Chapter 1462 - The Devil God Forbidden Tome

Chapter 1462 - The Devil God Forbidden Tome

Even though Jie Yuan’s words still carried coldness, Yun Che could sense that her attitude towards him was slightly different than before. Though she had the ability to undo the “contract” between him and Hong’er, she chose not to do so.

From her words, it seemed like she had a way to merge Hong’er and You’er souls. But she still asked for his opinion and even listened to it.

All of this was not because he had inherited the strength of the Heretic God.

Especially that phrase “I owe this to you”, it was said in an extremely firm and unyielding manner. After all, even if there was a possibility that Yun Che had lied to her, Hong’er and You’er’s behavior proved otherwise.

To Yun Che, this was unquestionably an extremely good change. He thought about it for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Senior Devil Emperor, this junior did not lie to you. Even though this world is different from before, it is still a world you belong to. The home that belongs to you and the Heretic God still remains. Your daughter is also alive and well, so when your clan members return…”

“There is no need to speak of this matter anymore!”

Yun Che was cut off by Jie Yuan before he could finish his sentence, her expression clearly turning colder.

A small chill ran through Yun Che’s heart… it seemed like it would be hard to convince Jie Yuan to have a change of heart.

Jie Yuan obviously did not want to discuss this matter with Yun Che and she suddenly said, “From the state of your profound veins, it seems that your core divine power is not complete yet. How many elemental seeds do you have now?”

Yun Che replied, “Senior is correct, this junior currently has four elemental seeds in total. Fire, water, lightning, and… darkness.”

“Darkness?” Jie Yuan’s gaze grew strange and her voice deepened by several degrees, “No wonder you could remain calm and collected in that dark world. He… why… did he leave this seed behind… was he not willing…”

She absentmindedly spoke the last bit to herself. Her words were very soft and could not be heard clearly.

“As this junior mentioned just now, You’er saved my life back then,” Yun Che said. “She used the Darkness Seed to save my life. What this junior can surmise is that the Heretic God could finally come to this place to visit You’er after all the gods and devils had been destroyed. He left You’er the Darkness Seed and killed himself to form a drop of Indestructible Blood… Or perhaps he did this in order to guide the person who inherited his power and his will to find You’er.”

After he finished, Jie Yuan spoke slowly, “Back then, only I knew that he possessed darkness profound energy. If the world were to find out about it, even if he was a Creation God, even if he had previously sacrificed so much for the god race, they would still have expelled him and treated him as an enemy. Thus, even though he possessed the extremely powerful darkness profound energy, he never used it even once.”

“Are you also like that?” her gaze tilted towards Yun Che.

Yun Che nodded, “Yes…”

“With your current strength, how long can you open the ‘Hell Monarch’ gate for?” Jie Yuan suddenly posed another question.

“About fifteen breaths.” Yun Che replied honestly.

Jie Yuan was slightly surprised, “It’s extremely rare for you to able to open the Hell Monarch gate for so long given your current profound cultivation. Other than your profound veins and soul, your body must surely be extraordinary. However, the ‘Hell Monarch’ gate is the limit that a mortal can handle and is most likely the limit that you will be able to reach in your lifetime… Unless you are able to break through the limits of your ‘mortality’ and the ‘laws’ of this current world one day and step into the domain of the gods.”

Yun Che replied, “Senior is unexpectedly familiar with the Heretic God Arts.”

“Heretic God Arts?” This name caused Jie Yuan to frown slightly before she let out a cold snort, “Its original name was the ‘Devil God Forbidden Tome’.”

“Devil God… Forbidden Tome?” Yun Che’s brows twitched violently.

Heretic God Arts… was clearly named by the Creation God of the Elements who called himself the Heretic God when he shunned the world out of despair. He was victorious when he battled against the strongest Creation God, Mo E, this showed that he had already managed to cultivate the “Heretic God Arts” at that time, but its actual name was really the Devil God Forbidden Tome.

A name that would be considered a taboo regardless of the era.

“When we consummated our marriage back then, we had to plan for our future. Faced with the unbending rules of two races who had irreconcilable differences, the best and perhaps the only method left to us was to change the rules. In order to change the rules, one had to possess a strength that ruled above all things.”

“The Devil God Forbidden Tome was born from this reason.”

Jie Yuan’s account caused Yun Che to be suddenly reminded of what Xia Qingyue said to him,

“Do you know why I could still retain my surname ‘Xia’ despite being the Moon God Emperor? It is because in the Moon God Realm, I am the one who arbitrates the laws, not the one who follows them!”

“Together, we created the forbidden strength ‘Devil God Forbidden Tome’ by combining his elemental divine powers and my【Eternal Calamity of Darkness】. That was the very first time that our two races had truly combined our strengths, and this gave rise to a mighty power that far exceeded our expectations.”

“…” Yun Che had just found out today that the Heretic God Arts did not originate from the strength of the Heretic God alone, instead, it was a creation of both the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Heretic God!

The forbidden profound art that combined the powers of a Creation God and a Devil Emperor!

“When the Devil God Forbidden Tome was cultivated, it was as if a raging devil was birthed in one’s profound veins. The greater the strength, the harder it was to master it. In the end, together we placed seven seals in his profound veins so that he could control and master that power.”

“And these seven seals are the ‘gates’ in your profound veins, and your profound energy will go berserk on different levels when these seven seals are opened.”

“I… see.” Yun Che unconsciously placed his palm on his profound veins, great waves fluctuating in his heart.

The Heretic God was originally the Creation God of Elements. His lifebound strength should be elemental divine power.

The “Heretic God Arts” which caused one’s profound strength to go berserk were actually a forbidden divine power that he had created later.

“Senior, you…”

“Perhaps it’s because of the nature of my strength, I was never able to cultivate it even though the Devil God Forbidden Tome was created by the two of us,” Jie Yuan said. “I thought that no one else other than him would be able to cultivate it. However, we never did manage to wait for the day that we could change the rules.”

Following her last sentence, a cold sorrow that she had been holding back with all her might slowly permeated into the depths of Yun Che’s soul.

At this moment, she suddenly stretched out her hand and pointed it at Yun Che’s left shoulder. A ball of black light flickered into life on his shoulder and the shape of a darkness profound formation suddenly appeared and disappeared in the next instant.

Jie Yuan retracted her finger as Yun Che looked at his shoulder and asked, “What’s that?”

“I sealed a sound transmission profound formation into your body. When the profound formation is activated by your thoughts, you will be able to send me a sound transmission from any location and I will appear within a few seconds,” Jie Yuan explained.

“But…” Without waiting for Yun Che to express his gratitude, her voice turned suddenly cold as she glared pointedly at him, “This is limited to when your life is in danger, or when you require long range teleportation!”

“Even though the power of the World Piercer is nearly exhausted, teleporting through this Primal Chaos Dimension is still something that can be easily done. Consider this repayment for taking care of my daughter.” Jie Yuan would never owe anyone a favor, let alone a mortal. She continued, “As for why I am willing to save your life, it is not because you possess his strength, but because Hong’er’s life is linked to yours and I would never allow her to die along with you!”

“Yes, this junior understands.” Yun Che replied thankfully.

“You should also understand something else.” Jie Yuan’s tone became even colder, her pitch black pupils piercing into the depths of Yun Che’s heart, “ Besides using the power World Piercer and getting you out of life-threatening situations, you should not expect to ever borrow my power!”

Yun Che, “…”

“Don’t expect me to help you or the people around you when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. Neither should you expect me to eradicate your enemies, no matter how great the feud is. You can only rely on yourself!”

“He was the strongest and proudest god in the entire god race! I refuse to allow you, the person who has inherited his strength… to become a useless person who relies on the might of others! Understand!?”

Jie Yuan was certainly not joking. Especially that phrase “He was the strongest and proudest god in the entire god race”… Every word was filled with a deep sense of pride that could not be desecrated.

“Yes, this junior understands.” Yun Che solemnly replied.

“I hope that you truly understand.” Jie Yuan turned and said, “Hong’er likes what she has currently. With you as her companion, I can rest assured. But You’er… I will stay here and accompany her for this period of time, you may go.”

“Yes,” Yun Che agreed. He hesitated for a few moments, but in the end, he did not bring up the subject of the returning devil gods again. After that, he flew off in the direction of the Profound Sky Continent.

Jie Yuan did not return to You’er immediately. She stood at the edge of Cloud End’s Cliff as she surveyed this small and tiny world… Without Yun Che present, she finally did not need to forcefully suppress her feelings anymore.

“Ni Xuan… I’m back… I’m really back…”

“Where… are… you…”

Boom boom boom… Boom boom boom…

The far-off space suddenly started to fluctuate as she lost control over her emotions and aura. The thunderous roars of profound beasts started filling the skies after that.

An unnerving aura started to spread swiftly over the huge continent.

Jie Yuan lifted her eyes, and with a turn of her body, she had already traveled hundreds of kilometers.

This was a city that belonged to the human beings and even though it definitely was not considered a small city on this continent, almost half of it had been reduced to ruins.

Most of the people were currently repairing buildings that had been destroyed. Everyone’s faces were filled with fatigue… and hope.

Jie Yuan sensed an aura that made her uncomfortable the very first moment she had arrived.

Light profound energy!?

Perhaps it was because of her arrival that this uncomfortable aura disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, the land and air started to tremble simultaneously. In the distance, a dense wave of profound beasts surged forward like water bursting from a dam. World-shaking roars accompanied them as they launched themselves towards the already damaged city.

Roars of shock and terror, and wails of despair instantly filled every corner of the city.

Countless people started to flee as many profound practitioners summoned profound energy and rushed toward the wave of profound beasts. Wails of misery were mixed in with the sounds of the bitter struggle which started to fill this land struck with sudden disaster.

Every single profound beast had become extremely violent, it was as if they had gone completely insane. The profound practitioners were afraid at first, but soon after, they started to emit a malicious aura that grew heavier and heavier, and their shouts gradually started to resemble that of wild beasts. The battle between humans and profound beasts became fiercer and more terrible with every passing breath.

The city walls crumbled to pieces as more and more profound beasts that have gone mad rushed into the city, and all hope had been lost.

"Mother! Mother!!"

A girl’s heart-rending scream pierced into Jie Yuan’s ears like an iron needle. The girl fell down in a corner of the city and her mother hurriedly turned back to use her body to shield the frail girl… while more than ten profound beasts launched themselves at the pair as they bared their ferocious blood-stained teeth.

Jie Yuan pointed her finger forward and the horde of profound beasts instantly scattered and vanished into thin air.


A thunderclap that came out of nowhere resounded in the air. Soon after, the temperature of the originally scorching weather started dropping at an unnatural speed. A chilly wind started blowing, bringing a flurry of snow with it. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a blizzard that covered the entire sky.

The natural order has collapsed…

These words flashed in Jie Yuan's mind as she closed her eyes and looked toward the heavens, a pained struggle flashing across her bruised and scarred countenance.

The chaos created by the profound beasts on the Azure Cloud Continent had been calmed by Yun Che's light profound energy. But because of Jie Yuan’s arrival, it had once again erupted and it had grown more violent than ever before.