Chapter 366 - Divine Phoenix Prince

Chapter 366 - Divine Phoenix Prince

From the direction of the hall’s entrance, Xia Qingyue’s goddess like figure walked in with slow steps. Her appearance, was like the bright moon coming out from behind the clouds, instantly robbing the splendor of everything, making the originally clamorous hall quiet down at once. All of the gazes focused onto her, especially those young disciples; without exception, every one of them had their eyes stared fixedly as they held their breaths, and even their hearts had almost completely stopped beating. But right after, they finally recalled that her identity was shockingly Yun Che’s wife, then instantly dropped their head down one after another, no longer daring to take an extra look.

Yun Che quickly went up to greet her, and said: “Qingyue, you’re here… Two months ago, why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

Xia Qingyue spoke in a light voice, her tone as soft as silk: “Sir Yun had already woken up back then, with injuries not of great concern, while Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had coincidentally had important matters. Thus, I left without saying farewell, and I hope that you won’t take it badly. Today, Qingyue represents Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and congratulates Sir Yun’s joyous wedding.”

Yun Che naturally wouldn’t believe Xia Qingyue’s words. He took half a step closer, lowered his voice and said: “Could it be on that day, you… heard that I was going to marry Senior Sister from the outside and you got jealous?”

“Cough…” Chu Yueli walked up, stood beside Xia Qingyue and spoke in a chilly tone: “Sir Yun’s strength could already match middle ranked Emperor Profound Realm at the age of nineteen, your future prospects will definitely be unlimited. We master and disciple especially came to congratulate the joyous occasion of the marriage… Xia Qingyue, let’s enter the seats.”

As she finished speaking, Chu Yueli no longer bothered with Yun Che and then left while dragging Xia Qingyue. The expression in her eyes toward Yun Che, more or less had a little bit of ill will.

As for the reason, it was also very simple. Her sister was currently not anywhere to be found, yet he was having a grand wedding. Her disciple Xia Qingyue was his main wife; she hadn’t really want to recognize this layer of relationship before, but the present could not be compared to the past, and now Yun Che also was about to marry Cang Yue. As Xia Qingyue’s master, the inside of her heart was more or less in a bit of a bad mood… And the odd emotions that Xia Qingyue occasionally revealed, though not too evident, was enough for her to sense them.

Yun Che walked to the hall’s front, and instantly, a large number of people hastily approached in greeting.

“Brother Yun, for royal sister to be able to become your wife, this elder brother here is sincerely happy. From now on, we are of the same family, Brother Yun… Oh no, Brother-in-law’s troubles from now on, will also be mine. If there’s anything your brother here is able to help in, you’ve got to speak without hesitation.”

Crown Prince Cang Lin spoke as he came forward with a quick pace. Even though he behaved generously, open-handedly and excited enough, Yun Che saw the perturbation, dread, as well as the fear he tried hard to cover up in the depth of his eyes with a single glance.

“Royal sister and Brother-in-law are a pair designated by heaven and earth. For royal sister to have such an abode to return to, I, as the elder brother, am truly extremely joyous and ecstatic. Even to drink oneself drunk for three days wouldn’t be too much for such a great matter of joy, haha… hahahaha!” Third Prince Cang Shuo said while dryly laughing, only that he seemed to not be as “tactful” as Crown Prince Cang Lin. When he was speaking to Yun Che, the muscles on his face were clearly cramping non-stop, conspicuously revealing the fear inside his heart.

The two of them were undoubtedly terrified of Yun Che to the extreme limit. They wouldn’t forget what they had done before. Now that Cang Wanhe’s illness had fully recovered miraculously and he took political power upon himself once again, Yun Che’s marriage with Cang Yue had thereupon also given Cang Wanhe a backing that could be considered the greatest in the region of Blue Wind. It caused their ambitions to completely shatter in a night’s time, as they no longer dared to make any odd movements, and more so had fell into a constant state of fear daily. Before, perhaps they wouldn’t even enter the Emperor’s bed chambers once a year, but now the two of them would definitely go pay respects morning and night every single day, and never had stopped since two months ago.

As they faced Yun Che and thought about his terrifying measure of annihilating the Burning Heaven Clan, they both trembled from head to toe from fright.

Yun Che made a faint smile, and didn’t reply. Ling Jie squeezed in at this time, and said with a broad grin: “Boss, congrats, congrats... Hehe, you and Princess Sis have finally gone official. Princess Sis was someone I wanted to take as wife back then you know, you definitely can’t bully her in the future, got it?”

“Haha,” Yun Che laughed candidly: “If I am to bully her, then I’ll just let you slash me a hundred times… How are your grandfather’s injuries?”

Hearing Ling Tianni being mentioned, Ling Jie wasn’t affected in the slightest, and said with a relaxed expression: “Even though Grandpa’s injuries are heavy, his life veins weren’t hurt, and the injuries he received were all ones that could be healed. As of now, his injuries had already recovered around sixty percent or so, this is owing to Boss showing mercy back then… In this period of time, Grandpa had sent people to gather all the information about you, and he basically already knows everything about you now. Right now, even though Grandpa still has resentment toward you for annihilating Burning Heaven Clan, he no longer has any intention of killing you anymore. I had once heard him say while sighing that he had nearly destroyed a peerless genius whose intrinsic disposition wasn’t bad because of him acting rashly.

“Hahahaha!” Yun Che let out a hearty laugh, and the ill feeling he had toward Ling Tianni also instantly vanished by a great deal. After all, Ling Tianni was definitely not some evil person. Ling Tianni wanted to kill him that day, was also for the reason of removing a great sprout of disaster for Blue Wind.

“Little Brother Yun, this Xiao here congratulates you for the joyous occasion. At the Ranking Tournament back then, Little Brother Yun had already greatly taken this Xiao aback. I didn’t think, that in not even two years of time, your strength could already be considered the number one in Blue Wind. Such an accomplishment can be said as shocking the common sense, surpassing the ancients, amazing the contemporaries, and even making one exclaim in astonishment.” Xiao Juetian personally went up, and said with a tone as moderate as he could possibly manage.

Yun Che glanced at him, and smiled faintly: “Sect Master Xiao flatters me. Yun Che is only of common birth, and Sect Master Xiao actually had personally granted the face to come on the wedding day. This junior is extremely honored. One day, Yun Che will definitely, personally… visit and express his gratitude.”

Once the Yun Che’s last sentence was spoken, Xiao Juetian’s heart fiercely thumped. The complexions of Xiao Boyun and Xiao Wuji behind him also changed. They couldn’t be sure whether Yun Che’s so called “personal visit’, was to visit and solve the enmity, or to visit and collect debts.

With his vicious and merciless measures added onto the old enmity three years ago, as well as the new enmity from helping Burning Heaven Clan in dealing with him… It was clearly most likely to be the latter.

As the Xiao Sect’s Master, Xiao Juetian’s back was actually fully drenched in sweat in an instant, but he definitely didn’t dare to reveal any abnormality as he forcefully held up a smiling face: “If Little Brother Yun really is willing to grant us face and visit, this Xiao will definitely bring the entire sect’s disciples to line up in welcome… Xiao Sect knows that a person of despicable conduct in my sect had grievances with Little Brother Yun before. Xiao Sect will definitely give Little Brother Yun a satisfactory answer at that time.”

If one were to say that Xiao Juetian was still somewhat hesitant after Burning Heaven Clan was annihilated, then after Yun Che had heavily wounded Ling Tianni, Xiao Juetian truly did not have the slightest intent to bloodily battle to the bitter end with Yun Che anymore. What he had in his entire mind, was how he could appease Yun Che’s fury… He would be willing to do anything, no matter how great of a price he had to pay… Because no matter how great the price was, it would be hundreds of thousands of times better than following after the steps of Burning Heaven Clan and getting totally annihilated.

“New Moon City’s Mayor Mu Rongbo has arrived!”

“Golden Bell Mountain’s Clan Head Jade Sword Taoist has arrived!”

“Divine Phoenix Empire’s Thirteenth Prince…”

The Master of Ceremonies’ throat seemed to have suddenly choked onto something, as his voice immediately stalled there. And the three words “Divine Phoenix Empire” he said, were like three exploding bombs that resounded beside the ears of everyone, making the clamoring main hall instantly become incomparably silent, as everyone’s gaze all concentrated toward the same place.

“Divine… Phoenix Empire’s Thirteenth Prince… Feng Xichen has arrived!”

What? Divine Phoenix Empire… Thirteenth Prince!?

Whether it was outside or inside of the hall, everyone’s gaze firmly focused onto the three that walked over from the hall’s entrance… Especially onto the person in the middle. He looked to be in the twenties, wearing a maroon colored qilin gown while holding a white jade folded fan in his hands. Under the crowd’s gaze, he wasn’t the slightest affected as he leisurely walked in the great hall with a faint smile on his face, as though he had entered a place without anyone present. Behind him, a blacked attired elderly man and a red clothed elderly man closely followed behind, matching at every step.

Cang Wanhe, who had always been sitting atop the high up seat instantly stood up. With an extremely shocked gaze, he looked at the young man who walked in bathed within everyone’s gazes. Yun Che’s brows also slightly sunk.

Someone of the Divine Phoenix Empire...

And it was even the prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire!?

Was it real or fake?

If it was real, why would a dignified Divine Phoenix Empire’s prince come to this place?

Following Fen Xichen’s arrival, the entire wedding hall’s atmosphere changed severely, because the three words “Divine Phoenix Empire” by themselves already had an enormous impact. But together with “Prince”, this power of impact would sharply surge by thousands of times, making everyone, including those sect’s heavyweights who were usually insufferably lofty feel shocked in their hearts that had turned cold.

The Divine Phoenix Empire was the empire with the greatest overall national power and size amongst the Profound Sky’s Seven Nations, its size was several tens of times of Blue Wind. The prosperity of its national power, as well as the mightiness of its profound practitioning world, all far surpassed Blue Wind Empire. Blue Wind Empire compared to Divine Phoenix Empire, would be like a village compared to an Imperial City.

Rumors say that the Four Major Sects’, whose strength were the most overbearing in Blue Wind Empire, could only be barely considered middle-ranked sects in the Divine Phoenix Empire.

And the most important point was...

In the Blue Wind Empire, even though the the position of prince was honorable, it also only applies to the commonfolk; in the profound practitioning world, the identity of prince simply couldn’t be considered much. Not only the Four Major Sects, even those mighty sects with enough power did not put the Imperial Family in their eyes at all, and the Imperial Family would even need to voluntarily curry favor with them.

But it was entirely different in the Divine Phoenix Empire!

Because Divine Phoenix Empire was the strongest, and also had the number one sect, excluding the Sacred Grounds, publically recognized by the Profound Sky Continent… and the Divine Phoenix Sect belonged to Divine Phoenix Imperial Family! By name, it was the nation guarding sect of Divine Phoenix Empire, but in actuality, the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family belonged to the Divine Phoenix Sect, and the Divine Phoenix Sect was precisely the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family. And every single Emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire, would be that generation’s Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect!

Blue Wind Imperial Family only controlled the highest political power of Blue Wind Empire.

But not only did the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family control the highest political power within the Divine Phoenix Empire, it also controled the Divine Phoenix Empire itself, which was the strongest national power of the Profound Sky Continent.

And thus, a prince of the Divine Phoenix Empire, and prince of the Blue Wind Empire, were two completely different concepts and levels!

If this person was really a prince of Divine Phoenix Empire, then even in the Divine Phoenix Empire, he would be an extraordinary being that could cover the sky with one hand in the truest meaning. His position, would only be second to the Divine Phoenix Emperor and the Crown Prince.

Such an extraordinary being, a being that shouldn’t appear in this plane, had actually arrived all of a sudden, and had unquestionably caused waves to surge within everyone’s heart.

Feng Xichen went straight forward, walked to the center of the hall, and gave Cang Wanhe a simple courtesy as he spoke with a faint smile: “This junior, Feng Xichen of the Divine Phoenix Sect, pays respect to the honored Blue Wind Emperor. Coming forward without notice this time, I hope that Blue Wind Emperor is magnanimous, and won’t be hard on me.”