Chapter 1449 - Southern Sea God Emperor

Chapter 1449 - Southern Sea God Emperor

A divine moon that painted the sky purple abruptly appeared above the Moon God Realm’s private seat. The Moon God Emperor descended from above and landed soundlessly in her seat, stifling everyone with her might and appearance.

Everyone knew that Yue Wuya had passed down his Purple Pylon divine energy and his throne to the daughter he adopted against his people’s wishes after his passing. Moon God Realm had descended into quite the chaos at the time.

Everyone thought that the chaos of the Moon God Realm was going to last for a very long time despite Yue Wuya’s will. After all, Xia Qingyue was simply lacking in every department, and it was basically impossible for her to make the Moon God Realm acknowledge their allegiance to her… But contrary to everyone’s expectations, the chaos of the Moon God Realm was quelled completely in just three years’ time. No outsider could imagine what had happened in the Moon God Realm, and all they had to offer was astonishment.

Moreover, this new god emperor hadn’t left the Moon God Realm during this three years’ time, and today was the first day that she showed herself to the world.

At first, these supreme rulers of the Eastern Divine Region thought that this new and shockingly young female god emperor wouldn’t have had the time to even form her imperial might. But the moment Xia Qingyue had appeared, her magnificent beauty and soundless might had immediately caused a shiver in their hearts. They all wanted to take a look at her, but no one dared to stare at her directly.

The Moon God Emperor was accompanied by four Moon Gods. This meant that half of the Ten Moon Gods were attending this meeting. (Two Moon Gods had perished during the Evil Infant disaster.)

“Wah! She’s so beautiful. She’s even more beautiful than she was back then.” Shui Meiyin couldn’t stop herself from sighing as she stared at Xia Qingyue with starry eyes. Then, she leaned towards Yun Che as if she suddenly recalled something and asked, “Big Brother Yun, was she really your wife in the past?”

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded.

Shiu Meiyin shot a glance at Xia Qingyue first, then back at Yun Che before whispering, “You two… don’t look like husband and wife at all.”

“... We slept on the same bed before. You can ask her if you don’t believe me!” said Yun Che confidently through gritted teeth.

“Wah!” Shui Meiyin let out a soft exclamation of wonder. “I can’t believe you slept with a god emperor before. You’re so amazing, Big Brother Yun.”

Yun Che: ( ̄^ ̄)

This girl is definitely mocking me!

Only four people had come from the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

However, their arrival had caused the atmosphere on the God Conferred Stage to change drastically again.

“The three Brahma Gods!” exclaimed Shui Qianheng!

“...” Yun Che turned around to look at the three Brahma Gods. He had heard of their name as well.

The reason they were famous was because they were all tenth level Divine Masters!

A tenth level Divine Master was the equal of a god emperor. The Moon God Emperor and the Star God Emperor were the only ones in their respective realms with this level of power, whereas the Eternal Heaven God Realm had the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the head of the Guardians, Honorable Tai Yu.

But the Brahma Monarch God Realm had five tenth level Divine Masters: Qianye Fantian, Qianye Ying’er, and the three great Brahma Gods!

It was rumored in the Eastern Divine Region since a long time ago that the three Brahma Gods were inferior to the Star God Emperor or the Moon God Emperor, but not so far behind that they couldn’t put up a fight!

Moreover, it was said that the three Brahma Gods combined could defeat any god emperor in the entire Eastern Divine Region! It was most definitely a fearful rumor.

That was why the Brahma Monarch God Realm really had the “biggest” group out of everyone present despite numbering the least. Four tenth level Divine Masters—the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the three Brahma Gods—was enough power to make any Divine Master present to look away in fear and feel their hearts clench.

Yun Che shot the three Brahma Gods a curious look, but he noticed that their countenances weren’t nearly as shocking as their fame might suggest. They were all wearing calm and indifferent looks on their faces, and… Perhaps it was just his imagination, but they all looked similar to one another.

“The three Brahma Gods of the Brahma Monarch God Realm are more powerful than the Brahma Kings, and they were second only to god emperors in the entire Eastern Divine Region.” Mu Xuanyin suddenly spoke in a low tone. “They share the same parents as Qianye Fantian. They are all full brothers.”

“They’re all full… brothers?” Yun Che was shocked to hear this.

A god emperor and three tenth level Divine Masters all in the same family!?

Just what kind of monstrous bloodline was this!?

“The name of the three Brahma Gods are Qianye Wusheng, Qianye Wubei, and Qianye Wuai, and Qianye Fantian is the oldest of them all. Before he was coronated as the god emperor of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, Qianye Fantian was known as Qianye Wutian. The name change happened after the coronation.”

“Every god emperor in the Brahma Monarch God Realm uses the same name and title, ‘Qianye Fantian’ and ‘Brahma Heaven God Emperor’. This is because their power came from the ‘Brahma Heaven God Clan’ of the Era of Gods. The Brahma Heaven God Clan is directly subordinated under the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor, and they are the most warlike clan out of all other god clans. In the past, their king was known as the ‘Brahma Heaven Emperor’.”

Yun Che nodded and memorized every word.

Wutian, Wusheng, Wubei, and Wuai… Four tenth level Divine Masters in the same family!

Moreover, Qianye Fantian’s daughter Qianye Ying’er was a terrifying woman in her own right.

The Qianye Family... was truly terrifying beyond belief.

However, a new aura descended from the heavens which outmatched the presence of all four of Brahma Monarch God Realm’s Divine Masters combined!

It was a presence that could freeze the world instantly and make all living beings drop to their knees...

It was the Dragon Monarch!

The Dragon Monarch, the Blue Dragon Emperor, and the Qilin Emperor appeared at the same time.

This was the Eternal Heaven God Realm where the greatest experts of the entire Eastern Divine Region were currently gathered. However, the Western Divine Region almost overturned the playing field just by sending the Dragon Monarch and the two dragon emperors.

Every expert and god emperor rose to their feet to welcome the Dragon Monarch.

It was at this moment that an amiable and gentle, but proud voice cut through the air, “Hehe, the Southern Sea God Emperor greets the heroes of the Eastern Divine Region. Please forgive me for arriving late, I was kept busy by some business.”

This newcomer hadn’t even arrived yet, but his magnetic voice and the name “Southern Sea” caused everyone’s hearts to tremble anyway. A deep frown abruptly sprang onto Yun Che’s face, and Shui Meiyin shot him a glance as if she had just sensed something.

Two figures appeared next to the Dragon Monarch’s seat when the voice was done. The first person was a lazy, arrogant-looking man who wasn’t even standing properly, and the second person was Cang Shitian, the god emperor who had come to watch the Profound God Convention a couple of years ago.

The man next to Cang Shitian was clad in silver clothing. He had the appearance of a seventeen or eighteen year old, and he looked thin and pale to the point where it was almost sickly. His face however, was something that no one could forget after a glance. It was a kind of handsomeness that could make even a beautiful woman jealous.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor rose to his feet and said sincerely, “It is a blessing upon all of the Eastern Divine Region to be visited by the Southern Sea God Emperor himself, so what is there possibly to forgive? This way, please!”

The Southern Sea God Emperor swept a glance across the room before bowing deeply toward the Dragon Monarch, “You are looking even better than the last time we met, Dragon Monarch. When today’s business is over, this Southern Sea shall visit you once more.”

The Dragon Monarch nodded slightly before giving the Southern Sea God Emperor a half smile. “It has been many years. I recently heard that your concubines have passed the ten thousand mark. It seems like you’ve realized your wish from back then after all.”

“Hahahahaha!” The Southern Sea God Emperor actually laughed cheerfully without the slightest hint of embarrassment on his face. “Everyone in the world knows that this Southern Sea’s lust is his life. However, it’s one thing to be praised by the world, and another by you, Dragon Monarch…”

The Southern Sea God Emperor shook his head with a smile. “My concubines may be numerous, but in the end, they are nothing but worn shoes compared to the Dragon Queen.”

Dragon Monarch, “...”

“You hear that?” Shui Meiyin whispered into Yun Che’s ear, “He has over ten thousand concubines. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“...” Yun Che inhaled slightly. The title “Southern Sea God Emperor” was carved into his heart a long time ago because it was this man who had poisoned Jasmine with the devilish poison “Absolute God Slaying Poison”. She would’ve died long ago if she hadn’t run into him by accident.

However, the Southern Sea God Emperor’s image and behavior were completely different from what he had imagined him to be.

The Southern Sea God Emperor shot a glance at the Brahma Monarch God Realm’s group before a look of terrible disappointment overcame his features… Literally everyone knew what he was disappointed about: the absence of Qianye Ying’er.

There wasn’t a single person in the world who wasn’t aware of the Southern Sea God Emperor’s infatuation with the Lady Goddess. The reason he frequently visited the Eastern Divine Region despite being the strongest god emperor of the Southern Divine Region was because of her.

After all, for someone who claimed that his lust was as important as his own life, the “Dragon Queen” and the “Lady Goddess” were his ultimate goals… The Dragon Queen might no longer be within his reach, but that simply meant that he would do anything to claim the Lady Goddess for himself.

The reason he wasn’t afraid to let everyone know that he was infatuated with the Lady Goddess was because it was a way of intimidation: anyone who dared to touch Qianye Ying’er had to consider whether they were tough enough to bear the fury of the Southern Sea God Emperor.

The Southern Sea God Emperor was the one who had ambushed Jasmine back at the Southern Sea Divine Region. To kill her, he had even used the precious devilish poison… all because Qianye Ying’er had simply sent him a message.

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s interest immediately waned after realizing that the Lady Goddess wasn’t here. He entered his seat after giving the Brahma Heaven God Emperor a careless greeting, and immediately after that Yun Che felt an amiable but terrifying gaze settling on him for several breaths straight.

“Is that him?” The Southern Sea God Emperor stared at Yun Che and smiled faintly.

“Correct. That is the man the Lady Goddess ‘requested’ to marry a couple years back. I’m sure you’re interested in him,” said Cang Shitian smilingly.

The Southern Sea God Emperor let out a laugh. “Ying’er and him? Hehehehe, she’s only interested because she has an ulterior motive in her mind. Just a toy that caught her curiosity, I presume.”

“That may be so, but I also saw with my own eyes this boy attracting a nine stage lightning tribulation. His future is definitely something to look forward to,” Cang Shitian said. “The fact that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor purposely invited him to participate in today’s meeting shows just how much he values the boy.”

Everyone here except Yun Che was a Divine Master.

Although a Divine King was considered a force of absolute power in the God Realm and even a king among the lower star realms, this meeting was a meeting between the strongest profound practitioners in the world… Yun Che was about as out of place as a mosquito amidst a flock of giant eagles.

“You are correct,” said the Southern Sea God Emperor without losing his smile, “but that will only come true… if he survives until the future.”

“The Southern Sea God Emperor’s true name is Nan Wansheng. He is the head of the four god emperors of the Southern Divine Region,” whispered Mu Xuanyin.

Nan Wansheng (All Life)… his name alone carried an aura and arrogance that scorned all living things.

“He looks like a handsome youngster, but his profound energy is absurdly strong, and his bag of tricks is almost bottomless. He is an expert in using poison, and despite looking the most harmless he’s without a doubt the deadliest and most insidious god emperor out of them all.” Mu Xuanyin paused for a second before continuing, “Moreover, he shares a common point with you.”

“What is it?” asked Yun Che subconsciously.

“His lust is his life!” uttered Mu Xuanyin coldly.

“Cough… cough cough…” Yun Che choked on his saliva once more.

“I don’t think so.” Shui Meiyin suddenly turned around with a smile. “Big Brother Yun is a little… like that, but only a little.”

“Hmph. How many times have you interacted with him? How well do you even know him?” said Mu Xuanyin in a chilly voice.

“Oh…” Shui Meiyin thought to herself for a moment before asking humbly, “Mn! My knowledge and experience are definitely lacking compared to Senior Mu in this regard. I promise I’ll work harder.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin fell silent and didn’t say anything after that.

Yun Che wisely kept his mouth shut.

Sss… What the hell is going on today? Why do I keep sensing that something’s wrong with the atmosphere from both sides?

“Now that all our honorable guests are here, it is time to speak of the agenda of the day,” declared the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. Every word he spoke was as heavy as a mountain, and they sat on the Conferred God Stage like dark clouds.

The Divine Masters’ strength and spiritual perception were unlike anything else. Everyone else could hear the deep sorrow the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s voice and felt their hearts sink… Whatever it was that caused the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to feel like this couldn’t possibly be a simple matter.

“Four years ago, this old man had used the prophecy of the Heaven Mystery Realm to reveal the crimson crack’s existence on the eastmost Wall of Primal Chaos. Moreover, I’d mentioned that this crimson crack may be accompanied by a calamity that may embroil the entire world. In reality…”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor paused for a second before his voice became even heavier than before. “In reality, the coming of this ‘calamity’ hasn’t just been prophesied by the Heavenly Mystery Realm... It has been prophesied by the Eternal Heaven Spirit as well!”


There was a tiny buzz on the Conferred God Stage… but it was enough to cause every space within five hundred kilometers to shiver for a short time.

The Eternal Heaven Spirit was the spirit residing inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl!

“The Profound God Convention, the battles to select the top young geniuses of the Eastern Divine Region were the Eternal Heaven Spirit’s will as well. I’m sure that you’ve all realized by now that a miracle of time as amazing as the ‘Three Millennia in Eternal Heaven” isn’t something that our god realm has the power to decide.”

All of the top level experts of the God Realm were aware of this. After all, the Eternal Heaven Pearl had only ever had one master since its very creation: the Great Ancestor of Eternal Heaven! After the great ancestor had passed away, the Eternal Heaven Pearl never accepted another master even though it had opened its functions to the Eternal Heaven Realm. Naturally, the Eternal Heaven God Realm didn’t have the power to command the Eternal Heaven Pearl to activate a miracle of time that would exhaust its remaining divine power, like the “Three Millennia in Eternal Heaven”.

“At the time, the Eternal Heaven Spirit didn’t know the identity of the presence behind the crimson crack despite sensing a great danger from it. In order to deal with this coming calamity, the Eternal Heaven Spirit decided to expedite the growth of a powerful force using the “Three Millennia in Eternal Heaven”. Although it may be as inadequate as a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, it is a new hope… a hope that may just contain the potential for a miracle.”

“However, after the Profound God Convention has ended, the Eternal Heaven Spirit finally figured out what the aura seeping through the crimson crack was… and from it, guessed that terrible ‘truth’.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor exhaled deeply when he reached this point.

“After the Profound God Convention?” Qianye Fantian frowned. “Does this mean that the truth of the crimson crack has been known to you since four years ago? In that case, why have you kept quiet about it and delayed revealing it until now?”