Chapter 242 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (4)

Chapter 242 - Battle Between Husband and Wife (4)

Not only did the suddenly exploding Star Scorching Demon Lotus easily engulf Xia Qingyue’s ice lotus, it enveloped Xia Qingyue within as well. The scorching heat that was far beyond her expectations caused Xia Qingyue’s expression to slightly change. In an instant, the ice spirits around her body stirred violently, forming an extremely strong barrier of ice. Her Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon waved about quickly as well, sweeping away all of the oncoming Phoenix flames, as she retreated at the same time.

When the Star Scorching Demon Lotus was completely extinguished, Xia Qingyue had already been forced back a distance of close to a hundred meters.

However, Yun Che did not continue to push his offensive like before. He looked at Xia Qingyue in the eye, and said with a frown. “I shall say this again. Use your full strength. What I wish to defeat, is the you, at full strength. And not the current you!”

Yun Che’s speedy attacks, the might of his heavy sword, and the flames erupting from his body, caused Xia Qingyue to feel astonished and taken by surprise. In the few collisions they had, she was actually the one who was at a slight disadvantage. Looking at Yun Che’s current expression, what she could capture from it, was a sort of arrogance that was imprinted in his bones. And this arrogance was not the sort of natural arrogance one would usually have, but was simply targeted at her!

His expression told her that if she were to not use her full strength, what she would be giving him would not be mercy, but humiliation!

Xia Qingyue’s chest gently rose. She closed her eyes, and then slowly opened them as her cold voice flowed out from her lips. “As you wish…”

A cold wind blew from all four directions, and the ice spirits surrounding Xia Qingyue fluttered erratically, as they gently brought her body up to the air. Her toes left the ground and quietly floated in the air, until only her long snow-dress was in light contact with the ground. Her arms gently spread open. Then, the long hair that was draped on her shoulders and the snow-dress she was wearing began to lightly flutter.

The fluttering of the ice spirits became even faster, and the surrounding temperature fell at an astonishing speed. Right at this moment, a blue glow suddenly radiated from Xia Qingyue’s body, and immediately after, a spiraling cold wind filled the entire Sword Discourse Arena.


“This… This… This is…”

That sudden flashing blue glow ruthlessly pierced into Yun Che’s eyes, causing him to instinctively shut his eyes. He immediately opened them but the moment his eyes fell on Xia Qingyue, he suddenly stood there lifelessly.

The cold wind had calmly dispersed, however, her snow-dress was still fluttering even without the wind. The veil on Xia Qingyue’s face had already disappeared, as it seemed to have flown away somewhere after the windstorm of profound energy. What was revealed was a fairy-like appearance, which could eclipse the heavens and earth, and could even put the sun and moon to shame. However, her pair of eyes had underwent an earthshaking change… They were entirely ice-blue in color, like sapphires which were flashing with a bright and cold light. Her deep black hair had disappeared, and what replaced it was an ice-blue hair which swayed even without any wind. Even her brows and eyelids had turned into flawless crystals, which flowed with an ice-cold blue color.

The ice spirits floating in her surroundings underwent great changes as well. Earlier, every ice spirit was as small as diamond, now, it was as though they had turned into twinkling stars. And Xia Qingyue, who was under these endless clusters of stars, seemed to have been born from the ice and snow, a fairy in the snow who had not been tainted by the mortal world at all.

“F… Frozen Cloud Seventh Realm… Ice Body Jade Bones…”

The voice of the Heavenly Sword Villa Master, the current era’s number one overlord of Blue Wind Empire, Ling Yuefeng, was currently stuttering a little. Looking at Xia Qingyue who had turned into a snow fairy, the astonishment in his heart had reached an indescribable degree. He did not know just how many astonishments and shocks this seventeen-year old girl would give him before she would bring herself to stop…

Frozen Cloud Seventh Realm… That was an extremely high realm which only Gong Yuxian, the current Palace Mistress of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, whose profound level had reached the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, could achieve!!

Genius, prodigy, monster, freak… Currently, in Ling Yuefeng’s heart, even when adding all these terms together, it would not be enough to explain Xia Qingyue.

The Ling Yun beside him was trembling even more so, he was shocked entirely speechless. In yesterday’s match, even though he lost terribly, he believed that he lost due to the Domain that should not have appeared. If not for that Domain which broke the profound laws, by just the strength of their profound arts and combined abilities alone, he believed he was capable of suppressing Xia Qingyue… After all, his Sword Spirit Doppelganger yesterday was completely able to suppress Xia Qingyue.

But now, in his astonishment, did he finally realize that Xia Qingyue basically did not reveal all of her profound arts yesterday. And the profound aura currently being released by Xia Qingyue, was much, much stronger than the peak moment yesterday. The current strength of her profound aura was to the point where, even if he were to unleash his Sword Spirit Doppelganger, it would still be hard for him to resist.

“Mn? What’s going on?” Chu Yueli’s elegant brows tightened, as she said puzzlingly. “Why did Qingyue expose her trump card? If she wants to defeat Yun Che, using the Fifth Realm of the Frozen Cloud Arts would have been completely sufficient.”

“Junior Sister Xia is not a rash person, she must have her reasons. But since she has brought out the Frozen Cloud Seventh Realm, this match should be ending pretty soon.” Shui Wushuang said with a quiet voice.

There were countless of Profound Arts in the world. The higher one reaches, the more one will find out the possible existences of extremely bizarre and knowledge-breaking Profound Arts. When those people who saw Ling Yun’s “Sword Spirit Doppelganger” for the first time, they deeply felt that it was incredible. But the Frozen Cloud Seventh Realm Xia Qingyue used actually caused her entire body to undergo an immense change.

The change in her aura was even more incomparably huge; it was more than twice as strong as before. An ice-cold pressure enveloped Yun Che’s body and soul. It was so heavy that it was like a bone-piercing ice mountain, which had been frozen for ten thousand years.


Yun Che roared loudly. The Phoenix flames on his body began to burn wildly, as scarlet red flames rose to a few meters in height, allowing him to break through the ice-cold pressure. In his body, the three drops of the Phoenix blood burned wildly, as flames that contained the might of a Phoenix spread throughout his every meridian, and every drop of fresh blood.

Just by strength alone, Yun Che’s Profound Fire was obviously incomparable to Xia Qingyue’s Frozen Cloud, and the difference was not just by bits. However, Yun Che’s flames were not just regular profound flames, but Phoenix flames originating from three drops of Phoenix Blood! By levels alone, it undoubtedly suppressed her Frozen Cloud. The Divine Phoenix Sect was able to dominate the world with just the first four stages of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, allowing them to become the imperial family of a country, which also allowed them to become the number one powerhouse, excluding the Four Great Sacred Grounds, in the Profound Sky Continent. Naturally, it was not something Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Frozen Cloud Art could compete with.

Hence, even if his strength fell far from Xia Qingyue’s, it still possessed the qualification to barely resist against her!

The ice cold wind and searing wind constantly collided against each other, emitting out constant tearing shrieks. Bathed in flames, Yun Che’s hair flew wildly, and his clothes fluttered. His gaze was as sharp as lightning, and his two hands held onto his dark grey heavy sword, which looked especially terrifying. He slowly pointed it to the front. Coordinating with his straight standing posture, he looked as though he was a towering mountain that overlooked the entire world. Even though he was facing Xia Qingyue, whose aura had surged, he did not have the slightest intention of retreating.

Just his imposing manner and boldness, was enough to unconsciously cause everyone to have a feeling of being forced into submission.

Just by their imposing manners alone, what people saw in Ling Yun was a grandmaster whom would be worshipped by many people in the future, Xia Qingyue as a fairy who had descended from a surreal world, and Yun Che… as an earth-shaking supreme overlord!

And at this moment, a cold light flashed in Yun Che’s eyes, and the rock beneath his legs suddenly burst apart...


Following the violent stir in the air, Yun Che struck out. The Dragon Fault slashed out a gigantic grey crescent, which pushed out layers of air ripples, and blasted towards Xia Qingyue, whose aura was unbelievably breathtaking.

However, when facing Yun Che’s attack this time, Xia Qingyue did not choose to retreat. Gently reaching out her right hand, her palm looked as though it had turned into glistening white jade, causing people to not be able to believe that it was a palm of a young girl. And with that small movement of hers, Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon shot out as fast as lightning. Like the kiss of from the god of death, it struck directly onto Dragon Fault.


Like an explosive roar caused by lightning, the rocks beneath his feet were instantly pulverized into dust, and they were sent flying towards the sky by the wild torrents of profound energy. Within the surrounding ice crystals and blazing light, Yun Che was instantly sent flying back. His back dragged across the stage for dozens of meters, before he finally stabbed his Dragon Fault into the ground, and stopped his body. Xia Qingyue’s body simply swayed gently, and even the starry ice spirits surrounding her did not have any hint of being disarrayed.

This was the first time in the Ranking Tournament that Yun Che was in a disadvantageous position after a direct clash with his heavy sword!

In his earlier match, what he used was not Dragon Fault, but the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. He did not use his full strength in that match, and moreover, he did not activate Burning Heart and his Phoenix flames, yet Ling Jie totally did not dare to clash with him directly at all. However, facing Xia Qingyue, who had unleashed all of her abilities, Yun Che, who had similarly unleashed all his abilities and went for a direct clash which he should have the most advantage in, was completely thrown into a disadvantageous position instead.

Tenth level of the True Profound Realm and the third level of the Earth Profound Realm… Between them, was a gap with the bottlenecks of two large realms!

“Why don’t you try to take my strike again…”

With his powerful defense, even though he lost in that exchange, he basically did not suffer any injuries. He leapt off the ground, and with a loud roar, he rose high in the air. Dragon Fault, which was enveloped with Phoenix Flames once again struck down, and the strength of the airwaves that had been raised were even larger than earlier.

“Overlord’s Fury!!”

The majesty of this imposing sword strike, even made the audience who were far away feel as though an entire mountain was crashing down on Xia Qingyue. However, just when Dragon Fault was about to make contact with Xia Qingyue, Yun Che’s body suddenly jerked, and his movements instantly slowed down… Streams of cold air, as though they were devastating and all-pervasive metal needles, pierced through the Phoenix flames, and struck onto the surface of Yun Che’s body and his meridians, causing his entire body to feel a moment of numbness. Even though these streams of cold air had already been expelled by the Phoenix flames in the next instant, just that single moment, was enough to cause fatal damage.


Before Dragon Fault could land completely, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon had already flown out like an intelligent snake, and swept against Yun Che’s waist with a thump, causing him to let out a low groan. Within the whirling storm, he was swept dozens of meters up high towards the sky...

“Haah. The difference is still too big. There’s already no need to continue watching this duel. Even with ten Yun Ches, it would not be possible to defeat Xia Qingyue.”

“Yun Che’s performance is already shocking enough. It’s not that Yun Che is weak, rather, Xia Qingyue is simply too frightening. I really wonder how Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace actually managed to bring up such a disciple.”

Seeing that Yun Che’s second active strike had still resulted to a terrible defeat, and that the Xia Qingyue in front of him still did not move a single inch, the surrounding audience let out a wave of sighs. And just at this moment, defying common sense, Yun Che who was supposed to have completely lost all balance after being sent flying up towards the sky by the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon, was descending towards Xia Qingyue...

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”

A human, when sent flying by a strong force, has nowhere to apply force from, and it was almost impossible for him to bring about any force. To maintain one’s balance was already an extremely difficult task itself, yet Yun Che actually initiated an attack while his balance was completely lost… And the speed he was descending at was extremely quick. In a mere instant, he had already charged right in front of Xia Qingyue, and heavily smashed onto Xia Qingyue’s body, who was completely unprepared. Behind him, a pair of Phoenix wings formed out of flames was searing mightily.


A large fireball suddenly exploded. This unexpected attack finally shattered Xia Qingyue’s ice crystal defenses, blasting her far away. Yun Che tumbled backwards, and forcefully swallowing down the blood that had rushed up to his throat. Before waiting for his body to stand firmly, Dragon Fault had already begun to release gigantic shadows of blaze one after another as it was swung about...

“Phoenix Break!!”

Phoenix-shaped flames which carried the tyranny of a heavy sword continuously flew towards Xia QIngyue one after another. Xia Qingyue, who had yet to maintain her balance after being struck away by his Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, was engulfed in the concentrated blasts of dozens of Phoenix Breaks. The blazing light that rose explosively from the chaos completely drowned Xia Qingyue within...

However, these blazing rays of light did not last for long, and were suddenly extinguished completely by a flashing blue light within them. After the blue light, a gigantic ice crystal phoenix flew out aggressively, shattering the two oncoming Phoenix Breaks. Then, with an undiminished might, it struck heavily onto Yun Che’s chest.


Yun Che spat out a mouthful of blood in the air, and was sent flying thirty meters back. The Phoenix flames on his body were extinguished at the same time, and the clothes covering his chest had been completely torn, replaced by a thick layer of ice. And beneath the layer of ice, was an ice-sealed wound which did not have the time to burst out.


Yun Che rolled over, and with the support of his heavy sword, he stood up expressionlessly, a streak of blood slowly flowed out from the corner of his lips… In front of him, Xia Qingyue’s face was snow-white, her eyes were like blue crystals, and her snow-dress gently fluttered… Forget about injuries, there was not even a single speck of dust on her entire body.