Chapter 625 - Primordial Seal of Life and Death?

Chapter 625 - Primordial Seal of Life and Death?

The New Emperor’s Ascension Ceremony that captured everyone’s attention was ended in a way that no one could have imagined, and it was replaced with a baptism by the fresh blood of the rebels and Duke Huai Palace.

Because of the cruel command to exterminate the whole Duke Huai Palace, everyone who originally surrendered to Duke Huai Palace raised their butcher knives towards the people of Duke Huai Palace madly. Those who used to earnestly wish to lick the feet of Duke Huai Palace now could not wait to disassociate themselves from it completely. Each of them were striving to be first, fearful of being last and killing fewer people than the others… Especially the seven great Guardian Families and the many Duke Palaces, they knew clearly in their heart that if they wanted to save themselves and protect their families, they needed to do whatever they could to show their loyalty to the Little Demon Empress, even if they needed to give up their dignity, shake their tails, and beg for it…

Because the Little Demon Empress now absolutely had the power to make their ten thousand year old family perish overnight, and she could use a few words to have all their clans be remembered by history as a byword for infamy!

Duke Huai Palace was Duke Huai Palace after all, they had many strong practitioners within, but it was impossible for them to endure against the joint forces of all of these peerless, strong practitioners, and they were eventually enclosed upon by them. The time limit the Little Demon Empress gave was ten days, but only a short three days passed before Duke Huai Palace was already completely ravaged, and the whole family was exterminated… not even a single survivor was left. Even those of Duke Huai’s family that were thousands of miles away were slaughtered.

The once extraordinary and prosperous Duke Huai Palace had already became a charred ruin. The thick smell of blood was stirring within and didn’t disperse for a long time. No one dared to go within ten miles of it. At that time, in Demon Imperial City, every force was trembling with fear, everyone was feeling insecure, and even while walking they were careful, not daring to speak too loudly.

All the heroes of the realm who came from all around to participate in the Demon Empress Reign Ceremony and the New Emperor’s Ascension Ceremony were still unable to leave, because in seven days, the Reign Ceremony that was interrupted would once again be reassembled… This was also a command from the Little Demon Empress herself. No one dared to disobey the Little Demon Empress’ commands now.

On the contrary, the Yun Family had been filled with an atmosphere of excitement these couple of days.

Even though Yun Qinghong’s taboo formation was forcefully stopped by the Little Demon Empress and didn’t trigger the most serious consequence, half of it had already been initiated. The wounds on his body were only secondary to the severity of him losing too much blood essence. Losing blood essence not only would make his profound energy fall, but the most awful thing was that it would make his aptitude decrease permanently; it was so severe that it might even be impossible for him to have any breakthroughs in the future… Once the blood essence was damaged, it was almost impossible to use any method to restore it.

But to Yun Che who bore the power (su) of (per) Rage (game) God (hack), it was not impossible for him to repair damaged blood essence.

Yun Che sat behind Yun Qinghong, and placed his palms on his back where his heart was and continuously inserted the force of nature absorbed with the Great Way of the Buddha into his body.

This movement continued for more than two hours. After that, Yun Che withdrew his palms, and Yun Qinghong opened his eyes. His face was rosy, his eyes were clear, and his breaths were vigorous; people couldn’t even notice any trace of him having just loss a huge amount of blood essence.

“Phew!” Yun Che slightly took a breath, and said relievedly, “Father’s vitality was already particularly vigorous, restoring it was easier than I thought. Two hours like this every day, and father’s damaged blood essence will be fully restored in three months at most.”

“Che’er, you’ve worked hard.” Mu Yurou reached out and wipe off the sweat off of Yun Che’s forehead softly, and her face was filled with love and satisfaction.

“This is just… a miracle!” Yun Waitian said excitedly.

“With the Young Patriarch’s words, we are completely at ease.” Yun Duanshui nodded delightfully, and then said in a disconsolate manner, "Thank the heavens for returning to us our Young Patriarch. Young Patriarch, our whole clan has shamed you for more than twenty years. When you returned, you saved our whole clan from fire and water… Please accept Yun Duanshui’s salute!”

After saying so, he quickly bent his knee in obeisance and deeply saluted… Even though he was stirred up while talking, it was not exaggerated at all. Anyone could see clearly that it was the return of Yun Che that saved the Yun Family that was on the verge of life and death, and with his and the Little Demon Empress’ aggressive return, the Yun Family had even been placed at a height that had never been achieved before.

Yun Waitian also bent down before him in haste. Yun Che immediately came before them and held them up, “Elders, please get up, this is too much for this junior to accept. In terms of the disbursement, you are the ones that have really worked hard and performed a valuable service, how can this junior be qualified to accept your kneeling…”

At this moment, the sound of rapid footsteps came from outside, followed by the sound of Xiao Yun’s anxious yell, “Father, Mother… I’m back!!”

The door was pushed open, and Xiao Yun was standing there shaken up with his face all red, “Father, Mother… Big Brother!”

He rushed in front of Yun Che, so excited that his eyes were filled with tears, and he didn’t know what to do, “Big Brother, to be able to see you again… it really is… it really is great…”

While talking, Xiao Yun was almost choked with sobs. The thirteen elders slowly walked close from outside, and said cheerfully, “When Young Master found out that Young Patriarch was back, he was so excited that he almost cried… the Little Demon Empress was safe and sound, and our Yun Family was also safe… Heaven really didn’t disappoint our Yun Family.”

Three days ago, when Yun Qinghong was determined to have a life and death struggle with Duke Huai, he knocked Xiao Yun out and had the thirteen elders take him to somewhere thousands of miles away. After all, he had already decided to meet his death, and his whole clan would possibly follow him, but he definitely couldn’t involve the descendant of Xiao Ying.

And now that everything was heading towards a direction that could not have been imagined in the beginning, Xiao Yun and the thirteen elders naturally came back.

“Xiao’er, father has disappointed.” Yun Qinghong smiled and said, “I forcefully sent you ten thousand miles away without your consent…”

“No no no!” Xiao Yun waved his hand in panic, “I know father and mother did this to protect me, why would you have disappointed me… Originally, I was especially afraid, I wanted to come back and face it with father and mother, but was afraid to come back, afraid that my return would waste Father and Mother’s effort… Now I see that Father and Mother was fine and Big Brother is also safe. Our family is reunited as a whole, it’s just … too great!”

“Xiao’er…” Looking at her two sons, Mu Yurou’s eyes misted up, and felt once again that she couldn’t ask for any more in her life.

Yun Che said with a smile, “If we could have Seventh Sister here in our family, then it would be even more perfect.”

“Hahahaha!” Everyone in the house laughed loudly. Xiao Yun’s face became red, lowered his head, and laughed in embarrassment.

Yun Che took out the Overlord Pellet from his Sky Poison Pearl and said, “”At first I told you I would split the Overlord Pellet into two, and give you two each half of it. I did not expect that the time has passed this long. Wait until father’s health is stable. I will take care of the issue of the Overlord Pellet, and then you’ll take this Overlord Pellet to Seventh Sister. I guarantee you that your future father-in-law will come out and welcome you personally.”

“Hehehe,” Xiao Yun giggled while blushing.

Yun Qinghong’s body was heavily injured, his blood essence was severely harmed, and he needed a large amount of time to rest. Yun Che went back to his residence, remembered everything that happened to him after he came to Illusory Demon Realm, and couldn’t help to feel a sense of sadness. His arrival actually completely changed Illusory Demon Realm’s destiny. If he didn’t appear, the Yun Family would have completely collapsed, the Demon Emperor’s clan would have disappeared forever, and Illusory Demon Realm would have been dominated by Duke Huai Palace. Even Duke Ming’s malicious plan would never have been revealed to the world.

By today, everything counted as settled. The faint, bloody smell coming from outside was the evidence of Duke Huai Palace being completely destroyed. The only unsettling factor left was Duke Ming who blood escaped… and the Little Demon Empress’ remaining three years of life.

“When are you preparing to return to Profound Sky Continent?” Jasmine suddenly asked.

“...If Father needs to heal, I still need three months. For at least these three months, I still can’t return.” Yun Che said slightly absentmindedly, “And there is still something important that I must do in this Illusory Demon Realm.”

“Important thing?” Jasmine rarely wasn’t able to see through what Yun Che was thinking.

Yun Che was silent for a while, then he said in a low voice, “There’s really only three years left of the Little Demon Empress’ life… is there no other way?”

“What? Can’t bear for her to die?” Jasmine’s voice was filled with the most obvious disdain.

“At least, the originally chaotic situation was able to be settled that fast, the main reason being the Little Demon Empress’ absolute power, but three years is really too short. Once she falls after three years… it is very possible that the Illusory Demon Realm will be in chaos again.” Yun Che said slowly, “Besides… she is my woman in any case!”

“Hmph! Seems like the last sentence is the main point!” Jasmine said in disdain, “What you care about most is always a woman!”

“...Thank you for your compliment,” Yun Che said powerlessly. His mind flashed back to the scene in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. The Little Demon Empress blocked Duke Ming’s attack for him when she was severely injured herself. Her pale face and soulless eyes when she held him down on the ground… And when the Golden Crow Spirit told her she would only have three years of life remaining, she didn’t hesitate at all… And how she treated Duke Huai Palace after she returned with cruel, relentlessness…

There was a sting in his heart that he couldn’t control.

Right now what people saw was only her inviolable dignity and indomitable power, but no one knew what she had to suffer, bear, sacrifice, and everything she had to disburse all this time… Without her closest family, she had to endure everything that happened by herself. Now, it was also her alone that was avenging the Demon Emperor’s clan, reforming Demon Imperial City, and bearing the debt of blood of the whole Duke Huai Palace…

She was only a woman after all.

If it was another woman, even if she had a thousand times as much willpower, she would have already collapsed.

Without the title of the Little Demon Empress, she had it even harder and more wretched than a common woman.

“The Little Demon Empress’ profound energy now is relying on burning and overdrafting her own life to sustain! At most, she could live for another three years, this is what the Divine Beast Golden Crow’s soul had said! Even the soul of a Divine Beast had said so; in this world, what kind of people do you think would have the strength to reverse this!”

“With your knowledge… it is really completely impossible?” Yun Che asked without giving up.

“Hmph, I knew you would ask this.” Jasmine scoffed slightly, “If you are determined to know, I actually know two ways… but if I tell you, you will only be even more disappointed.”

“What way?” Yun Che’s spirit lifted and said, “Hurry and say it. If there really is a way… no matter what, it is better than being completely without hope!”

“Then listen closely.” Jasmine scoffed softly, “The first way is to cultivate your Great Way of the Buddha to above stage ten! By then, not only would you have the body similar to a True God, you could absorb the most primitive, pure primordial essence from the space in the universe! If you give her enough primordial essence every day, over time, a qualitative change would take place of her physique, and she could possibly live for another hundred years.”

“But, forget about you having the body of a human which can only reach stage six of the Great Way of the Buddha, even if you could really achieve the tenth stage… she only has three years of life remaining! It was already a miracle that you only used five years to break through from stage one to stage four. It is unknown if you could breakthrough to stage five using just three years of time… stage ten is a fantasy. Even if the Rage God were alive, it is impossible to break through the Great Way of the Buddha from stage four to stage ten in three years.”

“...Then what is the second way?” Yun Che gnashed his teeth slightly. Even though he knew the way Jasmine told him was extremely hard to achieve, this rain on his parade was just too thorough. Jasmine had said before too that her brother used all of his vital energy just to cultivate to the sixth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha. For him to cultivate to stage ten within three years… this was something that was impossible no matter what.

“The second way,” Jasmine’s voice trembled slightly, and said faintly, “Is to find the Seven Great Heavenly Profound Treasure’s rank three… the 'Primordial Seal of Life and Death' that has the power of ‘eternity!’”


Resentful civilian, “What is so fun about you, a pay-to-win player, bullying us losers who doesn’t have the dough!!”

Yun Che, “You are all mistakened, I am not a simple pay-to-win player.”

Resentful civilian, “Stop quibbling! You are just a pay-to-win player!”

Yun Che, “No… Actually, I am just a pay-to-win player… with game hacks.

Resentful civilian, “...” (spits three hundred liters of blood)

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