Chapter 328 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (2)

Chapter 328 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (2)


Yun Che furiously roared, and flung Xiao Yunhai far into the distance. As a result, Xiao Yunhai’s head smashed into the ground and fresh blood splashed in every direction as he passed out on the spot. Then, Yun Che frantically charged into the rear mountains.

He brought his impatience, longing, excitement, joy… and many many emotions back with him. The moment his foot set into Floating Cloud City, these emotions mixed together like the rolling tides. Among these, joy occupied the most space.

Because, he was about to meet his grandfather and little aunt whom he had not met for three years soon.

He was about to take them out of their three years of misery soon...

He wanted to let them see what he had become, and tell them about how he had already grown up. He wanted to let them not be worry about him, and be feel gratified and proud of who he had become.

Soon, he was going to finish what he set out to do, completing the promise that he left behind for his grandfather and little aunt.

Soon, he was going to collect all the debt that Xiao Clan owed them, and relieve his grandfather and little aunt of all their worries and resentment.

However, he never could have thought that what he would obtain was such an astonishing shock.

Yun Che was like a violent gale as he charged into the rear mountains. He charged passed Reflection Gorge, and arrived at the place where Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were isolated for three years.

Mountain floor, withered grass, stone room and a clear spring… This place was incredibly simple and calm, but it was also incomparably isolated. Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were forced to be locked up here, and were not allowed to take even half a step away. Yun Che stopped as he arrived in front of this stone room. He did not dare to advance any further for a while… because he did not wish to tell them the truth about everything. He would rather believe that everything that Xiao Clan had told him was a lie… He would even choose to believe that everything they told him was a dream!

He brought his three years of accumulated longing, worry, and concern back with him. He was incapable of accepting this result.

“Grandfather… Grandfather!”

“Little Aunt… are you guys inside?”

“I’m Xiao Che… I’m back! Grandfather, Little Aunt, do you hear me?! If you do, come out and meet me!”

His shouts after shouts contained a slight tremble. His voice wafted with the wind into the distance, but there wasn’t even a single response.

His final shred of hope extinguished like a soap bubble. Yun Che held his breath, and advanced forward. As soon as he took a step forward, his entire body suddenly became motionless… what he saw in the stone room in front of him was a dark red bloodstain.

Yun Che’s heartstrings tightened as he rushed over like a violent gale. He immediately knelt in front of that puddle of blood to see that the bloodstains had already dried. However, there was a thin layer of dust on its surface. In this place where the mountain winds never ceases, this thin layers of dust proved that this bloodstain was only left behind in the past three to four days.

Not far from the bloodstain, Yun Che saw two broken swords with patches of rust on top.

Apart from this, there weren’t any traces that a fight had occurred here. Against Burning Heaven Clan’s strength, how could Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi have any capability or struggling and resisting?!

Yun Che’s hands propped up against the ground, and his ten fingers deeply embedded themselves into the rocks. His head drooped as his entire body trembled. He tightly clenched his teeth and made crunching noises. An intense anger and bitterness that practically came to life filled the entire stone room; its oppression made the air here completely stop flowing.

“Burning Heaven Clan… Burning Heaven Clan… Burning Heaven Clan…”

Quiet grunts seeped out from Yun Che’s mouth. Those quiet grunts were like the voices of ghosts from hell seeking life.

He remembered about the person that Sikong Du mentioned at New Moon City...

Fen Duanhun’s third son, Fen Juechen!!

Sikong Du was not mistaken. That was indeed Fen Juechen! The reason why he appeared in New Moon City was only to pass by... his actual target was actually this place!

His resentment towards the Burning Heaven Clan was birthed two years ago. Fen Juecheng wanted to assassinate him, but Fen Juebi was harmed instead… Fen Juecheng’s attempt at courting Cang Yue was futile, and was actually severely injured by him in the process. This lost all face for the Burning Heaven Clan. Afterwards, he even send out eight Sky Profound Realm experts lead by Fen Moli to assassinate him!!

He killed seven and left one alive… That final person was his warning to Burning Heaven Clan, and left Burning Heaven Clan with a tiny bit of face, leeway, and even a little bit of compromise… because Burning Heaven Clan was an extremely powerful sect that had been there for millenniums. Unless he was at his wit’s end, he was not willing to have eternal animosity toward the Burning Heaven Clan.

However, he never would have thought that Burning Heaven Clan would reply by acting like this!

Even if the hatred between him and Burning Heaven Clan was ten times greater, what did that have to do with Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi!?


Yun Che shouted at the top of his lungs until he lost his voice. He smashed the ground with his fists and created a several meter deep hole in the ground. After that, his entire body shot out, then landed on the Snow Phoenix. With a hostility that soared into the heavens, he flew into the distance.

“You old dogs from the Xiao Clan… it’s all because of you… all because of you!! If something actually happens to my Grandfather and Little Aunt… I’ll have your entire clan… all be buried with the dead!!!”

In the skies above Xiao Clan, a voice that seemed to have originated from the depths of hell echoed down. They raised their heads in alarm and saw an enormous snow white beast charge into the sky. They were all paralyzed on the floor, and shivered uncontrollably. Even until that enormous snow white beast disappeared from their line of sight, they were still unable to stand up properly.

As he followed the downdraft, the ice-cold wind somewhat calmed his mind a little bit, but his chest and brain were still on the verge of exploding from being congested with hatred. He clenched his teeth, and picked up the sound transmission jade as well as as the Thousand Mile Transmission Talisman. He said towards Sikong Du with a rough voice: “Senior Sikong… tell me where Burning Heaven Clan is…”

“...What happened?”

“Hurry up and tell me where Burning Heaven Clan is!” Yun Che furiously roared.

“...Three thousand kilometers southwest of New Moon City. Once you arrive at a place called the ‘Bluefire Region’, ask around for the location of ‘Burning Heaven Valley’. Burning Heaven Clan is in the Burning Heaven Valley… You have to be extremely careful!”

Yun Che put away the sound transmission jade, and stared into the southwest with his hate filled eyes. The Snow Phoenix Beast beneath him practically sensed its master’s emotion, and started flying at its utmost speeds. A long streak of white pulled behind it as it quickly disappeared into the distant horizon.

Floating Cloud City was very far from the Bluefire Region where Burning Heaven Clan was. Even if Burning Heaven Clan used unconventional profound beasts as a method of transportation, a round trip would still take them around ten days, so how could their mounts even be mentioned in the same sentence as Yun Che’s Snow Phoenix. If the people ahead hastened their journey, and the person behind advanced at his top speed, when Fen Juechen returned to Burning Heaven Clan, Yun Che should already be less than fifty kilometers away from the Bluefire Region.

Among this party was a young female that looked about seventeen to eighteen, with a face full of fear. Beside her was a fifty to sixty year old unwavering and angry elderly. From the pale look that was plainly showing on his face, it seemed like he suffered a pretty heavy injury.

These two people were shockingly Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi!

When they arrived in front of the main gate of the Burning Heaven Clan, everyone jumped off their mounts. The young female clenched her fists, gnashed her teeth, and said: “There is no enmity or grievances between us, what exactly are you guys trying to do!?”

An old man walked in front of the young female, pushed her with his hands, and said: “Less rubbish, go!”

Xiao Lie suddenly took a step forward and blocked in front of Xiao Lingxi. He was instantly pushed to the ground by that old man.

“Father!” Xiao Lingxi sadly exclaimed as she hurried to help Xiao Lie up. Xiao Lie covered his chest, and violently coughed. His face became even paler now.

“Stop!” Fen Juechen suddenly turned around, and coldly said: “Who told you to bother them! Whether or not they live or die is not up for you to decide. If you dare to bother them again, I’ll chop your hand off!”

That old man was sneering and about to curse at Xiao Lie, but upon hearing Fen Juechen, his entire body suddenly froze. He nodded instantly as he quickly stepped back.

“Lock this Xiao Lie in the lowest level of the Dragon Confining Prison. As for this female…” Fen Juechen did not look at Xiao Lingxi, but his expression was a bit abnormal: “Bring her to where I’m living, Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion, and have the second maid Zi Lan watch her closely.”


Burning Heaven Clan, City Destroying Pavilion.

Fen Juecheng’s entire left hand was wrapped tightly, and his entire right arm was dangling down… Although Burning Heaven Clan had unlimited spiritual pellets, and effective medicine, in addition to the fact that Fen Juecheng’s profound strength was not weak, Yun Che’s strike was truly too vicious. In a span of ten days, it was impossible for Fen Juecheng’s wounds to completely heal. In the past few days, all the pain in his body, and the endless humiliation within his heart had transformed into more and more intense hatred toward Yun Che.

City Destroying Pavilion’s door was furiously kicked open, and Fen Duanhun angrily walked inside. Facing the obviously angry Fen Duanhun, Fen Juecheng was not surprised or confused at all. He stood up, and asked a question with an obvious answer: “Father, who provoked you to the point of becoming this angry?”

“Was it you who let Chen’er go to Floating Cloud City and bring these two back?” Fen Duanhun asked furiously.

“Yes!” Fen Juecheng immediately admitted.

“You’re making trouble! You didn’t consult this matter with me at all!”

“Because if I consulted with you, you would never have agreed!” Fen Juecheng said fearlessly.

“Disgraceful!” Fen Duanhun swatted down and smashed the long jade table beside his hands: “Do you know what you’re doing! Yun Che is a person that you absolutely cannot provoke right now! Great Elder, Fen Duancang, Fen Moli… One half a step to the Emperor Profound Realm and seven Sky Profound experts, all suffered a crushing defeat in his hands. The only one who escaped, Fen Duanhai, was spared to serve as a warning to our Burning Heaven Clan, and leave us with a little bit of face! According to Fen Duanhai, Yun Che’s strength is practically the same as your grandfather’s! If one could befriend this kind of person, you have to befriend him. If you can’t become friends, you absolutely cannot provoke him. But you…”

“So Father wants to continuing enduring this!” Fen Juecheng fiercely stood up and met Fen Duanhun’s furious eyes with his pair of eyes which were brimming with animosity: “He killed my second younger brother… who is also your son! He disturbed my wedding, leaving me and the entire Burning Heaven Clan without any face. We became a laughingstock for everything under the heavens! He also killed seven of our elders who were our Pavilion Masters! This kind of hatred is absolutely irreconcilable! Not only me, even many Elders and Pavilion Masters wants to see Yun Che hacked into a thousand pieces! But Father, you chose to temporarily endure this in the clan’s grand assembly… How could we possibly endure this! Within the thousands of years of hardships for the Burning Heaven Clan, when have we been disgraced to this point, who would dare to kill our Young Clan Master, and so many of our Elders and Pavilion Masters... When did our Burning Heaven Clan became so weak to the point that we fear a little savage kid without any background!”

“Shut up!” Fen Duanhun swung his arms: “I naturally wouldn’t forget about whatever you said! I have also never said to let Yun Che go. Except, Yun Che’s current strength is too astonishing. We have to wait carefully, and we absolutely cannot act irrationally! Him letting Fen Duanhai go is also informing us that he would not completely fight us to the death; thus, we would have a lot of time to observe in order to make a decision… but you secretly allowed Chen’er to go and capture two of his relatives!”

“Yun Che is an extremely affectionate person. He would trade his life for the sake of saving Xia Yuanba who was only at the Elementary Profound Realm. What you did… is completely pulling off his scales in reverse! If news of this were to spread, our Burning Heaven Clan would be dubbed as completely shameless and criminal. Our reputation would henceforth, be severely damaged!”