Chapter 392 - Heaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (1)

Chapter 392 - Heaven Defying Fusion, Ice Flame (1)

Frozen End was an Ice Attribute Profound Art, while Phoenix Flames was a Fire Attribute Profound Art, and at the same time a bloodline supported profound art. Among profound practitioners who numbered as much as the stars, it wasn’t like there weren’t any people who cultivated in profound arts of two attributes, or even more attributes. But the prerequisite was that these two attributes must complement and engender one another, such as wind and fire, water and lightning. Even though doing so would split one’s concentration and was even a type of taboo in the way of the profound, if one was truly shockingly talented and could cultivate both of the two attribute profound arts to the limit, then they would undoubtedly possess an extremely great advantage over those of the same rank.

But to simultaneously cultivate profound arts of fire and water, whose suppression toward each other were the fiercest of all, it had at least, never happened before in the Profound Sky Continent!

Aside from idiots, there absolutely would never be anyone who would insanely walk on this path either.

There could be many types of profound arts, but there was only one profound vein. When two mutually repulsive attribute activate at the same time, they would unquestionably start to reject and counterbalance each other. Not only would there be no benefit at all, it would instead cause the power of both attributes to weaken by a great extent. If severe, then it would cause the profound energy to stir into great chaos, and even damage the profound veins… When Yun Che obtained the Frozen Cloud Arts from Chu Yuechan, Yun Che still didn’t have the water attribute Heretic God’s seed at that time, causing the ice attribute profound energy that suddenly scuttled into his body to conflict with the phoenix’s profound energy, which made the profound energy in his entire body chaotic, rendering him unconscious. It was fortunate that the Primordial Azure Dragon had used its own power to temporarily lock away his ice attribute profound energy.

After that, before he obtained the water attribute Heretic God’s seed, Yun Che had never used Frozen Cloud Arts either.

Cultivating profound arts of the two different water and fire attribute at the same time, to ordinary people, was a retarded act of exerting effort for an undesirable outcome, which would instead have the chance of injuring one’s profound veins. But for Yun Che who possessed the two water and fire Heretic God seeds, other than splitting time and energy, circumstances like the injuring of profound veins would no longer happen.

Seven days later, Yun Che’s fourth stage Frozen End Divine Arts finally reached perfection. If Frozen Cloud’s Ancestor Mu Bingyun was still alive, she would definitely be shocked to the extreme by such a speed. Because back then, it took an entire two years of time for her Frozen End’s fourth stage to reach perfection.

Yun Che raised up his left hand, and within the heart of his palm, a nifty and exquisite Tree of Frozen End quickly grew up. This Tree of Frozen End was small, yet its cold energy made the entire Frozen End Divine Hall bone-piercingly cold. The Tree of Frozen End he initially congealed was white in color, but now, all of the extended branches and leaves on it were crystal clear and flawless; the entire Tree of Frozen End was almost completely transparent.

As for the fifth stage, the realm of “Frozen End Illusory Aurora”, it would need at least the profound strength of the Sky Profound Realm to cultivate. Even though Yun Che could not cultivate it, the next few months of time would be enough for him to thoroughly comprehend all of Frozen End’s profound formula, and imprint it within his mind. When his profound strength was high enough, he could then timely cultivate and breakthrough, and did not need to always stay within this Frozen End Divine Hall.

Staring at the Tree of Frozen End in his palm that was reflecting cold streams of flowing light, Yun Che went silent for a long time, then slowly extended his right hand. Above his palm, scarlet colored phoenix flames burned up, releasing an scorching wave of heat. Instantly, the Frozen End Divine Hall’s coldness quickly faded away.

Yun Che divided his attention, simultaneously controlling the water and fire attribute Heretic God seeds. Under the two Heretic God seeds’ interference, Yun Che’s profound veins immediately divided into two entirely different worlds. Half fluctuating with the profound energy of fire, and half fluctuating with the profound energy of water.

Yun Che’s body, also became half ice cold and half scorchingly hot. If not for the existence of those two Heretic God’s seeds, Yun Che maintaining a state of simultaneously conjuring ice and fire for such a long time would definitely drive his profound energy into chaos, as his profound veins and body would also extremely likely be injured, and perhaps he would even go into a state of psychosis.

Yun Che maintained this state for a long time with his expression fixed, it was unknown what he was thinking. Jasmine, who had slept on her princess bed for an entire day, opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was this kind of manner from Yun Che’s. She raised her brows, and said: “What’s the meaning of doing this? The power of profound energy is fixed, channeling two kinds of profound energy simultaneously like this, will inevitably cause the power to scatter. Even the two added together will at most be equal to the power of a singular profound energy, and will also be accompanied by the exhaustion of mental strength. On top of that that, ice and fire repress each other. When fighting against enemies, ones who are afraid of fire normally wouldn’t be afraid of ice, and ones who dread ice would generally not dread fire. If you want to use half ice and half fire when fighting… other than exhausting yourself faster for nothing, there is no meaning to it at all!

After Jasmine finished speaking, Yun Che actually didn’t reply for a very long time. Even though his eyes were open, his gaze was completely unfocused, and his complexion more so never changed from beginning to end… His entire person was as if mummified.

“...” Only now did Jasmine notice that Yun Che seemed to have entered some sort of mysterious state of comprehension, and she no longer spoke… And it was just at this time that she suddenly felt a peculiar throbbing from the depths of Yun Che’s profound veins. She whimsically scanned with her spiritual energy, then shockingly discovered that the two worlds of ice and fire in his profound veins were currently trembling and warping; they slowly neared each other, then attempted to fuse together...

The Tree of Frozen End on Yun Che’s hand started to tremble, as the phoenix flames also started to severely sway.

Jasmine stared blankly for a moment, then realized what Yun Che wanted to do right away. Her brows knitted, as she chided with a loud voice: “Yun Che, what are you doing!! Stop right now!!”

Just as Jasmine’s voice fell, Yun Che’s body violently shuddered as his face instantly became ghastly pale. The Frozen End and Phoenix Flames on both hands instantly disappeared together, as an arrow of blood sprayed out from his mouth. His entire person also knelt down onto the floor at once. Taking in huge gasps of breath, his ghastly pale face did not have a tint of blood on them for a very long time.

“Are you insane!” Jasmine said with a stern voice: “You are actually trying to integrate Frozen End and Phoenix Flames together through Heretic God Seeds’ power? These completely conflicting energy can only reject and cancel each other out, and will never have the possibility to fuse together! Suppressing one another, complementing one another, engendering one another… these are the most basic natural laws of primordial chaos. Doing this, is simply trying to defy the natural laws, defying the way of heavens! How could that possibly succeed.”

The meridians in Yun Che’s entire body spasmed, his profound energy frantically scattered in every direction. Only by using several tens of breaths of time, did he finally manage to barely repress his completely rioting profound energy. He took a heavy gasp for air, but didn’t admit his fault with guilt because of Jasmine’s lecture. Instead, he raised his head and spoke with a low voice: “If, I only had lived one life, then I will completely believe these words, so much that I simply won’t think about such an absurd thing of fusing two types of power together. Yet now, I am beginning to believe more and more, that there simply isn’t anything that’s impossible in this world!”

“Dead, yet can be reborn; time, can be transversed against its flow; cause and effect can be tampered with, and even reincarnation can be crossed over… In this world, what else is there that’s impossible? Life and death, time, cause and effect, reincarnation… Which one of these aren’t the most basic of the heaven’s way, the most basic of natural laws? But, they had all been turned back! Moreover, it clearly and evidently happened on my body. In that case, the natural law of ice and fire, why can it not be defied?”

“...The Seven Great Heavenly Profound Treasures possess heaven defying powers in the first place. They are also the only things in this world that can go against the way of the heavens. As for the ancient True Gods, some also can reverse the heaven’s way and laws to a certain extent. But True Gods no longer exist, and you, are only a mortal of a lower plane world. You always had a heart loftier than the heavens, but wanting to defy the way of heaven with your current strength, is only wishful thinking!” Jasmine said indifferently.

“It’s not as grave as you say it is.” Yun Che sat down on his bottom and wiped the trace of blood on the corner of his lips: “This phrase of defying the heaven’s way, is really too frightening, and I wouldn’t have thought to do something of such a level. The thought and impulse of fusing Frozen End and Phoenix Flames together, did not originate from me, but my profound veins.”

“Profound veins?”

“Right!” Yun Che nodded, and raised both of his hands: “When I simultaneously congealed Frozen End and ignited the Phoenix Flames, an impulse of fusing their energies together suddenly emerged in my head. However, I am very sure that this suddenly appearing impulse didn’t come from my consciousness, but instead came from some sort of special consciousness in the profound veins… At first, when I received the fire attribute Heretic God Seed, the profound vein’s color turned red; when I received the water attribute Heretic God’s seed, these seeds of two attributes actually didn’t mutually repulse, and instead blended together, turning the profound vein into an alternating red and blue color, and wasn’t an clearly distinct existence. As such, I suddenly thought just now, perhaps that the Heretic God back then could already fuse the power of water and fire, and therefore left this kind of imprint within the profound veins. And only as a result of that, did this unfathomable throbbing occur when I simultaneously congealed Frozen End and ignited Phoenix Flames… Or to say, it was a hint!”

“I believe that is precisely the case! The Heretic God uses ‘Evil’ for a name, and Evil mutually conflicts with Just. So since he is called the Heretic God, then his style of conduct naturally wasn’t willing to follow the heaven’s way, and would be a law unto himself! He possess the most extreme of elemental power, and the Heretic God Seeds are exactly the proof. Then the fusion of water and fire, definitely isn’t an impossible happening on him. Now, I have inherited the Heretic God’s profound veins, and also have the Heretic God Seeds he left behind… Whatever he could do, perhaps, I may also achieve!”

“But don’t you worry, I am also just slightly attempting. To be honest, I also feel like the possibility of success is next to nothing. But if I don’t try it a little, I won’t feel too reconciled either. After all, these are the Heretic God’s profound veins and the Heretic God’s seeds. If I am unable to succeed after trying, I’ll naturally stop.”

“...Forget it, do whatever you want! It’s not like you haven’t done things even more impervious to reason anyway!” Jasmine said in a bad mood, then no longer minded him.


The time within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace passed by very fast. In the blink of an eye, three months had already passed.

Yun Che spent most of his time within the Frozen End Divine Hall, but would also frequently walk around inside Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and very quickly familiarized with every grass and bush in here, and even more or less memorized every single chunk of decently sized jade’s shape.

As a rare species throughout the thousand years of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, wherever Yun Che walked to, he naturally roused the Frozen Cloud disciples’ attention. The gazes all had thirty percent curiosity, thirty percent probing, and forty percent caution. In here, he was completely the same as the only male in a country of girls; that feeling couldn’t be anymore thrilling. At the same time, Gong Yuxian had always granted anything that Yun Che requested, the treatment seemingly wasn’t inferior to Xia Qingyue; he was given complete freedom, and was never restricted in any way.

And now, it was only less than a month from the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.

“It will be the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament in just one month. This journey to Divine Phoenix Empire is far, and it is indeed time to begin preparing. Four hours earlier, Emperor Cang Wanhe had sound transmitted over fifty thousand kilometers, telling me to remember to remind Yun Che about it.”

Gong Yuxian turned around and looked at Xia Qingyue: “If there was no grievance with Divine Phoenix Empire, this journey, would only be a simple Ranking Tournament. Yet this… to Yun Che, is an unpredictable calamity, making one cannot help but worry. Qingyue, where is Yun Che right now? I seem to have not have seen him in quite some time.”

“Mistress, he has not come out of the Frozen End Divine Hall for seven days already. Disciple is afraid that he may be within a state of comprehension, and had not dared to disturb him.” Xia Qingyue answered.

“Seven days? Gong Yuxian’s face revealed surprise: “Did he usually stay inside for such a long time before?”

“Before, he at most only stayed for an entire two days. This is actually the first time he has not yet come out in seven days.”

Gong Yuxian lowered her head while muttering, then said: “Go take a look at him. It would be best to let him come see me right away.”