Chapter 996 - Meeting Big ~ Senior Sister Again

Chapter 996 - Meeting Big ~ Senior Sister Again

In the Snow Song Realm, no one was able to live if the Realm King wanted them dead and no one dared to not die either.

This unexpected calamity that fell from the heavens caused Mu Sushan’s body to turn ice-cold, as he was aware that it was impossible for him to live past today. His entire body leaned over as he pleaded, “Sect Master, on behalf of Sushan’s six thousand years of loyalty, please treat my family well.”

“Don’t worry, this king will naturally do a soul search after you have died. As long as you haven’t told any of them what you should not have said, this king won’t bother to send them to keep you company.”

Mu Sushan heavily kowtowed, “I thank Sect Master… for the great favor!”

With that kowtow, Mu Sushan’s body remained immobile. White mist exploded from his body, along with his life aura...

He had severed his own life vein and profound veins.

“No… no… Sect Master, spare me… Sect Master, spare me…”

With legs already having gone limp, Mu Fengshu recoiled, then after a shout, she flew like a headless housefly, attempting to escape.

“Haah!” The hand behind the icy mist gently pointed.


A soft sound resounded, causing Mu Fengshu’s voice and figure to instantly stop. She had been frozen into a block of ice and her frozen, frightened face was terrifying.

“I originally planned to leave your corpse intact but since you don’t know how to appreciate kindness…”



Alongside the block of ice, Mu Fengshu’s body instantly became ice powder which filled the sky...

Among the members of the Freezing Snow Hall, Mu Fengshu and Mu Sushan had participated in the Profound God Convention, which meant that they had seen Star God’s Broken Shadow before. This was why they had to die!


Yun Che was naturally unaware of what had happened within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. He stood outside the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake’s barrier with a dumbfounded look on his face, unmoving.

How… how do I even return!?

When he had arrived, he rode on the ice boat controlled by Mu Bingyun. But now, if he was to go back alone… he might not even know which direction to leave in.

It was right at this time that a wisp of cold energy came from overhead. A petite blue figure controlling an ice boat arrived before him.

Standing on top of the ice boat was Mu Xiaolan. She looked at Yun Che but didn’t approach, clear nervousness on her face. “S-senior Brother Yun Che… Master told me to wait here for you… so we can return to the Ice Phoenix Palace together.”

“...” Yun Che widened his eyes. Then, he suddenly walked over and flicked Mu Xiaolan’s forehead.

“WAHH!” Mu Xiaolan shouted in surprise and pain as she covered her forehead. “W-w-w-what are you doing!?”

“That’s what I want to ask you!” Yun Che said with a dissatisfied grimace. “You used to act like you’re all that in front of me before so why do you look like a rat seeing a cat today? Did you eat the wrong medicine?”

“Y-you’re the one who ate the wrong medicine. I was nice enough to stay in the cold to wait for you but you flicked my forehead.”

Immediately aware that she wasn’t using the right tone, she instantly weakened her voice. “You’re… the sect master’s direct disciple now. So you’re… senior brother now… Every disciple has to call you senior brother. I…”

“...” Yun Che rubbed the tip of his nose, muttering to himself, “So a direct disciple is this great, huh.”

“Of course it’s great,” Mu Xiaolan said in a small voice. “Being able to be at Sect Master’s side obviously is… no one will dare provoke you and you can do whatever you want…”

“I can do whatever I want? It’s that great?” Yun Che widened his eyes. Then, he suddenly stared at Mu Xiaolan and said to himself with an incredibly serious voice, “Then does this mean if I ask Sect Master to give you to me as a bed warming servant girl, that wouldn’t be an issue?”


Mu Xiaolan’s little face instantly flushed red. After she gritted her white teeth, her anger finally exploded as she kicked at Yun Che’s butt. “You despicable lowly man! You haven’t changed at all even after becoming the sect master’s direct disciple! Bullying girls is the only thing you know to do! Who’s going to be your bed warming servant girl… dream on, dream on, dream on!!”

Yun Che rubbed his butt after getting kicked off the ice boat and mumbled gloomily, “I was just casually saying it, why do you have to be that angry. Sigh, I guess being the sect master’s direct disciple isn’t all that great. I still get bullied by you.”

“...” Mu Xiaolan dazedly stared at him for a while before she suddenly burst into giggles.

“You couldn’t possibly really have eaten the wrong medicine, could you?” Yun Che’s eyes were brimming with concern.

The ice boat activated, breaking into the sky. Mu Xiaolan said with a soft voice, “I suddenly realize that you still have some merits.”

Ahhh… this little girl. If you want to praise me, just praise me, what does “still have” mean?

“I originally thought that you would definitely act like you’re all that after becoming Sect Master’s direct disciple so i was a little afraid of you. I didn’t expect that you would be the same as before. I yelled at you and even hit you but you didn’t get angry or even retaliate… Mn, you’re still the same Junior Brother Yun Che.”

“That depends on the person, you know. If anyone else were to dare kick me, I would break their leg. But you… are my senior sister after all, I can only endure it,” Yun Che said with a helpless expression.

Mu Xiaolan rolled her eyes but then started feeling happy. “Oh right! Since you haven’t gone through the discipleship ceremony yet, you’re still a disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace and I’m still your senior sister! For these seven days, you still have to obediently listen to me, your senior sister!”

“I understand,” Yun Che said powerlessly… Has this little girl lost her memories? Have I ever listened to her before?

“I never expected that you would be this powerful… even more powerful than Senior Brother Hanyi. Today seemed like a dream.”

Mu Xiaolan muttered, growing a bit absentminded atop the ice boat.

The further they were from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, the more gentle the cold energy became. When they were about to reach Ice Phoenix City’s domain, another ice boat appeared in front of them. It floated in place, as though it was waiting for something.

The stationary ice boat suddenly came over after it had seen Yun Che, quickly arriving before them. Two faces that Yun Che had seen several days ago were on the ice boat.

Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu!

“Senior Brother Yizhou, Senior Sister Luoq…”

Before Mu Xiaolan had yet to finish her greeting, Mu Yizhou immediately fell before Yun Che… and he was even kneeling!

“S-senior Brother Yun Che.” Mu Yizhou’s voice trembled with his body. That face was indeed Mu Yizhou’s face but he didn’t have half the terrifying mightiness he possessed seven days ago. The only thing present was terror and implorement. “Several days ago, I… I had eyes but couldn’t see. I overestimated my abilities and actually… actually rudely offended Senior Brother Yun Che. I beg Senior Brother Yun Che to be maganiouous and forget about offenses committed by a little person like me. I’ll… never dare to do it again.”

“...” Yun Che was slightly stunned. At his side, Mu Xiaolan was also shocked… but she wasn’t too shocked.

When the Snow Song Realm King had personally appointed Yun Che to be her direct disciple, Mu Yizhou’s guts did indeed nearly shatter.

If he had clashed with Mu Hanyi that day and Mu Hanyi became the direct disciple, he wouldn’t be this terrified because Mu Hanyi was a gentleman. Yun Che however… The unyielding temperament he displayed that day, along with his terrifying methods, was definitely someone who would seek vengeance.

Mu Yizhou’s gallbladder was in a constant state of near collapse every breath that passed after leaving the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. He didn’t return to his Ice Phoenix Palace and instead waited here, with Mu Luoqiu with attentive eyes.

“Senior Brother Yun Che, Luoqiu… knows that she was wrong.” Mu Luoqiu’s lovely face wore a pitiful expression. As she spoke, her eyes glistened with tears, her pupils resembling peach blossoms...

She was actually hinting that he could do whatever he wanted… oh, no, clearly indicating that!

“The power of the identity of the “Realm King’s direct disciple” was truly being displayed before Yun Che’s eyes. He turned around to look at Mu Xiaolan and asked, “Senior Sister Xiaolan, what should I do?”

Never expecting that Yun Che would actually ask her that so suddenly and even called her senior sister before the duo, Mu Xiaolan was stunned for a while. Then, she weakly said, “Weren’t the matters… of that day already settled… just… just forget it…”

“Oh.” Yun Che nodded. “Since Senior Sister Xiaolan has spoken, then I’ll just forget about it. You two can leave now. I’ve already forgotten what had happened previously.”

Mu Xiaolan slightly gaped… Even if she was more slow, she ought to know that this was Yun Che deliberately saying that he was doing it for her.

It was as though Mu Yizhou was hearing a voice from the heavens; he had yet to truly believe that it would be “forgotten” just like that. He quickly took out a jade box he had long prepared in advance and offered it to Yun Che. “I thank Senior Brother Yun Che for his magnanimity, I thank Senior Sister Xiaolan… In here is Luoqiu and my regards, please accept it. From now on, if Senior Brother Yun Che has any commands, Yizhou is ready to risk life and limb to help out.”

“Mn, mn.” Mu Luoqiu immediately nodded. From her aura to her voice, the rude and imposing Mu Luoqiu from back then had now become soft and delicate. “From now on, as long as it’s something Senior Brother Yun Che wants, Luoqiu… will agree to anything.”

Yun Che, “~!@#¥%…”

Mu Xiaolan, “~!@#¥%…” (How could she do that!?)

After their bowing and item gifting, they still continued to thank profusely as they left. Yun Che kneaded his chin and muttered, “So this status really is pretty great.”

“Of course.” Mu Xiaolan pitched in, “I don’t find it weird at all that they’re here to apologize. Forget about them, even if all those emperors see you, they would have to be courteous.”

“It’s that exaggerated?” Yun Che casually commented.

“It’s not exaggerated at all!” Mu Xiaolan said rightly.

The ice boat speedily entered Ice Phoenix City and quickly arrived at the thirty-sixth palace.

The Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace was as quiet as it usually was, yet Mu Xiaolan wore a face of doubt as she said to herself, “Weird, why is it this quiet… Based on what had happened, there should be a lot of people here.”

After all, Yun Che had become the sect master’s direct disciple, so there ought to be a ton of people visiting the thirty-sixth palace. But there wasn’t the slightest trace of anyone having come here to visit as far as she could see.

“Yun Che, you go look for Master. Master should have a lot of important things to tell you. I’ll go put away the ice boat.”

Mu Xiaolan left to put away the ice boat. Yun Che descended from the skies and entered the Ice Phoenix Palace. His mood now naturally changed immensely from what he exhibited before.

As he slowly walked into the main hall, he thought about what the Snow Song Realm King had said. Soon enough, a peculiar presence and smell caused him to pause in his steps and lift his head...

It was also at the same time that the figure of a woman before him slowly turned around. An otherworldly, bright and beautiful face so seductive that it could devour hearts appeared before Yun Che’s eyes.

Even though this wasn’t the first time Yun Che had seen it, his mind was still instantly swept away as his eyes and mind grew intoxicated… Before Yun Che had seen her, he never believed that he would actually lose control of his mind to such a degree just because of a woman’s appearance.

He was like that the first time and… the same the second.

The person before him was shockingly the girl who came to deliver the Amorous Frost Dew that day, who called herself “Mu Xuanyin”.

Her white blue hair spilled down. Bright light was not shining upon it yet it still reflected the splendor of water and jade. She was still wearing the snowy clothes from that day but she appeared a bit hazy, as though she had been soaked in a bit of moisture.

Yun Che’s gaze uncontrollably fell to her bosom… The pattern of the Ice Phoenix was Ice Phoenix Palace’s most divine symbol. However, the Ice Phoenix pattern which was being squeezed by her breasts, becoming deformed, actually released an attraction great enough to make any man’s desire go out of control.

“Big Breasted… Senior Sister…” Yun Che

The corner of the seductive woman’s mouth slightly curled. With eyes like the autumn waters, she said in a silky voice, “Little brother, you’re… doing it on purpose this time, right? How gutsy, to actually dare take liberties with me.”

The “big breasted senior sister” Yun Che had blurted out a few times in the past were indeed a slip of the tongue after he had lost his mind, because even though that was what he thought, he definitely didn’t have the guts to take liberties with a disciple of the divine hall. But he had done it on purpose this time!

Because he was now the Sect Master’s direct disciple… who wouldn’t he dare take liberties with!?

Furthermore, she had actually… actually admitted that she was Mu Feixue back then! Causing him to seriously lose some face in front of Mu Xiaolan and Mu Bingyun.

Wasn’t that that her taking liberties with him!?

So him returning the favor was right and proper.