Chapter 300 - The Princess Marrying

Chapter 300 - The Princess Marrying

The dawn has just arrived, and the Blue Wind Imperial City was already rowdy everywhere. Streets of various sizes were all filled with the masses, lifting their chin and looking into the distance. Because today, was the day for the Imperial Family’s only princess to be wed. And at this moment, the bridal escort party of Burning Heaven Clan had already entered the city gate, and was parading forth toward the direction of Blue Wind Imperial Palace in a mighty formation.

That’s right, the bridal parade of Burning Heaven Clan, was indeed worthy of the word “Mighty”. Carrying a smile on his face, Fen Juecheng rode on top of a enormous fire-like maned horse and looked forward placidly. Behind him, was a huge eight poled palanquin carved with dancing phoenixes of fire. Around them, more than two thousand Burning Heaven Clan disciples wearing flame-red clothing formed a very long rank. Looking from a high place, they were like a fire dragon that moved slowly toward the Imperial Palace. All of these Burning Heaven Clan disciples had been meticulously selected, and every single one of them was extremely extraordinary. Even the ones weakest in profound strength were at the Spirit Profound Realm. Ones with high profound strength, were already at the mid Earth Profound Realm. This kind of lineup, was extremely rare even in the entire Blue Wind Empire, and could even be deemed as frightening. Clearly, Burning Heaven Clan who had lost a great deal of face because of their failure in the Ranking Tournament, seemed to have wanted to take advantage of this chance of being the princess’s bridal escort, and once again display the prowess of the Burning Heaven Clan to the world.

In accordance to the custom, Fen Juecheng’s father, Fen Duanhun, naturally would not come along, but the elder level experts that came along, not one didn’t inspire awe throughout the land. Just for experts of the Sky Profound Realm, there were already eight. Moreover, the two leading were more so already at the later ranks of Sky Profound Realm, and were two of Burning Heaven Clan’s ten strongest experts. These eight people wore flame red clothing that were even more eye-catching, and floated evenly dispersed in the air space above the bridal escort ranks… The entire echelon emitted a kind of imposing air that made one’s heart palpitate. Even from far away, it made one feel an almost suffocating pressure.

Even if one were to say this was a echelon that could flatten the entire Blue Wind Imperial City, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration.

“Look! The bridal escort party of Burning Heaven Clan is here!”

Following someone’s large shout, the crowd started to stir. Everyone went onto their tiptoes, and looked toward the Burning Heaven Clan’s bridal escort party that gradually neared from the distance.

Normally, when onlooking a bridal procession, the crowd would be incredibly clamorous. But at this moment, under that incomparably shocking pressure of the Burning Heaven Clan, no one had actually dared to shout loudly. When the parade walked past their front, that kind of unparalleled feeling of pressure almost made their heart jump out. Even ones who were proud of their strength, and had enough guts, also only dared to secretly whisper.

“The legendary Profound Floating Technique… And it’s even eight of them! Don’t tell me that these eight, are all of the Sky Profound Realm?”

“Of course that’s the case. Of the two leading, the one on the left is Feng Duancang, the younger brother of the same womb with Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master Feng Duanhun; it is rumored that his profound strength has already reached the eighth level of the Sky Profound Realm! The one on the right is the Burning Heaven Clan’s thirteenth elder, his profound strength is at the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm! Even in the Burning Heaven Clan, they are beings of extremely high administrative level. I’d have never thought the Burning Heaven Young Clan Master’s procession, would have them as company!”

“Fen Juecheng is the future Burning Heaven Clan Clan Master, you know. Having this kind of line-up, isn’t exaggerated at all.”

“Sky Profound Realm of the legends, I have only seen one in my entire life… which is the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Palace Chief Qin. Eight of them have actually popped out at once today! My heavens… as expected of the Burning Heaven Clan!”

“Fen Juecheng courting the Blue Moon Princess, I had already heard about it many years ago. But wasn’t Blue Moon Princess won over by Yun Che later…”

“Too bad Yun Che has fallen, otherwise… otherwise, Yun Che still wouldn’t be able to outcompete Fen Juecheng. No matter how amazing Yun Che is, he is only a single person without any supporting forces behind his back. Behind Fen Juecheng, is the enormous Burning Heaven Clan, you know.”

“You can’t be so sure! Even though Fen Juecheng is a dragon amongst men, but what kind of being is Yun Che? He’s a dragon amongst dragons, the legend of our Blue Wind! Fen Juecheng’s daddy Fen Duanhun had also sought after Chu Yuechan before, yet he couldn’t even see her face; but didn’t Yun Che win her over anyway! If Yun Che had not died and Fen Juechen wanted to out-compete him, the only method would be to assassinate him using the Burning Heaven Clan’s powers. But Yun Che has Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace behind him! Both of his women are of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. One of them is the head of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, and the other is the future Palace Mistress. If Burning Heaven Clan wanted to act, even if they had one hundred thousand percent confidence to succeed, they would still need to weigh the consequences. Even if Fen Juecheng dared to, Fen Duanhun may not even have that kind of courage.”

Amidst the crowd’s onlooking and whispering, the Burning Heaven Clan’s bridal escort party came closer and closer. The moment it was seven o'clock in the morning, they accurately stepped before Blue Wind Imperial Palace’s palace gates. After going through simple conversations, the bridal escort party continued forward as gongs and drums sounded and eight lions danced, straight toward the Moon Embracing Palace that Princess Cang Yue resided in.

In the Emperor’s Chambers.

“Reporting to your majesty, Burning Heaven Clan’s bridal escort party has already entered the palace gates, and will arrive at the Moon Embracing Palace in half a quarter of an hour.” Cang Wanhe’s personal eunuch reported to him in a respectful manner.

The complexion of the current Cang Wanhe was bad to the point that almost a trace of human color couldn’t be seen. His eyes were embedded deep into their sockets, his hair was half white, and wrinkles filled his face. If Yun Che saw him right now, he definitely wouldn’t have recognized him as the Cang Wanghe he had met two years ago. In two years of time, it was as if he had grown a few tens of years older. Even his every breath were difficult, like a soon to be dead elderly man that could stop breathing entirely at any given moment.

The flames of his life, had already reached the brink of immediate extinguishment.

Cang Wanhe stayed up all night. Hearing the eunuch's voice, he opened his eyes with difficulty and said with a hoarse voice: “Support us up, prepare the imperial chariot. We will personally visit… the Moon Embracing Palace… Cough cough… Cough cough cough cough….”

Just after speaking a few sentences, Cang Wanhe was already coughing horrendously, and his complexion became even more frightening as well.

“This... “ The eunuch hastily started patting Cang Wanhe’s back. A pained expression on his face: “Your Majesty, the day is still early right now, and the wind is still chilly. Your honored body really can not handle the toss and turns. Her Highness had also especially instructed, that after the Burning Heaven’s bridal escort party arrives, she will directly go with the palanquin, and would not go through some complicated ceremonies; Your Majesty also does not need to be there at all.”

“No… We, must go.” Cang Wanhe shook his head, slightly struggled, and assumed a posture of getting off the bed: “To escape from Fen Juecheng back then, Yue’er had even gone far away from the Imperial City at all costs, so how could she… willingly be wed to him… Yue’er had always been obedient, and only for this matter, had she always refused to tell us the reason… We have a feeling… if We do not go this morning, maybe… We won’t ever see her again… Quickly… carry Us over.”


A long sigh came from above. Right after, a middle-aged man in a grey robe with refined features who emitted the air of a scholar from his entire being descended: “Since Your Majesty has already decided, then let this old subject accompany Your Majesty forward.”

“Palace Chief Dongfang!” Seeing this refined young man who had suddenly appeared, the eunuch hastily took two steps back, but did not reveal any surprise and said with respect: “With Palace Chief Dongfang accompanying personally, His Majesty will definitely be fine… This old servant will go prepare the imperial chariot right now.”


The Moon Embracing Palace was fully lit with lamps; flower lamps and red carpet filled one’s eyes. Even within the pond, there lied red colored ribbons everywhere. These were all prepared by the Third Prince Cang Shuo’s personally appointed people. He awaited Fen Juecheng’s marriage with Cang Yue, and looked forward to this day for many years; he naturally dedicated his all regarding this matter.

For Burning Heaven Clan’s bridal procession this time, Cang Shuo had more so started waiting a long time ago in front of Moon Embracing Palace. The moment he saw Burning Heaven Clan’s group arrive, he immediately scuttled over to greet them. After greeting Fen Juecheng, he personally started leading at front of the party.

Fen Juecheng was completely attired in red. A red flower was on his chest, with flames embedded in the robe’s shoulder and a scarlet red flame feather crown on his head; He could be said to be extremely handsome with an extraordinary atmosphere, and even triumphed far over the Cang Shuo who was the prince, making the hearts of those palace maids speed up just from looking.

Burning Heaven Clan’s bridal procession parted in front of the Moon Embracing Palace, and all of the guests that the Moon Embracing Palace invited were also present. However, the guests were very few in terms of numbers. With a glance, other than a few dozen palace maids and over a dozen of eunuchs, there were only a few people of the Blue Wind Profound Palace… Qin Wushang and Qin Wuyou were both in there. And another, had come from the Black Moon Merchant Guild, a elderly person surnamed Mu who was in charge of medicinal material trade.

Under Cang Yue’s instructions, Moon Embracing Palace did not prepare any complex greeting ceremony. The Burning Heaven Clan’s group had already arrived, so then the preparation was over. Next, was to wait for Princess Cang Yue’s appearance.

“His Majesty arrives!”

Accompanying a sharp and long shout, a golden dragon imperial chariot slow came under the surrounding protection of a few dozens golden attired bodyguards, and descended in the front of the Burning Heaven Clan’s group. Fen Juecheng immediately dismounted with a jump, came before the imperial chariot with a brisk pace, and said while bowing: “Juecheng greets father.”

“Hmph!” Cang Wanhe did not open the curtain, and made a faint sneer: “Today is only the bridal procession, you and Yue’er have not gone through the wedding ceremony. This word father, was called rather early.”

Fen Juecheng wasn’t angry in the slightest, and smiled with without any impatience: “Father’s scolding is correct. It is Juecheng who have acted rashly.”

Right at this time, the Moon Embracing Palace’s main entrance slowly opened. Princess Cang Yue wore a phoenix coronet and shawl with the aurora's color. Under the supporting hand of two palace maids, she slowly walked out. She, who was in a completely red attire, was as if the newly risen tender moon, and in a moment, stole all of the colors in this world while also attracting every stunned gaze.

“Hahahaha!” Seeing Cang Yue appear, Cang Shuo started to laugh first and laid his hands at Fen Juecheng: “Young Clan Master Fen, please.”

Fen Juecheng nodded. With a smile on his face, he walked toward Cang Yue with a handsome posture, stopped before her, and extended a hand in her direction.

Since it was a bridal escortment, then Fen Juecheng definitely needed to support Cang Yue by the arms into the carriage. Yet Cang Yue had no response, as if she didn’t see his extended hand at all, and asked coldly: “Where’s the Burning Soul Flower I wanted?”

Fen Juecheng made a slight smile, clapped his hands, and said: “Present the betrothal gift.”

Over thirty Burning Heaven Clan disciples came forward simultaneously. Every single one of them carried a huge chest in their hands. The chests were gracefully lined up, and then opened simultaneously. Instantly, the marvelous luster of jewelry and the medicinal scent of high-grade medicinal materials filled the entire Moon Embracing Palace’s airspace above. A large wave of exclamation resounded, and even personages at the level of Qin Wushang revealed odd colors in their eyes… This betrothal gift, could be said to be worth as much as a few cities! Even if it was to marry the princess of the Imperial Family, it appeared somewhat exaggerated.