Chapter 712 - Battling a Monarch

Chapter 712 - Battling a Monarch

“Hoho. After not seeing the sun and moon for a hundred years, I would have never expected that the current fledglings would actually become this unaware of the difference between heaven and earth.” His slightly changed expression quickly calmed down; Feng Tianyu was not angered because of Yun Che words, instead, he slowly shook his head as he let out a pitiful sigh.

“Ignorant junior, how are you worthy of calling out the name of our Divine Phoenix Grand Sect Master?” Feng Tianqing asked with a solemn voice.

Their two faces looked as calm as before, but deep inside, both of their hearts were surging with waves of emotions… They had already repeatedly confirmed that the profound aura emitted from Yun Che’s body was indeed merely at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm.

Although they had long discovered his strength through Feng Hengkong’s description, they were still shocked in their hearts after personally witnessing him themselves. With just the strength of the Emperor Profound, he had actually consecutively killed several princes and elders, forcing the Divine Phoenix Sect to have no choice but to call upon the grand generation for help. Just how incredible was this?

In this world, such a person actually existed!?

“Oh? I can’t understand those words.” Yun Che said with a cold smile, “Even I feel ashamed and saddened in place of your Grand Sect Master Feng Tianwei for bearing a son like Feng Hengkong whom cannot even be compared to pigs and dogs, does not carry any conscience, and should be struck by lightning from the heavens themselves. I’m not worthy of calling out his name? Heh. Even by calling out his full name, I feel that my mouth has been dirtied a little, pooh!”


Ever since the establishment of the Divine Phoenix Sect five thousand years ago, who dared to humiliate the name of the Grand Sect Master in such a manner!? Even the Four Great Sacred Grounds definitely wouldn’t dare to do so! Even Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianwei’s states of mind and soul, which had been refined for several hundred years, were completely enraged from Yun Che’s words… They had already seen Yun Che’s arrogance for themselves when they first met, but they never expected that he would be arrogant and impudent to such an extent!!

“Fledgling, you sure have huge guts to actually dare humiliate my divine sect’s Grand Sect Master!!” Feng Tianyu said with great anger.

“Grand Elder, no need to be agitated by him.” Feng Hengkong suddenly said with a solemn voice. “This devilspawn’s state of mind is irregular. Three years ago, his profound strength was merely at the Earth Profound Realm, yet when he was facing our divine sect alone, he was incomparably calm. Currently, although he’s calm, it’s definitely impossible for him not to fear you two Grand Elders. Evidently, his words are used to purposefully anger you, Grand Elders, in order to seek for the opportunity to flee while you two Grand Elders are in great fury!”

“This boy is incomparably sly and possesses various deceptive tricks, making it hard to come up with preventive measures against him. Grand Elders, there’s completely no need to waste any of your saliva with him… Simply kill him this instant!!”

When Feng Hengkong’s words fell, Feng Tianyu had already risen with wind-breaking speed. A flaming long halberd appeared horizontally in the air, and it pierced straight towards Yun Che. “Arrogant devilspawn, die!!”

When the Monarch made a move, the instant eruption of aura caused several tens of thousands of Phoenix disciples to tumble onto the ground from the blast of force; at the same time, several kilometers of wind and sand violently rose.

Yun Che’s figure blurred; in one Star God’s Broken Shadow, he lightly dodged, causing Feng Tianyu’s attack to simply strike air and pierce through a blurred image. Suddenly, a profound glow appeared on Yun Che’s body, and with the Extreme Mirage Lightning, he headed towards the southeastern direction like a bolt of lightning.

“Feng Hengkong, it seems like you’re still not prepared to listen to me obediently today and you have even called out two old undead farts. Hahahaha… You’d best not regret it!!”

As a level three Monarch, the attack he struck towards a Throne was actually completely dodged, and the flaming halberd, which was created through his Monarch fire energy, had merely pierced a blurred image. Because of this, Feng Tianyu was both astonished and enraged in an instant. He quickly raised his body as phoenix flames surged forth from his entire body and immediately chased after Yun Che. “Let me see where you’re thinking of fleeing to! Today, this old man will personally burn you into ashes!!”

Feng Tianqing rose into the sky, but just as he was about give chase as well, Feng Tianyu’s voice sounded from afar, “Tianqing, stay within the sect. This devilspawn does not have the qualifications to have both of us attack at the same time!”

Feng Tianqing’s profound energy instantly retracted. He looked towards the direction where Yun Che and Feng Tianyu was heading to, and his face was filled with astonishment, “It seems that what you have said wasn’t an exaggeration. A mere Throne is actually capable of displaying such speed! It’s seemingly comparable to Tianyu’s!”

“There’s an extremely high possibility that the profound movement skill he’s executing is the Thief God Clan’s Extreme Mirage Lightning. Extreme Mirage Lightning is, after all, the officially recognized number one profound movement skill of the Profound Sky Continent.” Feng Hengkong hatefully stated.

“But it’s definitely impossible for him to escape from Tianyu’s grasp.” Feng Tianqing plainly said, “Although his speed is sufficient to compete with Tianyu’s, when it comes to the depth of profound energy, the difference between him and Tianyu can be said to be of heaven and earth. It might be hard for Tianyu to catch up to him within a short amount of time, but as time progresses, Yun Che’s profound energy will definitely quickly deplete, and when that time comes, hmph, I wonder if he will still be as arrogant.”

Yun Che, with Extreme Mirage Lightning enveloping his body, moved at wind-breaking speed, as Divine Phoenix City passed by below him at an extreme speed. In a distance of two kilometers behind him, Feng Tianyu’s Phoenix flames burned from his body; wherever he went, blazing waves of wind would start to swirl. His eyes stared deeply at Yun Che’s figure, yet, his heart was growing more and more astonished… Although he was not losing his target from his line of sight the entire time, he was still unable to close the distance between him and Yun Che even after using his full strength. He had chased him for a long time, yet, he was still two kilometers apart from Yun Che.

He, a mighty level three Monarch, with his full speed, was actually unable to catch up to a level three Throne!!

If someone were to bring up this matter to him, he would definitely take it as a huge joke. But as of this moment, this situation was happening on himself!

With speed like that, it was no wonder Feng Hengkong would be forced to such an extent.

The clouds in the sky above were brutally blasted away by two violent waves of air. Not long after, two people, one behind the other, had flown away from the boundaries of Divine Phoenix City as they charged towards the southeast.

After traversing a hundred kilometers away from Divine Phoenix City, Feng Tianyu’s expression fiercely focused all of a sudden. In his line of sight, Yun Che’s figure was gradually enlarging… The distance between the two had begun to shorten, closing in at a considerably quick pace.

Feng Tianyu’s brows twitched as his face revealed a color of joy… Although Yun Che’s speed was astonishing, when it came to endurance, how could it possibly compare to his? The flames on his body surged, and his speed faintly increased a notch again. Just as he was about to shout out, he suddenly saw that Yun Che’s figure which was in front of him, quickly closed in...

He actually stopped in midair and even turned to face him.

“Heh, have you finally given up!?” Feng Tianyu coldly laughed. He did not ignore the words spoken by Feng Hengkong back then, and he did not have the slightest plan to stop and play with his prey. Reaching out his right arm, the flames on his body instantly expanded, forming eight bulky flaming pillars that blasted straight towards Yun Che.

They were engulfing flames coming from a Monarch. The moment eight blasts of Phoenix flames came charging forth, the space surrounding Yun Che had already twisted into countless spirals. All of the elements, sound, and even rays of light were being completely engulfed by the Monarch’s flames.

Yun Che’s complexion sank, and his gaze became cold and calm. His body was suspended in midair, yet he did not have the slightest of intention to dodge. On his body, Phoenix flames were similarly set ablaze, and his two arms, which were crossed in front of his chest, were suddenly swung apart.

In an instant, eight similar pillars of Phoenix flames whizzed out from his body, carrying fiery radiance that was even deeper and hotter than Feng Tianyu’s, as they charged towards the incoming eight blasts of Phoenix flames.

Sixteen blasts of Phoenix flames, like sixteen hideous-looking dancing fire pythons, struck against each other in midair.

With a loud bang, the earth instantly split opened into several dozens of giant cracks. Soil and dirt burst into the air like a fountain, reaching up to three hundred meters in height. The flaming light, which soared to the skies, actually reached up to several hundred meters in height; a crimson red radiance had even illuminated the entire sky for several seconds.

When the red light dispersed, the originally considerably flat ground below Yun Che and Feng Tianyu had already turned into a gigantic, deep crater, and fiery stars scattered about in the air. Looking at the completely unharmed Yun Che, Feng Tianyu’s expression finally had a slight change… Although these were Phoenix flames which he had merely casually thrown out, they were still profound energy of the Monarch level! Even if Yun Che was really as strong as Feng Hengkong had described, at the very least, he should have been heavily injured by the flames.

However, even in his dreams would he not expect that the Phoenix flames that he dished out, would actually be completely nullified by Yun Che!

Feng Tianyu did not continue attacking. With eagle-like eyes, he stared straight at Yun Che, “Sect Master had told this old man that even though your profound strength is merely at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, in terms of ability, you’re comparable to a half-step Monarch! At first, this old man did not believe it, but seeing it now, Sect Master’s evaluation wasn’t the least bit exaggerated.

“To be capable of unleashing might comparable to that of a half-step Monarch with profound energy of the Emperor Profound, forget about this old man, even in the history of Profound Sky Continent, there had never been an appearance of someone with talent that had reached such heights. Just by this level of talent alone, it isn’t an exaggeration to call you number one throughout the ages of Profound Sky Continent,” Feng Tianyu’s words were filled with praise, but the killing intent in his gaze had turned even heavier, “But, you just had to court death by coming to our Divine Phoenix Sect!! It seems this old man will have no choice but to kill a true genius today!”

“Oh, then I really have to trouble you to personally make a move.” Yun Che said with a sarcastic look.

“Since you know of this old man’s name, then you should most likely know of this old man’s strength. It seems like you’re not that stupid, being aware that no matter how you run, it’s merely a meaningless struggle!” Feng Tianyu raised his hand, and an extremely dense amount of Phoenix flames gathered above his palm, “Ever since this old man stepped into the realm of Monarchs, this old man has never made a move against anyone whose age is below three hundred years. With your talent, dying under this old man’s hands wouldn’t be considered as an injustice either!”

“Unfortunately, you’re more stupid than I thought.” Yun Che began to lightly laugh, “Do you really think I was running? Heh, I merely lured you into a place that will become a suitable grave for you! If I really wanted to flee, with your speed, you don’t even have the qualifications to eat the dust behind my butt.”

“Even till the end, you still spout off such arrogant words. Die!!”

Feng Tianyu roared out violently; with a flip of his hand, a “phoenix arrow” smashed towards Yun Che. This time, he used a total of fifty percent of his profound strength. The phoenix arrow he threw swirled up a flaming tornado, carrying a thundering roar.

Yun Che’s expression was completely stern… Jasmine had already informed him that Feng Tianyu’s profound strength was at the mid-stage third level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Other than repelling Duke Huai once, and the occasional spars with Yun Qinghong in the Illusory Demon Realm, this was the first time he was facing a Monarch in its truest sense! And he was even a mortal enemy who wished to put him to death!

Before, Jasmine had told him that if he unleashed his full strength, he could roughly reach the power level of a level three Monarch. But because his bloodline, physique, profound arts, and even killing moves cannot be compared to any profound practitioner in the Profound Sky Continent, in the same level of strength, he could be said to be an invincible existence… In other words, his profound strength could reach that belonging to a level three Monarch’s, but anyone with the same profound strength of a level three Monarch could never be his match.

And Feng Tianyu was even using Phoenix flames as well, largely reducing the threat towards him!

Hence, he was confident that there was no reason that he would lose to Feng Tianyu!


With a growl, Yun Che’s Purgatory gate was opened. The profound glow on his body and even the pupils in his eyes were instantly dyed with a crimson red color. In an instant, the aura of profound energy emitted from his entire body had even more so wildly expanded in an explosive manner.

A violent torrent of profound energy came rushing forward, as though a large hammer was smashed forward. Sensing the change in profound aura from Yun Che’s body, Feng Tianyu’s expression suddenly underwent a great change; his pair of pupils shrank to the size of a needle width, “Wh… What!?”

Because, this was a profound aura which seemed to carry a power level not any less than his!!

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