Chapter 833 - Helpless Flight

Chapter 833 - Helpless Flight

Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei led Xuanyuan Wentian forward as they walked past most of Phoenix City before finally arriving in front of a hall that was wreathed in fire.

“The entrance of the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm is up ahead,” Feng Zukui said as he came to a stop, “These flames are actually part of a unique barrier that was laid down by our sect’s ancestral Phoenix God. If you try to force your way in, it will be no easy thing, even given Sword Master Xuanyuan’s level of cultivation.”

The moment his voice fell, Feng Zukui raised his hand as a flaming profound formation appeared in the middle of the air. After it vanished, the aura of the Phoenix fire barrier immediately weakened as the dancing flames began to settle down and quietly burn.

“Sword Master Xuanyuan, please. I also request that you do not forget what you have personally promised us,” Feng Tianwei said as he raised a hand.

Xuanyuan Wentian gave a faint nod of his head before taking the initiative to walk towards the entrance of the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. Just as he was about to enter, he suddenly ground to a halt as his brows sank, “Ah, so you were just trying to buy time!!”

The expressions of Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei imperceptibly changed at the same time before they swiftly grew heavy. Feng Zukui said in a low voice, “Stalling for time? I would like to know just why Sword Master Xuanyuan thinks that we are stalling for time?”

“Hmph!” Xuanyuan Wentian gave a loud snort as he turned around. Now that it had come to this, with both parties were already fully cognizant of the situation, there was no further need for pretense. He gave a cold laugh as he said, “Naive! If this sword master wants to kill someone, there has yet to be a person to escape from my grasp alive! Let alone a trifling pair such as yourselves!”

Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly soared into the sky as he rushed towards the north.

“Hold it right there!!”

Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei, both of whom had been gathering power in anticipation of this happening, immediately shot into the sky at the same time. Two beams of Phoenix flames that were shot at full power exploded towards Xuanyuan Wentian. They exploded in midair, slowing Xuanyuan Wentian’s progress.

“Xuanyuan Wentian!!” Feng Zukui roared in a voice that was deeper than it had ever been, his hair and his beard standing on end amidst the roaring flames, “You threatened and coerced my Divine Phoenix Sect but as long as you did not cross our bottom line, we would be able to endure and submit to any humiliation or disgrace. But if you dare to harm Xue’er… then be prepared for a life and death struggle!”

“I, Feng Tianwei, so solemnly swear that if Xue’er comes to any harm because of you, my Divine Phoenix Sect will scatter your ashes to the wind, even if we burn up along with you!!” Feng Tianwei yelled fiercely.

“Hmph, even if I add all of you together, you are still not qualified!” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he raised his hand. The air in front of him was immediately displaced as the flames that were blocking his path were completely dissipated.

“Phoenix Fire Burning Heaven!”

Feng Zukui and his son advanced simultaneously from both sides as two curtains of fire spread out as they shot towards the sky. The sky above Phoenix City was instantly transformed into a sea of roiling fire.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s brows sank and before anyone noticed him move, his body flashed with light as a huge sword shadow surrounded his entire body. After that, it cut towards the Phoenix fire curtain that covered the sky as he moved.

Boom boom booom...

Xuanyuan Wentian had been utterly pathetic in front of Jasmine but he was undoubtedly the number one practitioner of the sword in the entire Profound Sky Continent! He did not even need to hold a sword in his hand because the moment his sword intent exploded, Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei could clearly feel millions of coldly gleaming divine swords suddenly coalesce in the air around them. The swords pierced the air as the cold tips of the blades pressed against their backs.

The unblemished fire curtain was slashed into wildly flying fire fragments in the space of a few breaths. Feng Zukui could still barely hold on but the profound energy around Feng Tianwei had already been completely messed up by the invisible sword energy that smashed against it.

Feng Zukui calmed his heart as he gave a loud roar. A cluster of Phoenix flames that was gathered using the extreme limits of his power gathered in the air in front of him before forming into an incredibly scorching flaming sun which tore towards Xuanyuan Wentian, who was contained within his own sword shadow.

Xuanyuan Wentian glanced sharply to the side before the sword shadow surrounding him suddenly shot out from his body as it easily shot through the Phoenix flames which Feng Zukui had gathered with all of his might before piercing Feng Zukui’s chest.


Blood sprayed wildly from Feng Zukui’s chest as he tumbled backwards. Xuanyuan Wentian gave a cold smile but he did not perform a follow-up attack. Instead, he boosted his speed to the maximum as he rushed towards the north.

“Father… Xuanyuan Wentian!!”

Feng Tianwei shot a glance towards Feng Zukui before looking at the swiftly departing Xuanyuan Wentian. After an instant of hesitation, he gritted his teeth and resolved to continue chasing after Xuanyuan Wentian.

“There’s no need to give chase.”

Feng Zukui had just barely managed to stop his tumble before he told Feng Tianwei to stop. He pressed a hand against his chest, healing his injury as he spoke, “Given your speed, there is no way you will catch up to him. Even if you do manage to catch him, it will be meaningless. Stalling him this long was already our limit.”

Feng Tianwei’s brows narrowed before he gave a heavy sigh.

“The rest is up to Xue’er’s good fortune,” Feng Zukui said as he closed his eyes and gave a similar sigh.

The moment Xuanyuan Wentian had appeared in front of them, Feng Zukui had already experienced a sense of foreboding, so he used the Phoenix Stone to stealthily transmit a message to Feng Xue’er, telling her to immediately flee as fast and as far away as she possibly could.

In the end, his premonition came true… No, given the current circumstances, it was one hundred times more severe than anything he had anticipated.

“Wasn’t that strange? How did Xuanyuan Wentian figure out our intentions?” Feng Tianwei asked with furrowed brows. “Furthermore, Xue’er already left long ago, so he shouldn’t be able to detect any aura, even we do not know where she is right now. Yet Xuanyuan Wentian confidently raced north, as if he was very certain of her location…”

Feng Tianwei’s words caused Feng Zukui to be taken aback for a moment. He swiftly scanned his surroundings before descending from the sky and standing in front of the entrance of the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm. After a while, his expression violently changed and he gasped involuntarily, “There is a blood scent! This blood scent…”

“Could it be that… when Xue’er left, she also brought Yun Che’s body along with her!?”

“Wha… What!?” Feng Tianwei exclaimed in shock. He swiftly stretched his spiritual perception to the max before detecting the faint aura of blood that had yet to dissipate.

This aura instantly brought to mind the blood-covered Yun Che!

“Crap!” Feng Tianwei’s face immediately went pale as his whole body shook. He slammed a fist against the ground before speaking in a hoarse voice, “Why was Xue’er… so silly!? It would be exceedingly difficult for her to escape from Xuanyuan Wentian’s grasp if she was by herself but why did she bring Yun Che along as well? Even if she has deep feelings towards Yun Che… he is already dead!”

“Given Xuanyuan Wentian’s level of cultivation, following the trail of Yun Che’s blood is as easy as flipping a hand… Xue’er undoubtedly understood this as well but yet she… Ah!”

Feng Zukui’s hand slapped against his forehead and he looked completely forlorn and miserable.

“Now that it has come to this, we can truly only rely on good fortune now,” Feng Zukui said with a sigh. “I only hope that the ancestral Phoenix God is watching over us right now and that he will be able to protect Xue’er and help her escape this calamity… If that is the case, even if my old bones return to the dirt, I will be able to go with no regrets.”

Feng Tianwei’s Phoenix Stone buzzed with profound energy. He picked up the Phoenix Stone and heard a message that was transmitted from Feng Hengkong, “Royal Father, Grandfather, the northern city has just sent us this news. Just now three people who were exuding extraordinary auras just crossed over them and given the description… it is extremely likely that it is Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie!”

“!!” Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui were stunned simultaneously. It was no surprise that they would return just as Xuanyuan Wentian did. But from the looks of it, it was clear that three of them had linked up and already discussed things between themselves before taking action.

“I got it… Just try to think of a way to deflect their attentions and get them to leave. If we tell them that Yun Che is already dead, they probably won’t believe us. But if we say that he has already left, we can just leave it to them to try to track him down.”

After Feng Tianwei’s distracted speech came to end, he raised his head to look towards the north… From the looks of it, Feng Xue’er had fled north after receiving their sound transmission, all the while carrying Yun Che’s body along with her.

Xuanyuan Wentian had shot off towards the north and as expected, Feng Xue’er had indeed fled north.

Her bright red phoenix robes were already drenched with fresh blood and scarlet Phoenix flames surrounded Yun Che’s body, forcefully preserving the very last embers of his life… This faint but extremely stubborn lifeforce of Yun Che’s had become the last hope that Feng Xue’er’s heart was clinging onto. She tightly hugged him and gritted her jade teeth as she refused to let the tears fall from her watery eyes.

“Big Brother Yun, don’t die… You’ll be fine… you’ll definitely be alright…”

“When you were taken away by the Primordial Profound Ark, you came back good as new… so this time, you will definitely get better as well…”

She did not stop talking and calling out to Yun Che, in hopes that he could hear her.

At this moment, if anyone took a single glance at Yun Che, they would not even need to check his aura to completely confirm that he was dead. Even if he still clung on to the very last shreds of life, he was definitely dangling on the edge of death and he would definitely expire before too much time had passed. There was definitely no possibility that he would make it out of this situation alive.

After she had left Phoenix City and flown out of Divine Phoenix City, Feng Xue’er had gone north. Her heart was completely flustered and panicked and she did not know where she ought to bring Yun Che to, but she unconsciously headed north… because that was the direction where Blue Wind Nation and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace lay.

In her panicked fluster, she did not know how long she had been flying for. The scenery below had already changed into that of uncultivated lands. Even though she was born in the Divine Phoenix Empire and she was the only princess of the Divine Phoenix Empire, she had no knowledge of the lands that surrounded Divine Phoenix City, so she naturally did not know where she and Yun Che were headed currently.

Moreover, a dangerous aura suddenly crept up from behind them at this moment, sending a chill coursing through her entire body, Following that, she sensed an immeasurably dangerous aura locking onto them from a very far distance.

At this moment, Feng Xue’er’s mind cleared up because this aura was not one that was unfamiliar to her. This aura was incredibly strong and it also radiated a boundlessly sharp aura as well. She had felt this once at Supreme Ocean Palace’s Sea God Arena...

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Sword Master—Xuanyuan Wentian!!