Chapter 819 - Giant Darkness Beast

Chapter 819 - Giant Darkness Beast

“Given the level of the laws in this world, this kind of darkness energy shouldn’t even exist.” Jasmine said as she raised her head. What was even stranger was the fact that such a dreadful dark devil aura did not dissipate into the space that was ten meters above her.

It was as if something was securely confining this world below, not allowing it to escape.

But when Jasmine had crossed between “both of these worlds,” she had not felt anything or any power trying to obstruct her.

These were two worlds were clearly connected, but they were governed by a completely different set of laws and they did not interfere with each other!?

This was something that was completely and absolutely unfathomable… it was so inconceivable that even Jasmine was not able to understand it.

The suction force that was tugging at her from below was extremely strong but it was not at the point where Jasmine could not resist it.

After the initial shock had worn off, Jasmine’s eyes gradually grew colder. She flung her arm out as her profound strength surged and profound energy strong enough to collapse mountains and churn the seas exploded from her body. In an instant, the suppression created by the dark devil aura vanished completely and even the rending force that came from the abyss below her weakened to the point where she could ignore it.

“Hmph, I want to see just want kind of things are hiding in this place!”

Jasmine was no longer wary of descending further, so she actually used the pulling force that was coming from below to descend at an even faster pace than before.

As she continued to descend, the density of the dark devil energy around her continued to grow. After she had descended about three thousand kilometers, it had grown nearly twice as dense as it had originally been. Furthermore at this time, the air currents that were coming from below suddenly underwent a slight change.

This was...

Jasmine’s senses and mind sharpened as she immediately slowed down.


Jasmine’s feet landed heavily on actual ground… landing at the bottom of the abyss that no one had ever managed to reach alive!

At this moment, Jasmine had surrounded her body with profound energy and she had not deliberately slowed down to soften her landing. But after she had landed, the ground under her feet did not show any obvious cracks. It was inconceivably hard.

Furthermore, a dark, cold and bone-piercing aura immediately spread up from her feet to the rest of her body.

“What a pure darkness environment.” Jasmine muttered to herself as she surveyed her surroundings. Such a pure darkness environment was not something that could be formed within even with tens of thousands of years. So this strange world that was hidden at the bottom of the abyss must have existed for the longest of times.

Jasmine stretched out her hand and the red light that appeared above her palm illuminated the dark world. The space in front of her was vast and empty, the ground flat and even. She could not see where it extended to. The mountain wall that she had used to guide her descent was not more than sixty meters to her right. Furthermore, once she had reached this place, she saw that this mountain wall had turned pitch-black. The ground and the occasional rock that jutted out of the ground were also pitch-black and there was not even the slightest variance in color.

Jasmine took to the air and advanced at a slow speed as she explored this bizarre world that should not exist. Even after a long period of time had passed, the scenery remained the same… there were only gloom, emptiness, darkness and a deathly stillness.

This seemed to be a world of death. Besides the darkness and the abnormally dense and rich devil energy, there was nothing else.

Jasmine finally came to a stop as she was ready to stop her exploration of this place.

However, it was at this time that a muffled cry suddenly rang out in the distance.


This howl seemed to come from extremely far away, as if it was five hundred kilometers distant. But it was so heavy that it caused Jasmine’s ears to buzz faintly. Her head jerked up as she looked in front of her.

That was the howl… of a beast!?

There were living creatures in this place!?

What kind of creatures could live in this kind of dark world!?

As her heart was seized with shock, Jasmine sent the red light in her hand flashing forward as it pierced the empty space in front of her!!


The space in this dark world twisted violently as it let out an ear-piercing cry but a rift did not form in the air. Furthermore, the distorted space was swiftly returning back to normal once the distortion had ended.

“I actually… can’t tear apart the space in this place!” Jasmine had just noticed that besides the incomparably dense dark devil aura in this world, the laws of space were also of a bizarrely high level.

Jasmine took to the air once more as she shot towards the source of that howl.

The darkness devil energy did not obstruct Jasmine’s aura much and in the blink of an eye, she had already traversed tens of kilometers. At this time, another huge roar rang out in this dark world.

This time, the roar did not sound very far away. In fact, Jasmine heard it as if it was right next to her ear. She came to a sudden stop as all of the blood in her body churned at the sound of that roar. She focused on the path in front of her… and under the red light that was radiating from her body, she could see a blurry black silhouette lurking in the darkness in front of her.

This silhouette was at least tens of meters tall and it was clearly a living creature as Jasmine could see it move! But what caused Jasmine to be alarmed was not its enormous size, it was the unmistakable aura of danger that it was radiating.

She had always thought that even if all of the existences in this inferior world were to combine their powers, it would still not cause her to feel the least bit threatened.

But the giant darkness beast in front of her, of which she could still only see the silhouette of, actually made her feel a sense of danger.

Just what was… this thing?

Jasmine was left in an ineffable state of shock but suddenly realizing that two gloomy black lights had appeared on the upper portion of the giant shadow… To Jasmine’s shock, the black light shot towards the place where she was hovering!

The red light radiating from her body could be said to be extremely glaring in this world of darkness.


An explosive roar caused the entire dark world to tremble as the huge black silhouette rushed towards Jasmine as it snarled. It was as if a mountain was hurtling down at her from above.

A heavy feeling of suppression pressed down on Jasmine from above and this was the first time she had truly felt this “feeling of suppression” after coming to this world. She activated Star God’s Broken Shadow to flash to the back, but she did not move too far away.


The explosion shook the heavens and the pitch-black surface cracked crazily. Using the red light, Jasmine, who had deliberately gotten closer, could also finally see the true appearance of this gigantic shadow.

It was one hundred and sixty five meters tall, its head was extremely wide and it looked like a cross between a wolf and a bear. Its four limbs were thick and stout, and its head and body bristled with white fangs. The sharp tips of those fangs shone with a hellish light that would send fear coursing through anyone’s soul. A huge and long jet-black tail was arched overhead, and the end of the tail gleamed with the same cold light that a blade would.

Jasmine, “!!”

There was no one in the Profound Sky Continent, Azure Cloud Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm who had ever seen or heard about the gigantic beast in front of Jasmine. There were no records of it to be found in any of the three continents either. It was an existence that was completely unknown, an existence which surpassed all common knowledge.

But this dreadful giant silhouette had fiercely stirred up an image that Jasmine had inherited from her Star God memories. A name escaped her lips amidst her bewilderment and shock.

“Nine Desolate Devil Fang!”

This was a creature that had coexisted with the devils in the northern part of the Primal Chaos Dimension during the Ancient Era—a primordial devil beast!

But everyone knew that not long after the era of the devil and gods had ended due to each of their annihilation, the energy of the northern Primal Chaos Dimension was gradually assimilated by the energies of the southern Primal Chaos Dimension. The darkness element had slowly grown thinner and thinner and this led the dark devil beasts to their extinction roughly fifty to sixty thousand years later. These devil beasts had not appeared since then.

However, this strange world of darkness was actually hiding something that was like the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign; devil beasts that were supposed to have long ago gone extinct during the Ancient Era!

The red light that shone from Jasmine’s body, which she had used for illumination, was far too glaring in this world. So it was too great a stimulus for the devil beast who was used to the darkness. After it had missed her completely, its gigantic body slammed towards her once again… its body was enormous but its speed was as fast as lightning—

It was at the very least far faster than the maximum speed that Yun Che could attain currently!

This huge dark might and pressure was enough to cause even the strongest individuals in the Azure Cloud Continent to go limp with fear. They would find it incomparably difficult to even move under this pressure, much less put up any resistance.

“Primordial devil beast… why would a creature exist in this place!?”

Jasmine’s heart was filled with huge shock and bewilderment as her body flickered once more, causing the giant darkness beast to miss yet again.


The explosive sound of air being pierced rang out in the darkness. All of the white fangs on the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s body suddenly jutted out and morphed into tens of white bone blades that crazily pierced towards Jasmine. The space that even Jasmine was unable to tear was instantly pierced full of holes.

Jasmine’s expression became grave as the red light that radiated from her body grew even deeper. She stretched Star God’s Broken Shadow to its limit as countless red shadows flashed through the air. After her body had flickered back hundreds of times, a beam of red light exploded out from her body and pierced through a small opening in the fangs to strike the ankle of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang.


A spray of bloody mist exploded from the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s right leg. The Nine Desolate Devil Fang had now been thoroughly enraged by the pain as those tens of fangs crazily attacked Jasmine like berserked vicious beasts. The power contained by every single fang was enough to destroy a giant mountain.The pitch-black tail that had been wagging behind it was suddenly raised at this moment.

Immediately, a dark and cold sense of danger came from above and Jasmine jerked her head upwards… Within the darkness, Jasmine saw a black beam of light that was more than ten meters wide shoot out from the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s tail. It then morphed into hundreds of black lightning bolts which exploded outwards.

Jasmine’s expression grew dark as she swiftly turned around, retreating from those beams of black light and fangs at the fastest speed possible. In an instant, she had retreated nearly ten kilometers but the Nine Desolate Devil Fang was extremely fast so she could not shake it at all.


A beam of black lightning which contained a dreadful energy smashed into Jasmine’s body. Jasmine’s face paled slightly as her body lost its balance and she was hit by a fang that had been hurled through the darkness… Jasmine was immediately flung out like a leaf that had been caught up in hurricane.


Jasmine’s body smashed against the pitch-black stone wall before heavily falling to the ground, she stood up and looked at her own chest. She had not received any injuries but the Smoky Red Fairy Dress now had a bowl-sized hole in it.

“You actually… wrecked my favorite dress!” Jasmine’s eyes flashed with a bloody light as her killing intent and fury exploded simultaneously. She had been suppressing them all this while, but they ignited in this moment.

The huge black silhouette once again arrived in the space above Jasmine as every single fang on the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s body grew to more than three hundred meters long. They were millions of times more terrifying than any blade in this world. But this time, Jasmine did not dodge as those dreadful fangs whistled through the air.


A long red line cut through the middle of this dark world and it did not fade for a long time.

The red line pierced through all of the fangs of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s… After an instant of dead silence, the forty nine fangs which sought to end Jasmine’s life had been evenly cut in two by that red line.

This nightmarish change caused the Nine Desolate Devil Fang to roar in shock and fear. Jasmine’s body had already ghosted to the back of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang. Her dainty and small hand was wrapped in red light before she mercilessly smashed it against the nape of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s neck.

“I had originally planned on not killing you… but you insisted on courting death!”

As Jasmine’s bone-piercingly cold voice fell, red marks began appearing on Jasmine’s small hand before they swiftly spread across the body of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang, causing it to look like cracked glass. In the blink of an eye, the red marks had covered the body and the four limbs of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang.

“Hmph!” Jasmine slowly withdrew her palm and after her figure blurred in the air, she was already several kilometers distant.

Pitch-black devil blood began crazily spewing from the red marks which covered the Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s entire body and in the short span of a few breaths, nearly half of the devil blood in its body had sprayed out as its gigantic devil body started to sway. It then finally fell to the ground with a boom. The instant it fell, its devil tail and four limbs had all broken off from its body.

“Darn…” Jasmine peered at the air above her as her brows knit tightly together. In order to kill the Nine Desolate Devil Fang, she had been forced to use most of her power. Moreover, using this amount of power came with the risk of being “detected.”

If this was an independent world like the Heaven Basin Secret Realm or the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, she would not be worried at all. The world of darkness that was located at the bottom of this abyss was clearly an independent existence yet it was also connected to the outside world. If not, she would not have been able to sense the oddity that existed in this place from the distant Profound Sky Continent.

“That level of power just now… should not be enough, right?” Jasmine muttered to herself as her brows relaxed.

“Wuuaoo…” The Nine Desolate Devil Fang’s body shook as its strong life force allowed it to survive Jasmine’s attack which had smashed its internal organs into a mushy paste. It let out a deep and low wail of despair.





At this moment, several roars which all carried extremely oppressive power rang out in the distant darkness… The last howl of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang seemed to be a plea for help or a shout to alert the others. Because in the blink of an eye, deep and heavy roars, cries and howls filled the air, causing the dark space to shake violently.

The expression in Jasmine’s eyes changed completely… In the span of less than ten breaths, she had heard at least tens of different howls and cries. Furthermore, these were definitely not the howls and cries of any normal beast as all of them carried with them a peerlessly dreadful might… and the majority of these auras were not inferior to the aura of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang in the least!!

Furthermore, the sounds were growing nearer and nearer as it was clear that these beasts were approaching this place at the fastest speed possible.

Jasmine had already been immeasurably shocked to find one primordial devil beast existing in this bizarre world of darkness. However, the howls that were ringing out in the distant darkness clearly and shocking told her… that the Nine Desolate Devil Fang was not the only primordial devil beast in this place!

The primordial devil beasts, which should have gone completely extinct, actually existed in this place in droves!!

“Just what exactly… is going on?” The shock in Jasmine’s heart was profound and ineffable. Compared to why this place contained the long extinct primordial devil beasts, what she really could not understand… was why such a place would actually exist on this planet!

Because this was a planet that the Heretic God had created himself, and he’d also used this planet to seal the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!

Furthermore, why would there even be such a place in a world that a god had created? As the creator of this planet, the Heretic God definitely knew every single detail about it. Not even the smallest and most insignificant existence or change would escape his notice, so he definitely had to know about the existence of this dark world. Leaving aside the question as to why this place existed in the first place—why did the Heretic God not completely destroy this world that should not exist before he fell?

Could it be… this was something the Heretic God himself...

The devil beasts of the Primal Chaos Realm should have been long extinct, yet they existed in large numbers in this place… It was as if he predicted that the devil beasts would end up going extinct so he intentionally created this world of darkness so he could preserve them...

These thoughts naturally appeared in Jasmine’s mind because she could not think of any other reason to explain the existence of this dangerous world besides this… She immediately and heavily shook her head again, “That’s not possible. The Heretic God is a god and he was even ranked as one of the most powerful gods. How could it be possible that he had intentionally created a world for devils…”


A shrill bird cry pierced the darkness as a gigantic black shadow flashed over Jasmine’s head like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, Jasmine’s gaze locked onto it.

“Bane Glass Bird!”

Jasmine said with a low cry—because this was also a primordial devil beast that appeared in her Star God memories!

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