Chapter 267 - Tyrannical Might

Chapter 267 - Tyrannical Might

The moment Yun Che appeared, one of the people among the Blackwood Stronghold widened his eyes. He hurriedly stepped forward, and whispered into Heimu Qingya’s ears. “Hold Master, it’s him… It was him who sabotaged our plans when we were about to abduct Su Hengshan’s daughter!”

Heimu Qingya swept his gaze at Yun Che. Suddenly, he slapped onto that person’s face, growling. “A bunch of trash! You people actually allowed someone who had only entered the Spirit Profound Realm to sabotage our plans, what’s the point in having you bunch of trash then!?”

The Blackwood Stronghold disciple’s slapped face swelled up heavily. He timidly retreated, and did not dare to utter another word.

Heimu Qingya stared at Yun Che with sinister eyes, and said towards Su Hengyue in front of him with a low voice. “Brother Hengyue, this is the kid who hindered us from abducting that little girlie! Hmph, he sure sabotaged our great plans. If the little girlie was currently in our hands, then there wouldn’t be a need for such trouble!”

“It’s him?” Su Hengyue’s eyes which were staring at Yun Che instantly turned dark and ruthless, as he coldly laughed. “And here I was wondering where I was going to find this kid, but he actually does not know any fear and popped out himself!”

Su Hengyue sound transmitted to Su Haoyu. “Haoyu, find an excuse, and give this kid a ruthless lesson! Even if your ‘hand slips’ and ‘accidentally’ kill him, it doesn’t matter either!”

Su Haoyu immediately responded. He inspected Yun Che’s level of profound strength, and following after, he revealed a disdainful expression. He took a step forward, and blew up at Yun Che. “Where did this wild brat come from? From the looks of it, you’re not one of our Grandwake Clan’s people either, heh! This is a place where our Grandwake Clan is having a discussion regarding an important matter, it’s not a place where a wild brat like you who comes from god knows where can step into, hurry and scram! If you don’t wish to scram yourself, this young master can send you off himself!”

When Su Haoyu voiced out these words, everyone on site gave out a different atmosphere. Because these words by Su Haoyu, were evidently purposefully used to shame and anger his target. It seemed like they had a certain conflict between them.

However, Yun Che was not even the least bit angry. He used his gaze to size up Su Haoyu, and while he was sizing up, he nodded for a moment, and then disappointedly shook his head. The next moment, he actually looked as though he was sizing up a cattle that was being sold. He held his chin with his hand, and leisurely said. “Mn, so you’re Su Haoyu, the one who is proclaimed to have the best talent in Grandwake Clan? Your appearance is still passable. Compared to this young master, you’re still far off by a hundred thousands miles, but your appearance could still be looked at. However, it’s a pity that your mouth is too smelly, it smells so much, it’s nauseating.”

“Hahahaha!” Su Haoyu laughed out wildly. “And here I was thinking why a wild brat like you would come here for, so you’re actually here to seek death!”

“No no no no!” Yun Che waved his finger. “I have grown so big, yet, I have yet to know how the two words ‘seeking death’ are written. Earlier, I simply heard that you’re the so-called genius disciple with the best talent in Grandwake Clan, so I came over to see if you look like a human or a dog, and while I’m at it…” Yun Che reached out his right hand, and flexed his wrist. “I’m here to seek advice from you, the so-called number one genius.”

When Yun Che said these words, a couple of people at the scene began to laugh out loud. Su Haoyu had profound strength at the Eighth Level of the Spirit Profound Realm, in Grandwake Clan, or even the entire river east, he was unparalleled among those who were under twenty years of age. While Yun Che, who was merely at the First Level of the Spirit Profound Realm, actually dared to “seek advice”! Yun Che’s looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old; to enter the Spirit Profound Realm at such an age, his talent was considerably decent as well. However, in front of Su Haoyue, it was basically not even worth mentioning. The eyes of many people began to carry ridicule, and there were even some that were looking at Yun Che as though he was an idiot.

“Heheh, he really doesn’t know any fear.” Su Hengyue and Heimu Qingya coldly laughed at the same time.

Su Hengshan’s eyebrows moved, and was about to voice out and stop Yun Che, however, just when he was about to let out his voice, he swallowed it back in. He deeply looked at Yun Che’s expression, and no longer said another word. Although he and Yun Che had only known each other just earlier, from the short interactions he had with him, he felt that Yun Che had a maturity which far surpassed his age, at the very least, he should not be someone who was reckless and ignorant… There might be a deep meaning in his current actions.

The reason why Su Haoyu angered Yun Che, was to agitate him into a fight with himself in the first place, and then, he would take the opportunity to teach Yun Che a ruthless lesson. However, he never expected that, with only a few sentences, Yun Che would want to fight himself already. Su Haoyu coldly laughed in his heart. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he said disdainfully. “With your qualifications? You’re still not worthy to fight with me!”

“Hahahaha!” Yun Che laughed out loudly. “I have seen cattle blowing hot air before, but I never thought that a smelly worm knows how to blow hot air as well. And not only is this air so funny, it’s so smelly, it’s hard to breath.”

“You… you’re seeking death!!”

Yun Che was not angered, and it was Su Haoyu who had flared up. With a cling, he pulled out his longsword, and pointed it towards Yun Che. “Reveal your weapon. You don’t know how the two words ‘seeking death’ are written, do you? Today, this young master shall properly teach you then!”

Yun Che released the hand he was holding onto Su Ling’er with, and gently pushed her next to Su Hengshan. However, he did not bring out his weapon, and his two hands actually swinging playfully in front of him, as he casually said. “The fact that I’m seeking advice from you, is already giving you a huge amount of face. You actually still wish that I reveal my weapon? If it’s just you, you don’t seem to have the qualifications yet.”

“Pfft…” Quite a number of people on-site snorted.

“Hmph! This idiot, is simply making a fool out of himself!” Su Haoran silently scolded in his heart. Recalling Xia Qingyue, who was beautiful as a fairy, his heart uncontrollably trembled. At the same time, he silently said hatefully: Such a beautiful person, actually married to an idiot like this, the heavens are simply blind!

“Good… Very good.” Su Haoyu suddenly felt that his status would drop just by standing together with this kid in front of him, and he instantly roared out. “Then, go to hell.”

Su Haoyu stabbed out his longsword. As his profound energy surged, the thin long sword disrupted the air in the surroundings, sweeping up circles of spatial ripples. Momentarily, there were a couple of elders at the scene who nodded in praise at the might contained in this sword.

The corner of Yun Che’s eyes inclined upwards. His right hand casually swung out and grabbed towards Su Haoyu’s longsword.

“The hell! This kid is seeking death!”

“To actually dare to use his hands to take on Su Haoyu’s sword, doesn’t he want his hand anymore? Let’s not talk about him who’s just at the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, even if it’s someone at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, he’s simply seeking to be crippled if he does something like this!”

“Little brother, be careful!!” When Su Hengshan, whose heart was ill at ease in the first place, saw Yun Che’s action, he momentarily could no longer stay calm, and shouted out of shock… However, Yun Che’s palm was already almost half a foot away from Su Haoyu’s sword. He could only helplessly watch Yun Che’s palm make contact with Su Haoyu’s longsword.

With a “pu” sound, Yun Che’s right hand grabbed onto Su Haoyu’s sword just like that. It could no longer move a single inch, and the profound energy on the sword completely extinguished instantly. Before waiting for Su Haoyu to react, Yun Che’s hand had already left at lightning speed. Forming a fist, he ruthlessly smashed onto the blade of the sword with a single punch.


Yun Che’s arm strength was exceptionally terrifying. Under this heavy blow, Su Haoyu's thumb and forefinger was instantly spread apart. His longsword had flew out of his hand, and while it was flying away, it shattered into numerous pieces...

“Wha… What?”

This was a scene which everyone would never even dreamed of. Every single one of them paled out of shock. Even Su Hengshan, Su Hengyue, Heimu Qingya, and even the Grand Elder, were all completely dumbfounded.

Su Haoyu took two steps back. His pupils contracted, his right palm was bleeding profusely, and was incomparably painful. This unexpected change caused his mind to instantly go into a half-insane state. Before he could even gasp, Yun Che’s figure had already rushed right in front of him. An ice-cold face appeared right in front of his eyes, and a solid punch smashed onto his chest.


With a dull sound, Su Haoyu’s entire chest sank inwards. His bones cleanly broke, and like a rolling calabash, his entire body rolled far away, pulling out a long trail of blood on the ground.

“Haoyu!!” Su Hengyue was so shocked, it was as though his soul flew out of his body as he swooped towards Su Haoyu’s side. Beside him, the middle-aged man called Li Yunji leapt out, and pierced towards Yun Che’s chest with a sword. “You dare to harm my young master, give me your life!!”

For Su Haoyu, who was proclaimed the number one genius in Grandwake Clan, not only was his sword stopped by Yun Che’s empty hand, he was actually heavily injured in a blink of an eye as well. This caused Su Hengshan to feel shocked and overjoyed at the same time. Suddenly, when he saw Li Yunji moving towards him, he quickly charged over, roaring out loud at the same time. “Li Yunji, you dare!! Little brother Yun, be careful!”

A pressure of the Earth Profound Realm pressed towards him. This time, Yun Che no longer dared to behave haughtily. With a swing of both his hands, Dragon Fault had already been grabbed within his hands, and without even looking at the person attacking him, he temporarily activated “Burning Heart”, and directly smashed towards him with a single “Falling Moon Sinking Star”.


This loud bang caused everyone’s eardrums to ring for a very long time. When Yun Che stepped into the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, under the “Burning Heart” state's activation, his peak strength was comparable to a normal practitioner at the mid-stage Earth Profound Realm, so how could it be blocked by Li Yunji, whose profound strength was only at the second level of the Earth Profound Realm? Within the loud bang, Li Yunji who leapt out, as though he was a kite with a broken string, was sent flying back. When he landed, he took dozens of steps back, and then, with his sword as a support, he knelt onto the ground, and a large amount of blood splurted out from his mouth… The tyranny of that one sword strike from Yun Che, caused him to feel as though his organs had been completely shattered.

Su Hengshan, who had rushed out initially to save Yun Che, stopped. Looking at Yun Che whose hands were holding onto a gigantic sword, his two eyes were filled with astonishment.

Everyone’s eyes on Yun Che, were stricken with shock as well.

This youth who looked to be only seventeen or eighteen years old, actually defeated Su Haoyu in a blink of an eye, and then, he injured Li Yunji who had the profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm with a single strike as well… Even if they had personally seen it, they still did not dare to believe this was actually real.

“Waaaaao!!” Su Ling’er’s two hands held onto her little face. The number of little stars in her eyes were even more than the stars in a clear night sky. “Big Brother Yun Che is so incredible! Big brother Yun Che… is so handsome!!”

With a “bang”, Dragon Fault was stabbed deeply into ground by Yun Che. He coldly looked at Li Yunji, and said with ridicule. “From what Clan Master Su said earlier, your life was saved by the previous Clan Master, and he even took you into the Grandwake Clan for a few dozen years. In the end, not only do you not know how to repay his kindness, you’re actually helping those with ill intentions to coerce his descendants and make things difficult for them… Heh! A dog that was brought up still knows how to be loyal, you’re really worse than a dog. With that one sword strike I smashed into you earlier, I even fear that I have dirtied my hands.”

Whenever Yun Che scolded people, he had always been incomparably harsh. These words were like daggers stabbing into Li Yunji’s heart. He, whose internal injuries were not light in the first place, instantly paled as his eyes roundly widened. Under the extreme anxiety and grief in his heart, he instantly fainted.

Su Hengyue peremptorily stuffed dozens of medicinal pellets into Su Haoyu’s mouth, and then, continuously inserted profound energy into him to dissolve the medicinal strength, stabilizing his injuries. He fiercely turned his head, and stared at Yun Che, it was as though his eyes were daggers coated in blood. “You damn junior! You actually dare to harm my son, I will definitely have you die a dog’s death!!”

“Tch!” Yun Che curled his lips in extreme disdain. “You actually spout such nonsense when your son’s skills are inferior. I kindly stepped out and helped you teach him a lesson. I don’t mind if you don’t give me the proper thanks, however, you’re actually still making such a fuss. I really wonder where you get the courage to say such shameful words in front of such a large audience… If you want to blame, then blame your son’s incapabilities. And what genius this is… This is simply a joke!”

“You!!” Su Hengyue’s eyes widened roundly, and his lungs almost exploded out of anger. If not for the need to insert profound energy into Su Haoyu, he would have already acted against Yun Che, without regard for his status.

“This… oh, Grand Elder.” Yun Che no longer bothered with Su Hengyue anymore, and his gaze turned towards Grand Elder Su Wangji, whose expression was extremely terrible. “Elder, earlier you said that, as long as you’re able to find a disciple who is under twenty years old in the Grandwake Clan that is able to defeat Su Haoyu, then, Clan Master Su will have full authority to decide about the matter regarding the clan’s treasure. This Su Hengyue father and son pair is also not allowed to once again bring up the matter about the clan’s treasure, and must give their respects to Clan Master Su as well. This was something Su Hengyue had agreed to in front of everyone here… Grand Elder, these words that you said, you shouldn’t have forgotten about it so quickly, right?”

“Hmph!” Su Wangji let out a cold snort. “What this elder has said, I will naturally keep my promise. Unfortunately, you’re not a disciple of our Grandwake Clan! Even if you enter our clan now, it’s no use! Grandwake Clan has never taken in any disciples from outside! And Li Yunji is nothing but half a servant as well!”

“Heheh, looks like Grand Elder isn’t well informed of the news.” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, and said smilingly. “Clan Master Su has already betrothed his daughter Su Ling’er to me, I am currently Clan Master Su’s son-in-law… Tell me then, am I not someone of the Grandwake Clan now!?”