Chapter 1001 - Absolute Frost Power

Chapter 1001 - Absolute Frost Power

Mu Xuanyin’s earlier anger was already enough to cause people to lose their color, so when she suddenly released murderous intent, everyone instantly became even more scared.

Because the murderous intent was coming from the Snow Song Realm King!

“Wait, wait! Please listen a second to this Yan!” Yan Wancang anxiously shouted as he solemnly stepped forward. By now, he was extremely regretting bringing Huo Rulie along. After all, the reason only six of them had come was because they didn’t want to seem hostile and menacing. They had only come about the matter of the horned dragon. And yet, even when their side was weak, even when they were in the midst of the Ice Phoenix Realm, Huo Rulie still dared to give no face to Mu Xuanyin in front of everyone else, speaking especially harsh words.

They couldn’t even think of anything worse that could of happened… Huo Rulie’s head must have become filled with shit!

Mu Xuanyin’s murderous intent not only terrified and shocked Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai but also the two rows of elders as Mu Huanzhi quickly yelled, “Sect Master! Let’s listen to what Sect Master Yan has to say…”

However, by this time, Mu Xuanyin’s figure had already rushed forward like a gale wind.


Yan Wancang screamed loudly as a fiery light burst from his body and a giant wave of energy pushed Yan Zhuo, Yan Mingxuan, and Huo Poyun far far away.

“Form the formation!”

Seventy two elders simultaneously flew into the sky, instantly creating a huge barrier of ice crystals.

The moment Mu Xuanyin moved, the entire courtyard went out of control. Only Yun Che stood still where he was, the expression on his face not one full of panic but that of one lost in thought.

Because he could see clearly, that the person who had caused this situation to go out of control was not Huo Rulie but Mu Xuanyin.

Yan Wancang had been sincere enough, even giving his respects as he remained calm and polite. Yet in exchange, Mu Xuanyin had coldly reprimanded him, taking the initiative to bring up old conflicts and stoke the hard to endure, fires of hatred within Huo Rulie. As if this itself wasn’t enough, she had also completely exposed all of the matters which shouldn’t be exposed to everyone here…

For such matters to be made public, it was impossible for a man to bear, let alone the Golden Crow Sect Master.

Moreover, with the burden of the Golden Crow flames, Huo Rulie’s temperament was already like a volcano… If he hadn’t exploded in anger and lost control, it would have been strange.

Mu Xuanyin must have had a deep understanding of Huo Rulie’s temperament, as there was no way she would have done what she had, if she wasn’t certain Huo Rulie would become enraged and go mad.

The only explanation for her actions was that she had done it on purpose.

However, outside of this moment, the insults thrown would have no other benefits for the relationship between the Snow Song and Flame God Realms. Yet at this moment, the only feeling Mu Xuanyin gave Yun Che was one of extreme unfathomless… and it wasn’t only her profound energy which felt unfathomable. After all, even the Ice Phoenix itself had said that Mu Xuanyin was extremely wise.

Why would she go so far to incite Huo Rulie? Was it to create a reason for killing him?


If she really wanted to kill Huo Rulie, then he would already have died. Moreover, as she had not killed Huo Rulie during the thousand years when Mu Bingyun was suffering, then she had even less of a reason to kill him now that Mu Bingyun had recovered.

After all, Mu Xuanyin had just stated that in the past, she had vowed that if Mu Bingyun died, the day she abdicated as Realm King would be the day the Golden Crow Sect vanished… These thousand years, she had vowed to kill Huo Rulie but only after she abdicated her position as Realm King. Clearly, as Realm King, she still had to consider the Snow Song Realm in her actions as, if the Snow Song and Flame God Realms truly came into bloody conflict, she herself would be fine but the Snow Song Realm would definitely meet tragedy.

Yet now, just what…

As these thoughts flashed through Yun Che’s mind, Mu Xuanyin had already reached Huo Rulie.

“You think I’m scared!?”

Huo Rulie’s entire body erupted in flames as he roared in anger, the cry of a Golden Crow resonating through the sky. At the same time, raging waves of scarlet red flames went to meet Mu Xuanyin.

At this point, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai couldn’t help but also bite the bullet and make their own moves as they both appeared beside Huo Rulie, Vermillion Bird and Phoenix flames erupting from their bodies. The three flames of primordial gods simultaneously shot into the pale sky at Mu Xuanyin, turning the sky into a mass of crimson red.

As for the three Flame God Realm disciples who had been sent flying by Yan Wancang, they remained kneeling on the ground where they were, their eyes wide as they observed from a distance… This was the first time in their lives that they had seen the three great sect masters working together to deal with a single person… and it was even a female.

As for Yun Che, his gaze was locked firmly on the figure of Yan Wancang…

The flames of the Golden Crow were so fierce they were uncontrollable. They were without a doubt the flames with the most intensity and incinerating power. Although Phoenix flames were more mild in comparison, they still naturally had the ability to burn everything. Yet the feeling Yan Wancang’s Vermillion Bird flames gave Yun Che was even milder, one which could even just be considered warmth.

This was the number one flame of the three great flames, the one called the “holy flame,” the Vermillion Bird flames feared by all devils?!

The combined three flames of the three Flame God Realm sect masters was undoubtedly the most powerful attack in the Flame God Realm. The terrifying strength of the flames caused even Yun Che to feel completely unable to breathe. As for Mu Xuanyin, who directly faced these three divine flames, she merely casually stuck out the palm of her hand… of just her left hand.

Time suddenly seemed to slow. Even the weakest disciples of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect could clearly see Mu Xuanyin’s snowy hand reach out and slowly open, revealing her white jade palm which was whiter than snow and then gently push forward. They watched as a nearly invisible icy blue flower of light went forward to meet the three divine flames which seemed to be burning the world.

The scene looked like a blue firefly charging into an erupting volcano.


The instant the weak blue light collided with the divine flames, which seemingly covered the sky, everyone’s hearts all simultaneously clenched but no sound of profound energy explosion could be heard. Instead, at this moment, everything seemed to have suddenly become fixed in place as the blue light stopped flickering and the three divine flames completely stopped rolling forward… It was like time had suddenly and completely stopped.

The only signs which showed that time was still passing were the violently trembling pupils of the three Flame God Realm sect masters.

This unbelievable freeze frame remained for three short breaths before the blue light suddenly flickered and dissipated with a gentle sound. Then, the light red Vermillion Bird flames, the deep red Phoenix flames and golden red Golden Crow flames all quickly turned a deep blue color in the blink of an eye.

“W-what?! Yun Che was so shocked his mind trembled.

The flames… were the product of the combined flames of all three Flame God Realm sect masters, yet they had actually been turned to ice!

Mu Xuanyin’s expression remained cold and still, devoid of any emotion. As for Yun Wancang and Yan Juehai, their expressions were both bitter, while Huo Rulie’s face now contained some obvious traces of fear within the anger.


The frigid ice exploded, suddenly covering the sky with countless flying shards of ice. In this instant, Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai were simultaneously sent flying. Yan Wancang’s feet scraped against the ground as he slid hundreds of meters backwards until his back heavily collided with the ice barrier condensed by the combined energies of the Ice Phoenix elders. As for Yan Juehai, he flew into the barrier on the other side and was left kneeling on the ground. He remained that way for quite a while before standing up and when he finally did get up, his hands both covered in a thin layer of ice…

Although this layer of ice seemed thin and fragile, Yan Juehai had to desperately incite his phoenix flames several times to slowly melt all of it.

However, Huo Rulie was much less fortunate than the two of them as a streak of blue light penetrated through space whilst the ice exploded, destroying the profound energy protecting Huo Rulie’s body, silently piercing through his chest.


An extremely painful moan escaped Huo Rulie’s lips as his body was sent tumbling through the air. As he flew, a long arrow of blood formed from the blood spurting out of his wound. He smashed into the ground hundreds of meters away.

Before the arrow of blood could land, it melted back into blood.


A windstorm whistled as a catastrophic blizzard descended on the courtyard. Mu Xuanyin floated in midair, enveloping herself in the eye of the storm as she coldly looked down at Huo Rulie, who was painfully twitching in the frost.

The entire palace courtyard was silent. The three disciples brought by the three sect masters were all dazed where they were, unable, or perhaps not daring, to believe what they had seen. Although had heard of the Snow Song Realm King’s peerless might long ago, they had never imagined that the three sect masters, who were unparalleled in the Flame God Realm, whom they viewed as gods, would be beaten into such tragic states by the Snow Song Realm King. It was even more impossible for them to accept it… and the defeat had been so fast and so thorough.

In the short span of several breaths, two of them had been sent flying and the third, Huo Rulie, had been severely wounded.

They finally realized why in the past, the Flame God Realm had chosen to swallow its anger after Mu Xuanyin destroyed all of the star realms under its control even though the Flame God Realm was clearly tens of times stronger than the Snow Song Realm.

Yun Che’s mouth was gaping open. Only a while later did it finally close. His entire chest felt like it was filled with cold air.

Although Mu Bingyun had already mentioned that the three Flame God Realm sect masters together were still not a match for the Snow Song Realm King on his first day in the Snow Song Realm, Yun Che had never imagined that the gap was so wide… the three great sect masters were each equal in strength to a Realm King of a middle star realm, yet they couldn’t even endure a single one of Mu Xuanyin’s attacks.

It was definitely not that the three sect masters were too weak; Mu Xuanyin was just too terrifyingly strong.

Her power was perhaps no less than a fully restored Jasmine… Yun Che trembled as this thought silently passed through his mind.

“Master!” Anxious and panicking, Huo Poyun mindlessly rushed to Huo Rulie’s side. Upon seeing that Huo Rulie’s injury was nothing too serious, Huo Poyun felt slightly relieved even though Huo Rulie’s face was still a pale white and his entire body was radiating cold. Nonetheless, Huo Poyun’s heart was still uncontrollably trembling.

Without observing it themselves, no one from the Flame God Realm would ever believe that the Snow Song Realm’s Great Realm King was terrifying to such an extent. She was an existence that was on a completely different level than the three sect masters.

“Snow Song Realm King… please have mercy!” Yan Wancang desperately screamed, “We definitely did not come here with any hostile intentions!”

“Sect Master, please calm down!” Mu Bingyun had already rushed out to beside Mu Xuanyin. She slowly nodded her head.

“Killing Huo Rulie is not beneficial to either of our realms… I beg for the Snow Song Realm King to think carefully.” Yan Juehai stood up, his two frostbitten hands still quivering as he said, “We only came because of the matter of the horned dragon. We definitely did not come here with the intention of provoking you.”

Mu Xuanyin completely ignored the two but did indeed stay her hand as she coldly glared at Huo Rulie and emotionlessly taunted him, “Huo Rulie, this king had thought that you had become stronger these past years as you dared to bark wildly in front of this king, yet your bark indeed still has no bite behind it.”

“Mu Xuanyin!” Huo Rulie’s hand propped against the ground as his two scarlet red eyes seemingly exploded. However, as soon as words came out of his mouth, Yan Wancang screamed, “Huo Rulie, shut the hell up!”

Yan Juehai gritted his teeth as he also turned to Huo Rulie and said, “Huo Rulie, if you want to die, don’t drag us along with you! If you are so easily angered by just a couple phrases, you have wasted your time alive all these years! It hasn’t been long since you accepted a direct disciple, one who you personally said was like your own child, yet right now, you are about to cause him to die!”

Yan Juehai seriously wanted to go over and give Huo Rulie several slaps and then also slap himself several times… he knew that Huo Rulie’s anger had never been dispelled these last thousand years. Moreover, he also knew that Huo Rulie had a fit upon learning that Mu Bingyun had completely recovered. Yet he still brought Huo Rulie along this time…

His head must have been filled with shit!

Yan Juehai’s voice was like a bucket of ice water thrown onto Huo Rulie’s face. Huo Rulie’s teeth clenched, releasing cracking sounds but… looking at Huo Poyun beside him, Huo Rulie finally swallowed the curses in his mouth along with the blood.

“Alright… alright…” Huo Rulie’s voice trembled as he said, “Mu Xuanyin, I will admit my defeat today… I was my own undoing! Indeed, in front of you, all I am is a piece of garbage! I can’t defeat you, I couldn’t rescue my son, and I couldn’t even properly get revenge for him!”

“However, there is one thing which you, Mu Xuanyin, will never match me at!” Huo Rulie’s voice suddenly became louder as he shouted with coarse breaths, “Your Snow Song Realm, outside of yourself, will never be able to compare to my Flame God Realm! In your pitiful Snow Song Realm, you can’t even find someone to pass your techniques on to! I truly cannot compare to you… but that is just me! Once I’ve died and once you’ve died, your successor and their successor, will only ever be able to kneel at the feet of my successors. They will never be able to match up! Hahahahaha!”