Chapter 217 - Bullying to an Intolerable Extent

Chapter 217 - Bullying to an Intolerable Extent

Outside of the Four Major Sects, if there was a need to choose a fifth sect, then the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, whose name shook throughout the North, had the most right among the various sects. The Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress had two supreme techniques —— one was the “Heavenly Spear” and the other was the “Thunderfire”. This time, the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress had also lived up to its reputation with two disciples in the final thirty-two rankings, and both disciples were also at the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Their average strength was far greater than the general level of the ranking tournament and out of all the competing sects, it was only weaker than the Four Major Sects.

His first opponent in the Round of 32 was a member of the Four Major Sects, so there was originally a tight feeling in Mu Xiongyi’s heart. However, looking at Ling Jie, who was only sixteen and only at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, he let out a large sigh of relief and laughed in a pleased way: “Hehe, this Ling Jie is clearly here to gain experience for the next ranking tournament. This match is mine to win.”

“It’s better to be cautious. The strength of Heavenly Sword Villa’s disciples cannot be judged simply by their level of profound strength.” Mu Xiongyan, who had also entered the top thirty-two ranks, said in a low voice.

“Haha! Relax big brother. If I can’t even defeat a child at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, I may as well kill myself with a stab of the spear… I’m going now!”

Mu Xiongyi jumped up onto the Sword Discourse Arena with a loud shout. WIth a swing of his stout right arm, a bronze longspear that was nine foot long came dancing out and pointed at Ling Jie: “Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress of the North’s Mu Xiongyi. Please guide me!”

“Good speech, good speech.” Ling Jie did not display any of the nervousness one might have when facing a strong opponent, but rather replied with a face full of laughter. Then, he slowly withdrew his weapon —— Space Splitting Sword. This sword was a high-grade Earth Profound Weapon that he just obtained from the Sword Management Terrace a month ago. Even though it could not compare to the incomparably rare Sky Profound Sword, among Earth Profound Weapons, it was definitely one of the best of weapons with a might that inspired awe.

“Elder Ling, we can start now.” Ling Jie said.

“Good!” Ling Wugou nodded : “Heavenly Sword Villa’s disciple Ling Jie —— versus —— Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ Mu Xiongyi, match start!”

Mu Xiongyi attacked first. Without any restraint in his movements, a spear shot out in a straightforward manner. With a sharp swish sound in the air, the spear point pressed towards Ling Jie’s throat like a suddenly striking snake. Ling Jie’s eyes narrowed. The Space Splitting Sword directly struck out towards the longspear in a piercing movement. The bursts of clattering and banging sounds of the profound energy collisions reverberated through the air. The shadow of the sword and the tip of the spear struck together tens of times within a few breaths as a sound like thunder jolted the ears of those present.

The sword was like a fierce tiger. The spear was like a poisonous dragon. The struggle between dragon and tiger grew ever more intense. There were a few hundred strikes in the blink of an eye, and in the deadlock, neither side could prevail over the other.

“This Ling Jie is really outstanding. To think that he can compete against an opponent whose profound strength is higher than his by two levels for so long without going into a disadvantageous position.” Cang Yue could not resist praising.

Yun Che’s gaze left the Sword Discourse Arena and said in a calm manner: “Senior Sister, it’s actually the opposite of what you said. It should be said that Mu Xiongyi is very outstanding. He can actually face so many of Ling Jie’s sword strikes. However, the critical point is that Ling Jie is being lenient. Otherwise Mu Xiongyi would have lost long ago.”

“Ah?” Cang Yue blinked her beautiful eyes, as her entire face filled with surprise.

Yun Che had fought against Ling Jie before. Even though it was only for the short extent of three sword strikes, it was enough for him to generally have a rough idea about Ling Jie’s true strength. He slowly said: “Heavenly Sword Villa’s sword is strong at “sword intent”, not simply just the sword forms activated by profound strength. Right now, Ling Jie is only relying on sword forms and can fight on par with Mu Xiongyi who is two levels higher than him in profound strength… If Ling Jie unleashes his sword intent, Mu Xiongyi will inevitably lose very quickly.”

Yun Che’s words were quickly fulfilled. After the sword clashed with the spear a few hundred times, Ling Jie appeared to have lost his patience. The gaze in his eyes changed ever so slightly, and the sword shadows he struck became more fleeting. In the end, the sword shadows could not really be seen any more, and there was only a faint glimpse of the small afterimages that were neither here nor there.

If a third party saw this change, they would only feel surprised, but Mu Xiongyi felt as if his opponent had suddenly changed into someone else. Everytime he struck his spear out with his full strength, it made a swishing sound. However, when it struck Ling Jie’s sword, it no longer made a loud reverberating sound as before; it only made a soft “ding” sound and then the force he put into his spear disappeared with no hope of it ever returning. He could not guard against the way his force had just disappeared. The empty feeling in his thrust made him very uncomfortable. Even more shocking was the fact that his eyesight could no longer grasp the whereabouts of Ling Jie’s sword shadows. Even the swish of the sword could no longer be heard, as if the sword in Ling Jie’s hands had mysteriously disappeared.

Mu Xiongyi did not panic and no longer paid any attention to Ling Jie’s sword shadows. He released all his profound strength reserves. His spear force became even fiercer. As fast as a light beam, the nine foot longspear was like an angry flood dragon, flying and wriggling at the same time.

However, against his expectations, Ling Jie was not forced to retreat by his spear force that had grown stronger by several folds. With a flick of his wrists, the Space Splitting Sword was like an agile snake that could twist and turn. It penetrated the fierce profound energy storm, piercing through several layers of spear shadows and directly pierced Mu Xiongyi.

Riiip… Riiip…

Mu Xiongyi’s profound energy defense was easily torn apart. Accompanied by an extreme pain were two more wounds across the front of his chest which were deep enough to see bone… and Mu Xiongyi was completely unable to comprehend when Ling Jie was close enough to attack his chest.

Mu Xiongyi’s heart was greatly shocked. With a loud roar, he struck a blow strong enough to annihilate a thousand soldiers and forced Ling Jie to dodge far away. He jumped forward high in the air. Strength filled his right arm, and he fiercely tossed the spear. The longspear momentarily transformed into a comet that was as fast as lightning. It shot towards Ling Jie with a shockwave that alarmed the audience.

“It… It’s the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ ultimate technique… Heaven Raising Spear!”

Separated by a distance of several tens of meters, the spectators could clearly feel the awesome power of this spear strike. Anyone hit by this spear strike, even if they were at the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, would probably have to throw half their life away.

Ling Jie quickly retreated but did not fully evade. Under the gasps of countless people, he struck out against the incoming longspear with a single sword maneuver...


There was no loud clashing sound. When the Space Splitting Sword met the longspear, only the faintest of humming sounds could barely be heard.

“A good performance of the Redirection Arts!” Ling Yuefeng nodded in praise as a rare content expression filled his face.

“Little Jie is not only far more talented than I was, his courage is also not bad. When I was at his age, I absolutely would not have dared to do that.” Ling Yun said while grinning.

A torrential amount of sword intent flooded out, firmly sucking in the longspear that was filled with explosive profound energy. Following that, the Space Splitting Sword led the long spear in a huge semi circular arc in front of Ling Jie. This time the spear point of the Heaven Raising Spear technique reversed in direction and shot towards the dumbstruck Mu Xiongyi.

Bang ! ! !

Scattered stone chips and dust flying about the Sword Discourse Arena. The longspear was fiercely nailed below Mu Xiongyi’s feet. The entire body of the spear burrowed into the stage, causing a tear that was several feet in length.

Mu Xiongyi retreated two steps back and sat on the floor on his butt as cold sweat seeped from his forehead. If the previous spear’s direction had just been aimed a bit more forward, then his body would have an additional hole.

“I… I admit defeat.” Mu Xiongyi no longer had the will to do battle. His chest heaved up and down as he trembed with fear.

“Hehe, you let me win.” Ling Jie withdrew his sword. He was very pleased with himself.

“Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Jie wins, and will enter tomorrow’s Round of 16!

This result was out of many people’s expectations, but even more people felt that it was only natural. Yun Che stroked his chin and said to himself in a low voice: “Likewise from the Four Major Sects and also of the same level of profound strength, but yet their true strength has such a huge gap… well deserving of the Heavenly Sword Villa.”

The two people he was talking about were naturally Xiao Nan from the Xiao Sect and Ling Jie from the Heavenly Sword Villa. Both of them were at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm and yet the gap between their true strength was unnaturally large.

The Round of 32 continued to proceed. In one morning, the matches in Group One were completed. In the afternoon, the matches Group Two began. If one does a direct comparison, the matches in Group Two was much more intense and exciting than the matches in Group One. This was because the overall strength of Group Two was much higher than the overall strength of Group One.

It was evening when the Round of 32 came to a complete close. The sixteen participants for the following day’s elimination round had all been decided. Of the Four Major Sects, other than Xiao Nan, who had been defeated by Yun Che, the other eleven disciples all entered into the top sixteen, fully occupying two thirds of the top sixteen.

The arrangements for the following day’s Round of 16 was also displayed on the profound stone in the middle of the Sword Discourse Arena after the end of today’s competition.

The opponent Yun Che would face the following day came from the same Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress in the North as the opponent Ling Jie had faced today —— Mu Xiongyan.

“From today’s competition, you could see that Mu Xiongyan’s specialty is completely different from Mu Xiongyi. Mu Xiongyi specializes in the ‘Heavenly Spear’ while Mu Xiongyan specializes in ‘Thunderfire’. Thunderfire is much harder to cultivate than the Heavenly Spear but its power also far exceeds that of the Heavenly Spear. The ranking tournament allows the usage of any weapons, including firearms! Mu Xiongyan whose body carries the Thunderfire, hides tens of different firearms and bombs on his person. His attacks come in innumerable succession, and even break apart defenses that are completely prepared… Tomorrow, you must be sure to be careful!”

In today’s match, Yun Che had once again scored a huge victory, undoubtedly causing Qin Wushang to be over the moon with happiness. However, upon seeing that the next day’s opponent was Mu Xiongyan, he could not help but be concerned… Compared to Mu Xiongyan, he would, on the contrary, prefer that the opponent was someone from the Four Major Sects, because this Mu Xiongyan’s attack methods was just too frightening. Just being slightly inattentive might lead to becoming a cripple. In the off chance that that happened, this star that shone so brightly for the Blue Wind Profound Palace would inevitably be dimmed.

“Rest assured Palace Chief Qin, I will not be injured so easily. Also,” His eyes flashed as he grinned: “Tomorrow, I will win as always. Just you watch!”

“Haha, good!” Qin Wushang laughed. Yun Che still had not finished the next match and he noticed that he had once again underestimated Yun Che. He now no longer thought that it was certain for Yun Che to stop at this step, but was instead full of hope and expectation. He wished to see how far he could go… Could he enter the top eight… Or maybe even break the Four Major Sect’s “monopoly” and obtain the shocking glory of entering the top four!

At the end of today’s competition, the four from the Blue Wind Profound Palace returned to their courtyard. There were already three people awaiting them here. More accurately, they were waiting for Yun Che alone.

Of the three, one was a middle aged man with an imposing manner. The other two were youths who had appeared in today’s competition venue. One was the Mu Xiongyi who had been defeated by Ling Jie. The other had defeated his opponent and entered the next day’s Round of 16. He was Yun Che’s match for the next day, Mu Xiongyan.

Having seen Yun Che, that middle aged man straightforwardly walked as quick as a comet in big steps and said to Yun Che: “I am Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ current Fort Master Mu Tianbei. At the risk of being presumptuous, I have an important matter to discuss with the honorable Young Master Yun.”

Mu Tianbei had a boorish appearance. There was a naturally deep arrogance about him. After all, in the stretches of the frozen north, the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress was indubitably the dominant power. As its Fort Master, it could be said that he could even cover the sky with one hand there, and no one could disobey him. Within the boundaries of the entire Blue Wind Empire, the reputation of the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress was basically only second to that of the Four Major Sects.

He came up and directly asked Yun Che. As for Qin Wushang who was by his side and even Princess Cang Yue, he did not even give them a single glance. He was the kind of arrogant person who believed himself to be beyond the laws and even beyond Heaven. A frown appeared on Qin Wushang’s forehead but he did not say a thing. Yun Che moved forward and asked: “So it is the reputable Fort Master Mu. What does Fort Master Mu have to discuss with this Junior?”

“It is very simple,” Mu Tianbei looked directly at Yun Che: “I have witnessed Young Master Yun’s performance in the ranking tournament for a few days and my heart sighs in admiration. Regarding Young Master Yun’s natural talent and strength, even if it was among the Four Major Sects, there are few disciples who can match up. To remain with just a trifling Blue Wind Profound Palace is simply like burying a pearl. How about joining my Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress?”

As soon as these words came out, even if Qin Wushang had an even better self restraint, he would still be agitated to a great fury. It was one thing to undermine your foundations, but this Mu Tianbei went as far as to do this in his and Princess Cang Yue’s presence. He did not even disguise his contempt for the Blue Wind Profound Palace and did not even give any regard for the Blue Wind Profound Palace or the Imperial Family. It was simply bullying to an intolerable extent.