Chapter 306 - There’s Seriously a Problem With All of Your Attitudes!

Chapter 306 - There’s Seriously a Problem With All of Your Attitudes!

Fen Duancang was smashed a total of hundred meters away by this single strike. Landing on the ground staggeringly, he barely managed to stabilize himself. Holding his chest with his hand, his face turned entirely pale. The profound energy in his body was even more so in a complete mess, and would not be able to calm down in a short period of time. He finally managed to catch his face, yet, instantly, his canthus tore to the utmost limit… Because Fen Juecheng, who was under his protection earlier, had his neck currently gripped by one of Yun Che’s hands. He was held up in the air, with neither of his feet touching the ground!

If it was sixteen months ago, Fen Juecheng could still barely compete against Yun Che. Even if he was unable to beat him, at the very least, he would not be taken down so easily.

But in this period of time, Yun Che had taken in an unimaginably huge amount of an Emperor Profound Dragon’s blood and an Emperor Profound Dragon’s meat, and he had even undergone hell-like training under Yun Canghai’s guidance. Currently, in Yun Che’s eyes, Fen Juecheng was basically as weak and small as an ant that crawled by the streets. Forget about matching up to him, Fen Juecheng did not even have the right to struggle. It was like catching a little chicken, in two to three moves, with his neck gripped by Yun Che, he was raised in the air.

“You… You…” Fen Juecheng’s pair of eyes were opened wide, his expression was in a pained state, and his eyes were filled with fear. His hands gripped tightly onto the arm Yun Che was using to lock onto his neck, yet, he was unable to use even a single bit of his strength.

“Fen Juecheng, what happened to your earlier bravado?” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, and looked at him with a cold smile. “Didn’t you even want to mercifully let me go and be free for a few more days? Hah… Why don’t you make a guess? Do you think I will mercifully allow you to live for a few more days, or… instantly have you die right here?”

When Yun Che finished speaking, he suddenly applied force into his grip. An incomparably pained voice spilled out of Fen Juecheng’s throat at that moment. His two eyeballs suddenly convexed as well, and his body was powerlessly spasming under the extreme pain.

Cang Yue covered her lips with both of her hands. Her breathing was erratic, and her beautiful eyes were fiercely quivering. Earlier, when Dongfang Xiu said that Yun Che’s goal might indeed be taking Fen Juecheng hostage, what she had felt was worry and shock, and had only prayed that he would be fine. The best outcome she could think of, was to have him leave safely, and she simply did not have the extravagant hope that he could succeed… Basically neither did all the people present, thought that he could succeed.

However, under everyone’s eyes, under the protection of two thousand Burning Heaven Clan disciples and eight great Sky Profound experts, with just the power of a single man, Yun Che was actually able to tear apart all of the defensive lines, and even miraculous push back Fen Duancang in the end. Now, he was holding Fen Juecheng’s life in his very hands!

The excitement, joy, fear, and pride in Cang Yue’s heart… was like a tumbling wave which could not be stopped. This Yun Che, who she had coincidentally encountered at New Moon Profound Palace, this man whom she had chosen with the latter half of her life, had once again, in front of her eyes, created a miracle that was originally unattainable for her.

Back then, when he heard that Yun Che had obtained the top position at the Ranking Tournament, Cang Wanhe was shocked to the point where he was seemingly unable to accept it. Today, he had personally witnessed everything that happened in front of him, and the shock in his heart had long surpassed how he felt back then by several dozens of times. Never would he have thought that this youth who had treated his illness back then, was actually strong to this extent. Seeing him defeat those whom he saw as ultimate experts one after another, and then snatch Fen Juecheng out of Burning Heaven Clan’s unmistakably terrifying formation, his heart trembled with an overwhelming shock. When he looked in the direction of his own daughter, Cang Yue, the shaking could not help but transform into happiness and gratitude… He had also heard what Yun Che had said to Cang Yue when they had embraced each other. The reason why Yun Che had dropped from the sky this time, was also because of her! It was enough to see that he possessed an extremely deep affection for Cang Yue.

If he was willing to protect her, then as a father, what else was there to worry about!

Perhaps, by relying on his strength, he might be able to ease the crisis that was currently endangering the imperial family… or there might even be a possibility of a reversal!

“He’s more than just the most outstanding disciple in the history of Blue Wind Profound Palace, I’m afraid he would even completely break the history of the entire Blue Wind Empire.” Dongfang Xiu sighed.

The color of the faces of all the people from the Burning Heaven Clan had already changed. A big reason why they mobilized such an exaggerated line-up for this marriage escort, was so as to awe the common people, and gain back the prestige they lost during the Ranking Tournament. However, such an exaggerated line-up, was actually completely pushed back by a single youth, and even had their young master of the Burning Heaven Clan in his control. This was undoubtedly, an incomparably sound slap to the faces of all the Burning Heaven Clan members, giving them an incomparably enormous humiliation.

“Young… Young Clan Master!”

“You actually dare to kidnap our Young Clan Master! Hurry and release him!”

The Burning Heaven Clan disciples swarmed forward, and had Yun Che tightly surrounded in the center. They roared and shouted loudly, yet, none of them dared to take a step forward. Because, what Yun Che was currently gripping onto, was Fen Juecheng’s neck. As long as he applied a little force, he would be able to take Fen Juecheng’s life.

“Yun Che, what are you planning on doing!! Do you want our Burning Heaven Clan to fight to the death with you!?” Fen Duancang suppressed his internal injuries and flew back, roaring with a trembling voice. The young master who was under his protection, was actually kidnapped away by a youth. This was a form of humiliation which he rather die than have.

“Heh heh.” Yun Che laughed coldly out of disdain. “You sound as though I’m not fighting to the death with your Burning Heaven Clan yet. You people have already determined that I was the one who killed Fen Juebi, your Young Clan Master has long planned on ways to kill me a year ago, and today, I killed more than two hundred disciples from your clan. Your Burning Heaven Clan and I had been enemies since a long time ago, and no matter if I kill your Young Clan Master or not, you people will still want to kill me. In that case, why wouldn’t I kill one and earn one!?”

“You!” Fen Duancang opened his eyes wide. His anger had shot through the roof, and he had almost puke out a mouthful of old blood. He turned his head forcefully, and looked towards Dongfang Xiu. “Dongfang Xiu! Yun Che is the disciple of your Blue Wind Profound Palace…”

Just as he spoke up, Dongfang Xiu instantly interrupted him. “Back then when I took action to stop this, you people justly told me that this was a matter between the Burning Heaven Clan and Yun Che, and did not have the slightest of relationship with me, nor the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Even if you’re old and senile, you shouldn’t have forgotten it so quickly, right? And…” When Dongfang Xiu said to this point, anger suddenly surfaced on his face, and he said with a low voice. “Your Burning Heaven Clan, at the very least, is one of the four most powerful sects of this Empire. Today is the day of marriage of our imperial family’s princess. We handed the princess to you people, yet you people allowed calamity to befall upon her, and do not feel shameful about it at all. Conversely, you people are actually questioning us… Could this be how your Burning Heaven Clan do things?”

Yun Che could not help but praise him silently in his heart… Tsk tsk, as expected of the legendary Blue Wind Profound Palace Chief, he looked very decent, and harmless to both man and animals. But when he spoke, his words was basically as sharp as knives!

“You!!” Fen Duancang’s entire body shook from anger, yet, he was unable to refute a single word.

“Little maggot!” Fen Moran roared out explosively, and killing intent emitted out from his entire body. “Hurry and release our Young Clan Master. If you dare to touch a single strand of his hair, our Burning Heaven Clan will definitely have you die a brutal death!”

“Oh, really? Heeh…” Yun Che squinted and looked at Fen Moran, as his face suddenly revealed a gruesome smile. “There’s seriously a problem with all of your attitudes. Your Young Clan Master is in my hands, yet, you people are actually not begging me with good words and proposals. Instead, you people are here threatening me. It seems like your Burning Heaven Clan has bossed around for a long time, and has forgotten the fundamental rules of being human. Since that’s the case, today, I, Yun Che, shall properly teach you people a lesson… What did you say earlier? If I dare to touch a single strand of his hair, you will have me die a brutal death?”

When Yun Che’s words fell, he suddenly swung his hand, and had Fen Juecheng ruthlessly fall onto the ground. Then, he stepped on his back, clawed at his hair with one of his hands, and strongly tugged.


Immediately after, Fen Juecheng screamed like a dying pig, and a huge lump of his hair, and even a layer of skin, were pulled out.


“Young… Young Clan Master!!”

Fen Juecheng’s scream was incomparably sharp, and the people of the Burning Heaven Clan let out even bigger heaven-shaking roars. Yet, Yun Che’s face was calm. He casually threw the big lump of hair in his hands, and said with a grin. “Now, not only did I touch a single strand of his hand, I had even touched many of his hair strands… Come, why don’t you give me a brutal death then!”

“Y… You maggot! Whelp! I… I’ll kill you!!” Fen Moran’s face turned blood-red. He was so furious, that it seemed as though his chest had exploded.

“Oh… You actually still dare to scold me, and even shout out that you will kill me?” Yun Che smiled indifferently. “It seems like, you have yet to learn to straighten your attitude and be a proper human!”

Yun Che suddenly raised his leg, and then, mercilessly stepped down...


Fen Duancang’s roar did not cause Yun Che to stop in the least, and he ruthlessly landed on Fen Juecheng’s left wrist. A clear and crisp shattering sound resounded in everyone’s ears, and an even sharper roar than earlier came from Fen Juecheng’s mouth, instantly causing everyone’s hair to stand.

Yun Che’s stepped on Fen Juecheng’s broken wrist, and even frequently grinded it a few times, as he leisurely said. “Come on, continue with your scoldings.”

“You… You… You…” Fen Moran’s entire body was trembling as he pointed at Yun Che. His face was grim, and his voice was as malicious as a devil. “Our Burning Heaven Clan, will definitely have you die an atrocious death!!”

“Very good! You’re really obedient!” Yun Che’s face revealed a slight smile. Then, he dragged Fen Juecheng’s arm, and twisted it abruptly to the back.


A sharp scream, as though it had came from hell, once again sunk into everyone’s ears. Fen Juecheng’s right arm, which was live and well, was instantly snapped, presenting an arm that was in an extremely twisted state as it drooped backwards. Yun Che clapped his hands, and said with a grin. “Continue with your scoldings, continue with your threats. Allow me to see just how long your Young Clan Master’s life can be sustained for.”


“Shut your mouth!!” Fen Duancang rose in the air, and with a slap, he pushed Fen Moran to the back, and even forced his words back into his throat. To the current Fen Duancang, no matter was it his lungs or brain, either of them was about to explode from anger. However, this wrath, he was unable to release them in the slightest… Yun Che who was in front of him, was clearly someone who was not open to coercion. What kind of status did Fen Juecheng have? In this entire empire, how many people would dare to offend him? Yet, he casually pulled off his hair, and destroyed his wrist and arm. Not only did he not hesitate, his actions were incomparably ruthless and merciless… If they had dared to continue with their coercions on Yun Che, it would only cause Fen Juecheng to suffer even more maltreatment.

And, Fen Duancang was unable to not believe that, even if Yun Che were to kill Fen Juecheng on-site, he would have the ability to escape from their encirclement… Because that was much easier than kidnapping a person who was under heavy protection!

The Burning Heaven Clan had never suffered such intimidation and humiliation. However, what Yun Che had in his hands, was the Young Clan Master of their Burning Heaven Clan! If Fen Juecheng were to die in Yun Che’s hands here, all of the people here who had came along with Fen Juecheng should not even think of getting off it easy. To the Burning Heaven Clan, it would be, even more so, a huge eternal humiliation that could never be washed off.

Fen Duancang took a deep breath, and said with the calmest voice he could muster. “Yun Che… Don’t be anxious! We can always talk things out… I believe, between you and our Young Clan Master, there isn’t really an actual life and death grudge. I believe you definitely aren’t willing to really kill him… I shall use my dignity as Fen Duancang as a guarantee, as long as you’re willing to release our Young Clan Master, I will guarantee that you will leave safely. If you have any other conditions, we will try to satisfy them to the best of our abilities as well.”

When he said these words, Fen Duancang’s intestines were twisting. He, as Burning Heaven Clan’s Fire Parting Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, would be looked up upon by thousands wherever he went. Yet, currently, he had no choice but to put down all of his dignity and reputation to plead softly towards a junior.