Chapter 393 - Heaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (2)

Chapter 393 - Heaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (2)

Xia Qingyue arrived at the front of Frozen End Divine Hall’s stone door and spoke with a voice loud enough to pass through it: “Yun Che, is it convenient for me to go in?

After she finished speaking, she did not hear a reply from the inside for a long time. She slightly stood at attention for a while, yet did not hear any sounds of movement come from inside.

Was he no longer inside?

“Yun Che, are you in there?” Xia Qingyue voiced once again.

This time, she still did not get any response whatsoever.

Xia Qingyue extended a palm, and the light of the Frozen Cloud Art shined upon the stone door. A soft sound immediately echoed as the stone door slowly opened. Xia Qingyue took a step forward… merely one step forward. The instant she stepped into the Frozen End Divine Hall, she suddenly frozen in place, as her entire being was stunned on the spot.

Yun Che actually did not leave, within this time period of seven days, he had always been inside this Frozen End Divine Hall. The moment the stone door had opened, Xia Qingyue saw him in just one glance. At this moment, Yun Che was sitting upright on the ground with both eyes tightly closed. Both his hands were spread open with the hollow of his palm facing upwards. On top of his left hand was the cold flickering light of a Tree of Frozen End. On top of his right hand, was a silently swaying ball of scarlet colored flame.

What made Xia Qingyue dumbstruck were not these, but the air that had blasted out...

The right side of her body felt as if she had entered an icy purgatory, as for her left, it was as if she had entered hell’s sea of flames… The completely empty Frozen End Divine Hall had actually been clearly separated in two, into two completely separate worlds!

Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes quivered… How did that come about?

In the same dimension, scorching heat and severe cold would mutually cancel each other out, and lower the extent of heat and cold, just like flames and ice crystals that counteract each other. This was the most basic of common sense that even a child would completely understand with clarity. But what appeared before Xia Qingyue’s eyes was a scene that completely went against common sense! The right side’s ice cold and the left side’s scorching heat had unexpectedly, and completely showed no signs of counteraction, as though there was a transparent barrier that both sides could not cross over.

At this time, Yun Che, who had always been continuously quiet, suddenly moved. He brought together both his hands with incomparable slowness, as if each part of the movement consumed a large amount of energy. Following the movements of his arms, the Frozen End and Phoenix Flame also grew closer until they finally made contact in the same place.

The flame did not thaw Frozen End, nor did Frozen End stifle the flame. What Xia Qingyue saw next completely shattered her knowledge, a scene that completely capsized the most basic of common sense… Frozen End and Phoenix Flame, had unexpectedly slowly merged together. Frozen End did not become fire, nor did the flame become Frozen End. They did not repel each other, nor did they offset the other. Like two different colored liquids, they mutually pervaded the other and then completely blended together intimately.

Ice and fire… were merging together!?

At the same time, the Frozen End Divine Hall that was originally separated into an icy coldness and scorching heat was also blending… Since the two equally intense ice cold and scorching heat were mixing together, they ought to have reached a room temperature equilibrium after their canceling of each other, yet Xia Qingyue clearly felt the existence of an extreme cold and scorching heat together, franticly intertwining, distorting space itself. Her entire body felt incredibly uncomfortable in this environment that completely defied common sense, until she used as much as ninety percent of her protective profound energy defense to ease it.

And at this time, the Frozen End and Phoenix Flame within Yun Che’s hands had already fused together completely. The ice colored Frozen End and the scarlet colored Phoenix Flame both disappeared, overlapping together above Yun Che’s palms. What appeared was a bewitching ball of blue fire!

According to the levels of profound fire, the weakest was orange. After the orange flame was scarlet, after scarlet was blue, and after blue was purple. But the blue color flame in Yun Che’s hands was different than the bright blue of profound fire. Instead, it was a color Xia Qingyue could not be even more familiar with… ice blue!

Ice colored flame!

The ice blue flame flickered about above Yun Che’s hands, and the pulsing gradually became more and more acute. Both of Yun Che’s hands also continuously trembled violently, as if he was gradually losing control of the blue flame… In the end, Yun Che’s entire body ferociously lurched, his complexion paled as he wildly spat out a puff of bloody mist. The ice flame also fell from his hands, landing on the ground that was made of Heavenly Firm Stone.

Xia Qingyue’s breathing slowed. With a sway of her icy figure, she instantly moved to Yun Che’s front. Just as she was about to say something, her line of sight suddenly fell upon Yun Che… and her entire person was once more stunned.

A hole half a foot long and a foot deep appeared at the spot where that ball of ice flame landed on the ground. This hole seemed to look incredibly round and normal, and its interior was very smooth. Its light could reflect a person, and it was like an extremely exquisite piece of work that had been meticulously grinded into being!

But Xia Qingyue was completely sure that there was no such hole in this place. The walls and floor here were all made of Heavenly Firm Stone. Within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, even the strongest Grand Palace Mistress Feng Qianhui did not have the ability to break this Heavenly Firm Stone. The destructive power of Yun Che’s heavy sword was shocking, and it was even supported by an Emperor Profound heavy sword, but even ninety percent of his power could not leave behind the slightest of marks.

But now, such an shocking hole had appeared.

Could it… have been made by that ball of ice colored flame?

Within the hole, there were trace of ice, nor any trace of burn!

“Haha… haha… hahahaha…”

Sitting on the ground, while not paying any attention to the blood trail at the side of his mouth, Yun Che started to wantonly laugh: “Finally… succeeded… hahahaha…”

“What exactly… is that?” With a difficult to suppress shock, Xia Qingyue’s gaze shifted towards Yun Che’s face.

“This is a special kind of fire, and also a special kind of ice. This is power made from defying the natural law!” Yun Che reached out to wipe the blood trail at the corner of his mouth while continuously grinning: “Except that I have only glimpsed into the way only a moment ago, and can barely use it… yet still have to endure an enormous backlash. However… this has at least proven that such a thing like defying the elemental laws is not completely unachievable! Moreover, after achieving it, the power it would give rise to would be far more terrifying than what I had imagined.”

“You mean… the fusion of ice and fire? It truly could be done.” Xia Qingyue said in shock.

“I can, but others can’t.” Yun Che slanted his lips into a smirk. Even though he had met with a backlash, successfully fusing the ice flame caused him to be extremely excited. He stood up, looked at Xia Qingyue, and said: “This kind of thing can be considered my secret, don’t talk about this to others.”

Xia Qingyue: “...”

“How long have I been in here?”

“Seven days.”

“Seven days…” Yun Che lifted his hand to briefly touch his chin. Then, he suddenly thought of something, and quickly took out his sound transmission jade. As expected, there were several sound transmitted imprints left there by Cang Yue and Cang Wanhe.

“Only a month remains until the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. If going by a quick pace, traveling from here to Divine Phoenix City would take more than ten days. You should also start preparing now.” Xia Qingyue noted. Even though she was incredibly shocked at heart, she did not mention the ice flame a second time.

“Mn, got it.” Yun Che nodded: “Wait, you said that I should start preparing now… you mean, are you saying that you’re not coming with me?”

“Mistress is not permitting me to participate in this session’s Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.”


Xia Qingyue faintly sighed and did not directly answer: “Follow me to see Palace Mistress.”

After following Xia Qingyue to see Gong Yuxian, before Gong Yuxian opened her mouth, Yun Che had already went straight to the point and asked: “Mistress, why aren’t you allowing Xia Qingyue to come with me to this session’s Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament? The requirements to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament are those above eighteen and those below twenty five. Within our Blue Wind Nation, the person most qualified to represent Blue Wind is Qingyue.”

Gong Yuxian had already known that he would ask this question. She spoke slowly with a calm expression: “This was not my intention, rather, this was Grand Palace Mistress’ intention.”

“Grand Palace Mistress? What’s the reason behind it?” Yun Che continued to ask.

Gong Yuxian looked deep into his eyes and answered: “Yun Che, I know that you have always been wondering about the true reason why Grand Palace Mistress did not hesitate to break sectoral rules in order to allow you to join Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. I can now tell you why… Actually, Grand Palace Mistress didn’t really lie that day. The only reason why she wanted you to join Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was because of your future potential and current strength. Only, behind that reason is another extremely important reason, which is our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Thousand Year Calamity.”

“Thousand Year Calamity?” Yun Che said in surprise.

“The Thousand Year Calamity is a prophecy left behind by our Frozen Cloud Ancestor, which prophesied that after a thousand years, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would suffer through an enormous calamity. And now, is exactly a thousand years after that year. Grand Palace Mistress has also been gradually sensing the arrival of the great calamity. In order to somewhat increase our resistance towards the possibility of this calamity, Grand Palace Mistress had chosen to let you join Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace in order to draw support from your strength… Besides, due to your relationship with Qingyue and Yuechan, you probably would not refuse.”

Gong Yuxian’s words caused Yun Che to be slightly baffled. After a moment of silence, he suddenly spoke: “Then the reason why Grand Palace Mistress is not allowing Qingyue to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, could it be…”

“Due to you possessing the Pheonix bloodline, you cannot break away from the grievance between you and the Divine Phoenix Sect. Four months ago, you also severely injured and humiliated a Divine Phoenix Prince, deepening that grievance one step further. Thus, this trip to Divine Phoenix City would inevitably be filled with danger, so much that it is possible for you to fall there, yet you still insist on going. If Qingyue goes with you, and if by chance you encounter a calamity, Qingyue would undoubtedly not ignore it since you two are husband and wife, thus placing herself in danger. Qingyue is our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Young Palace Mistress, and also Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s future hope. Nothing must happen to her! So…”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded. Once he heard till here, he had already understood the reason why Feng Qianhui did not allow Xia Qingyue to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament… even though Xia Qingyue was bound to shine in the ranking tournament with her current cultivation, and would let Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace gain fame within the Seven Nations. If she went, it was extremely probable for her to be involved within the enmity between him and the Divine Phoenix Sect. As for how large of a risk and danger it was to head for the Divine Phoenix Nation, he himself was very clear about that… If the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace were to completely collapse because of the calamity, as long as there was a Xia Qingyue, then there would still be an unlimited hope. But if something were to happen to Xia Qingyue… Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would certainly not accept that.

“Palace Mistress’ order must not be disobeyed. You must be careful in Divine Phoenix City.” Xia Qingyue said softly.

“Don’t worry, if it was that easy for something to happen to me, I wouldn’t have lived up to now.” Yun Che said with arrogance. He made a simple disciple salute at Gong Yuxian and said: “Mistress, since this is the case, disciple wants to leave Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace today, temporarily return to the Imperial City for a while, and then directly head for the Divine Phoenix Empire.”

“You want to arrive there earlier to scout for any movements from the Divine Phoenix Sect?” Gong Yuxian then nodded: “That’s also good, taking the initiative for a bit is still better than being passive. When you arrive in Divine Phoenix City, you must take care, nothing is more important than surviving. Don’t forget, if a great calamity truly comes to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, we’re still relying on your power.

“Yes, this disciple won’t forget about this disciple’s identity as a disciple from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. This disciple will definitely return alive to repay the sect’s kindness and these few months of favor this disciple received from Frozen Asgard.” Yun Che said solemnly.