Chapter 215 - Fighting Xiao Nan

Chapter 215 - Fighting Xiao Nan

After all thirty-two remaining people selected their numbers, their battle order appeared on the Profound Stone.

Once the order was released, it instantly caused a large debate amongst the audience.

The thirty-two contestants were split into two groups of sixteen. Every match, one contestant would be eliminated. The two victors of the groups would eventually face off in the finals to decide who will be the champion.

However, the two groups that the participating disciples had been separated into were far too different in terms of their strength!

The finale of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament would usually turn into a ranking tournament for the Four Major Sects. It was always the case for the past hundred years, and would undoubtedly be the same this time as well. When comparing the strength of the group, simply comparing the quantity and quality of disciples from the Four Major Sects would be sufficient.

In the second group, there were seven disciples from the Four Major Sects. They were: Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Master, the one who everyone was certain would be victorious, Ling Yun. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Shui Wushuang, Wu Xuexin, Xia Qingyue were all in the same group. The last three were Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuanglei, Xiao Zhen and Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Jin!!

The main disciples in the Four Major Sects, were all gathered in the second group!

Needless to mention Ling Yun, who was in the third level of the Earth Profound Realm and looked down upon the whole crowd. Shui Wushuang, Wu Xuexin, Fen Jin, Xiao Kuanglei, and Xiao Zhen were all at the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. All their profound strengths lost to Ling Yun and they all had a chance to obtain second. The lowest, Xia Qingyue, was also in the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm.

Looking at the first group, there were five contestants from the four main sects. However, all of them were either not their main force and were all their second or third tier. The contestants were Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Feiyu and Ling Jie, Xiao Sect’s Xiao Nan, and Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juebi and Fen Yuange.

Among them, only Ling Feiyu was in the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, the others: Fen Juebi was in the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Ling Jie being the youngest, was only in the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Xiao Nan and Fen Yuange were also young and had only came for experience; respectively, they were only in the sixth and seventh level of the Spirit Profound Realm.

The difference in the two groups was really overwhelmingly huge!

“The difference in strength between the two groups can’t be this huge? This is the first time a Ranking Tournament has such an overwhelming difference in strength between the two groups, right?”

“Such an overwhelming difference has never happened before. However, this was all based on the number randomly ‘selected’ by each contestant. We can’t do anything even if such a situation happens. We can only say that those who were split into the first group were very lucky. Any disciple from one of the main sects in the second group could trash the entire the first group.”

“No matter what happens, the victor would no doubt be Ling Yun.”

“That’s great, the group Junior Brother Yun is in has very little top class opponents.” Cang Yue said happily as she saw the battle order.

Qin Wushang also smiled and nodded: “Not very little, there are practically none. It looks like Lady Luck has been shining down on us all this time. If our good luck continues, Yun Che’s progress might not stop at the top thirty-two. He might even progress to the top sixteen! If that really happens, it would really be a miracle amongst miracles.”

“The first match is brother-in-law’s, his opponent… Ahhh, it’s Xiao Sect’s Xiao Nan! Wahh, it’s the Xiao Sect… Ugh, however, he is only in the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Brother-in-law has already been numerous opponents at that level. He can definitely win this match for sure!” Xia Yuanba said full of anticipation.

“No,” Qin Wushang was not as optimistic: “Although at the same level, a disciple of the Four Major Sect’s strength far exceeds one of another sect. Despite being only the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, it wouldn’t be weird if he could beat an eighth level Spirit Profound Practitioner from another sect. That is also why he was able to enter the top thirty-two with this kind of profound strength… Yun Che, don’t be careless. If it becomes too tough, remember what I said before.”

“Yes.” Yun Che replied.

On the Sword Discourse Arena, the profound stone that has displayed the battle order was kept by Ling Wugou and said loudly: “The battle order of the thirty-two contestants has been decided and the first match shall begin soon. The contestants are: Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che and Xiao Sect’s Xiao Nan. Please prepare yourself and come onto the arena within sixty breaths of time!”

Yun Che did not hesitate at all. He stood up and walked towards the Sword Discourse Arena immediately. Behind him came the nervous cheers of Cang Yue and Xia Yuanba… After all, who he was going to face was a disciple of the Four Major Sects!

“Nan’er, go, this opponent should be an easy victory for you. However, it is only ‘should be’ and not ‘for sure’. Remember what Grandfather always says, no matter who the opponent is, never underestimate him.” Xiao Wuji reminded Xiao Nan.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Looking at Yun Che who was already on stage, Xiao Nan also stood up, breathed in slightly and lifted himself high, jumping across several tens of meters before landing gently on the Sword Discourse Arena, standing face to face with Yun Che.

“Yun Che… This name, why do I have the feeling that I have heard it before.” Seeing the two on stage, Xiao Wuji knitted his brows and spoke to himself.

“Xiao Nan’s first opponent is actually a dark horse that only climbed so far due to good luck. Heh, what luck. If he loses this, it would put shame upon the family.” Xiao Kuanglei muttered under his breath at the side.

On stage, Xiao Nan had already taken out his weapon. it was a jade sword that gave off a cool glow. The jade sword was called Wind Spirit Sword and it was a Earth Profound Weapon. With sword in hand, he signalled towards Yun Che: “Xiao Sect Sword Sect’s disciple Xiao Nan, please guide me!”

Because of Xiao Kuangyun, Yun Che already had a very bad impression of Xiao Sect. However, Xiao Nan was obviously completely different from Xiao Kuangyun. He looked determined and was very courteous. Even though he faced an “extremely weak” opponent, he still viewed him with caution and did not appear to underestimate him by any means. Yun Che nodded and took out his Overlord’s Colossal Sword: “Blue Wind Profound Palace’s disciple Yun Che… Please guide me… Elder Ling, no need to wait sixty breaths, we can start immediately.”

“Good!” Ling Wugou nodded: “Round of 32, 1st Match —— Begin!”

Once Ling Wugou finished speaking, the originally noisy arena suddenly became silent as everyone focused on the Sword Discourse Arena. However, they were not looking at Xiao Sect’s Xiao Nan but instead, at Yun Che. The difference in profound strength between the two parties in this matchup were rather exceptional but no one jeered, nor did anyone look down upon Yun Che. No one could say for certain that he would definitely lose. Every time someone said that during one of Yun Che’s matches, Yun Che would leave them embarrassed until their ears were red and amazed at the end.

Now, even more people wanted to know whether Yun Che, who was able to breakthrough to the top thirty-two with only a profound strength at the True Profound Realm, was able to create another miracle and beat this disciple from the Xiao Sect.

Hoping to see a dramatic finale, in certain aspects, was a part of human nature.

On the Sword Discourse Arena, after Ling Wugou finished speaking, a fierce storm was released from Xiao Nan and the Wind Spirit Sword’s bodies. The storm surrounded his body and revolved around him. Although the storm was not strong, it was extremely sharp. It was as though there were numerous swords dancing around him. Even those seated far away from the center of the Sword Discourse Arena could feel an unexplainable form of scary sharpness in the air.

Despite the audience’s reactions, Yun Che however, was unfazed when he looked at Xiao Nan. Neither he nor his sword moved and it did not seem as if he had any intention to attack first.

“Receive my attack… Extreme Wind Slash!!”

The sword in Xiao Nan’s hands pointed forward, and instantly, all the storm that had been surrounding him turned into the silhouette of several swords, causing wind, so sharp that it even frightened the audience, to blow towards Yun Che. Wherever the wind went, it tore apart the sturdy Sword Discourse Arena into pieces.

The might of the sword caused everyone in the arena to be cry out in surprise.

“Uwaahh… Such, such scary swordsmanship!” Xia Yuanba said in surprise, his face full of fear. Even an Elementary Profound Realm practitioner like him could clearly see the might of that sword.

“One of the advantages of the Four Major Sects is that their profound arts and techniques are very powerful! With one slash, an opponent of the same level who does not belong to one of the Four Major Sects would not be able to receive the attack!” Qin Wushang said in a dignified manner.

“Quick, dodge!” Cang Yue shouted in a nervous manner.

The storm and the sword silhouettes attacked simultaneously but Yun Che still remained still as though he had already been scared silly. Only when the storm and the sword silhouettes approached, blew up his hair and shirt violently, did he finally move… One second ago, he seemed as immovable as a mountain. One second later, he suddenly seemed like a volcano that had just exploded.

All fifty four profound entrances opened and his berserk profound strength loudly exploded in an instant. The Overlord’s Colossal Sword in his hand welcomed the storm of sword silhouettes with a sweep. Bringing along a huge maelstrom of power, it heavily clashed onto the storm of sword silhouettes.


The violent clash was so loud that it made one wish to be deaf. One swing from the heavy sword seemed like it had released a malevolent dragon. With its incomparably strong body and claws, it attacked the storm of sword silhouettes. As it collided, the storm of sword silhouettes released by Xiao Nan were shattered layer by layer, and eventually disappeared completely… However, the heavy sword’s power did not disperse continued onwards, bringing along raging winds which struck Xiao Nan’s body, causing him to almost fall back due to the suffocating attack.

Wh… WHAT!?

Xiao Nan’s two hands and soul trembled at the same time as his face revealed a strong sense of disbelief.

When facing Yun Che, he had not underestimated him. Although the strike just now was not his finishing move, it was already one of his strongest sword skills. When he executed the skill, he did not believe that Yun Che could face it head on. He thought that he could only avoid with all his might. With that belief, he clutched his sword’s hilt firmly and stared at Yun Che, waiting to chase after him, lightning quick, once he tried to avoid the strike. After catching him unprepared, he would then attack him relentlessly in order to gain an advantage and finish him off quickly.

Never did he expect that Yun Che did not avoid the strike, but take it head on… And with only a single swing, he completely took down his attack!

“He actually… received it!”

“Is this Yun Che really only in the True Profound Realm? This swing of Xiao Nan, even if it was me, I cannot take it head on!”

The surrounding people were all nearly numb with shock. Yun Che seemed like a monster to them. Time and time again, he displayed the impossible in front of their eyes. Especially the members of the Xiao Sect who knew that strike. Their faces all turned pale.

Yun Che stepped forward, called upon all the profound strength within him, and swept the heavy sword forward. After a split second, an extremely frightening storm brew atop the Sword Discourse Arena. Within the storm, Xiao Nan could neither breathe, nor could he even open his eyes. The sword that he had originally swept out was quickly withdrawn… Because all of his instincts told him that Yun Che’s strike possessed the ability to crush mountains and crack the earth. If he were to take the attack head on, he might be severely injured or worse, lose his life.

Before he could comprehend how a True Profound Realm profound practitioner was able to execute such a scary attack, he gathered his profound strength onto his feet and jumped several tens of meters into the air to avoid the storm. He stopped at the highest point in midair, and suddenly, rounds and rounds of ripple-like water surrounded him. Behind him, a giant green colored eagle silhouette appeared and proudly spread its wings to fly.

Xiao Nan flew down. As he was flying, his whole body merged with the silhouette of the giant green eagle, and he seemed like descending mighty eagle. He pointed his sword forward. While bringing along an incomparably sharp aura, he thrusted towards Yun Che’s chest. The sword was extremely sharp, and the air seemed to have been split apart like waves.

The sword that came from above was extremely sharp, and from several tens of meters away, Yun Che felt the scary sensation of his chest had been pierced. However, the him who wielded a heavy sword, definitely would not back down against a normal sword. He remained unfazed and swung both his arms towards the sword above him.

The might of the heavy sword could move mountains and turn oceans. Wherever the heavy sword pointed, slight distortions appeared within the empty air. Yun Che’s first strike was instantly avoided by Xiao Nan. But this time, he was in midair. Even if he wanted to avoid it, it was not possible. But when facing Yun Che’s berserk strike head on, he did not look the least bit nervous as a cold determined radiance flashed past his eyes.

The giant eagle silhouette at his rear suddenly spread its wings as a light green glow emitted from the Wind Spirit Sword.


The storm brought about by Yun Che was cut apart by Xiao Nan under a distinct ripping sound. It seemed as if a stream had been directly split into two and scattered to both sides.

The Wind Spirit Sword that had cut the storm brought along a sharp aura that continued onwards, piercing straight towards Yun Che’s left shoulder.

“Ah!!!” Cang Yue cried out in alarm, and her complexion instantly paled.

“What? What… What kind of sword technique is that? He… He cut apart his profound energy!” Qin Wushang’s expression paled as well.

“Although there were some scares, it still went according to plan. Victory has already been decided.” Looking at the sword that pierced Yun Che, Xiao Sect’s Xiao Kuangyu faintly laughed.