Chapter 654 - Bloody Massacre

Chapter 654 - Bloody Massacre

“Yun Che? Which… which Yun Che?”

“The prince consort of the Blue Wind Imperial Family… He personally challenged the Divine Phoenix Sect by himself all those years ago… What other Yun Che could there be?!!” Feng Feiheng yelled in a hoarse voice.

“But didn’t he die three years ago in the Primordial Profound Ark?!” Qi Zhencang and Duan Qinghang had dumbfounded looks on their faces. “Moreover, the Yun Che all those years ago only had a profound strength that was at the Earth Profound Realm while his actual strength was comparable to a late-stage Throne… But this person’s strength even caused the Forty-third Elder to…”

“I want to know the reason behind this even more than the both of you!” Feng Feiheng roared as he gnashed his teeth, his eyes dilating to the largest extent. “But he is that Yun Che… there can be no mistaking that!!”

“...Then what should we do right now? If he is really a Monarch…”

“Retreat!! Of course we retreat!!” Feng Feiheng yelled in a low voice, “Or could it be that you are naive enough to think that tens of thousands of soldiers can actually resist the might of someone at the Sovereign Profound Realm?!!”

At first he was prepared to gather all his nerve and use the fame of the Divine Phoenix Sect and his status as one of its elders to negotiate with this fearsome Monarch who appeared out of nowhere. But after finding out this person was actually Yun Che, all of these thoughts flew out of his head… Three years ago, he dared to come by himself to the territory of the Divine Phoenix Sect to take on the entire sect by himself. And even though he faced the Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect and many other elders as well, he did not lose even a bit of his imposing aura.

His innate potential and strength was incomparably strong while his temperament was even more tyrannical and unyielding.

Yun Che had dared to take on the Divine Phoenix Sect all those years ago when he was only at the Earth Profound Realm, and the him at present… he would not be restrained by the fear ordinary men had of the Divine Phoenix Sect!

Moreover, right now, he was releasing an aura of hate that would cause even the heaven and earth to tremble!

Qi Zhencang’s face twitched, and without the slightest hint of hesitation, he took out his Sound Transmission Jade and yelled, “All forces retreat… start making a full retreat!!”

Qi Zhencang’s urgent order stunned a large number of commanders, and nearly all of them thought there was some problem with their ears. In response, many questions were transmitted back to Qi Zhencang along these lines, “Re… Retreat? Just because of this… one person?”

“You idiots!!” Qi Zhencang roared in fury, “He is not just one mere man… he is a Monarch! Monarch!! The Forty-third Elder just died at his hands without even being able to mount the slightest resistance, are you all blind?! Make a full retreat… hurry up and retreat as fast as you possibly can!!”

Before Qi Zhencang could put down his Sound Transmission Jade, he suddenly felt his entire body go cold. He unwittingly raised his head and saw that golden figure slowly fly down from the top of the wall… An aura thick with fury, resentment, and the promise of violence abruptly constricted his very soul, causing all the blood in his body to instantly stop flowing under that extreme oppression. Furthermore, throughout the entire battlefield, the six hundred thousand troops of the Divine Phoenix Army and the less than fifty thousand troops remaining of the Blue Wind Army all instantly froze as well… Even Number One Under Heaven had an expression of deep shock and fear on his face.

In the Profound Sky Continent, this was the first time Yun Che had… completely and unrestrainedly released his full killing intent without any reservation. It was so intense that it was nearly tangible, and it was violent enough that it caused everyone’s hair to stand on end and caused their bodies and souls to feel like they had been plunged into the depths of an icy lake.

“All of you… can go to hell!!”

A red light flashed in Yun Che’s hand, and the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared and swept forward.


Yun Che had only swept his sword forward once, without using any fancy techniques or profound arts, and yet that one attack caused a huge explosion that seemed to rend the sky and cause the earth to collapse. The earth in front of Yun Che had completely buckled, and sand was flying everywhere while several thousand Divine Phoenix soldiers were immediately blown away by the incomparably strong profound energy storm. Before they could even utter a single wail of despair, they had been reduced to bright red blood flowers which swirled spectacularly in the air along with the remnants of their body, and very soon, the wide expanse of earth was stained red with the eye-piercing color of fresh blood.

Just one sweep of his sword had caused three thousand Divine Phoenix Soldiers… to die a terrible and miserable death!!

Qi Zhencang was situated in the middle of the army, so he was still very far away from the action, but this scene shocked him so much that it nearly caused his soul to fly away. He held the Sound Transmission Jade in a deathgrip and yelled with all his might, “All troops… Retreat… Ahhh!!”

After Qi Zhencang’s numerous shouts, which were filled with alarm, Yun Che’s figure had already approached with a speed that could not be comprehended by the naked eye. The gigantic scarlet sword in his hand released a crimson profound light and an aura so violent that it could not described as it exploded in the midst of the Divine Phoenix Army that had still not come back to its senses.


An earth-shattering explosion completely engulfed everyone’s hearing. Instantly, the light in the sky became exceptionally dim… and that was definitely not because the sky had suddenly become shrouded in dark clouds. It was because kilometers of land in the surrounding area had been sent into a great upheaval, carrying with it tens of thousands of soldiers from the Divine Phoenix Army. These soldiers were flung thousands of meters in the sky, and at that moment, the sky and earth seemed to have been completely overturned. Moreover, the entire sky was filled with pitch-black earth and Divine Phoenix soldiers who were wailing in terror. But these wails of terror only lasted for a few more moments as their bodies were shattered into pieces that were smaller than grains of sand by an extremely violent and berserk heavy sword storm.


The pitch black earth that filled the sky heavily fell back to the ground, but not a single one of the tens of thousands of Divine Phoenix soldiers were able to land back on the ground… because the only thing that fluttered to the ground were shattered fragments of blood and bones. Furthermore, not even a single whole finger could be found amongst the remains, much less a whole body.

Once the earth that had been heaved into the sky landed back down, its color was no longer gray and yellow. It had instead become a shocking, dull-red color, and it was mixed with countless shattered fragments of red armor and weapons. Above the ground, the still undispersed energy of the heavy sword caused streaks of distorted air to hiss and crackle.

The huge battlefield had in an instant… and it was really only an instant, morphed into a purgatory filled with blood, terror, and anguished wails. People died without leaving a whole body behind ,and those who were still alive shivered, wailed, and felt their courage break apart… Numerous Divine Phoenix Soldiers who had not been affected by the attack dropped to the ground and curled up in fear, their pupils contracting. Additionally, the scene that had unfolded before them was so terrifying that their souls had practically left their bodies which resulted in them being to get back up.

The atmosphere was stifling. In fact, what everyone was feeling was the pinnacle of oppression. Every single person from the Blue Wind Army had their eyes widen into saucers, and not a single one of them did not suspect that they were dreaming. The Divine Phoenix Army that they had hated relentlessly had been smashed in an instant, so they should have been filled with joy instead… but the scene that had appeared before their very eyes caused them to endure a shock and fear that was almost as great as the Divine Phoenix Army itself. Even Feng Yunlie, who viewed death with equanimity, was unable to come back to his senses for a long period of a time as he just stood there, staring with eyes that had become as round as little moons.

Xiao Yun saw the blood which rained down from the sky, the endless amount of broken corpses, and the earth that had been dyed red in an instant. The great resolve that he had previously held was shaken badly. He fiercely swiveled around, and his palms covered his face that was as white as a sheet. “I can’t do it… I really can’t do it…”

Number Seven Under Heaven hurriedly hugged and comforted him, “It is alright… it’s completely alright. I like Brother Yun, a person so kind that he would not be willing to hurt a little animal. If you really become like Big Brother Yun, I… I will actually be afraid instead, so… it really is alright.”

Number One Under Heaven’s expression had also become extremely ugly. He turned his face away, and he did not even dare to look at the battlefield that had been dyed the color of blood while he mumbled in a low voice, “To think that there was actually such a dreadful killing intent… that exists in this world… huuu…”

As the commanders of the army, Duan Qinghang and Qi Zhencang had spent the majority of the time in a daze as they had never truly witnessed the might of a Monarch before. They personally witnessed one hundred thousand troops… an entire one hundred thousand men, under a single stroke of Yun Che’s sword… just one stroke, die violent and ugly deaths.

Not to mention the fact that they were not even given the slightest opportunity to resist or struggle… but they did not even die while leaving a corpse behind; there was nothing left to bury!!

The Divine Phoenix Army which could sweep the other six nations and all under heaven, the Divine Phoenix Army that possessed the best equipment and the highest aptitude, in front of this one man, they did not even amount to ants!!

What’s more was that even though they had been through many battles and their hearts were like stones, in that moment, their spirits had completely collapsed… Qi Zhencang stumbled backwards in shock and fear, landing on his buttocks with a thump. After that, he frantically yelled as if he had gone crazy, “Scatter… quickly scatter!!”

Qi Zhencang’s howls nearly rent his throat, and the Divine Phoenix Army ,which was still cowering in fear and shock, were jostled awake, as if they had been woken from a nightmare. They collectively let out a strangled cry and frantically scrambled backwards… their spirit had collapsed, and even their commanders were scared witless, so the tens of thousands of soldiers that composed the Divine Phoenix Army did not care about military discipline at all. Instead, they fled like headless chickens, and the only thing that they cared about was fleeing with the greatest speed away from that terrifying devil that had descended from the skies. In the blink of an eye, they had been utterly defeated, and numerous men had lost their lives under the trampling feet of their own compatriots.

But Yun Che, whose hatred filled the heavens and the earth and who had completely lost control of his desire to kill, would not stop just because they were fleeing. His eyes turned a crimson red, and he soared into the sky as the Golden Crow flames began to quickly accumulate. In an instant, it swelled into a conflagration that was tens of meters wide, and from a distance, it looked as if another crimson sun had appeared in the sky.

“Burning Sun Rupture!!”

The crimson "sun" exploded high in the sky and caused the fires of destruction to rain down. These were Golden Crow Flames, flames so destructive that even the slightest contact with them had consigned the Divine Phoenix elder Feng Feiying to death. So how could it be something that could be endured by the normal soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army. The crimson flames that covered the sky rained down, and any soldier of the Divine Phoenix Army that came into contact with these flames instantly ignited into human torches before collapsing into piles of ash… or in some cases, they had been obliterated into nothingness.

Screams, sobbing, roars, cries of terror, and the sound of burning… the atmosphere on this battlefield had horrifically morphed into a funeral dirge from hell.

As the Divine Phoenix Army who was “unrivalled under heaven,” was sweeping through Blue Wind, conquering its capital and taking control of it was supposed to be something so simple that it was like stealing candy from a baby. But never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that they would meet such a mighty and extremely cruel demon such as Yun Che. Feng Feiheng’s Phoenix profound strength was being frantically circulated, and his speed had been pushed to its utmost limit as the sounds that he heard all around him caused him to descend into a nightmare. At this time, he suddenly felt his entire body go cold, and he unconsciously turned his head back. To his shock and fear, he discovered that Yun Che was only tens of meters away from him.

Feng Feiheng’s pupils dilated, and he grit his teeth fiercely as he used “Phoenix Flames Burns the Heavens” as all the phoenix flames in his body exploded towards Yun Che.

Yun Che’s face was so dark that he looked like the life-reaping death god from hell itself. Facing Feng Feiheng’s attack, the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hand briefly danced in the air… and since Feng Feiheng’s mighty phoenix flames came into contact with the power of his heavy sword, it was instantly reduced to fire flowers which scattered in the air. However, the profound energy storm generated by the heavy sword was not the least bit affected, and amidst the howling of torn air, it fiercely smashed into Feng Feiheng’s chest.


Three arrows of blood consecutively shot out from Feng Feiheng’s mouth. He landed heavily on the ground, and before he could stand up again, Yun Che had lifted him up by the collar. With that, an icy sense of death pervaded his body from behind.

“I… I am Feng Feiheng… the Nineteenth Elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect… you are not allowed to kill me…” Feng Feiheng said as his every muscle and nerve trembled violently. “If not… if not, the Divine Phoenix Sect will definitely not let you off… Arghhhh!!”


As Feng Feiheng let out a desolate and miserable scream, a cluster of fire exploded out his back, causing this Divine Phoenix Elder, who had felt unparalleled in this world for most of his life, to become flaming ashes which scattered across the vast sky.

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