Chapter 1454 - The Only Hope

Chapter 1454 - The Only Hope

Yun Che’s sudden appearance caught everyone’s attention. However, it was quickly followed by scorn and pity...

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was sentenced to death simply because he spoke up one time against the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. As the weakest profound practitioner in the entire group, it was already strange that he followed them over to this place. Now, he was even standing up and addressing the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor directly… Was he hopelessly stupid, or did he suddenly find life too tedious to live?

“Will you allow this junior to say something?”, he said. In their eyes, his words were both foolish and lamentable.

“Big Brother Yun!” shouted Shui Meiyin in shock.

“You…” Shui Qianheng’s eyes turned round with deep anxiety, but he found himself so deep in shock and fear that he could hardly move a finger.

But then everyone’s expressions gradually became replaced by bewilderment.

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor stopped moving all of a sudden. Her palm froze in midair just like that, and the black energy sitting inside it didn’t spread out and claim another life. In fact, it was flickering wildly like an unsteady flame.

Her abyssal gaze became fixed on Yun Che’s body. It remained unmoving even though three breaths had passed.

“...?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had closed his eyes earlier and awaited his death in despair. However, when he realized that nothing was happening to him, he opened his eyes in confusion and was greeted by an even more puzzling picture.

The situation took a strange turn, but no one dared to even breathe too deeply.

What… what’s going on here?

What happened?

The devil emperor… couldn’t possibly have fallen for a pretty face because she was stranded beyond the Primal Chaos for millions of years, could she!?

The black energy in Jie Yuan’s palm and the black aura holding down the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, Qianye, the Star Gods, and the Moon Gods disappeared in a sudden gale. Then, Jie Yuan appeared in front of Yun Che, pierced his blood colored profound energy and made a grabbing motion at his neck...

But then a split second hesitation made her change her mind and grab him by the collar. 

She stared straight into Yun Che’s eyes, her black pupils shaking slightly behind the distortions of his profound energy, “Why… why do you have ‘his’ power!?"

At her level of power, she could literally eliminate Yun Che’s profound energy with a single thought. However, not only did her palm not affect his aura at all, she didn’t try to do anything against the blood-colored profound energy that was rubbing against her body and her eyes.

It was because it was the fifth realm of the Heretic God Arts, “Hell Monarch!”

Yun Che didn’t try to struggle out of her grasp. He was even feeling less fearful and apprehensive because the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had reacted far more intensely than he had initially predicted. Had she displayed a complete lack of reaction, he would be feeling the exact opposite.

“It’s because I am the inheritor of his will and power,” Yun Che said calmly… or at least that was how it looked at least. In reality, he was worried for his life because the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor could accidentally kill him with a breath if she exhaled a little too strongly.

When the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had appeared to the world, the masters of the God Realm were so afraid that their courage threatened to shatter under pressure. Yun Che was the only one who felt a bit of optimism because he knew that this arriving devil emperor wasn’t just a random devil emperor… She was also the Heretic God's woman.

The Heretic God was honored by the Ice Phoenix divine being as the “greatest god in the entire world”, and he was someone who would choose to shorten his lifespan in order to leave behind hope for the future. If he could go so far as to break the taboo to fall in love with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, if he could gift her something as precious as the World Piercer, then Yun Che was certain that she wasn’t a cruel and merciless devil by nature.

Even if millions of years of exile would naturally fill her with hatred, Yun Che was still fairly sure that it wasn’t enough to change her soul and nature, especially because she was a devil emperor!

He chose to believe that his actions could move her heart… not that he had another choice to choose from.

The world was completely silent in this moment. Stunned and confused, no one dared to make even the slightest noise.

The profound energy of “Hell Monarch” was as red as blood. Its color was only more striking in this cold, oppressive and dark environment.

The world froze again, the only thing still moving being the hand around Yun Che's collar. Their faces were less than thirty centimeters away from each other, and Yun Che could clearly see her scarred, bluish black face shaking a little with emotion... She looked like she was holding back an immense amount of pain.

“Is he… dead too?” It was four words, but it almost looked like Jie Yuan had to squeeze them out of her mouth.

Jie Yuan’s reaction caused a surge of excitement in Yun Che’s heart. It was because he knew where this could possibly lead to...

Yun Che nodded lightly, “Since millions of years ago, both the God Race and the Devil Race have already gone extinct… the Creation God of the Elements was the last god to perish.”

When Jie Yuan and the Heaven Smiting Devil Race were exiled from the world, the Heretic God was still known as the Creation God of Elements.

Jie Yuan wasn’t the only one who heard Yun Che clearly. Everyone present could hear him as well.

As the highest existence of the world who knew the truth of the scarlet crack, the divine masters and god emperors were all shaken by Yun Che’s words. As they stared at Yun Che’s blood-colored profound light with wide pupils, they finally recalled the fact that Yun Che had used a total of three elements during the Profound God Convention, defeated a Divine Spirit profound practitioner while he was still a Divine Tribulation, and defeated a Divine King while he was still a Divine Spirit...

“Could… could it be…” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor muttered to himself.

Jie Yuan’s hand abruptly clenched together, and Yun Che’s collar instantly crumbled away into pitch black pieces.

Her black pupils trembled chaotically, and Yun Che could clearly feel a deep sense of pain and sorrow spreading from the center of Jie Yuan. Grabbing her own forehead and clenching her teeth tightly, she groaned, “Ah… ahhhh… ah…”

She looked like a wild beast who had suddenly succumbed to despair. Her laments were unclear and distorted… It was a sorrow that defeated even a devil emperor’s willpower...

“Dead… dead… dead…”

Crack… crack… crack crack… It was the sound of the devil emperor’s teeth threatening to break under pressure.

Everyone including Yun Che was staring at Jie Yuan in shock. In Yun Che’s case, it was because her reaction was far more intense than the best case scenario in his mind...

Even though the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was exiled from the Primal Chaos for millions of years, even though her hatred had been accumulating for just as long, she… to the Heretic God...

Didn’t they say that the stronger, more powerful, and long-lived a profound practitioner was, the thinner their emotions became? Xing Juekong was a prime example of this… So why was the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s reaction almost greater than a mortal who had lost the love of his life?

“Ni Xuan… why did you die… why… didn’t you wait for my return…” She was holding her head so tightly that her fingers threatened to sink into her flesh. She was also shaking all over like a leaf… 

Everyone’s vision and minds blurred for an instant. They just couldn’t believe that this woman was the same person as the terrifying devil emperor who had eliminated three Brahma Gods with the flick of a finger earlier.

Ni Xuan… Yun Che thought to himself, Is that the Heretic God’s true name?

It seemed like the Heretic God hadn’t just discarded his title. There was no record of the Heretic God’s true name in any ancient scripture as well.

“Revenge… isn’t the only reason… that drove me… to survive the world… outside the Primal Chaos… Our promise… is… the biggest reason… but why… why are you the one… who broke our promise?... why… why… why…”

Yun Che actually saw the flash of a tear through the gap between her fingers.

However, she suddenly looked up at Yun Che as her deep sorrow transformed into a black pressure as deep as an infinite abyss in the next instant. “He’s dead… you… you’re not him! You’re just a mortal… who has received his kindness and power! You dare… mouth off to me!”

“You dare… inherit his power… lowly mortal!!”

Her voice was still shaking slightly… the death of the Creation God of the Elements, the death of her husband was a blow to her that no one in the world could feel or understand.

Despite her accusing words, the devil emperor was actually withdrawing her terrible power unconsciously… It was almost as if she was afraid that she might accidentally harm this fragile mortal.

Yun Che replied, “This junior understands your meaning. This junior is just a lowly mortal who had the fortune to receive the Creation God of the Element’s kindness, and will never be able to repay it in his life. Naturally, this junior doesn’t hope to be treated as an equal for even an instant, Senior Devil Emperor. However, this junior would like to request a short audience with you, if only because of the power currently residing inside of me.”

His words were meant for Jie Yuan, but they were like blasts of heavenly thunder in everyone else’s ears.

The Creation God of the Elements… the Heretic God...

When Yun Che had displayed a shocking amount of prowess and unusual powers on the Conferred God Stage, countless people had guessed and vied for his secret.

But it was only today that  they learned that the divine power residing inside of Yun Che was actually the Heretic God’s inheritance!

It was a never-before-seen Creation God inheritance!

The six Star Gods of the Star God Realm were equally shocked… Although Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi had verbally shouted his suspicion for everyone to hear back at the Star God Realm, it was ultimately still a guess, a guess so outlandish that anyone would find hard to believe without concrete proof. But now… considering the relationship between the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Heretic God, the devil emperor’s reaction and Yun Che’s own admission… there was no room for doubt any longer.

No wonder… No wonder Yun Che’s mastery of the divine power of fire, ice, and water was godly, no wonder he was able to defeat his opponents despite the gap of a big realm… it was because his inheritance was that of a Creation God. It was an entire level higher than a True God’s inheritance!

In the past, this revelation would only bring countless geed and desire upon Yun Che besides shock… Qianye Ying’er was an example of that.

But now, their reaction was one of shock, excitement… and even hope.

They suddenly understood why Yun Che had shown himself. They also understood why the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had reacted the way she did when she saw his power.

Their eyes on Yun Che were completely different from before. It was as if a light had been lit inside a world of darkness. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor raised his hand and opened his mouth, but he did not dare utter a single sound because of the situation. All he could do was stare at Yun Che with hope and entreaty...

Maybe beseech would be a better word...

Finally, Jie Yuan replied, “Tell me, how did he die?”

Jie Yuan was clearly giving Yun Che a chance to speak!

Everyone’s eyes brightened a little in that instant.

Words couldn’t describe how shaken and confused they were feeling right now… They were the rulers of the current world, and this was a calamity that only they had the right to deal with. However, what awaited at the end of the tunnel was complete powerlessness and despair, and the sudden ray of light that came out of nowhere was a lowly junior who had “sneaked” his way into the Eternal Heaven General Assembly. He wasn’t even fifty years old yet!

Yun Che let out a small sigh of relief before starting, “The devil race and the god race’s relationship grew worse day by day after the ploy against you, senior. Later on, the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor passed away due to overusing the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, and the weapon was left behind without a master… it became the fuse that triggered the war between the two races, and countless devils and gods perished as a result…”

Yun Che played with his words a little to avoid provoking the devil emperor. He used the word “ploy” to describe the devil emperor’s predicament, and mentioned the devil race first before the god race.

“... In the end, the devil race chose to unseal the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations in their defeat, but the Evil Infant wouldn’t be used by anyone. So it possessed a Devil Sovereign of the Eternal Night Devil Clan and used the Sky Poison Pearl to unleash the ultimate devil poison, ‘Myriad Tribulations’ against everyone. This ended with the death of all devils and gods, including… the Creation God of the Elements.”

Yun Che was incredibly young and the amount of ancient scriptures he went through was pitiful at best. Still, he did his best to inform the devil emperor of the world ending calamity everyone in the God Realm had heard about.

Jie Yuan listened to Yun Che’s story quietly without saying a word. However, his last line caused a movement in her black pupils, and a reaction that was beyond Yun Che’s expectations.

“No, that’s not right!” Jie Yuan shook her head. Her eyes looked as deep as the abyss. “He was the the Sky Poison Pearl’s master! There’s no way the Evil Infant could take it from him!”

“... Huh?” Yun Che was stunned by this new revelation.