Chapter 1444 - Qianye’s Invitation

Chapter 1444 - Qianye’s Invitation

Perhaps it was the aura of this place, but Yun Che was feeling extraordinarily at peace ever since he had set foot in the Eternal Heaven Realm.

There was nowhere he could go with Mu Xuanyin watching him, so all he did was lie down on the stone chair in the courtyard with his hands behind the back of his head and enjoy a leisurely time. Occasionally, he would shoot a glance at Mu Xuanyin’s room or the red star that was growing brighter and brighter on the east side of the sky.

They were now at most ten or so days away from the deadline the Ice Phoenix divine being had mentioned.

He wondered what would happen when it was finally time.

It’s been more than half a month since I left Blue Pole Star. I hope that the light profound energy I left behind right before departure will be able to hold out until I get home...

Speaking of light profound energy… I wonder what Shen Xi is doing, and why she suddenly entered secluded cultivation? She looked pretty disappointed when I left the Forbidden Land of Samsara, I wonder if she’s still angry… 

Yun Che’s mind was all over the place when suddenly, the courtyard’s door was pushed open roughly with a loud bang.

Yun Che frowned and looked to the side as two men wearing light golden profound clothes headed his way from the entrance. The person on the left was a middle-aged man with a stiff expression on his face. The person on the right looked much younger, giving off the impression that he was only around twenty years old or so. His gaze looked gentle and reserved. 

Neither of them was unleashing any profound energy, but the atmosphere of the place had changed drastically.

Both men held their heads high, and their gazes were proud and indifferent. It wasn’t a front they were intentionally putting up for Yun Che. They had simply gotten used to looking down on all earthly beings from beyond the clouds. 

Yun Che’s brows furrowed a little… The fact that these two people hadn’t concealed their arrogance one bit despite being present in the Eternal Heaven Realm was proof that they were no ordinary people.

The duo immediately spotted Yun Che on his chair and the middle-aged man said coldly, “Are you Yun Che?”

“I am. Who are you?” asked Yun Che while criticizing the middle-aged man in his head: What a pointless question, is there anyone in the entire God Realm who doesn’t know me?

However, the duo didn’t answer Yun Che’s question. The middle-aged man snorted softly before revealing their purpose, “We are the Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys under the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s command. We have been ordered to bring you to the god emperor to purify the devilish energy in his body!”

The title “Brahma Monarch Divine Envoy” was a title that could strike fear in the hearts of any profound practitioner who wasn’t a Divine Master.

The hierarchical system in the Brahma Monarch God Realm went from the god emperor, the three Brahma Gods, the Brahma Kings, the elders and finally the divine envoys.

On another star realm such as the Star God Realm or the Moon God Realm, a Brahma Monarch Divine Envoy was the equivalent of a Star Guard or a Moon Guard.

Be it divine envoy, star guard, or moon guard, these people were the equal of a middle star realm realm king both in terms of strength and status. The divine envoys especially hailed from the Brahma Monarch God Realm, so they definitely had the qualification to be arrogant in the Eastern Divine Region. Not even an upper star realm was willing to offend them normally.

“Oh.” Yun Che got up without looking surprised in the slightest. He thought that this would happen, although it had happened a lot sooner than he imagined because barely four hours had passed since he entered the Eternal Heaven Realm. It would appear that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor was tormented so badly by the devilish energy that he couldn’t even be bothered to keep up appearances anymore.

“Please allow me to inform my Master about my departure. I will come with you right away after that,” said Yun Che in an even tone.

“That is unnecessary!” But the young man blocked Yun Che’s way with a raised hand and said darkly, “You will leave with us immediately!” 

“Heh, your Master? Who the hell is that?” The middle-aged divine envoy shot him a disdainful glance. “The god emperor’s order shall not be delayed! Let’s go.”

Yun Che narrowed his eyes before slowly falling back down on his chair. Then, he relaxed his body, cushioned his head with his hands and closed his eyes leisurely just like before.

His action caused the two Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys to stare at him. “What are you doing, Yun Che?”

“What am I doing? Are you so dumb you can’t see what I’m doing?” Yun Che replied unhurriedly, “I’m not coming with you, of course!”

“You!” The two divine envoys turned furious at the same time, but they soon laughed softly to themselves while staring at him with deep pity and ridicule. “We had heard that you are a bold man since a long time ago. Your reputation is well deserved.”

“No, no,” The younger divine envoy said with a chuckle, “This isn’t boldness, this is stupidity. This is stupidity so great that it borders on hilarity.”

“Hmph!” The middle-aged divine envoy said coldly, “Do you really think you’re something just because you became the champion of the Conferred God Stage and won the appreciation of two god emperors? Heh, who the hell do you think you are? Do you know what the consequences for disobeying the Lord God Emperor’s orders are?”

“Oh, I have no idea.” Yun Che continued to speak without fear or anger despite being showered with disdain and pressure from the two Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys. “However, I do have a rough idea about your downfalls. The only difference is, will the Brahma Heaven God Emperor deign to break your hands, your legs, or just squish the two of you to death?”

The divine envoys' eyes froze for an instant before they burst out in laughter at the same time. The younger divine envoy said, “I have to admit that is a pretty good joke, Yun Che. You should be proud for making a divine envoy laugh. So this is how the new champion of the Conferred God Stage acts, huh. Tsk tsk tsk, it would seem that the realms beneath the king realms are growing worse and worse these days.”

The middle-aged divine envoy humphed and asked, “Foolish boy, do you know who we are?”

“Of course I do, you’re the noble Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys, right?” Yun Che beamed at them. “Speaking of which, allow me to jog your memory a little. Your god emperor probably told you to ‘invite’ me over to his place, hadn’t he? Do you know what ‘invite’ means? Do you know how to write it?”

The expression of the two divine envoys turned stiff at the same time.

“Since you’re the divine envoys directly under the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s command, I’m sure you're aware how much suffering your god emperor is under every time the devilish energy attacks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that death would be a kindness, am I right? Your god emperor wouldn’t have invited me over so soon after I’ve arrived at the Eternal Heaven Realm otherwise… And don’t you forget the word ‘invite’ again!”

“Now, the only people in the entire world who can purify the devilish energy in his body are Senior Shen Xi of the Western Divine Region, and me. Since Senior Shen Xi is in secluded cultivation right now, I am the only one left who can save your god emperor from misery.”

The Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys' expressions changed yet again.

“Originally, there is absolutely no reason for me to refuse the invitation of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor. But now? I’ll give you face, oh noble Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys. I won’t head over even if the Brahma Heaven God Emperor himself were to visit me personally!”

Yun Che sneered and turned his face away completely after that.

At this point, the arrogance and ridicule on the two Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys' faces were completely gone. Deep shock and terror were slowly but surely creeping onto their faces.

As divine envoys directly under Qianye Fantian’s command, they naturally knew just how much pain he was in every time the devilish energy acted up inside of him. Moreover, Yun Che was absolutely right when he guessed that Qianye Fantian had specifically told them to “invite” him over.

However, they were proud Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys who thought even realm kings were beneath their attention. Since they believed that they were deigning to give Yun Che, a mere junior from the lower realms, the biggest face of his life, not even in their dreams had they thought of “inviting” him to meet with their lord in a polite and respectful manner.

Moreover, they never imagined that Yun Che would have the gall to turn down the invitation of the number one god emperor in the Eastern Divine Region!

The duo finally realized the consequences of having failed to invite Yun Che, and just how hot the water they were currently in was. When they exchanged a glance with each other again, the look in their eyes was completely different from before.

“We… we don’t have to waste words with him!” The younger divine envoy was clearly panicking, “Let’s just knock him out and bring him back to our lord!”

“A wonderful idea!” praised Yun Che as he clapped his hands together, “Once I’ve been dragged in front of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, I’ll be sure to tell him exactly how the two of you ‘invited’ me over. Whether or not I decide to purify the devilish energy in him will then depend completely on his treatment of you two.”

“Hmm… surely the lives of two idiotic divine envoys are worth nothing next to his own health and wellbeing, right?”

Yun Che’s casual statement was all it took to send a shiver up their spine and wet their backs.

“Seventh Brother, what…” The younger divine envoy stared at the middle-aged divine envoy in panic.

The middle-aged divine envoy took a step forward again, but this time not a shred of arrogance could be detected in him. Clasping his hands together and smiling apologetically, he said, “We’re very sorry for our terrible manners from earlier, Young Master Yun. Please, forgive us.”

“Oh?” Yun Che turned over and half-smiled at him. “You finally get what the word ‘invite’ means now?”

“Yes, yes.” The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, but he never stopped smiling obsequiously at Yun Che. “We’d be infinitely grateful if you would come with us and meet with our god emperor.”

“Hmph, it’s good that you’ve learned. However… it’s too late for you. I don’t care if you ridicule me, but how dare you drag my master into it!” Yun Che’s eyes abruptly darkened as he pointed a finger towards the exit. “Get out!”

His dismissal caused the faces of the two Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys to change drastically. They were incredibly important people even when judged at the level of the Eastern Divine Region. They couldn’t remember the last time someone had spoken so rudely to them. Enraged, the younger divine envoy roared at Yun Che. “Yun Che! Don’t you dare ask a mile after we’ve…”

“Shut your mouth!” The middle-aged man hurriedly cut him off before bowing towards Yun Che. “This one here is blind and not familiar with etiquette. Please, there is no need for someone as magnanimous as you to lower yourself to his level, Young Master Yun.”

After that, the middle-aged man turned to look at his colleague and said fiercely, “What are you waiting for? Apologize to Young Master Yun now, or I’ll cripple you first before the god emperor!”

The younger divine envoy trembled in anger and turned ashen when he saw the terrible look on the middle-aged divine envoy’s face, but then he recalled the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and felt a terrible chill throughout his body. He hurriedly lowered his head and said in a trembling voice, “This one has been… ignorant and... rude. This one apologizes to Young Master Yun.”

“You called me an idiot earlier.” Yun Che said slowly and uncaringly, “Tell me, who’s the real idiot now?”

The younger divine envoy’s lips trembled as he forced the words out of his mouth, “I… I’m the idiot…”

“Very good, you’ve finally gotten a little smarter.” Yun Che nodded his head appraisingly before turning to look at the middle-aged divine envoy. “And what about you? What do you have to show for insulting my master?”

The middle-aged divine envoy immediately bent his head. “It is I who was blind to insult your master. I hereby apologize to you and your master… if you think this isn’t sufficient, you may punish me physically however you wish.”

After that, the middle-aged man slapped himself hard on the face… it was so loud that his cheeks were red and swollen in an instant.

“...” Yun Che frowned a little when he saw this display. He knew that the two divine envoys would shrink in fear, but he didn’t think that they would go this far.

It would appear that that gentle-looking Brahma Heaven God Emperor who appeared indifferent to everything was far scarier than any outsider could possibly imagine.

Yun Che finally got back up to his feet and said indifferently, “Now we’re talking. Hmph, it is the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s order after all. There is no harm in making a visit. However, I still need to inform my master before I take my leave. You’re not going to give me trouble this time, are you?”

As if he had been pardoned from a terrible crime, the middle-aged man replied hurriedly, “Of course not, of course not. We will wait right here for your return. Just notify us when it is time to leave.”

Yun Che looked away from them and walked up to Mu Xuanyin’s room. He was just about to say something when the door opened to show Mu Xuanyin, “Let’s go.”

“Huh? You’re coming too, Master?” was what he said, but truth be told he wasn’t really too surprised by her appearance.

“It’s fine, Senior Mu.” It was at this moment the voice of a gentle woman came from above as Xia Qingyue descended to the ground like a purple fairy. “I will accompany him. I am in just the mood to visit Qianye Fantian.”

“Qing…” Yun Che was just about to call out her name when he saw the cool and emotionless gaze in her eyes and subconsciously switched to a more formal title, “Moon God Emperor.”

Mu Xuanyin frowned a little and thought about it. A short while later, she nodded. “Alright.”