Chapter 659 - Heartless Instant Kill

Chapter 659 - Heartless Instant Kill

Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi frantically turned around, looking in shock at this ghostlike person who had suddenly appeared. Their hearts had also skipped a beat… such frightening speed, this person’s profound strength would definitely be much higher than theirs!

The person in front of them looked only a bit over twenty years old. Dressed in a robe filled with golden patterns, his calm expression seemed somewhat sinister. The two of them asked in unison, “Who exactly are you!!”

As they spoke, they had already measured his profound aura… their expressions turned dumbfounded at the same time and their earlier nervousness had instantly dissipated. Ye Qingsheng had also instantly spoke with contempt, “Hmph, it’s only an outrageous little brat.”

The other party’s profound aura was only in the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm. Although, for his age, such cultivation was already considered shocking, in front of them, it would even be able to withstand one blow. It was at a level that would not be able to cause scratch them or resist their attacks.

As for his speed… it was probably because he primarily trained in speed type profound arts or because he relied on some sort of profound artifact.

Yun Che had sprinted over, and when Ye Qingsheng was overcoming the Heavenly Firm Main Door, he was already above the Frozen End Divine Hall. Then, he also clearly heard everything that Ye Qingsheng had said and instantly understood the gist of things… The fact that the Frozen End Divine Hall was created using Heavenly Firm Jade was something he knew very well. The toughness of Heavenly Firm Jade was something he had once tested using Dragon Fault… A blow at full strength did not even cause a scratch. Obviously, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had escaped into the Frozen End Divine Hall due to the unfortunate circumstance,s and these people had used a large amount of time to forcefully break apart the main door of the Frozen End Divine Hall.

As for himself, he had also fortunately arrived at the very last second.

Initially, he had considered the Frozen Cloud Ancestor’s use of the luxurious Heavenly Firm Jade for the entire underground grand hall to be outrageous… But now, it had saved nearly all the women of Frozen Cloud as well as everyone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Yun Che’s downcast gaze swept over the twelve people in front of him… All of them were unfamiliar faces, and all of them wore the same black clothing. Not only were there no emblems or signs on their clothing, their clothing didn’t even have any other colors. They obviously had intended to hide their identity. As for profound strength… two of them were in the middle stage Tyrant Profound Realm while the other ten were at least in the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm!

Yun Che’s gaze shifted away from them as his expression remained cold, and he did not reply to them. Instead, he turned and looked at Gong Yuxian, who was being supported by Murong Qianxue and Jun Lianqie.

The sudden appearance of this man had also caused everyone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to be shocked. But, when he turned around, all the women who saw his face were instantly stunned, and their beautiful eyes revealed looks of disbelief despite the shock.

“Yun… Yun Che!?”

Scanning across the corner of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Yun Che could see the deceased Grand Palace Mistress, Feng Qianhui, who still showed hatred on her face, within an ice coffin which had sparse ice spirits floating around it. He walked slowly and arrived in front of Gong Yuxian under everyone’s gaze. Gong Yuxian’s pale face was bluish as well, and her vitality was exceptionally weak. With one glance, he could tell that not only were her injuries severe, they had lasted for several months. If it were not for the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies extending her vitality with their profound strength and her strong determination to survive, she would already have breathed her last breath and died long ago… If her determination was to waver even slightly, she would probably die within a few breaths of time.

Also, her body no longer emitted any profound aura… Her profound energy had dissipated. Even if she were to recover, she would have to retrain her profound strength from scratch. He knew that to a person who arrogantly looked on the Blue Wind, who was the mistress of the Asgard, this was a fate that was crueler than death.

Yun Che let out a long breath, bent down, stretched out his arm, and injected some Heaven and Earth’s energy into Gong Yuxian body through the air while saying with guilt, “Palace Mistress… I’m late.”

Gong Yuxian stretched out her palm with difficulty. Because of the extreme shock and agitation, her pale face showed an unusual tinge of red. “You… you… Yun Che… is that really you? Didn’t you… didn’t…”

“It’s me.” Yue Che strongly nodded as he opened his palm, and in the middle of it, a pocket sized Tree of Frozen End grew. “With the Frozen End Divine Arts as proof, unlike what many may have claimed, I did not die in the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago. I was only brought to another world by the Primordial Profound Ark and returned today.”

In this world, the only people who possessed the Frozen End Divine Arts were Yun Che and Xia Qingyue. Seeing the Tree of Frozen End on Yun Che’s palm, they no longer dared to doubt that the person in front of them was someone who only looked similar to Yun Che. Instead, they knew full well that this was indeed the Yun Che that everyone assumed had died.

Gong Yuxian’s lips trembled, and her eyes glinted with a weak and unusual glow. However, this unusual glow quickly faded away. “You are actually… still alive… such a… miracle… however… cough... cough, cough... Today… you shouldn’t have… shouldn’t have…”

Yun Che understood her meaning of “shouldn’t have”... Because the ones that caused Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to be in such a peril were two Overlords, his arrival… would only result in death.

“No.” Yun Che shook his head. “I’m a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. When the Asgard is in trouble… I should have returned earlier. Asgard mistress, please rest assured that now that I’m back… I will not allow anyone to trample over our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

“Tsk, hahahahaha.” Behind Yun Che, conceited laughter erupted out. When Ye Qingsheng had heard Yun Che’s words just now, he felt that it was undoubtedly an extremely laughable joke. “You’re going to make me laugh my head off. This wild brat that nobody knows which hole in the ground he came from actually promised that he would protect Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? Hahahaha… Indeed, only poor laughingstocks are produced in such a pathetic and lowly place. The third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, although you can indeed walk against the law in a small nation like Blue Wind, it’s a pity that citizens from such a lousy place would forever be jokes in front of this great lord. Your movements skills are indeed not bad, and you have the ability to receive this great lord’s praise. However, if this great lord wants you to die in a breath of time, you would definitely not live for another breath.”

“Yun Che? That name is a little familiar,” Ye Ziyi said plainly.

“Heh, of course it sounds familiar.” Ye Qingsheng coldly laughed. “He’s the brat that slapped Divine Phoenix Nation on the face during the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament back then and even enraged our Young Master. Tsk, tsk, I heard that he had disappeared along with that whatever Primordial Profound Ark. I didn’t expect him to actually come back alive… For a very long period back then, whenever Yun Che’s name was mentioned, Young Master would grind his teeth in hatred. If he knew that this brat was actually alive… he would undoubtedly be delighted!”

Young Master? Primordial Profound Ark?

These two people caused Yun Che’s heart to sink as the name and face of someone he loathed appeared in his mind...

Sun Moon Divine Hall… Ye Xinghan!!

These people seemed to be from the Sun Moon Divine Hall and also seemed to be personally sent by Ye Xinghan!

Just what happened? Why would Sun Moon Divine Hall allow its people to attack Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? Sun Moon Divine Hall and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… were obviously two different entities from two different worlds, and there was no reason why they needed to interact with one another!

With a face of playfulness and pity, Ye Qingsheng said, “It wasn’t easy for you to survive, and yet you’re rushing to your death now.”

His eyebrows sank as he waved his hand. “Capture that brat now! But don’t be too violent and kill him. Young Master will be very interested in finding ways to kill him!”

As he finished speaking, a man dressed in black who was behind him rushed forward like lightning and attempted to grab Yun Che… From the ten people, only he moved. Among the ten, the lowest in profound cultivation was still in the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm. To handle someone who was merely in the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, even one person would be overkill.

“Yun Che, be careful!” Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli shouted together in panic. At the same time, they grabbed their ice swords and wanted to move forward to defend against the attack with Yun Che. They had already personally felt these people’s strengths. Although the ten men dress in black were just followers, any one of them would be much stronger than anyone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Facing the man in black that was rushing towards him, Yun Che’s cold expression did not change, nor did he move from his position one bit. He only stretched out his palm and made a slight wave with his hand.


A thunderous, loud explosion suddenly rang out, and the man in black who was still ten meters away from Yun Che… had instantly disappeared from where he was in the midst of the noise and landed on a stone wall thirty meters away before falling heavily onto the ground. His body was dyed with blood and went soft . After that, he did not move at all as though he was a stray dog that had just been beaten up.

The entire area, at that instant, had violently shaken.

Frozen Cloud Divine Hall became dead silent. Ye Qingsheng, Ye Ziyi… as well as everyone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was stunned right there… The man in black was in the ninth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, and even within the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, not one of them were his match. When he rushed at Yun Che, the pressure emitted from his profound strength was exceptionally intense. Even someone in the fifth level of the Emperor Profound Realm would be taken down in an instant.

As for Yun Che… he merely… waved his hand a little!!

“Haokong!!!” After the men in black had regained their senses, they hastily rushed forward. The moment they touched the man in black’s body, their eyes trembled and revealed deep fear.

“All of his meridians are severed… his bones are broken… dead… already dead …” uttered a man in black, his voice trembling.

“Whaa… whatttt!!” Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi were extremely shocked as cold sweat ran down their backs.

A level nine Throne… died… all his meridians were severed and his bones shattered… His opponent was only a level three Throne, and he only casually waved his hand! It really was only one casual wave. Before then, they did not detect Yun Che attempt to gather any profound energy. There was not even a slight wave of profound energy… nor had he used any profound skill!

He even did it through the air… and was at least ten meters away!

Given their cultivation that was in the middle stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm, they naturally could also kill a level nine Throne in one move… However, that would use up to eighty percent of their strength, and they would definitely not be able to do it as casually as Yun Che had done… They also could not possibly rely only their profound aura to kill through the air! Needless to say, severing someone’s meridians and shattering their bones...

Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli, who were originally about to intervene, were stunned, and all the women from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace stared wide-eyed with their mouths agape. They dared not believe the scene that they had just witnessed. Gong Yuxian’s eyes trembled in an exceptionally vigorous fashion, and her breaths became much shallower… Yun Che did not die. She believed that with Yun Che unparalleled talent, within three years, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

However, no matter how fast one’s speed of growth was, it was not possible to reach a level that could easily defeat an Overlord in the short span of three years… Therefore, Yun Che’s return brought her shock, joy… and eventually fear.

Furthermore, never in her wildest dreams would she imagine that… today’s Yun Che could causally kill a level Throne in a matter of seconds.

Although she has not interacted with anyone above the Emperor Profound Realm before, she clearly knew that in order to do so… one had to at least be in the latter stages of the Tyrant Profound Realm!!

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