Chapter 327 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (1)

Chapter 327 - Fury that Burns the Heavens (1)

“Xiao… ah no, Yun Che…” Xiao Ze’s legs trembled, and he spoke while gulping down his saliva: “My grandson Chengzhi went with Xiao Kuangyun to Xiao Sect three years ago, and is also a person of Xiao Sect’s Main Sect now, can you… can you please, out of his reputation…”

To them, Xiao Sect’s existence was like a hall of gods. Being able to join Xiao Sect, would be the greatest glory in their entire lives. Xiao Ze had wanted to make Yun Che somewhat fearful by bringing out the name of Xiao Chengzhi who joined Xiao Sect, but before he even finished, Yun Che’s icy and thorny gaze suddenly turning to him made him unable to speak another word: “Xiao Chengzhi? Heh, let alone he, who would be something even less than a mere door guard at the bottom most level after entering the Xiao Sect, even if Xiao Sect’s Sect Master Xiao Juetian came, I’ll make him pay his debt too! The debt that his son owed, he, as the father, cannot get away from the responsibility either!”

Yun Che’s words were ice-cold and heart-piercing, and actually thought nothing of even Xiao Sect’s Sect Master, Xiao Juetian in such a evident way. Everyone’s hearts trembled as they heard this … If he didn’t even give a shit about Xiao Juetian, then would Xiao Chengzhi even be considered to be someone’s fart… No, no! He simply couldn’t even be considered as someone’s fart.


Yun Che threw out a kick, and blasted Xiao Yunhai away. Xiao Yunhai’s body, which flew back, horizontally knocked over a dozen disciples together behind him. However, when Yun Che struck out these few times, he hadn’t struck with the intent to kill. Otherwise, with his current strength, even if he were to use just ten percent of his strength, it would be enough to make anyone here die without a complete corpse. Having become Xiao Clan’s Clan Master, Xiao Yunhai naturally wasn’t a total idiot, and also noticed this. He sat up struggling, and said: “Yun Che, back then… We have indeed let you and Fifth Elder down… But that time, we were also forced by the situation. We simply cannot afford to offend Xiao Sect’s people… If we didn’t do that, it would have ended badly for all of us… Us chasing you out of Xiao Clan, was also because you indeed did not have Xiao Clan’s bloodline… But, after all, we, Xiao Clan, has nurtured you for sixteen years…”

Xiao Yunhai naturally wasn’t someone who treated honor more preciously than his life, and would rather die than submit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sold and framed his own clan members in order to curry favor with Xiao Kuangyun back then. Thus, when he noticed that Yun Che didn’t seem to want to strike killing blows, he immediately started begging.

“Bullshit!” Yun Che swore as his brows sunk: “Forced? The first day Xiao Kuangyun came here, he simply didn’t see my Little Aunt at all, so how could he have birthed dirty thoughts against her! The framing you lot performed on the second day, you actually have the face to say it couldn’t be helped? Moreover, the person who nurtured me was my grandfather Xiao Lie, not you Xiao Clan! What you have given me, were only lofty contempt, disdain, mockery and oppression! These, I will never forget for eternity.”

As Yun Che spoke, his gaze swept over every single person present. No matter who it was that touched his gaze, they all felt their body turn cold. Especially those who had once and once again mocked him as a wastrel back then, all of them lowered down their lead as fast as lightning, their whole body trembling as they didn’t even dare to breathe a single loud breath...

If it was a normal strong being standing before them, they definitely wouldn’t shrink back to such an extent. After all, so many people of their Xiao Clan altogether, could be said to be the strongest force of Floating Cloud City. But the strength Yun Che displayed was truly too frightening; Xiao Bo, Xiao Yunhai, Xiao Li… These three who were currently the strongest three in terms of basic power, didn’t have the slightest capability to even struggle a little. Him casually splitting open the ground with his sword, even more so made many people’s heart collapse on the spot from fright.

Facing an oppressive might brought by such strength, they could only fear, and simply could not muster up the guts to resist.

Xiao Bo’s right arm was entirely crippled; Xiao Li was nailed onto a wall, his miserable screams had already become incredibly hoarse; Clan Master Xiao Yunhai knelt down on one leg with a face full of blood; Xiao Cheng and Xiao Ze’s legs were all clearly trembling, not daring to step walk forward a single step… The entire Xiao Clan, was permeating a kind of almost despairing aura. Looking at Yun Cho who was emitting heavy imposing pressure, resentment, and maliciousness, their intestines were almost breaking from regret… The current Yun Che whose name shook the world, was actually the Xiao Che who was chased out amidst their malicious words back then! If back then, they didn’t do such insidious and sinister things in order to curry Xiao Kuangyun’s favor, Yun Che’s glory today, would have benefitted their Xiao Clan! Xiao Clan’s fame would undoubtedly surge to the skies, and would not even be inferior to a branch sect of Xiao Sect...

Xiao Clan’s name, would be known by the world.

And because of Yun Che, they would also gain connections with the Imperial Family and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

These were things that they didn’t even dare to dream about, things far more than millions of times greater than that insignificant charity by Xiao Sect three years ago!

Yet all these things that could have been realized, were entirely destroyed because of their greed and insidiousness three years ago… What replaced them, was Yun Che’s resentment! As well as utter hopelessness that was most likely to come.

For the first time in their lives, Xiao Yunhai and these few Elders understood how the word ‘regret’ was written with unparalleled clarity. But there was no medicine for regret in this world, and it was eternally impossible for them to turn back time. But this had been self-sowed, and there was no one else to blame. They also had to painfully swallow this kind of outcome themselves.

Xiao Cheng carefully said: “Yes... these, are all our faults. We were completely blinded by Xiao Sect’s awe-inspiring name back then, but... but everything, were all the previous Young Clan Master Xiao Yulong’s idea! We were only… only coordinating with Xiao Yulong. And Xiao Yulong had also received retribution after that; on that same night, his eyes were gouged out, his nose, ears, tongue were cut off, and even the tendons in his limbs were snapped… and.. and he even became an eunuch… Everything back then, really wasn’t our idea!”

The matter regarding Xiao Yulong, had always been a taboo that was not allowed to mention. Otherwise, Xiao Yunhai would definitely go hysterical. But at this time, in order to attain a chance to live, Xiao Cheng couldn’t help it but to mention this matter, and even pressed all the crime onto the head of Xiao Yulong, who had died a miserable death. Yun Che’s gaze shifted sideways, and sneered: “You are correct, all of these, are retribution… they are retribution that he deserves! Yet you, after having done what you did that day, did you not ever think that sooner or later, you would also receive retribution one day!!”

Yun Che’s voice seemed to be right beside their ears. His figure had already instantly vanished, as Xiao Cheng and Xiao Ze simultaneously felt a wave of profound energy that was as sharp as a blade and as vicious as a tsunami come toward their face.



Two overlapping slapping sounds rang, and they were loud to the point that it made one’s eardrums vibrate from the tremor. Xiao Ze and Xiao Cheng both flew up simultaneously from the slap, landed far away and ragdolled on the ground, unable to stand back up for a long time. Blood leaked out from the corner of their mouths as their old faces became a field of blood-red. The side of their faces that got slapped swelled to over two or three times the usual size. Covering their old faces that felt like they were scorched by a raging fire, they painfully wailed in a low voice.

His figure flickered again, and Yun Che had already returned to the original position where he had stood. His speed was so fast that no one present could see him clearly. Yun Che cross his arms at his chest, and spoke with a sneer: “But don’t you worry, I won’t kill you just yet. Otherwise, you would have already become a pile of broken corpses long ago. It is not that I don’t want to kill you, but it’s because my Grandfather and Little Aunt are both kind and benevolent in nature, and have never been tainted with the sin of killing before in their entire lives. Moreover, my Grandfather and Little Aunt belongs to the same clan as you lot after all; if I were to kill you all like this, they would feel that your deaths were related to them, and would shoulder a feeling of guilt because of it.”

The moment the few people who were already despairing heard this, they instantly became overjoyed. But right after, they suddenly recalled something as their complexions changed once again, becoming even worse looking than before

Xiao Yunhai hastily stood up struggling and said: “It.. It is indeed us who let Fifth Elder down first, and for the great sin before, we deserved the retribution we received today. If you… spare us today, then from now on our Xiao Clan will follow you as the leader. If it’s your reasonable request… ah no, command, even if we have to jump into hot water and go through fire, we will definitely comply, and we only hope to compensate for the wrongdoings back then.”

All of their changes in complexion were recorded in Yun Che’s eyes. He felt that something was slightly off, but didn’t really take it to heart. He looked at Xiao Yunhai with cold eyes: “Xiao Yunhai, you sure are working out ideas. Chasing me out of Xiao Clan back then, yet now you want to strike up a relationship with me? Very well, since you Xiao Clan wish to obediently obey, then now, I already have one thing for you lot to do!”

Yun Che’s gaze sunk, watched everyone as he spoke coldly: “Every one of you, head to the rear mountain’s Reflection Gorge right now, kneel down at where my Grandfather and Little Aunt are being sealed at, and beg them to leave the Reflection Gorge! If you lot manage to beg them to leave, I will consider sparing your lives, and let your fate be decided by Grandfather. If you can’t get them to leave by begging… then kneel there until you die!”

Yun Che was not a merciful person, but Xiao Lie was, as well as Xiao Lingxi. Especially Xiao Lie; if he did not heavily value loyalty and love, how would he have endured the mockery and criticism by thousands, and toilsomely bring up Yun Che, who had with crippled profound veins, who wasn’t even his blood-related grandson. Yun Che knew what would happen if these people’s fate were to be given to Xiao Lie. Even if they had utterly failed Xiao Lie, Xiao Lie still wouldn’t sentence them to death… Yun Che knew that clearly, but he could only choose to do so. Otherwise, it would be like what he himself had said, and make his grandfather’s heart shoulder a sense of guilt that was hard to put down henceforth.

However, he didn’t expect that after he spoke these words, the members of the Xiao Clan before his eyes actually did not reveal joy and relief on their faces, and instead revealed a frightened look several times more greater. His brows abruptly tightened, and a bad feeling suddenly emerged in his heart.

“This... this... this…” While this was clearly a great hope that descended from the heavens, that even neared a bestowment of grace, Xiao Yunhai and others had instead felt their entire bodies turn cold. Xiao Yunhai kneeled on one knee again, his entire body powerless as he could not manage to stand up again. With a hoarse voice that carried deep fright, he said: “Fifth… Fifth Elder, and Xiao Lingxi… are already… already…”

Yun Che’s pupils instantly constricted, and his entire body suddenly released a malicious aura and killing intent that was cold to the extreme. His figure flashed, rushed before Xiao Yunhai’s face, and he tightly grabbed his collar at once while speaking with bloodshot eyes: “What already happened to my Grandfather and Little Aunt? What happened to them… SPEAK! SPEAK NOW!”

As he was grabbed by Yun Che, Xiao Yunhai suffocated as his face became ghastly white. Xiao Cheng, who was beside them held his swollen face, and said while shrinking back: “They… they are already no longer in the rear mountain…”

Yun Che’s head went “bzzzt”, and he felt an intense wave of dizziness.

A surge of icy malicious aura, as though it came from hell, made everyone’s entire bodies shiver. Xiao Cheng fiercely gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and hastily spoke, afraid that Yun Che would suddenly explode in rage and kill them: “It was Burning Heaven Clan… It was Burning Heaven Clan’s people…”

“Three days ago, a group of Burning Heaven Clan members suddenly came here… They said they wanted to take away Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi… We didn’t know the reason at all, and they didn’t explain anything to us either… Since it was Burning Heaven Clan’s orders, we simply didn’t dare to resist, and could only watch as they went to the rear mountain… and took away Fifth Elder and Xiao Lingxi… It was Burning Heaven Clan’s people.. It really has nothing to do with us…”

“~!#$%...” Within Yun Che’s brain, it was as if something exploded with a bang. Every single drop of blood, every single bundle of nerves, every single wisp of his soul, were all completely and utterly flooded with a suddenly exploded fury and hatred.