Chapter 1479 - Brahma Soul Bell

Qianye Ying’er, who had left for a very long time, soon arrived. Just as she stepped into the Brahma Heaven Temple, that aura, which had drastically changed, caused her golden brows to abruptly sink, and upon seeing Qianye Fantian her footsteps clearly faltered.

The current Qianye Fantian, the number one god emperor of the Eastern Region whose fame shook the heavens, was completely unrecognizable. His entire face had turned a frightening moss-green and his body had swelled to twice its previous size. From time to time, waves of agitated black energy would rise from his body as well.

At this moment, if anyone were to see him, even if it were the other god emperors, they definitely would not be able to recognize that this was actually Qianye Fantian.

“Royal Father,” Qianye Ying’er addressed him in a low voice as she arrived in front of him. She did not say anything else.

“Kneel,” Qianye Fantian opened his eyes. Even though he spoke that single word, he was still as imposing as ever. However, a deep frailty could be heard in his voice.

In just a short span of twenty-four hours, a god emperor had been tortured into such a state… Perhaps Yun Che himself had not thought of it, but after the Sky Poison Pearl had obtained He Ling, even that slight dose of Sky Poison was already this terrifying.

Of course, the Evil Infant devilish energy was the other important reason.

“...” Qianye Ying’er obeyed and knelt down.

Qianye Fantian let out a long breath, as if he was drawing out all of his remaining energy, After several breaths, he stretched out his clearly distorted arm and an incomparably dazzling golden light started radiating from his hand.

In an instant, the entire body of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor was completely shrouded in golden light.

“The【Brahma Soul Bell】!” the gathered Brahma Kings gasped in astonishment as shock appeared on their faces.

The Brahma Soul Bell, the most important core divine artifact that the Brahma Monarch God Realm possessed, something that could only be held by their god emperor!

The Brahma Soul Bell was the medium through which the core divine powers of the Brahma Monarch God Realm were passed down from generation to generation. It was similar to the Star God Realm’s Star God Wheel and the Moon God Realm’s Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl. The key difference was that the Brahma Soul Bell was not only a divine artifact used for inheritance, it could also control all of the divine powers related to the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

In the Ancient Era, the Brahma Heaven God Clan were the strongest and most warlike of all the god clans under Mo E, and the two things that were the most taboo to them, the two things that they simply could not tolerate, were disobedience and betrayal! As a result, the Brahma Soul Bell was created. Holding the Brahma Soul Bell in one's hand also meant that one held the lives of all the Brahma Gods and Kings in their hand. Not only was it able to decide the inheritance of these core divine powers, it was also able to completely control and restrict the divine powers of the inheritors. In fact, it could even forcibly strip away their powers and cripple them...

As a result, their god emperor, who possessed the Brahma Soul Bell, held supreme authority in the Brahma Monarch God Realm!

This also meant that the Brahma Monarch God Realm had never needed to worry about the defiance or rebellion of any of their Brahma Gods or Brahma Kings.

At least in the Eastern Divine Region, this was something that definitely could not be achieved by the other three king realms.

Other than that, the Brahma Soul Bell could also only be used by someone who had inherited the Brahma divine power. Thus, even if it fell into the hands of an outsider, they did not need to be too worried.

As a result, when the Brahma Soul Bell appeared, even amidst their shock, the gathered Brahma Kings all felt a deep reverence.

Because it could easily suppress or strip them of all the exalted divine power that they currently possessed… and stripping them of this divine power was equivalent to stripping them of everything.

Furthermore, even though they were Brahma Kings, they had not seen the Brahma Soul Bell in more than ten thousand years.

“Ying’er, take the Brahma Soul Bell!” Qianye Fantian’s hand trembled but his movements were incomparably hard and resolute, they lacked any hesitation whatsoever. “From this day forward, you are our Brahma Monarch God Realm’s new emperor!”

Every single word that proceeded from Qianye Fantian’s mouth resounded like a clap of thunder. All of the present Brahma Kings were greatly astonished and even those who had been afflicted by the Sky Poison had leapt to their feet in shock.

Once a person took the Brahma Soul Bell, even if they did not become a god emperor, they would already be holding the lifeline of the entire Brahma Monarch God Realm in their hands. However, Qianye Ying’er did not extend her hand to take it. Instead, she said coldly, “Royal Father, aren’t you being too anxious? Why are you so convinced that you will die? Weren’t you also very convinced that Xia Qingyue would not dare let you die?”

“Hehe,” Qianye Fantian gave a dry chuckle, “it has nothing to do with that. You were going to be the next Brahma Heaven God Emperor anyway, and this was something that was decided many, many years ago! Right now, I am merely bringing it forward a little. What’s wrong? Once you take the Brahma Soul Bell and become the new Brahma Heaven God Emperor, you will hold the entire Brahma Monarch God Realm in your hands! Don’t tell me that you’re still hesitating!?”

Just as Qianye Fantian’s voice fell, a golden image flashed by and the Brahma Soul Bell had already appeared in Qianye Ying’er’s hand.

However, this action, an action that could not be any more ordinary, caused all the Brahma Kings to feel as if their souls had just been smashed by a sledgehammer.

If the Brahma Soul Bell changed its owner, it also meant that the rulership of the Brahma Monarch God Realm would change as well!

As she held up the Brahma Soul Bell in her hand and basked in its endlessly mysterious golden light, Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes faintly narrowed as she spoke in a serene voice, “This is something that I’ve always dreamed of obtaining, so what reason would I have to reject it? Hmph, I thank Royal Father for granting my wish.”

It seemed as if Qianye Fantian was very satisfied with how Qianye Ying’er looked right now as a hint of joy finally appeared on his face. “Very good. As expected, you did not let me down. You have not wasted the effort I have poured into you and the hopes that I have placed on you all of these years… As such, I can be completely at ease now.”

“At ease?” Qianye Ying’er put away the Brahma Soul Bell, the corner of her lips hooking upwards as she said, “It’s far too early for you to be at ease! Transferring the position of god emperor is a big affair. Not only must we do it properly, it must also be done in a way that is befitting of our stature. If not, won’t I immediately lose face the very moment I become a god emperor?”

Qianye Fantian, “...”

“So, if you die, then I will inherit the position of god emperor like I rightfully should, and if you live, you will transfer the position of god emperor to me in a right and proper manner and retire as a grand god emperor. As for today… just forget it! I can’t afford for this to be done in such a shabby manner!”

“...” Qianye Fantian’s eyes faintly narrowed before he started to smile, “Good, very good. Right now, the Brahma Soul Bell is in your hands, so your words are law! At least, in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, no one will dare to defy you in the slightest. However, there is one thing that you must remember!”

“No matter whether I live or die in the end, you must never forget the humiliation we have suffered this day!”

“Hmph! You didn’t even need to say it,” Qianye Ying’er said coldly.

“Also, you’re wrong on one point, extremely wrong!” Qianye Fantian yelled in a hoarse voice. “If Xia Qingyue backs down in the end and gets Yun Che to purge the poison in my body. Then, from now onwards, I won’t be any grand god emperor, I will only be a Brahma God that will serve at your beck and call! The king of our Brahma Monarch God Realm does not require any such thing as a grand god emperor, nor does she require any such thing as a father, do you understand!?”

“Fine!” Qianye Yin’ger gave a small nod of her head.

“If Xia Qingyue backs down in the end and gets Yun Che to purge the poison in my body…” 

This was the implication behind those words:

Qianye Fantian had already determined one thing, if Xia Qingyue did not come and purge the poison in his body, he would definitely die.

He was the one who was afflicted by the poison and devilish energy, so he would naturally be the person who was most clear about the state of his body.

“If I die…” Qianye Fantian said in a low voice as he slowly closed his eyes, “bury me together… with your mother.”

Those words provoked a mocking laugh from Qianye Ying’er, “Ha, what a joke! Are you even worthy of that!?”

“...” Qianye Fantian was wracked with pain and his lips faintly trembled, he was not able to say anything else for a long period of time.

Without sparing Qianye Fantian, who was currently being plagued by both deadly poison and devilish energy, another glance, Qianye Ying’er, who had received the Brahma Soul Bell and who now held the core lifeline of the Brahma Monarch God Realm in her hands, coldly turned around. She left just like that in front of the shocked and trembling gazes of the gathered Brahma Kings, as if she was completely unconcerned about Qianye Fantian’s fate.

“God Emperor, you… what exactly are you…” the First Brahma King shook his head heavily. Shock and fear plagued his heart, but what really filled his heart was a deep confusion.

“You don’t need to say another word!” Qianye Fantian’s voice was growing even more hoarse and weak, yet it was still extremely hard and resolute, leaving no room for negotiation. “Even if this king… is truly going to die… we must still never bend our heads to the Moon God Realm… NEVER!!”

“The God Emperor is absolutely right, how can we so easily bow our heads to the Moon God Realm?” The First Brahma King’s hands were tightly balled into fists and a malicious aura surged from every part of his body. “However, since this matter concerns the God Emperor’s life, neither can we simply keep waiting like this! I will now personally lead all the Brahma Kings to the Moon God Realm and send a sound transmission to the other king realms so that we can pressure the Moon God Realm together! If the Moon God Realm isn’t willing to submit… then we will forcefully attack! And force her to submit!”

“Ha, how naive,” Qianye Fantian said with a twisted cold laugh. “Back when Yue Wuya was still around, the Moon God Realm would definitely not dare to provoke us in the slightest. But why does she, Xia Qingyue, dare to do so? All of us know that Xia Qingyue caused this incident, but that idea of forming a so-called alliance with the other king realms to pressure the Moon God Realm is a complete joke… Because the devilish energy in my body came from the Evil Infant, and the poison in my body came from the Sky Poison Pearl… What does any of this have to do with the Moon God Realm!?”

“...” The First Brahma King was fiercely stunned by those words.

“If we try to forcefully pressure the Moon God Realm, we will be acting without any justification whatsoever! Furthermore, given Xia Qingyue’s cunning, she will definitely use this opportunity to borrow the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s power using proper channels to counterattack… Moreover…” Qianye Fantian violently gasped for breath at this moment, “the poison that I am afflicted with is the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison! The only ones that can purge this poison are the Sky Poison Pearl and Yun Che! But the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is the one standing behind Yun Che! And that is also the biggest reason why Xia Qingyue dared to be so bold.”

“And right now, Yun Che is in the Moon God Realm! If we dare to compel them with force and launch a strong attack on the Moon God Realm, then it would involve Yun Che’s safety and put his life at risk. So do you think… that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor will simply sit on the sidelines and watch if that happens!?”

The First Brahma King felt as if ice water had been poured over his entire body as a chill pervaded his heart and soul. He stood there in a daze for a long time and the profound energy and malice in his heart that had just surged up began to disperse like a tide. He bowed his head and barked out a miserable laugh before he said in a powerless voice, “Could it be that the only route left to us is to… bow our heads and beg?”

“Bow our heads and beg? Ha…” Qianye Fantian barked out a cold laugh. “You are never… to bring up those five words ever again!”

Just as he finished speaking, the aura behind him immediately grew chaotic. He swiftly focused and suppressed it...

However, at the moment his eyes were about to close, an incomparably gloomy and strange light flashed in the depths of his eyes.


The borders of Brahma Heaven City, in an exceptionally quiet and secluded forest.

A green stone tablet was erected in the center of this secluded forest, as if it was being protected by all of the water and wood spirits in this place.

A golden figure flashed into existence in front of that tablet. At this moment, there was no aura radiating from her body and she was bereft of all of her sinister coldness and might. After that… she slowly sank to her knees in front of the stone tablet.

She lifted up both hands and the Brahma Soul Bell, which shone with a soul-scorching golden light, lay in them. Her delicate head drooped and her voice was as faint as smoke and mist, “Mother… do you see this, it’s the Brahma Soul Bell, it has fallen into Ying’er’s hands now… This was Ying’er’s ambition all those years ago and the promise that I made to you. At that time, you would always laugh and say that Ying’er was being silly… But right now, Ying’er has already made everything a reality… You can definitely see it… right…”

The only thing that replied to her was a light breeze.

“Mother, you… why won’t you answer me, why can’t I feel any of your joy? Did you… also sense it?” She gently spoke to the tablet as she slowly cradled the Brahma Soul Bell in her hands. “I have worked for my entire life to obtain it and in order to obtain it, I did not hesitate to do anything. But, why… now that it’s finally fallen into my hands, do I not feel the slightest bit of joy…”

“Could it be that all of my hard work, everything I have done over the years, was not actually because of it…”


“Mother, after you departed to heaven, you were posthumously conferred the title of god empress, and you were the last and only god empress he had. He personally killed that wicked woman that harmed you and stripped her of all of her titles, every trace of her was erased, even her name… I used to hate him so much, yet I am no longer able to hate or resent him anymore.”

“Over the years, he has treated me differently from all of his other children… He said that no matter what happens to me in the future, even if I sink into mediocrity, I will still be the future king of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, its only king. Because I am the only child begotten by him and his god empress…”

“He is a ruthless person and he has taught me countless times to be a ruthless person as well. He even taught me to use or abandon him without any hesitation if it was necessary. However, over all these years, no matter how cruel, fierce, or stubborn he was, I was the only person that he never treated that way…”

“Today, he even handed over the Brahma Soul Bell to me just like that, without any hesitation whatsoever.”

Qianye Ying’er closed her eyes as she said in a very soft voice, “Mother, you tell me, is the answer in my heart really true…”

“Back then, all of my hard work was so that you would no longer be despised or bullied. But after you left, all of my hard work was actually so that I… would live up to all the effort that he had invested in me and all the hopes that he had placed on me…”

“He… Hehe… How laughable… This is simply too ridiculous… too ridiculous…”

“How could this possibly be true… How could it possibly be true…”

As she let out those mournful and cold laughs, the Brahma Soul Bell in her hands emitted a soft soul-piercing sound.

She knelt in this place and remained motionless for a very long time, like a soulless ice sculpture.

After an hour had passed, she finally slowly got to her feet. She turned her gaze towards the northwest as she softly muttered in a low and cold voice, “Xia Qingyue… You win!”