Chapter 818 - Death God's Graveyard

Chapter 818 - Death God's Graveyard

“Yes, Cloud’s End Cliff is located in the Mythical Abode Mountain Range north-east of the Azure Cloud Continent. The Mythical Abode Mountain Range is located at the border between the Country of Supwake and the Southern Sky Nation. Supwake is to the north and Southern Sky is to the south.”

Yun Che still held clear memories of his life in the Azure Cloud Continent. After all, he had only left that place seven years ago.

“Jasmine, what happened? Why did you suddenly ask me about Cloud’s End Cliff?” Yun Che asked with furrowed brows. Over the intervening years, he had told Jasmine bits and pieces of what had happened to him in the Azure Cloud Continent. He also told her that he had been chased by countless huge sects within the Azure Cloud Continent to Cloud’s End Cliff. As he was not content to sit there and be killed, he forced himself to swallow the Sky Poison Pearl before jumping off Cloud’s End Cliff to his death.

He was not puzzled as to why Jasmine would mention the name “Cloud’s End Cliff,” because he had told Jasmine before that Cloud’s End Cliff was the highest and most treacherous cliff in the entire Azure Cloud Continent. Jasmine’s sense had definitely discovered the tallest cliff in all of Azure Cloud Continent so the three words “Cloud’s End Cliff” would naturally come to mind. But what had grabbed his attention was the look in Jasmine’s eyes when they had sprung open.

“...The aura that place was giving off was rather strange,” Jasmine said in a low voice.


Jasmine turned around, her furrowed brows not relaxing in the slightest, “Tell me in detail everything you know about Cloud’s End Cliff.”

Yun Che chewed on it for a while before replying, “Cloud’s End Cliff is the most dangerous of the Four Deadly Regions. Once you fell into it, your death was assured. Everyone who had attempted to explore Cloud’s End Cliff did not live to tell the tale, no matter how strong the individual was. So, Cloud’s End Cliff was also known as the Death God’s cemetery. Its notoriety was known by everyone who lived in the Azure Cloud Continent and very few people would even go near that area. When I had been forced into that desperate situation all those years ago, I had escaped to Cloud’s End Cliff with the resolve to die.”

“That is also to say that no one has ever seen what the bottom of Cloud’s End Cliff looks like?”

“Nobody ever has.” Yun Che said as he nodded his head in affirmation, “This is also why Cloud’s End Cliff is known as the Death God's Graveyard. According to common logic, once someone reaches the Emperor or Tyrant Profound Realm, even if it was a fathomless abyss, they should still be able to scale it by traveling down the side of the cliff’s wall until they reach the bottom. Furthermore, once you reach the level of a Monarch, you can simply jump down and there isn’t a chance that you will fall to your death. But in the history of the Azure Cloud Continent, many strong individuals have attempted to find out what is at the bottom of Cloud’s End Cliff and there were no lack of Thrones or Overlords among these participants. But the moment they embarked on their expedition, not a single one returned alive. After that, there were even three Monarchs who attempted to scale the walls of the cliff and reach the bottom, but they were never heard from again.”

“From that time onward, no one dared to try to search the depths of Cloud’s End Cliff.”

Jasmine, “...”

“What’s wrong?” Yun Che asked once again.

Jasmine did not reply him but she asked her own question in a low voice instead, “After you jumped off the edge of Cloud’s End Cliff all those years ago, did you notice anything strange? In other words, did you happen to see what the bottom of Cloud’s End Cliff looked like in that moment?”

“...” Even though it had not left any impression, Yun Che tried his best to recall something. In the end, he shook his head and said, “Not at all, I had lost consciousness as I was falling and my eyes were closed even before I had lost consciousness. When I woke up after that, I had once again returned to the Profound Sky Continent.”

“...” Jasmine descended into silence once more. After that, her eyes shone with suspicion as she said, “It looks like I have no choice but to personally pay that place a visit.”

“You want to go… to Cloud’s End Cliff?” Yun Che asked in a shocked voice.

Jasmine had already made her decision, “The aura being given off by that place is definitely abnormal, so I need to go and take a look. You don’t need to ask me any more questions right now. After I have paid that place a visit, I will naturally return and tell you about it.”

Before Yun Che even had a chance to reply, a red light flashed before his eyes and Jasmine’s figure had disappeared from his sight.

Icy winds blew gustily in the air above the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Jasmine, who was wrapped up in the snowy winds, had a grim expression on her face. When she had initially arrived on this planet, the only impression it had given her was that it was an extremely low-level and inferior world. If not for the fragments of memories in the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood that stated that the Heretic God’s Seeds had fallen on this planet, she would never have condescended to visit this place.

But not long after she had arrived, the devilish poison on her body violently acted up and both her body and soul were nearly destroyed… it was then that she met Yun Che.

After that, as she spent more and more time on this world, she began to realize that this world was far less simple than she had initially thought.

This was a world that was created by the Heretic God… It contained the legacies and inheritances of many gods… The Sky Poison Pearl and Mirror of Samsara, two of the Heavenly Profound Treasures, were on this planet as well… The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign… and even the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations were sealed in this world.

Even if the other facts were disregarded, three of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures had been found on this planet. Just this fact alone would cause all the God Realms to stumble over themselves from this world-shaking shock.

Furthermore, when she was suddenly inspired to delve further into the Azure Cloud Continent, she discovered an extremely strange aura… The shock it gave her was no less than the shock she experienced when she realized that the Profound Sky Continent was hiding a primordial true devil, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

“The distance is too far, so it looks like I’ll need to expend some energy this time.”

Jasmine muttered to herself in a low voice as a cluster of red light gathered on the tip of her finger before she thrust that finger forward.

A soft ring filled the air as the red light that flashed through the sky cut open a neat and flat rift in space. Jasmine walked into this rift as the space instantly changed. Once she had emerged from the spatial rift, she was already above a dark blue ocean… which was five hundred thousand kilometers away from the Snowy Region of Extreme Ice.

Jasmine’s finger flashed forward again as that red glow sprang forth once again and a second spatial rift appeared before her. Jasmine silently entered it and the moment she appeared again, she had once more traversed five hundred thousand kilometers.

She made three consecutive spatial rifts in this manner. After crossing a distance that would be unfathomable by the profound practitioners of the Profound Sky Continent seven times, Jasmine no longer saw the blue ocean in front of her. Instead, she saw a gloomy mountain range that seemed to extend into the very heavens.

The mountain range was huge but there were very few profound beasts and there was very little life in the area. Jasmine could not see a single human figure even though she looked into the distance.

Jasmine’s eyes swept across her surroundings before she looked down and muttered in a low voice, “Cloud’s… End… Cliff…”

The tallest two mountains in the Azure Cloud Continent were found in the Mythical Abode Mountain Range. These two mountains were so tall that their summits peeked into the clouds and they soared high into the sky. They were approximately the same height and both of them stood adjacent to each other in the middle of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range. But the strangest thing was that one side of these mountains were both precipitously steep while the other side of these mountains...

Were practically a straight line, it was as if a blade had cut these mountain walls!

From afar, it looked as if one mountain had been split right down the middle by a heavenly blade, into two strangely shaped mountains.

The abyss between these two mountains was precisely the “Death God's Graveyard” that struck fear into the hearts of countless experts of the Azure Cloud Continent the moment they heard its name. Once a person fell inside, they were as good as dead and even Monarchs were unable to return from this abyss.

The peaks of the two mountains approached the crack of the abyss and it was publicly recognized as the most dangerous in the entire Azure Cloud Continent—Cloud’s End Cliff!

The southern side was where Yun Che had leaped from all those years ago when he had been trapped in a hopeless situation.

The space between these two marvelously-shaped mountains was far narrower than one would have expected, it was merely than three hundred or so meters across from head to toe. At the position Jasmine was currently standing, which was directly above the cliff itself, one could see that the light only penetrated about six hundred or so meters into that boundless abyss. It was as if something was devouring the light, and it was strangely dark.

“A devil energy that is even denser… and more abnormal than the devil energy found in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest,” Jasmine’s eyes focused on the abyss below her as she muttered to herself, “I’m going to see just what sort of abnormal thing is hiding in this place.”

After she had finished speaking, Jasmine’s small and dainty body descended down in a straight line as she entered the abyss below her—the “Death God's Graveyard” that no one in the history of the Azure Cloud Continent had ever returned from alive!

Jasmine’s speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, she had already descended more than three kilometers. Her surroundings turned pitch black and the blue sky that had shone brightly above her had completely disappeared from her view.

A red light pulsed from Jasmine’s body, instantly bathing her surroundings in a scarlet light. Beside her was a rapidly ascending stone wall. Below her was an incomparably empty darkness and it seemed to have no end. As she rapidly descended, Jasmine gradually realized that the stone wall was getting more and more grey as she traveled downwards.

Six thousand meters...

Ten thousand meters...

Sixteen thousand meters...

Twenty three thousand meters...

The depth of this abyss was extremely startling. But this depth was not much to any profound practitioner above the Sky Profound Realm, much less someone like Jasmine. Jasmine was descending deeper and deeper but the surroundings and the aura of this place did not go through any noticeable changes. If it was any other profound practitioner that was attempting to scale down this abyss, they would not be able to detect any differences between this place and another abyss.

But Jasmine’s brows began to knit together tightly. Because she was growing closer and closer to the source of that strange aura.

Twenty six thousand meters...

Thirty three thousand meters...

Thirty nine thousand meters...

Jasmine’s speed suddenly slowed down before she came to a complete stop.

The world that was more than thirty nine thousand meters into the abyss was a completely dark and silent one. Jasmine’s eyes flashed with a bewitching and blood-colored red light as she steadily stared at the pitch-black world below her.

She could sense that the laws in the space just ten meters below her had suddenly undergone a huge change.

Even though it was only a short ten meters, it seemed like there was an invisible wall. The laws that governed both spaces were completely different, it was as if there were two worlds that did not interfere with each other at all.

“Could it be a transparent barrier?”

Jasmine’s heart was seized by acute bewilderment and doubt but she only hesitated over her misgivings for a few short breaths before continuing her descent… It was just that she did not encounter anything that resembled a barrier. In fact, she did not even feel any sort of obstruction or impediment as she descended. It was as if she had entered a world that was governed by a completely different set of laws.

Jasmine's body trembled as cold yin energy that was both dense and extremely intense assaulted her from all sides. In conjunction with it, heavy pressure was assailing her profound veins. But that wasn't all... She could also a powerful attractive force trying to pull her downward. It was as if countless invisible hands were ferociously latching onto her, attempting to drag her down into some dreadful, bottomless abyss.

“Devil energy!!”

Jasmine’s heart was seized by shock. In the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, she had already ascertained that there was an extremely unusual devil energy radiating from this place. She had also felt that it was exceptionally dense. But in this moment, she realized to her shock that this devil energy was far more intense than what she had previously felt.

Even though the level was not as high as the devil energy in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest that was being released by the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it was still extremely high. Even the Realm of the Gods where she came from had not seen a level of dark devil energy that was this high.

Furthermore, the density of this energy far exceeded that of the energy found within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest!

The devil energy within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest would not affect the current Jasmine in the slightest. But the devil energy in this place caused Jasmine to feel like her profound strength was being faintly suppressed.

What was going on? Why did such a dreadful devil energy exist in a world with such a low level of power and laws… The devil energy found in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was due to the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but what was going on with this place!?

Could it be that an ancient true devil was hidden at the bottom of this abyss!?

At this moment, Jasmine finally understood why none of the profound practitioners who fell or attempted to delve into the depths of this abyss had returned alive. Dark devil energy which was able to affect the likes of Jasmine was not something that the profound practitioners of this world could resist. Even if it was a Monarch on the level of Xuanyuan Wentian who fell inside this place, all of their profound energy would instantly be suppressed to the point where they could barely release any of it. Furthermore, it was impossible for them to resist the huge rending force that came from below.

This meant that once anyone came into contact with this dark world at the bottom of the abyss, they would instantly be sucked inside without a chance to struggle, much less escape. After that, they would be reduced to dust in the darkness by this dreadful devil energy.

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