. Their chests felt as though they had been weighed down by a scorching metal plate that was so heavy it suffocated them. What was most frightening was that the swiftly approaching sense of danger caused all the hair on their bodies to stand on end.

And this frighteningly fatal sense of danger had come from the golden beam.

Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi did not even think twice before raising their profound aura to the maximum to counter the golden beam in front of their eyes. At the same time, they relied on the recoil to propel themselves backwards.


With a dull sounding explosion, the golden flames were dispersed with the efforts of two Sacred Masters working together. The flame shattered into bits of fire before completely disappearing. The frantically retreating Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi both wore pale expressions and when they both stabilized themselves, they nearly shouted out at the same time, “Who’s there!?”

The ball of golden flames had caused them to feel a suffocating spiritual pressure… Although Huangji Wuyu did not take action, the expression on his face also changed drastically. The three Sacred Masters looked up and saw a petite figure gradually floating down from high up in the skies.

There was a young girl who was dressed in luxurious colorful clothes. In terms of her outer appearance, she could only be described as “small girl”. However, her black eyes revealed might and darkness that did not fit her age at all. Her face seemed to have been carved to perfection, but she was so cold that there were no signs of any expression.

The most eye-catching thing was at the center of her forehead; the scarlet golden mark of a flame imprint flickered.