Chapter 243 Battle Between Husband and Wife (5)

Chapter 243 – Battle Between Husband and Wife (5)

“He’s actually able to stand up after taking a strike from the Ice Phoenix. His defensive power is truly shocking.” Chu Yueli murmured, but right after, astonishment emerged on her face.

“G… ahh!”

The extinguished phoenix flames on Yun Che’s body ignited once again. Whether it was Yun Che’s aura or the intensity of the flames, none of them were weaker than before. He raised Dragon Fault. With a loud bellow, he slashed out a gigantic grey colored sword beam, and lashed towards Xia Qingyue shortly after.

“...Not only did he stand up, he didn’t even weaken. How could this be?” Shui Wushuang and Wu Xuexin both let out cries of shock.

The inflamed Dragon Fault was like a dancing fire dragon coiling in the air in the midst of its dragon roar. The Frozen Cloud profound energy imbued Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon was equivalent to a white snake, and charged at the dancing fire dragon while releasing an incomparably frightening Frozen Cloud power...

Sky Profound weapons were extremely difficult to subdue. Within Dragon Fault rests the soul of a young dragon, while within the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon rests the soul of an Ice Phoenix. Both were evenly matched in terms of quality and strength.

Yun Che released profound skill after profound skill in a crazed, unrestrained manner. Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, Overlord’s Fury, Falling Moon Sinking Star, Phoenix Break… Each one of those skills could shake the heavens, but in front of the Xia Qingyue who had cultivated Frozen Cloud Arts to the seventh stage, they were easily knocked down one after another. Xia Qingyue’s retaliation was even more terrifying. If Yun Che did not possess Star God’s Broken Shadow, he wouldn’t even be qualified to be in a brief stalemate with Xia Qingyue.


An ice lotus exploded on Yun Che’s left shoulder, causing Yun Che to tumble onto the ground. His left shoulder was completely bloody and damaged, but he acted as if nothing happened and suddenly lept up from the ground. He once again reignited his phoenix flames and attacked. The heavy sword swung widely without the slightest weakening in power.


His heavy sword was forcefully pushed aside, and the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon shot towards him, firmly wrapping around his body extremely quickly, and raised him into the air. In a blink of an eye, all of the phoenix flames on his body were extinguished and what replaced it was a thick layer of ice that bounded his entire body. Then, he was ruthlessly smashed onto the ground by the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon…


The thick ice burst open and a huge hole had been smashed out on the ground. Yun Che had already disappeared from the surface of the stage and had been smashed who knows how deep beneath ground. This heavy strike had let the surrounding younger generation cry out in shock, but Xia Qingyue’s light blue eyes were unshakeable in comparison... This kind of strike would have completely knocked out a profound practitioner at the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, cause severe internal damage, and scatter his profound energy. Yet Xia Qingyue had suddenly felt a tyrannical counter force from the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon. The Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon’s binding had actually been roughly broke apart!

Yun Che jumped up from within the crevice and fiercely sent an Overlord’s Fury towards Xia Qingyue... Although his clothing was completely tattered, the fire within his eyes was raging furiously, yet was calm. The profound energy he was emitting from his body had not even weakened by a bit compared to before.

Everyone simultaneously felt an unexplainable terror in their hearts.

In terms of profound strength, Xia Qingyue completely crushed Yun Che. In Yun Che and her exchanges, he was at a complete disadvantage and mostly ended with bruises. Having trained in the Great Way of the Buddha and having his body fortified by the Dragon God’s blood, aside from profound strength, his body’s fierceness and intensity was by no means weaker than a True Dragon. Even though Xia Qingyue possessed an overwhelming strength that allowed her to successively wound him more than ten times, she had never caused any real damage to him.

Each time he had taken strikes from the Frozen Cloud techniques, Yun Che would always stand up. Even if his entire body was covered with injuries, both his aura and his momentum had never reduced. The audience could only stare with shock.

Although Xia Qingyue’s profound strength had reached the third level of the Earth Profound Realm, keeping up the Frozen Cloud Art’s seventh stage with this kind of profound strength was unquestionably extremely taxing. The burden put upon Xia Qingyue’s body in order to conjure the Frozen Cloud Seventh Realm was by no means less than Yun Che’s Burning Heart. Yun Che was knocked down once and once again, but the strength of his aura did not weaken throughout the match. It was instead Xia Qingyue, whose aura had always been gradually, and evenly, decreasing.

“Do not assume that victory is in your hands. When you pressure him to his limits, that is when he is at the most terrifying. He can bring out power from his soul…”

Looking at the Yun Che who stood up once again and imbued himself with phoenix flames, those words that Chu Yuechan spoke resounded by Xia Qingyue’s ears. And at this time, all of the ice spirits around her body had already started to become slightly fainter. Her breathing had also gotten slightly heavier.

The Yun Che before her was originally not supposed to pose any threat to her,yet she was now feeling a faint pressure from Yun Che. Deep within her heart, a voice was telling her that she had to quickly finish this duel. Otherwise, if this dragged on even longer, it was unknown just what unexpected events might occur.

“Let’s end this...”

Xia Qingyue’s lips slightly moved, and her snow white hands slowly clasped together before her body. In an instant, all of the surrounding cold energy within several kilos of radius swarmed in, and concentrated into a enormous whirlpool of frozen cloud before her.

Yun Che was just about to advance towards her, but suddenly stopped in his steps... The aura force on Xia Qingyue’s body sharped surged up, and the frozen cloud whirlpool grew bigger and bigger. Then, it suddenly transformed and condensed into a gigantic Ice Crystal Phoenix. At the same time, a chilling cold pressure engulfed the entire arena, and made everyone’s heart shudder.

The Ice Crystal Phoenix faced the heavens and let out a cry. Extending out its huge wings, it charged towards Yun Che with a cold energy that could freeze the surrounding fifty kilometers. Where ever it passed, it caused the air to condense by the inch.

“WAAAAAHH... It’s over, it’s over! Be careful, Brother-in-law!”

Xia Yuanba clenched both of his fists tightly while shouting in panic. Even though Xia Qingyue had used all of her power, she had mostly been defending and counterattacking during their exchanges. She had never taken the initiative to attack. She understood Yun Che’s mindset very well and knew that if she had beaten him too quickly, she would severely hurt his pride. At the moment, after finally deciding to attack, she had unleashed a frighteningly large Ice Phoenix imbued with Frozen Cloud power, capable of shaking the entire arena. Even the observing Xia Yuanba was able to feel how terrifying this Ice Phoenix was. At Heavenly Sword Villa’s seats, Ling Yun was also equally shocked... Because blocking just the oppressive power of the cold energy contained within this Ice Pheonix would be extremely difficult even if he had used his Sword Spirit Doppelganger to transform into two Ling Yuns.

As a terrifying level of pressure came charging towards him from the front, Yun Che retreated extremely quickly, his steps as fast as lightning. As the phoenix flames on his body burned and the Ice Phoenix approached, a flash of madness could be seen within Yun Che’s eyes. He imbued all of his profound energy and phoenix flame into Dragon Fault and created a gigantic visage of a Fire Phoenix. Following his roar, with a swing of his hands, Dragon Fault flew towards the Ice Phoenix, carrying the visage of the enormous Fire Phoenix with it.

The Ice Phoenix and Fire Phoenix violently collided in midair, and both phoenix fire and frozen cloud profound energy exploded at the same time. The cries of both phoenixes resonated throughout the sky as they clashed.

The profound energy barrier shattered once more as the sky was completely enveloped by azure and scarlet light. Half of it was frozen, and the other half was burned into distortion. Without the obstruction of the profound energy barrier, the spectators on the eastern side felt like they had fallen into an icy hole as their entire body stiffened. As for those in the west, they felt as if they were about to combust from being roasted by the fire. Only after they immediately started releasing profound energy, did they barely managed to protect themselves. The shock in their hearts had subsequently increased by several folds... Just the residue of their strength was already this shocking, so it was imaginable as to how truly terrifying Xia Qingyue’s Frozen Cloud and Yun Che’s flame had been.

Even though Xia Qingyue who had such power from conjuring the seventh stage of the Frozen Cloud Art was astonishing, it was not too unexpected. Whereas Yun Che... he was actually able to contend against this kind of frozen cloud using flames supported by profound energy of the tenth level of the True Profound Realm!

However, this kind of balance did not maintain for a long time.

Ice and fire were both natural counters to each other. Fire coulld melt ice, while ice could thwart fire. There were no natural advantages to either side. In terms of plane, Yun Che’s power was completely superior to Xia Qingyue, but in terms of intensity, Xia Qingyue unquestionably suppressed Yun Che.

The fire phoenix and ice phoenix intensely clashed and rampaged in midair. The interweaving ice-blue and scarlet-red radiances interweaved and covered the entirety of the Sword Discourse Arena. After the chaotic radiances lasted for a few breaths of time, the radiance of the ice phoenix slightly surpassed that of the fire phoenix. But if an advantage forms, it would become irreversible like a broken dam. In the blink of an eye, the fire phoenix became smaller and smaller. In the end, it was completely devoured by the ice phoenix, and all that was left was a frozen Dragon Fault in midair. The phoenix that only shrunk by one-third of its size fiercely rushed forward and dove at Yun Che amidst a cold and long cry.

As the pale blue visage of the ice phoenix quickly grew bigger within his eyes, Yun Che heavily huffed as both his eyes stared straight at the ice phoenix mirage. He did not retreat, and only the sound of a low mutter could be heard in the air....

“Heretic God Second Style... Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”


The ice phoenix exploded, and its pale blue radiance completely swallowed Yun Che. The dispersing ice shards were like razor sharp blades and deeply penetrated into the ground.

“It finally ended. Who knew it would drag out that long.” Shui Wushuang said.

“Although Junior Sister Xia used the seventh stage of the Frozen Cloud Arts, she had never attacked with full strength. Coupled with Yun Che’s unexpected tenacity…Mmn... AAAHHH!” Before Wu Xuexin had even finished speaking, she suddenly let out a surprised shriek.

From within the pale blue radiance left behind by the ice phoenix, Yun Che shot out like a bolt of lightning. His body was surrounded by a translucent spherical barrier that was almost hard to see with the naked eye. When he had completely left the ice phoenix’s radiance, the barrier also completely vanished. Catching Dragon Fault with a grab, all of the profound energy within him instantly erupted as if gunpowder that had been lit. Behind him, the mirage of a blue wolf that howled towards the heavens emerged...

“Sky… Wolf… Slash!!!”

As the heavy sword slashed downwards, a gigantic illusory wolf pierced through the air as the ground shattered...

In order to maintain Frozen Body Jade Bones, Xia Qingyue had already expended quite a bit. Furthermore, in order to swiftly defeat Yun Che, she had exhausted even more profound energy to release the ice phoenix., She was now in a temporary power deficient condition and had not recovered yet, and in addition to believing that this was a strike that could directly decide the match, she simply wasn’t on guard at all.,. No matter what, she had never expected that Yun Che would actually emerge unscathed from the the ice phoenix’s diving attack...

What was even more impossible for her to expect, was that this was the chance Yun Che had been patiently waiting for all along!

Heretic God’s first style, “Falling Moon Sinking Star”, was an berserking attack with ten times amplified profound energy, while Heretic God’s second style, “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” was a ten times amplified profound energy defense!

Only, executing Sealing Cloud Locking Sun consumed a lot of profound energy and the longer it was active, the higher the rate of consumption. So even if he was continuously struck by Xia Qingyue, Yun Che had chosen to not use Sealing Cloud Locking Sun. When Xia Qingyue was no longer able to genuinely defeat him, he would at last release all of his profound energy to immediately execute “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun”. When the incredibly tough defense formed around his body, it forcibly blocked the ice phoenix’s assault. Then, he took the chance to swing out his most powerful attack toward Xia Qingyue, who would be caught off guard.

The howls from the sky wolf were deafening. They were even more terrifying than the piercing cries from the fire phoenix and ice phoenix from before. As the gigantic wolf shadow rushed towards Xia Qingyue with an incomparable might, it easily crushed the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon’s defense...

At this moment, Xia Qingyue, who had always been as calm as snow, lost all the color in her rosy face for the very first time. She had not expected Yun Che to be able to break free from the ice phoenix’s charge, and even more, had not expected… that Yun Che’s previous attacks were not even his limit. This strike was so powerful that it had put her in a situation where even her heart and soul had subconsciously shuddered...

Just in the nick of time, a thick layer of ice rapidly appeared on her body, and quickly wrapped around her entire body...


The shadow of the sky wolf engulfed Xia Qingyue, carried Xia Qingyue’s ice body with it and directly shot straight out like an ice blue meteor! She flew all the way to the edge of the Sword Discourse Arena and the terrifying impact smashed open a large portion of the ground. And the direction in which she had been thrown in, just happened to be where Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was seated, which was about to meet with disaster. Even though Chu Yueli and company’s seating area was completely protected, everything else in front of them was completely wrecked.

The Sword Discourse Arena fell into dead silence. Everyone was speechless while looking at the massive ravine, which stretched from the center of the stage, all the way to its edge.

As the dust settled, Xia Qingyue stood up. Only, she was no longer able to maintain Frozen Body Jade Bones and its effects had already vanished. Her long hair and both her brows were no longer blue, but had returned to their original black. Her face was covered with a layer of a faint paleness and her the strength of her aura had immensely weakened. She covered her left shoulder with her right hand, and a touch of red slowly spread on the snow-white clothing of the shoulder.

Chu Yuechan’s icy eyes were a field of calm. She did not feel that this sort of outcome was the least bit unexpected… She had even warned Xia Qingyue the night before to never assume that she had beaten Yun Che under any circumstances... Even though she bore that in mind, just a moment ago, she had still fully expected that the ice phoenix had defeated Yun Che... and had thereby suffered a great loss.