Chapter 305 - Unstoppable

Chapter 305 - Unstoppable

The flame lotus blossomed mercilessly, entrapping a large number of disciples within it. Although cultivating the Burning Heaven Arts improved their resistance towards flame abilities, in the face of the Phoenix flame, it would never be sufficient.

Below the enormous flame lotus, hundreds of disciples struggled mercilessly for a few breaths of time before being burnt to ashes. The Sky Profound Elder who attacked Yun Che was also engulfed within the flame lotus… When the scarlet flame petal approached, he laughed coolly. This was because a scarlet flame was basically considered the lowest grade of Profound Flame. Compared to the purple flame that the elder could ignite, he did not think much about it. However, he immediately let out a shriek that sounded like a pig being slaughtered. Following his shriek, his hair, beard and all the clothes that he was wearing had been burnt instantly. He also felt a scalding pain, and his whole body felt as though it has been imprinted by a branding iron. In his shriek, he activated all the profound strength within his entire body and frantically escaped. When he had finally escaped from the flame lotus, all the clothes on his body had already been burnt. He looked very disheveled and pathetic as half his beard and hair had been burnt. There were even numerous injuries all over his body.

Fen Moran who was chasing from behind was instantly startled as he approached the flame lotus and retreated hurriedly. Even after being forced several tens of yards away, his face was still full of shock.

The elegant yet dangerous fire lotus stunned everyone’s heart and soul. The scene in front of their eyes seemed like an unrealistic dream… The flame that came from Yun Che was frightening. It could actually overpower the Burning Heaven Clan’s disciples, who used their soul force as a boost for their profound energy! He burnt the practitioners of Blue Wind Empire’s strongest fire attribute profound art to such a pathetic state!

Fen Juecheng stared widely and his expression seem to stiffen. The Fen Duancang by his side said with surprise: “This is… the Phoenix Flame! The rumor that he could use the Phoenix Flame… is actually real!”

Yun Che’s Phoenix Flame had already been ‘revealed’ in the previous Ranking Tournament. Fen Duancang, being a Pavilion Master in the Burning Heaven Clan and having cultivated in fire attribute profound arts for all his life would definitely recognize the power of the strongest flame in Profound Sky Continent —— Phoenix Flame and its signature, 《World Ode of the Phoenix》.

The blossoming of the Star Scorching Demon Lotus further depressed the disciples of Burning Heaven Clan. When the flame lotus had finally disappeared, all the surrounding disciples looked in fear and not one of them dare to step forward. At that point, an angry outburst roared at Yun Che from behind him: “Junior, hand over your life!”

Yun Che’s flames had completely ignited the flames of anger within Fen Moran. He chased with full strength and clawed at Yun Che’s back. His purple flames ignited crazily and in his swiftness, he rushed in the shadows of the long purple flame which seemed like a purple python preying on Yun Che from afar.

Facing Fen Moran, Yun Che did not dare to be careless. However, he was neither afraid nor had any intentions to avoid the attack. He merely swung his Dragon Fault and an “Overlord’s Fury” swept forward… Facing someone head on, he had never been afraid before!

“AHH! Be careful!” Yun Che’s action caused Cang Yue to instantly become worried.

“Quickly avoid it!” Dongfang Xiu was shocked as well as he involuntarily shouted. Although, Fen Moran was also in the Sky Profound Realm, his profound strength was far superior compared to the previous elder. He was in the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm! In the entire Burning Heaven Clan, his strength was easily among the top ten! This strike of his was also executed under rage, and he nearly used up all his strength. No matter how strong Yun Che was, he wouldn’t be able to block the full strength attack from someone in the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm… Taking the attack head on was as if he was looking for a death wish.

Yun Che, however, turned a deaf ear to the advice. The strength of the heavy sword seemed like a volcano erupting as it clashed heavily onto Fen Moran’s flaming python.


The loud boom was as depressing as two clouds colliding in the sky. The scorching purple python which collided with the swing of the heavy sword instantly deformed before shattering into smithereens… The power of the heavy sword had also completely vanished after the collision, and both parties did not receive any form of damage.

Those people who thought that Yun Che would definitely lose the exchange and get severely injured were stunned at this result.

This was a strike that was from a pinnacle profound practitioner in the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm. However, Yun Che managed to completely receive the attack head on! This was something that was completely illogical from everyone’s knowledge. Even an ultimate expert like Dongfang Xiu had a face of disbelief… True Profound beating Spirit Profound, Spirit Profound beating Earth Profound, although beating an opponent an entire realm above was exceptionally difficult, it has been written in history books before. Therefore, even if it happened, it would not be too illogical. However, Yun Che was only in the Earth Profound Realm and he managed to withstand attacks from a strong opponent in the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm. This was completely unheard of in the history of Blue Wind Empire.

A strong hound could sometimes rival a ferocious wolf, but for a kitten to break even in a fight with a tiger, that was completely unheard of!

The person who was the most shocked was undoubtedly Fen Moran. How much strength he had used in his previous blow he knew clearly. At such a young age possessing such power, this was the first time in his life there was fear in him when facing a youth… Possessing such strength at such a young age while swearing to eliminate Burning Heaven Clan no matter what… This kid, definitely could not be left alive!

“Burning Heaven Blood Claw!”

Fen Moran started to become wary of Yun Che’s strength and in his heart, he knew he had to kill him. His strike now was undoubtedly one of the finishing moves within the clan… It was an absolute skill that only a Sky Profound Realm practitioner could comprehend. Instantly, blood waves roiled in front of him. Within the waves was a huge blood red claw that violently thrusted forward, grabbing towards Yun Che…..

The immense pressure that the Blood Claw produced was several times stronger than the one that purple python carried. It was obvious he wanted to end Yun Che in one move!

Yun Che frowned. His face grew serious in preparation to receive the blow but suddenly, he felt that behind him, several strong auras were rapidly approaching… The others in the Sky Profound Realm also recognized Yun Che’s strength and did not dare not look down on him anymore. They all rushed to attack Yun Che.

Yun Che rapidly lowered the Dragon Fault he was about to raise, and directly used his body to collide against Fen Moran’s blood claw.

Fen Moran stared blankly before starting to laugh hysterically: “Are you seeking death now that you know you have no chances of living? HAHAHAHAHA! To be able to die under my Burning Heaven Blood Claw, you certainly did not live in vain!”

Yun Che’s actions had caused the surrounding peoples’ hearts to stop yet again. Just as his body was less than an inch away from the blood claw, a translucent barrier instantly appeared surrounding his body.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”


The huge blood claw crashed violently onto the barrier created by the powers of the Heretic God and a large amount of blood waves were splattered in mid air. The huge power caused people several yards away to fall to the ground, making them incapable to stand up for quite some time. However, under the protection of Sealing Cloud Locking Sun, Yun Che was not harmed one bit. Instead, he relied on the impact of the huge collision to sprint past several nearby Sky Profound Realm practitioners, over the Burning Heaven Clan disciples behind them, and straight at Fen Juecheng. He moved like a shooting star that shot across the sky.

With the eyesight from a Sky Profound Realm practitioner, it could be easily seen that Yun Che did not suffer any injury and instead relied on Fen Moran’s strength to instantly overcome the obstacles to approach Fen Juecheng… Fen Moran stared blankly for a long time, unable to recover from the shock of what had happened.

“Good brat!” Dongfang Xiu had praised out loud!

“Good brat!” Fen Duancang, who was beside Fen Juecheng, also could not help but praise him. Then, he rushed in front of Fen Juecheng, keeping a calm expression. At this time, Yun Che had also just reached the same point… From Fen Duancang, he could feel a stronger pressure than Fen Moran, but he was not afraid in the slightest. Dragon Fault swung down with a sky shattering pressure, just like an eagle pouncing down from the sky for its prey.

The pressure coming from the heavy sword caused Fen Duancang to waver slightly. He raised the profound strength in his palm and nearly used ninety percent of it to receive the blow.


Fen Duancang’s palm, which had ignited a purple flame, collided violently with the heavy sword. With a loud bang, Yun Che was knocked backwards strongly and somersaulted backwards due to the recoil. Fen Duancang was also forced three steps backwards and his whole right arm became numb. He was extremely shocked, as he had already used a whole ninety percent of his strength to receive that blow, yet it was nearly perfectly blocked by Yun Che.

To be so amazing at such a young age, his future must be limitless.

Fen Duancang was completely amazed by this. When Yun Che matures, he would undoubtedly be recorded in history and become someone who could shake the entire Profound Sky Continent. If he died young, it would be a waste… However, he chose to become an enemy of the Burning Heaven Clan and had killed so many of their members today. As a member of Burning Heaven Clan, he absolutely could not let him live till that day.

The same bloodlust that Fen Moran had instantly appeared in Fen Duancang’s mind. His left hand thrusted out suddenly and the same Burning Heaven Blood Claw was released aggressively as he violently struck Yun Che, who was still trying to regain his balance.


The huge blood wave splattered from overhead and Yun Che was sent flying down like a bullet that had been fired off from mid air. Crashing to the ground, he created a huge pit… Just as the dust was starting to clear, a figure could suddenly be seen flying. With the surging force of the heavy sword, it was aimed directly at Fen Duancang.

“Wha… WHAT!?” Fen Duancang was instantly shocked.

His previous Burning Heaven Blood Claw had hit Yun Che strongly and the impact of it hitting his body could already cause such a huge pit in the ground. Such strength could easily cause a high leveled Earth Profound Realm to be smashed into pieces. Even if it was someone on the same level, receiving such a blow head on, he would take at least half a day to recover. But to Yun Che, however, it seemed as if nothing had happened as he could still carry out a counterattack.

Thinking about the fact that Yun Che did not suffer damage from Fen Moran’s Burning Heaven Blood Claw and instead relied on its impact… Fen Duancang instantly wondered, does he have some sort of special protective treasure or protective profound technique?

Fen Duancang face turned grim. His outstretched palm grabbed, and a seven foot long flame blade appeared in his hands. If word were to spread that a Pavilion Master of Burning Heaven Clan had to use a weapon against a junior, they would undoubtedly become a laughingstock. However, facing Yun Che, his heart had already started becoming more and more unsettled. The only thought in his mind was that he needed to kill in him the shortest amount of time possible… If he could block Burning Heaven Blood Claw, would he still be able to block the Burning Heaven Blade?

Facing Fen Duancang’s Burning Heaven Blade, Yun Che did not avoid it at all. He clutched Dragon Fault tightly and held an attacking stance. It seemed like he had not seen Fen Duancang’s Burning Heaven Blade at all…… Even when the Burning Heaven Blade was slashing down at him, he did not show any signs of dodging.


The Burning Heaven Blade slashed down with an immensely hot heatwave, colliding strongly onto Yun Che’s left shoulder. A large splatter of blood instantly exploded, but the sword did not even manage to cut through his flesh; it was instead stopped by the bone in his shoulder.

“Ughh…” Fen Duancang’s eyes became as large as a bell due to his extreme shock. His swing was usually so effective that even if a Sky Profound practitioner blocked with all his strength, he would still be cut into two halves. However, Yun Che had actually blocked it using his shoulder… And at this time, the Dragon Fault that was in Yun Che’s hand struck sturdily onto Fen Duancang’s chest.



With a loud bang, Fen Duancang’s protective profound strength could only withstand it for one breath of time before shattering. His upper body lost all senses and the sounds of the buzzing of countless bees echoed in his mind. Like a bundle of straw, his entire body flew far away into the distance...

Yun Che could easily use “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” to block Fen Duancang’s attack. However, when using “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun”, all his profound strength would be concentrated on defense and he would not be able to attack. Therefore, he chose to withstand it with his shoulder in order to gain the chance to attack Fen Duancang again… He believed that with the dragon blood strengthening his body and the protection of the third stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, even if it were Fen Duancang, he would not manage to cut him.

In a normal exchange, he would likely beat Fen Moran, but would not be a threat to Fen Duancang. However, he possessed several strange methods. Deflecting his attack was not only easy, even if Yun Che wanted to kill him, he was at least fifty percent confident of that certainty.