Chapter 367 - Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament

Chapter 367 - Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament

Cang Wanhe took a step forward, his face still filled with a dense incredibility. Even though this young man’s bearing was so out of the ordinary that it even made him, an emperor palpitate, he still did not dare to believe that a dignified Divine Phoenix Prince would personally come to his Blue Wind Empire. He asked hesitantly: “Are you really… a prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire?”

Fenf Xichen laughed indifferently: “I have the Divine Phoenix Jade as proof.”

As he spoke, Feng Xichen stretched out his right hand and a blood red crimson piece of jade shaped like a phoenix appeared in his palm. Once this blood colored jade appeared, an extremely thick fire type element crazily dispersed outwards like raging inferno that soared to the skies had ignited within the main hall, making the complexions of the somewhat lower level profound cultivators in the hall instantly turn red, their entire bodies almost roasting.

Now, Cang Wanhe no longer had any doubts whatsoever, but at the same time, shock had rapidly rose in his heart. He took another step forward. Even though he made an extremel effort to maintain his majestic emperor presence, there was a clear, visible tenseness in his expression. He laughed mildly: “Never did we expect that it is a noble guest from the Divine Phoenix Empire gracing our home, this is truly a nice unexpected surprise for us.”

Feng Xichen put away the Divine Phoenix Jade, flicked open the jade fan, and said casually: “The Blue Wind Emperor speaks too heavily, I do not deserve to be a noble guest, in fact, I came here today without being invited. I wish the Blue Wind Emperor won’t take offense.”

“Hahahaha, Thirteenth Prince, whatever are you saying? The Divine Phoenix capital is several thousands of kilometers away from our Blue Wind Imperial City. For Thirteenth Prince to travel over land and sea this far, it could be said that my Blue Wind Imperial Family has been honorably graced with your presence. We can’t even wait to happily welcome you, so how can we even accuse you of anything… Men, quickly arrange seats of honor for our noble guests from the Divine Phoenix Empire.”

“No need.” Feng Xichen actually waved his hand and chuckled: “This humble one also specifically came to your noble nation because of an important matter that just happened to coincide with the major event of Blue Wind Emperor marrying off his daughter. This humble one absolutely does not dare to delay too long… I wonder if the Blue Wind Emperor can guess at why this humble one has come over?”

Actually asking a nation’s ruler to guess at the purpose for his own arrival so casually was undoubtedly disrespectful. His behavior was arrogant to the extreme, but practically no one at the scene thought that his actions were improper… because he was a prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire… it was hardly exaggerated to say that his influence in the Profound Sky Continent surpassed the Blue Wind Emperor’s by several fold! Forget about him being considered quite courteous to Cang Wanhe, even if he came here with a condescending attitude and a mouthful of vulgar language, Cang Wanhe still would not dare to clash with him. Those at the scene would also not dare to offend him or feel resentful.

Cang Wanhe thought for a bit, and asked: “Perhaps… the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament?”

“Hahahaha!” Feng Xichen laughed heartily: “It has not even reached half a year before the opening of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament that happens once every twenty five years, yet the other five nations have already started asking my Divine Phoenix Sect about such matters as early as three years in advance multiple times in order to prepare for it. Only your noble nation is still quiet and tranquil, and I had originally thought that your noble nation had already forgotten about this matter.

After Feng Xichen entered the main hall and revealed his identity, even though his words were spoken with an arrogant air, they way he phrased his words still carried a bit of respect. But when these words came out, as long as one were not an idiot, they would all clearly hear the contempt he had for Blue Wind Empire. Some of the profound practitioning world were inwardly angry, but most felt truly helpless and humiliated… because within the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Blue Wind Empire only received humiliation at every time, and was always ruthlessly trampled, mocked, and disgraced by the other six nations.

The other nations participating in the ranking tournament was for the purpose of revealing their strength, letting the other nations experience their might.

But it was as if the Blue Wind Empire participated in the ranking tournament so that it could get stomped on. In all of those thousand years, Blue Wind Empire selected their strongest practitioners to participate in each session of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. However, no matter which nation they went up against, each participant would suffer a crushing defeat. In every ranking tournament, they would be a joke like existence and what they had to suffer year after year, was defeat and humiliation.

Feng Xichen’s words and huge laughter was unrestrainedly divulging his contempt and mockery towards Blue Wind’s profound practitioning world.

Cang Wanhe’s complexion changed slightly, then resumed its original calmness as he laughed indifferently and said: “We naturally would not forget this grand event that only happens once every twenty five years within the Profound Sky. It is only that we had been bedridden these past few years. As a result, we did not have the mental energy to think about those matters. Has Thirteenth Prince come here to deliver the invitation letter for the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament?”

“Right.” Feng Xichen nodded. Then, a golden stamped invitation card with a scarlet phoenix imprint appeared between his fingers: “Five months later, the thirty ninth Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament shall take place within my Divine Phoenix Empire. Since it is the ‘Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’, then the seventh nation, Blue Wind, should come as well. At the scheduled time, my Divine Phoenix Sect will be awaiting all of Profound Sky’s experts in Phoenix City. The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is hosted for the purpose of comparing strength and displaying national might within detailed established rules. I believe the Blue Wind Emperor already knows about them, so this humble one will not say anymore unnecessary words. However, this ranking tournament session is different from the previous ones… I wonder the Blue Wind Emperor has heard of the ‘Primordial Profound Ark’ before?”

“Primordial Profound Ark?” Cang Wanhe stared blankly for a bit. Then, a shocked expression appeared on his face as he lost his voice: “Perhaps… the Primordial Profound Ark has already reappeared within the Divine Phoenix Empire?”

When the three words “Primordial Profound Ark” came out, a majority of the main hall’s audience was puzzled. Yun Che also revealed a questioning face but as for Ling Jie, Chu Yueli, and those like Xiao Juetian, their expressions changed greatly.

“Could it be that the Primordial Profound Ark has appeared again?” Ling Jie muttered.

Ling Yun’s brows tightened as he said in a low voice: “In the past history, the Primordial Profound Ark appears once every three hundred years. Based on the time period written down, from the the time of its previous appearance, it indeed has already been about three hundred years… Looks like a disturbance shall come to the Profound Sky Continent once again… Only, this has absolutely no relation to our Blue Wind. In all these years, Blue Wind’s practitioners never had the opportunity to approach the Primordial Profound Ark.”

“Right!” Feng Xichen nodded: “Half a month ago, the Primordial Profound Ark has reappeared above my Phoenix City. According to the written accounts of the Primordial Profound Ark, half a year after the Primordial Profound Ark’s appearance, the ark’s doorway will voluntarily open. After careful computation, that time just happens to fall on the conclusion of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. It is rumored that the Primordial Profound Ark contains heaven shocking treasures and world shocking secrets. But not only is the opening of the Primordial Profound Ark’s doorway brief, the number of people that could enter is extremely limited, and only strong practitioners would have the qualifications to explore the Primordial Profound Ark. At that time, nations that obtain the top three placings within the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament shall receive the right to collaboratively explore the Primordial Profound Ark. I believe that the Blue Wind Emperor, as well as this noble nation has quite a number of experts who definitely possess an extreme amount of interest towards this Primordial Profound Ark.”

The mysteriousness of the legendary Primordial Profound Ark was matchless. As long as one heard of this legend, they would undoubtedly yearn for it greatly, but Cang Wanhe knew about Blue Wind Empire’s strength, so he naturally did not dare have any extravagant expectations. Since he did not have any extravagant expectations, he naturally would not be excited to the point where he’d forget himself. He nodded his head slightly: “We see. This truly is news that would extremely excite all experts of the world. With Thirteenth Prince’s honored identity, we didn’t expect that Thirteenth Prince would personally come here to deliver the invitation letter for the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. In regards to such matters, your noble nation is indeed making too much a fuss over this, and had even made us somewhat anxious, hahahaha. Wanghai, why haven’t you gone over there to receive the invitation card?”

This was originally Yun Che and Princess Cang Yue’s wedding ceremony, the Yun Che whose name shook the Blue Wind. Which meant that he was naturally the protagonist of this ceremony, but with Feng Xichen’s appearance, everyone’s attention had all centralized on his body and they had all nearly forgotten that this was Yun Che’s big wedding ceremony… because Feng Xichen’s status as a Divine Phoenix Prince was just too shocking, completely stifling Yun Che’s dazzling halo.

Feng Xichen handed over the invitation letter as the corner of his mouth curled with a hint of contempt and appeared to be smirking with amusement. A pair of slightly narrowed eyes shifted over to Yun Che: “The Blue Wind Emperor seems to have misunderstood. The ranking tournament is only half of the reason why this humble one personally came over this time. As for the other half… is exactly your noble nation’s newly promoted son-in-law… Yun Che.”

“On his body, lies a grave matter concerning my Divine Phoenix bloodline!!”