Chapter 1000 - Explosion of Murderous Desire

Chapter 1000 - Explosion of Murderous Desire

Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai’s expressions instantly stiffened as they secretly gasped. Although there was some fury in their hearts, they could do nothing about it... Since they had chosen to force their way in, they were quite aware of the consequences. Given how tyrannical Mu Xuanyin was, her rage would not be dispelled so easily.

“...Yes, master.” Yun Che did not speak any further and kept the red wooden case as he groaned inside… a gift given to Snow Song Realm King by three great sect masters! How could it possibly be an ordinary item, could it… really be given to him like this?

Eh, it would be better to obediently return it to master after they left.

Mu Xuanyin’s body leaned forward slightly, highlighting her alluring figure. However, there was still no one who dared to look directly at her beautiful body due to her cold and powerful presence, “It seems the three sect masters are indeed full of sincerity. Alright then, uninvited guests are still guests after all, if they were chased away in such a manner, would it not make this king appear unmagnanimous.”

“This king will temporarily put aside the fact that you forced your way into the Snow Song Realm and interrupted the Great Sect Assembly. I will listen to what you have to say. However…” Mu Xuanyin’s eyes slightly narrowed, “This king will only give you fifteen minutes!”

Yan Wancang took a step forward and spoke in a solemn manner, “Understood, the three of us thanks the Snow Song Realm King for giving us this opportunity.”

Yan Zhuo, Yan Mingxuan, and Yan Poyun had already returned to their positions behind the three great sect masters. Huge waves stirred in their hearts. Everything they knew since they were young had been completely toppled over… the three great sect masters that reigned supreme in the Flame God Realm were all present, yet they had actually become so cautious and careful before the Snow Song Realm King. Even after being mocked, they did not even dare to get angry.

“Fifteen minutes.” These two words were clearly akin to a favor bestowed by a greater being onto a lesser one. Yet, from Yan Wancang’s expression and tone, it looked as if he was cheerfully receiving it… one could imagine how great a blow this was to them.

Yan Wancang had long since prepared what he wanted to say and how it should be said. Without pondering, he straightaway said, “I believe the Snow Song Realm King already knows why the three of us have come here. That’s right, we have come here again due to the matter of the ancient horned dragon in the God Burying Inferno Prison. However, there is some difference from before.”

“How is it different?” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze was akin to ice arrows as she coldly asked.

“Because a monumental event is about to occur. Moreover, it is extremely likely to affect the entire God Realm!” Yan Juehai quickly took over and said. His expression was very cautious, “Although we do not know exactly what it is, the Voice of Eternal Heaven several months back and the Profound God Convention that is about to begin are clearly intended to inform the many worlds about the arrival of this monumental event! We believe that the Snow Song Realm King is also aware of this.”

“That’s right.” Yan Wancang heavily nodded his head, “Since the Eternal Heaven Realm has already sent out the call and even spared no effort to share the power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl with profound practitioners from other realms, one can see how important this is. It might even be a matter of life and death! Currently, the various great star realms are on high alert and have each made their own preparations. I’ve also heard that your esteemed sect has, for the first time, opened the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake for several thousand disciples a few days ago. I believe that this action is also due to this matter.”

“That horned dragon has been alive for at least several tens of thousands of years and the dragon scales that cover its entire body are ultimate treasures that are hard to come by. If it is hunted and killed, it will surely result in an extremely large amount of resources for both our realms. The Snow Song Realm King’s profound strength may astonish the world but advancing from the Divine Master Realm is extremely difficult. However, a horned dragon several tens of thousands of age is definitely enough to allow the Snow Song Realm King to take a step forward in her cultivation in a short period of time.”

“Under the possibility of a monumental event occuring, this progress is far more significant than before!”

“This is one of the reasons.”

“Secondly,” Yan Wancang continued to speak without pausing, “A thousand years ago, success was within our sights yet we ultimately failed due to an unforeseen accident. However, that horned dragon was also gravely injured. Such injuries will not completely heal in the short span of a thousand years. The three of us have likewise not been slacking off in the past thousand years and have all improved in our cultivation. The Snow Song Realm King is surely also far more powerful than a thousand years ago. These facts in addition to the injuries of the horned dragon indicate that this is the best chance to hunt and kill it! If we miss this opportunity, it is extremely likely to make a full recovery after another thousand years. At that time, things will be much more difficult.”

“With the Snow Song Realm King’s divine might and the meager power of our Flame God Realm, I dare to say…” Yan Wancang extended two fingers, “That we have an eighty percent chance of killing the ancient horned dragon!”

At this point, Yan Wancang slowed down, “A thousand years ago, we promised that if we were successful, our two worlds would each receive half of the horned dragon’s body. This time, we will still abide by that promise. After the horned dragon is killed, we will split it fifty-fifty. After all, although the ancient horned dragon is in our Flame God Realm, without the Snow Song Realm King’s power, our Flame God Realm will not be able to kill it.”

After Yan Wancang’s speech, Mu Xuanyin did not reply for a long time. Her ice-cold face remained completely unchanged from start to end.

“Have you said all that you’ve wanted to say?” Mu Xuanyin coldly asked.

“...” Yan Wancang’s heart slighty tightened.

“Since you are done,” Mu Xuanyin straightened her body and solemnly said, “Huanzhi, see them out.”

Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai’s faces changed at the same time and Yan Wancang spoke in a loud voice, “Snow Song Realm King, you… what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Mu Xuanyin slowly stood up. As she stood up, the surrounding temperature fell and the entire sky seemed to suddenly press down on them, “If the three of you had come here only to pay your respects, this king might have even given you due respect. However, you forcibly interrupt my Great Sect Assembly and still have the gall to mention the matter of the ancient horned dragon!”

“Do you truly believe this king has forgotten the disgusting things that your Flame God Realm did a thousand years ago!!”

This shout forced the three juniors of the Flame God Realm to stumble backward. Their expressions instantly turned white as a sheet and they almost vomited blood. Ice-cold killing intent was reflected in Mu Xuanyin’s eyes, falling upon Huo Rulie who had not spoken since the beginning.

“Cra… crack...” Huo Rulie’s entire body was doused in flames, while the sound of teeth being shattered emerged from his mouth… however, he refused to speak. Even so, blood was already flowing out from the cracks between his fingers.

In the face of Mu Xuanyin’s sudden rage and killing intent, although Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai were somewhat prepared, their hearts still suddenly tightened. Yan Wancang tried to maintain his calm as he spoke, “Snow Song Realm King, it was you who first heavily injured Sect Master Huo’s only son back then…”

“Silence!” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze and killing intent abruptly shot towards Yan Wancang, causing his words to come to an abrupt stop. “That ignorant junior recklessly approached the God Burying Inferno Prison with his pathetic cultivation. Even if this king did not take action, he would have died by the flames of the horned dragon!”

“Although he was gravely injured due to this king, you clearly knew it was an accident. It is beneath this king to attack a junior in the first place! This king was ashamed by this matter from back then and desired to make up for it with the Moon Phoenix Jade… Yet, this deceitful Huo Rulie schemed against this king’s younger sister and did not even hesitate to use the horned dragon’s poison!”

“This king injured him by accident, yet Huo Rulian used a sinister scheme in return! How can these two matters be compared!?”

Yan Juehai clenched his teeth slightly and said in a deep voice, “Snow Song Realm King, our Flame God Realm was indeed in the wrong. However, after that matter back then, in your fury, you heavily injured several thousand members of our three sects and destroyed the star realms under my Flame God Realm’s control. Our losses are ten thousand times greater than your Snow Song Realm! What’s more, the one that you injured was Sect Master Huo’s only son. He had originally been a genius gifted by the heavens but was crippled as a result. Although his life has been forcibly prolonged and he can be said to barely live on, even standing has become difficult for him. It can even be said to be a life worse than death. Sect Master Huo was extremely infuriated as a result which caused him to do such a heinous thing.”

“Hmph!” Mu Xuanyin icily laughed, “He was greedy to progress, resulting in internal burn injuries that made him unable to copulate. Yet he still shifts this grievance onto this king!?”

“...” Yun Che’s mouth was wide open.

Only now did he more or less understand the grudge from a thousand years ago.

A thousand years ago, the ancient horned dragon was in its scale shedding period. Mu Xuanyin had gone to the Flame God Realm and worked with the Flame God Realm to kill the ancient horned dragon. However, just as they were about to succeed, she accidentally injured Golden Crow Sect Master Huo Rulie’s son… and it was his only son at that.

At the same time, Huo Rulie’s greed to progress at a certain stage of his cultivation led to backlash that injured his body and even made him incapable of copulating… which meant that he would never have other children.

Hence, the one that Mu Xuanyin had injured was his only son and his only descendent… moreover, from the looks of it, these injuries were extremely serious, causing his son’s entire body to be so crippled that even walking was difficult. His son had only survived until now because Huo Rulie had spared no effort in forcibly prolonging his son’s life.

Just like how Mu Xuanyin had spared no effort to forcibly prolong Mu Bingyun’s life for the past thousand years.

It was also due to this, that in his extreme rage, Huo Rulie found a chance to scheme against Mu Bingyun… and did not even hesitate to use the horned dragon’s poison from the horned dragon’s body.

Mu Xuanyin had crippled his only son and he had schemed against Mu Xuanyin’s only kin.

Evidently, compared to Mu Xuanyin accidentally injuring his son, Huo Rulie’s vengeful plotting appeared exceptionally despicable… yet, like the Golden Crow Divine God, he naturally had a violent nature. Together with the fact that he could no longer copulate and the fact that Mu Xuanyin had destroyed not only his son, but severed their entire lineage, how could he not have lost control due to extreme anger?

However… if Huo Rulie did not scheme in such a despicable manner, Mu Bingyun would not have fallen into the Profound Sky Continent and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would not exist in the Profound Sky Continent.

He would also have not met Little Fairy, he would not have become the master of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he would not have so many debts of gratitude and grudges… he would not have followed Mu Bingyun to the God Realm...

“...” Suddenly, Yun Che felt a tiny bit of… gratitude to Huo Rulie.

“Mu Xuanyin!!”

This shout was like an erupting volcano or a sudden clap of thunder that could flatten the land. Huo Rulie finally exploded after this wound of his was torn open again. The Golden Crow flames on his body instantly expanded dozens of feet as his eyes took on the color of pure gold, “You have not forgotten my scheming against Mu Bingyun and I, Huo Rulie, will never forget the hatred of you crippling my son even until death!!”

“I, Huo Rulie, am useless. I am unable to personally avenge my son… but if I manage to find a chance someday, I will definitely tear your corpse into a thousand pieces!!”

Huo Rulie furiously howled, causing the atmosphere to abruptly change. Many elders and palace masters shouted in rage as cold murderous intent instantly unfurled like a storm. Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai turned pale with fear. Yan Wancang swiftly stood in front of Huo Rulian, blocking the latter as he hastily said, “Snow Song Realm King, Sect Master Huo is easily enraged by nature and it was a rude slip of the tongue… we will leave immediately. Please forgive us, Snow Song Realm King!”

Meanwhile, Yan Juehai secretly transmitted to Huo Rulie,

“Disgraceful! Have you gone mady!? This is Snow Song Realm’s territory! Have you not experienced enough of Mu Xuanyin’s terror!?”

“What did you promise us before we came here? You promised that you would absolutely not mention the grudge from back then…”

“That’s because the one that was crippled was not your son!!!!”

Huo Rulie’s words were not secretly transmitted but were a roar filled with endless hatred and feelings that were far from that of resignation.

He was indeed unresigned, incomparably unresigned… his only son was eternally crippled while he had secretly schemed against Mu Xuanyin’s only kin with the horned dragon’s poison. He had believed all along that she was surely dead, resulting in a kind of twisted equilibrium in his heart.

However, some time ago, he suddenly heard that Mu Xuanyin had found a method to save her sister. In a short few months, she had allowed Mu Bingyun to make an almost complete recovery.

Meanwhile, he had prolonged his son’s life for a thousand years and was now at his wits end. His son was on the verge of death and could die at any time…

Huo Rulie pushed Yan Wancang aside and directly faced Mu Xuanyin. Layers of ice melted under his fury and raging flames, “Mu Xuanyin, if this old man reaches the Divine Master Realm one day, the first thing I will do is kill you!”

“With you alone?” Mu Xuanyin’s voice was full of extreme disdain and ridicule.

“Hahahaha!” Huo Rulie loudly laughed in a crazed manner, “As long as I, Huo Rulie, am not dead, I will make you die one day! If you have the guts, kill me now!”

“Do you think that this king does not dare to?” Mu Xuanyin took a step forward as winter descended on the world, “Huo Rulie, you should truly celebrate the fact that this king’s sister, Bingyun, is now safe and sound. Back then, this king vowed that if anything happened to Bingyun, it would be the day that this king abdicated her throne, which would also be the day that your Golden Crow Sect is destroyed!

“Since Bingyun is now safe and sound, I will spare Golden Crow Sect.” Mu Xuanyin extended her hand and an icy aura formed out of nowhere pierced everyone’s soul like a poisonous needle. “Your death will be enough!!”