Chapter 218 - A Quick and Decisive Battle

Chapter 218 - A Quick and Decisive Battle

Even though Mu Tianbei was “inviting”, his tone of voice was filled with arrogance and coercion, with a great deal of implication that him inviting you to join the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress was because he was thinking better about you and you should gratefully accept with tears down your face. The disdain toward Blue Wind Profound Palace was more so extremely heavy. Yun Che felt the rage steaming up from Qin Wushang who was beside him, and replied with a slight smile: “I’m grateful that Fort Master Mu thinks highly of me, but I believe that Fort Master Mu already knows, that I, Yun Che, am a disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace. I do not have the thought of leaving for the time being, so toward Fort Master Mu’s gracious invitation, I can only refuse.”

Mu Tianbei answered without any change in expression: “Young Master Yun, it is of course a good thing for you to have such persistence. But before you make the decision, you ought to think it through; Blue Wind Profound Palace is all but a mere profound cultivating ground for the ordinary, and amongst the great profound practicing forces in the empire, it can’t even be ranked as average. If not for the Imperial Family’s prestige, they simply aren’t even worthy to be called the bottom. When it comes to heritage, resources, and arts, the difference between my Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress and them is as great as difference between heaven and earth! Not to mention that it would be impossible for a bright pearl like you to improve much within the mere Blue Wind Profound Palace, in the end, you will perhaps also be reduced to mere ordinary beings like them.”

“Mu Tianbei! Watch your words!” Qin Wushang spoke with a furious tone.

“But Palace Chief Qin, were any of my words mistaken?” Mu Tianbei finally bothered to take a glance at Qin Wushang, and spoke with a contemptuous laugh: “After all these years, had Blue Wind Profound Palace ever nurtured up a memorable top-rated disciple? As for Junior Yun, he ought to have come from elsewhere, no? Junior Yun’s performance is truly stunning, but too bad, he isn’t something that your Blue Wind Profound Palace is qualified to keep! It would instead ruin and bury this genius who has the potential to rise into prominence in the future! But it would be different if he came to my Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress. We’ll provide him with the best resources and the finest inherited arts. After three years, I, Mu Tianbei have enough confidence to make him reach top three ranks in Ranking Tournament, and make him famous in this world. Young Master Yun, a person ultimately lives his life for himself. Don’t obstruct your own prospects and future for the so-called ‘personal loyalty’. Such an insignificant Blue Wind Profound Palace, isn’t worthy of a place for you to stay in at all.

Qin Wushang’s fury wildly grew. He wished that he could just ignore his manners and break into a cussing fight with Mu Tianbei. But at the same time, the inside of his heart was also wildly thumping, afraid that Yun Che would really be poached away by them like this. Because he could not deny that the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ power far surpassed Blue Wind Profound Palace. To put it more bluntly, the two’s power and conditions are not in the same level at all. If Yun Che really went to the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, it was unknown just how many times better his profound cultivating conditions would be.

However, Cang Yue did not have this kind of worry at all. She slightly smiled and said: “Even though Yun Che is a disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, the original intent of the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s establishment is to provide a cultivation ground for countless young profound practitioners in the empire, and does not interfere with the disciple’s freedom to leave or stay. Fort Master Mu’s words are already clear enough; if Yun Che’s heart is to be moved by this, and he is willing to leave the Blue Wind Profound Palace to join your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, we definitely will not interfere.”

“Hahahaha!” Mu Tianbei laughed loudly: “Good! As expected of the legendary Blue Moon Princess. Not only are you as noble as the rumors, you are also quite bold as well! Young Master Yun, you have heard that clearly, right? It doesn’t matter if they don’t agree to it. As long as you are willing to join our Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, I wouldn’t care what happens, even if the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace all storm in to stop it.”

“Ha, there is absolutely no need for Fort Master Mu to think of it like that.” Yun Che laughed faintly as his gaze scoured over him: “The Blue Wind Profound Palace only allows disciples to stay until the age of twenty so I’d have to leave sooner or later. But even if the Blue Wind Profound Palace expels me right now, I still would never join your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress. It is not because I think your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress is weak in power. But with a Fort Master that doesn’t even know what respect is and doesn’t even understand human speech leading the sect, even if its strength was even more powerful, it would still be a merely third-rate place full of hot air. It is better for me to not go.”

Once those words came out, the atmosphere instantly froze.

When Qin Wushang, who was originally filled with fury, heard that, instead of not being angry anymore and feeling carefree, he was rather frightened. Never would he have thought that Yun Che would dare to speak out in this sort of way when facing Mu Tianbei, who was renown throughout the country. As for Cang Yue, she was only slightly surprised because she understood Yun Che… who would never be afraid of offending anyone! Truthfully speaking, with how fast this satisfaction came, there was no need to silently endure this. He would never submit to humiliation.

Mu Tianbei had thought that there was a chance Yun Che would reject him, but he never would have thought that this little junior would have the impertinence to speak such insolence, and even bring along such humiliation in his words. He creased both his brows as his complexion darkened: “Young Master Yun, what did you say earlier? It seems as if I did not hear that correctly…”

“I said, with a Fort Master that doesn’t even know what respect is and doesn’t even understand human speech leading the sect, even if its strength was even more powerful, it would still be a merely third-rate place full of hot air. It is better for me to not go.” Yun Che confronted Mu Tianbei’s oppressive gaze with a face full of smiles as he took his sweet time to repeat his words once more: “I’m sure that this time, Fort Master Mu has heard me correctly?”

As if there was a lump of air in his chest that had just exploded, Mu Tianbei’s fury surged to its peak as his facial muscles convulsed. Even though Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress could not measure up to the Four Major Sects, there was still no one who would dare provoke them and most couldn’t even wait to suck up to them. But now, a little junior had actually mocked him, the grand Fort Master, in front of him without restraint nor any changes in expression! He said in a low voice with a ferocious gaze: “Good… Very good…”

“The feeling is mutual.” Yun Che was incomparably tranquil: “You look down on my Blue Wind Profound Palace, and I also hold your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress in contempt. This just happens to make us even. If Fort Master Mu has nothing else to discuss, you may go back now. The matter of me joining Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, you mustn’t bring it up in the future. In my eyes, Blue Wind Profound Palace is ten million times better than Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress. Don’t even mention you, the Fort Master, personally asking me, even if the entire sect kneeled in front of me, I would still never agree to your offer.”

There was no trace of politeness in Yun Che’s succinct few words as he returned the contempt and mockery Mu Tianbei had towards the Blue Wind Profound Palace back at him. When it comes to Yun Che’s feelings towards the Blue Wind Profound Palace, he actually did not really have such strong feelings for it. Even if he was expelled, he still would not think much about it. It was not because of Blue Wind Profound Palace that he had fearlessly counterattacked, but rather, Cang Yue.

If this wasn’t Heavenly Sword Villa, a place where one could not willfully attack however they want, Mu Tianbei would definitely have immediately killed Yun Che. Too angry to smile, he firmly fixed his gaze at Yun Che: “What a good little arrogant junior. You truly have opened my eyes! I had originally taken pity on you because of your talent and was thinking of asking Yan’er to go easy on you tomorrow. But it looks like you do not care about your life at all!! When tomorrow comes, I’d like to see if you still have the strength to be arrogant in front of me… Let’s go!!”

Mu Tianbei snorted loudly before flipping his sleeve to turn and leave. Mu Xiongyi and Mu Xiongyan followed right behind him. Right when they were about to leave the courtyard, Mu Xiongyan turned around to glance at Yun Che, and revealed a sinister smile.

Yun Che’s counter mockery naturally negated some of Qin Wushang’s great pleasure. He was extremely moved by Yun Che but he was even more worried than before. He sighed softly: “Yun Che, you were too impulsive earlier. You can straightforwardly refuse him, but there was absolutely no need for you to offend him. Since this happened, tomorrow’s match, sigh…”

“Rest assured Palace Chief Qin,” Yun Che indifferently laughed: “In this ranking tournament, I only have one true opponent. There is no way that I would lose before meeting this true opponent. As for tomorrow’s Mu Xiongyan, forget about him endangering me, he doesn’t even have the qualifications to make me use my true strength.”


After night had passed, a new day had begun. New matches were also imminent. It was early morning, but the entire Sword Discourse Arena was already jammed packed with people waiting for the Round of 16 to begin. As of now, this Blue Wind Ranking Tournament’s match progression still conformed with the norm. If one must speak of anything unusual that had happened, it would be Yun Che, the super dark horse.

As for the ranking tournament’s final results, that was already predestined inside everyone’s heart long ago, during the first day’s Profound Assessment Ceremony… First place would inevitably belong to Ling Yun. Second, third, and fourth place, would still be a fight between Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the Xiao Sect, and Burning Heaven Clan. Any other sects simply did not have the qualifications to enter the rivalry.

The Round of 16 was destined to be much more exciting and tense than yesterday’s Round of 32.

Round of 16, first match: Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che —— versus —— Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ Mu Xiongyan.

Before Mu Xiongyan went up on stage, Mu Tianbei ordered him in a low voice: “Cripple him Yan’er!” One night had passed but his fury still had not dissipated. After becoming Fort Master, Yun Che was the first person who dared to insult him out loud, and that made the grudge he bore be bone-deep.

“Rest assured Father. I won’t even let him think about standing up ever again.” Mu Xiongyan grinned as he casually said that.

On the Sword Discourse Arena, Yun Che and Mu Xiongyan stood on opposing sides. Mu Xiongyan slightly narrowed his eyes and sneered with a light casual stance, as if the Yun Che in front of him was a mere prey that was already in the clutches of his hands. Yun Che however, was a field of tranquility.

Last night, Qin Wushang had spoke to him in detail that the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress was divided into the Heavenly Spear Sect and the Thunderfire Sect. The Thunderfire Sect was capable of transforming profound energy into thunderfire, while simultaneously detonating it, bringing out an extremely tremendous lethality. At the same time, the Thunderfire Sect had also always passed on various different kinds of manufactured high-grade firearms and controlling capabilities. More than a dozen different types of dangerous firearms were concealed on the bodies of every Thunderfire Sect disciple, even so much that there were probably more than several tens of incomparably dangerous types that one could not completely defend against.

In regards to transforming profound energy into thunderfire, Yun Che didn’t really care about that at all. But he was incapable of estimating how powerful the firearms on Mu Xiongyan’s body really were. His countless life and death experiences told him that if anything was unable to be discerned, especially one of dangerous origins, the safest move he could make when facing Mu Xiongyan would be to completely strangle something that could become dangerous in the shortest time possible.

So to him, this match was destined to be a match in which the outcome would be decided within the blink of an eye.

“Match start!!”

As soon as Ling Wugou’s voice fell, Mu Xiongyan raised both his hands and spread open all ten fingers. Ten purplish-red colored lightning balls instantly condensed atop his fingertips. The sound of its crackling discharge would make one shudder with fright. He looked at Yun Che with a ferocious smile: “Yun Che, prepare to howl a good one under my Thunderfire!! I’ll let you remember the price of insulting my Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress for your entire lifetime!!”

Yun Che did not reply. While tightly holding onto the heavy sword, his silhouette flashed. Like a strong blast of wind, he charged straight at Mu Xiongyan.

Mu Xiongyan moved both his hands. The ten Thunderfire balls of condensed profound energy flew at Yun Che with different trajectories. Yun Che nevertheless did not dodge or flee, and directly forged onwards. This action caused Mu Xiongyan to sneer:

“Then die… Explode!!”


Ten Thunderfire balls simultaneously exploded, and the devastating Thunderfire’s radiance momentarily drowned out Yun Che’s silhouette. Before Mu Xiongyan had even begun to laugh, he unexpectedly discovered that in the instant the Thunderfire balls exploded, Yun Che’s silhouette had disappeared from that spot.


Right after that, he suddenly detected the flash of a shadow from the corner of his eye. Yun Che had suddenly appeared at his side, and was not even two steps away from him. If another person were to switch places with him, even if they could react quickly to guard against it, they would inevitably fumble. However, not only did Mu Xiongyan not panic, he instead, laughed grimly. He did not move at all as he suddenly instigated his profound energy. Three purplish-red colored arrows suddenly shot out from his shoulder, flying straight at Yun Che’s face.


The entire Sword Discourse Arena erupted in cries of alarm. Cang Yue was even more nervous as she shrieked. It was at such a close distance, and was also a head-on collision that was completely unexpected which shot out three Thunderfire arrows. Even if one was an immortal, it was not definite as to whether or not it was possible to dodge past it.


While still in the radiance of the Thunderfire balls, three Thunderfire arrows had already launched straight at Yun Che, and completely passed through his face...

It was another afterimage!!

Mu Xiongyan immediately opened his eyes wide. Before he had yet to recover from his astonishment, an incomparably hot heatwave attacked from overhead...

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!!”


Like a fierce hawk, Yun Che swooped down from the sky and ruthlessly attacked his back with a scorching berserk strike. A huge lump of flame exploded within the loud noise, blotting out the sky while covering the earth…

Up until now, this was the first time Yun Che had executed Star God’s Broken Shadow. The second stage’s triple shadow chaining could be said to be as unfathomable as ghosts and gods. Likewise, it was also the first time he had used a Phoenix Flame technique… They were all used to finish the battle in the shortest time possible to avoid any possible unstable factors.

Inside the blaze that soared to the sky, Mu Xiongyan’s protective profound energy was shattered as if thin ice. He spurted out a large mouthful of fresh blood and fiercely flew outwards. Then, he knocked against the profound energy barrier and rebounded back to the floor. The fire on his body did not die out. Instead, it continued to rage and burn, burning his clothes, flesh, and the various tens of hidden firearms on his body...


When the firearms caught on fire, they all crazily exploded on Mu Xiongyan’s body, splitting his skin open and flesh apart, making his mutilated flesh hard to discern. His wretched scream was like the mournful shrill of a banshee. Yun Che withdrew his heavy sword and looked at him with a pitiful gaze as he secretly muttered to himself: These firearms that were supposed to be used against me, you should just go enjoy them yourself!