Chapter 723 - Reason

Chapter 723 - Reason

Facing the “pardon” Feng Xue’er exchanged using her tears, Feng Tianwei’s actions were considered extremely shameless and despicable. Especially since he was the Phoenix Grand Sect Master, the exceptionally strong level six Monarch. He lost all his dignity and pride. However, everyone who witnessed this, except for Feng Xue’er, did not feel shock nor did anyone feel that it was inappropriate.

This of course included Yun Che.

The blood debt he owed after bringing chaos to the Divine Phoenix Sect, his incomparably terrifying strength, ruthless and venomous personality, and his evident irregular feelings for Feng Xue’er… Every single one of these points was enough to spur Divine Phoenix Sect to kill him, regardless of the costs!

And this, was the best opportunity to kill Yun Che!

Even if they were to be labeled by the entire world as despicable and shameless, they definitely could not allow Yun Che, who had retracted his domain, to leave here alive. Even Feng Tianwei himself was the first person to take action.

This profound light that originated from Feng Tianwei was swift and ferocious. Just the sound of the shattering space transmitted to every corner of Divine Phoenix City. However, even before everyone managed to hear the sound of the shattering space, the fatal profound light had already reached Yun Che and stabbed straight at his vitals.

As for Yun Che, he was still using his full strength to retract the Golden Crow Domain and did not react even slightly… or perhaps, in his current condition, Yun Che was no longer able to react to this swift and suddenly profound light attack.

“Yun Che… die!!” Feng Ximing stared intensely at the air as his eyes revealed a hideously ecstatic look.


A deafening exploding noise rang in the sky, but it was not the sound of the profound light hitting Yun Che.

Right when Feng Tianwei’s flaming profound light was within fifteen meters of Yun Che, another eye catching flaming light suddenly appeared and knocked against the flaming profound light… Instantly, the course the flaming profound light was flying largely changed. The profound light that was originally aiming straight at Yun Che had hit the space behind him and disappeared into the sky.

Yun Che had not been harmed in the slightest. Only the back of his clothes tore apart due to the violent ripples of air.

Feng Tianwei’s face instantly darkened. Feng Ximing’s expression that had distorted in ecstasy was also stuck plastered on his face.

Beside Yun Che, Feng Xue’er had moved from Yun Che’s side to his front and her back stuck closely onto Yun Che’s chest. Her snow hands stretched out and a ball of scarlet flames ignited on her palm… Before this, the flames that Feng Xue’er ignited had always been warm and gentle, but now, the mediocre sized flame was shaking exceptionally vigorously.

The streaks of tears of Feng Xue’er had not dried up. She wore an expression of pain, heartache, disbelief… and even a tinge of despair.

Vicious, shameless, evil, despicable… in her entire life, these were words that she had only used in the Primordial Profound Ark on Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan. These two people were the first two people that she had ever had the emotion of “hatred” in her entire life.

However, this time… it was brought to her by her loved ones.

“Why…” She muttered, uncertain whether she was questioning her own loved ones or whether she was questioning the world, “Grandfather… Why did you do this!!!”

“...” Feng Tianwei remained speechless as his heart was in a deep shock.

Although the fire profound light was a sudden action, it had not been rushed. He had patiently accumulated energy for countless breaths of time. Therefore, that profound energy was Feng Tianwei’s unrestrained full strength. He strongly believed that even if it were not an exhausted Yun Che but a Yun Che at full strength, there was no way he could avoid it and he would definitely die upon being hit.

With Feng Xue’er innocence, she would not have expected that Yun Che would be suddenly attacked. Therefore, she must have reacted the instant after the attack went out, before it managed to hit Yun Che...

An action made with such haste, if she were able to use thirty percent of her powers, it would have already been the limit. Yet, she manage to deflect the fire profound light that he had sent at full strength!

“Xue’er, you’re still young, you definitely won’t be able to understand…” Feng Hengkong replied in pain, “However, doing this is really for the sake of our entire clan! When you grow up and understand the laws of the world, you’ll be able to understand.”

“I indeed do not understand… and will never be able to understand!” Feng Xue’er snow white face was filled with sadness. The Phoenix flame in her hand did not extinguish as her other hand held onto Yun Che’s arm tightly. She used her entire body and flame to protect him, “I only know you have murdered countless Blue Wind citizens… I only see that Big Brother Yun chose to forgive, yet you all want to kill him and you use such… such despicable means!

“Royal Father… Grandfather… You aren’t supposed to be such people!”

Upon saying her last sentence, the tears that she had fought so hard to resist fell once again. This had also caused Feng Hengkong as well as the other Divine Phoenix Sect members’ hearts to wince.

“No need to speak much more,” Feng Tianwei coldly said, “Xue’er won’t be able to grow up in an instant and Yun Che must die today no matter what. Especially since we have already acted this way against him… With his cruel personality, if he does get to leave, he’ll definitely take revenge in the future…”

Feng Tianwei’s words were something that everyone knew clearly. He chose to retract his domain when he had full advantage, allowing Divine Phoenix Sect to escape from the verge of extinction. However, they had acted viciously after he had pardoned them. No matter how magnanimous a person was, he would undoubted bear extreme hatred… needless to say Yun Che!!

If he did not die, his revenge in the future… was something that made everyone shudder simply by thinking about it.

Feng Hengkong gritted his teeth as his crushed heart held a slight hesitation. He chose not to look Feng Xue’er in the eye again and coldly ordered, “All elders listen up, seal off all of Yun Che’s escape routes. Kill him at all cost!!”


Feng Xue’er, “...”

Upon receiving Feng Hengkong’s orders, all the elders rose into the air and formed a large circle which trapped Yun Che in the center… However, Feng Xue’er stood firmly in front of Yun Che, their bodies stuck closely together. All the elders looked on but none of them dared to act rashly.

“Xue’er, come to royal father’s side.” Feng Hengkong slowly rose into midair and stretched his hand out towards Xue’er, “Even if you were to blame me, hate me, it’s fine… We definitely must kill Yun Che today. When you get older, you’ll understand royal father’s pains.”

Feng Xue’er did not shake her head but also did not move away from Yun Che. Even her tears had stopped falling. Surrounding her, all the familiar faces that usually gave her warmth and kindness now became exceptionally frightening. All the usually gentle and caring faces and gazes were now unusually foreign and disgusting...

She finally started to understand the meaning of the words Yun Che told her three years ago in Phoenix Perching Valley...

“Big Brother Yun, I want to grow up more quickly. When I’m twenty, I’ll be able to leave Divine Phoenix Nation and travel anywhere I want.”

“...Xue’er, I’d rather you never grow up.”

“Ah? Why?”

“Because as you get older, you will begin to understand more. However, as you understand more, you will lose even more, and these things that you lose can never be recovered… Although you’ll be able to expand your horizon, the things you’ll see will not be the good of the world, but instead its darkness and ugliness… Especially since you’re the Divine Phoenix Princess, you’ll be forced to shoulder the future of Divine Phoenix Sect.”



“Royal father, can you give Xue’er a reason?” Feng Xue’er’s voice sounded rather uncertain.

“Xue’er, he killed four of your royal brothers… and so many of our clansmen! Is this not reason enough!” Feng Hengkong shouted agitatedly.

Feng Xue’er slowly shook her head and replied softly, “There are many things that I do not comprehend. But, regarding this matter, I understand completely… the person that killed them was not Big Brother Yun but you, royal father!

“It was precisely because royal father issued orders to invade Blue Wind Nation, trampled over the peace of the citizens of Blue Wind Nation, dyed their rivers with blood, causing even the death of Big Brother Yun’s royal father… which made Big Brother Yun come to take revenge and stop the fighting! This was the reason why they’d die… royal father, do you really not understand that you’re the reason behind all these?! These are all retribution for the mistakes that you have committed… They did not die because of Big Brother Yun, they died because of you, royal father.”

“...” Feng Hengkong’s body shuddered as his face turned completely pale. Similar voices had attacked his heart more than once in recent times. It had nearly turned into a nightmare that he could not escape from. For Feng Xue’er to say such words, it was simply more heartbreaking than a nightmare. He hissed, “Xue’er… you don’t understand… you really don’t! The reason why royal father did all of this was for the future of our Divine Phoenix Sect… it concerns the life and death of our entire clan!”

“For the sake of our own survival, you can willfully trample and destroy other nations and their citizens!” Feng Xue’er shouted.

“Xue’er can’t you be obedient?” Feng Ximing uttered with a pleading look, “The strong feasts on the weak. This is the most basic law of the world. The progression of Profound Sky Continent, the rise and prosperity of empires were all brought about by battles…”

“But is what we did actual battles?!” Feng Xue’er angrily cut off Feng Ximing’s words, her gaze and voice trembling, “The prerequisite of battles is to ensure the safety of innocent civilians. This is something even an infant would know. The creation and prosperity of an empire’s most basic and fundamental rule is stability and winning the hearts of people. However, what did the Divine Phoenix Sect do in Blue Wind… slaughter innocent lives, burn down cities, destroy land… This is simply massacre… an act devoid of any human nature!”

Feng Hengkong’s lips trembled as he was rendered speechless.

Feng Xue’er placed her hand on her heart. The pain she felt there was simply heart wrenching, “I, Feng Xue’er, was born in Divine Phoenix City, and received the grace of Lord Phoenix God upon birth. Received the care of grandfather, royal father and the entire clan. I saw that no one within Divine Phoenix Nation oppressed others who were weaker than them… All these years, I had felt lucky and proud to be royal father’s daughter and a citizen of Divine Phoenix Nation. I relied on royal father and respected every single clan member and even believed that royal father was the most noble person in the world and that the Divine Phoenix Sect that I was born in was the most noble sect and family. Everyday, I reminded myself that I must use all my abilities to inherit the Lord Phoenix God’s will and carry Divine Phoenix Sect’s future on my shoulders…”

“...Xue’er…” Feng Hengkong closed his eyes slowly.

“However, is all this… simply just a facade? For the sake of our own survival and prosperity, we kill innocent citizens like devils…. Millions of lives were lost and we turned a nation into a living hell… Even if the Divine Phoenix was able to become the world’s strongest by dyeing itself with the blood of countless innocent people and carried numerous sins… It would only make me feel fear and disgust. Even Lord Phoenix God would not be able to accept or pardon this.”

“...” Feng Hengkong’s chest suffocated as he felt as though he had been suppressed by a heavy steel board. His mixed feelings even caused his consciousness to feel fuzzy.

At this moment, an extremely violent torrent of profound energy suddenly exploded forth from within the heavy and suppressed space. Feng Tianwei, who had stayed silent the entire time, suddenly made a move. His hand, which was burning with scarlet flames, was like a devil’s blood-drenched claw as it struck straight towards Yun Che’s heart.

Everyone, including Feng Hengkong and Feng Ximing who were closest to him, were caught off guard as well.

When Feng Tianwei made his move, he was merely less than a hundred meters away from Yun Che. Suddenly making a move at such a distance, forget about Yun Che, even if it was an expert at the same level, without any defenses prepared, it was still extremely possible to be severely injured with a single strike.

To Feng Tianwei, Yun Che had to die today no matter what… With him dead, future troubles could be prevented, and Feng Xue’er’s feelings could be severed as well. As for other matters, they could be slowly alleviated in the future. After all, the phoenix bloodline flowed in Feng Xue’er’s body. After all, she was the daughter of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family.

At such a close distance, a level six Monarch unleashed his full strength while everyone was caught unawares. Feng Tianwei had absolute confidence that in the next instant, he could slice Yun Che into ribbons, and then burn his corpse and bones into nothingness.

However, when his hand had just reached a distance thirty meters away from Yun Che, a pressure, heavy to the point where the blood in his entire body had seemingly frozen up instantly, suddenly descended from the sky. His movements abruptly turned sluggish, and following after, his line of sight was completely shrouded by a scarlet red light that had suddenly appeared...

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