Chapter 997 - Great Sect Assembly

Chapter 997 - Great Sect Assembly

“Eh?” Yun Che hurriedly shook his head, “No no no… this… it’s only because senior sister is just too beautiful. I can’t help but… carelessly spout nonsense… every time…”

The seductive woman’s eyes narrowed as the corners of her lips rose and formed an enchanting smile which contained hints of abnormality. “I heard that you are about to become Sect Master’s direct disciple. It’s truly enviable, huh.”

“Ahaha, so big… Cough, I mean senior sister already knew. That’s only due to luck.” Yun Che forced out a smile but his heartbeat was already a mess. He could only keep cursing in his heart… this woman was truly too deadly… was this the legendary femme fatale?

At this moment, the woman sweetly giggled as she suddenly began slowly sashaying toward Yun Che… she seemed to have only taken two steps, yet her figure blurred and then suddenly appeared in front of Yun Che.

Having suddenly become so close to her, Yun Che didn’t react at all and instead just stood there in a daze. The face before his eyes was beautiful enough to charm everything under the heavens, especially the pair of watery, phoenix eyes which sparkled; they were exceptionally enchanting. She seemingly threw herself into his arms, causing amorous sensations to spread across Yun Che’s body.

Yun Che couldn’t control himself as his eyes looked down… observing from so close, he realized that the ice phoenix pattern on her chest was not only warped but filled to the point of bursting. The twin round peaks beneath the snow white clothes were extremely full and looked like two large balls of snow white jade. They were so large they were shocking, yet they seemingly did not sag whatsoever and instead remained extremely tight.

They were so close, Yun Che could also faintly smell the scent of an extremely fragrant and luxurious incense.

As Yun Che remained dumbfounded, the seductive woman slowly raised one of her small, smooth white hands and gently poked Yun Che on his chest with her thin fingers, which were like delicate white bamboo shoots and her nails, which were like jade.

“Then you better listen to Sect Master, she likes obedient children the most.”

Yun Che: “...”

The sound of her enchanting voice sank into Yun Che’s bones and caused him to suddenly feel a kind of soreness as an intense numbness spread out from his heart and across his whole body.

The jade finger had only gently poked him in the chest, yet he felt as if his blood had suddenly been aroused. A feeling of heat followed his boiling blood and quickly spread across his entire body. This sudden loss of control caused Yun Che to become terrified as, in the short moment of a breath, he resisted the urge to fiercely throw the woman in front of him onto the ground and ravage her dozens of times to his heart’s content.

“Master, I’ve returned!”

Mu Xiaolan’s joyous voice resonated in from outside, causing Yun Che to quickly wake up from his daze.

Mu Xiaolan’s seemed to be in high spirits as she pretty much skipped into the main hall. Upon seeing Yun Che and the half concealed female figure standing extremely close to him, she couldn’t help but directly ask, “Eh? Which senior or senior sister is visiting…”

But before Mu Xiaolan could even completely finish saying what she was about to say, her entire figure suddenly stiffened and stopped in place. Her ice-like pupils contracted as if pricked by needles...


Mu Xiaolan fell heavily to her knees and bowed, her pretty head falling towards the ground as her whole body shriveled and began to quiver. “S-s-s-s-sect… sect… Sect Master!”

Yun Che coincidentally had just turned around at this time. Thus, an inexplicable expression appeared on his face as he looked at Mu Xiaolan and asked, “What Sect Master? Have you lost your mind…”

Then, Yun Che’s voice suddenly died as he went cold and abruptly turned around.

Before him was still the “seductive woman” and her hand which was still gently poking his chest. However, her aura had changed… it had completely changed…

Her deadly seductiveness had disappeared. It had completely disappeared and in its place, was a overbearing feeling of power which caused Yun Che’s soul to feel as if it had been buried by a mountain tens of thousands of meters tall. The formerly slightly curved eyes had become narrowed and straight, presenting a majesty which caused others to unconsciously tremble with fear. The charming gaze had transformed into an icy glare which could freeze one’s soul, with but a glance.

The jade finger on his chest was no longer transferring over a flow of heat which caused his blood to boil but an icy coldness, as if he had fallen into a cave of ice, instantly causing his boiling blood to freeze as it quickly spread through his body.

“...” Yun Che’s mouth opened and then opened again. His eyes wildly fluttered but not a word came out from within his mouth, as though something had was stuck in his throat.

This unparalleled, terrifying pressure was one that he had just personally experienced earlier today.

It was none other… none other than the pressure which was unique to the Snow Song Realm King!

The finger slowly moved away from Yun Che’s chest as Mu Xuanyin’s figure slowly moved past Yun Che’s still body with dignified steps.

“Don’t forget the words that this king imparted to you!”

This voice was completely devoid of the gentleness and coquettishness of earlier and was instead as cold as the frigid arctic wind. Each word was filled with power and majesty.

“I… I bid Sect Master farewell!”

The snowy figure slightly blurred and instantly moved hundreds of meters. Mu Xiaolan was still trembling and remained bowed until a long while after the sect master had left, before carefully rising from the ground. However, the color on her small face never returned. It was clear that she had been greatly frightened.

“Uuu…” Mu Xiaolan whimpered in fear, “For Sect Master to actually have been here, it scared me to death. Just now, I was almost disrespectful towards her. Yun Che, did Sect Master come here specifically to see you?”

The entire time Mu Xiaolan spoke, Yun Che, whose back was facing her, remained still like a wooden stake. Mu Xiaolan walked to Yun Che’s front in three small steps and discovered that his expression was one of extreme panic and terror.

“Ah? Yun Che? What’s wrong?” Quite frightened by Yun Che’s current appearance, Mu Xiaolan quickly waved her hand in front of his face, “Hey! Hey!”

“...” Yun Che slowly raised his hand, his movements stiff as he used his hand to slowly push up his chin and close his mouth which had fallen wide open.

With a crack, his mouth which had been open for so long, finally closed… except it was slightly off center.

His other hand also slowly rose and pressed on the left side of his face. Another crack resounded in the hall as his face returned to normal.

“Y-y-you… you couldn’t… have gotten scared silly by the Sect Master, right?” Mu Xiaolan nervously asked.

“Phew…” Yun Che slowly exhaled and then quietly asked, “The Sect Master… what is her real name?”

“Eh, this…” Mu Xiaolan got a little closer to Yun Che, then said in an extremely quiet voice, “Sect Master’s real name is Mu Xuanyin. However! Even if you are Sect Master’s direct disciple, you must not call her by her real name. It is extremely disrespectful.”

Yun Che, “~!@#¥%…&*”

“You… why… didn’t you say it earlier?” Yun Che glared resentfully at Mu Xiaolan.

“You never asked me though?” Mu Xiaolan innocently blinked as some confusion emerged in her eyes.

Yun Che, “...”

“Are… you alright?” Mu Xiaolan timidly asked in worry. She had never before seen Yun Che in such a state. Today in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, he had even dared to talk back to the Sect Master, yet currently, he seemed to have been scared silly.

“Do I look like I’m alright?” Yun Che used his hand to cover his face, his heart a mess as he murmured, “The fact that I’m still alive right now… really is… a complete miracle…”

Finished speaking, his body suddenly swayed as he directly fell toward Mu Xiaolan.

“Ah?” Mu Xiaolan slightly whimpered as she subconsciously moved forward and propped Yun Che up. As a result, however, she felt her entire body go numb as if it had been shocked by electricity. After a short moment of stiffness, she let out a long scream.


This was because Yun Che’s head had directly fallen onto her bosom and was squishing it.

Mu Xiaolan’s hurriedly withdrew as her face and neck became a flushed red, “You… you… you did that on purpose!”

Afterwards, she stomped fiercely on the ground before flusteredly running away without bothering to look back again at Yun Che.

“...” Yun Che sat on the ground for a long while and silently contemplated his existence.

That woman… Sect Master… Snow Song Realm King?!

Just what exactly…

How could they both be the same person… how!?

But just now, when he turned back around, the coquettish woman had indeed turned into the Snow Song Realm King… and during this process, her finger had never left his chest, completely getting rid of the possibility of a twin.

Thinking back over the voices of the “two people”, they did indeed sound quite similar… however, one spoke so delicately and softly while the other spoke so dignifiedly and intimidatingly. One’s voice melted into the bones, while the other’s voice was so cold it tore at the heart. No matter how much one thought about it, it was impossible to associate both to one person!

No! No matter how much one thought about it, it was impossible for the two voices to belong to one person.

The key was… if she was indeed the Snow Song Realm King, who killed everything within thousands of meters when angered, then based on what he had said to her…

How was he still alive!?

And how had he become her direct disciple?

And why would the Snow Song Realm King have personally come several days earlier to give him and Mu Xiaolan the Amorous Frost Dew?

Wait! That day she came to give the Amorous Frost Dew, she said she had come to see a person… could it be that the person she wanted to see was… F*ck!

Yun Che slapped himself on his forehead with his palm as he finally figured it all out. That day, the person Mu Xuanyin had personally come to see was none other than himself!

It was probably because Mu Bingyun had become aware of the extreme abnormalities on his body at that time. Thus, she had completely spilled everything to Mu Xuanyin… uh, the Snow Song Realm King. Thus, at that time, the Snow Song Realm King should have learned about everything and faintly guessed that Yun Che’s body might contain the legacy of the ancient Heretic God. That was why she had personally come to see him.

And the reason Mu Xiaolan didn’t know about what had happened that day was because Mu Xuanyin had isolated the cultivation room Mu Xiaolan was in. With her strength, it was quite easy for her.

“My masters… each one is even more terrifying than the previous one.” Yun Che quietly sighed as memories of his first meetings with Jasmine emerged in his mind. During that time, almost everything Jasmine had said to him was filled with scorn and expressed her loathing for him while also berating him… After all, with the peak that she had once been at, forget about the useless him at that time, even the most powerful practitioners on the Profound Sky Continent were nothing more than insignificant bugs in her eyes. She had only attached herself to him and accepted him as a disciple because she herself was forced to by her own helplessness at the time.

At this moment, as he recalled those memories of such a “humiliating” period of time, it was like he had fallen into a beautiful dream.

“Jasmine, I will definitely meet you again…”


Seven days later, Ice Phoenix Realm’s Sacred Hall.

The Sacred Hall was located at the extreme north of the Ice Phoenix Realm and was the closest place to the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake in terms of distance. It was also the place were the Sect Master resided and was the most sacred place within the entire Ice Phoenix Realm, if not the entire Snow Song Realm. Unless one was summoned, no one dared to go anywhere near it.

But today was Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s Great Sect Assembly, a gathering rarely seen once even in a thousand years. And for such a grand event, which brought the entire sect together, it only had one extremely simple reason—the discipleship ceremony of the sect master’s direct disciple!

It was still early in the morning but the giant courtyard in front of the palace was already completely covered with tens of millions of disciples, elders, palace masters, vice palace masters, deacons, etc. Even the greater half of the hall masters had come. However, while the crowd was huge, it was extremely silent, silent enough to hear a needle dropping.