Chapter 1424 - Fury

Chapter 1424 - Fury

A mere hundred breaths had passed since the moment Luo Guxie had started dueling Mu Xuanyin.

The number one person in the Eastern Divine Region outside of its king realms had lost to the Snow Song Realm King within a hundred breaths… One could well imagine that incomparably gigantic waves would surely rock the Eastern Divine Region from this day forward and that huge shockwaves would certainly be sent through the other divine regions as well.

The Snow Song Realm was a middle star realm whose fame had greatly increased because they had produced a Yun Che. Its prestige had also undoubtedly stepped into a completely different domain because of that as well.

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Mu Xuanyin’s profound strength was that of a fourth level Divine Master. Even though she was superior to a good number of upper realm kings, the overall weakness of the Snow Song Realm ensured that it remained within the ranks of the middle star realms.

However, a Mu Xuanyin who was a tenth level Divine Master, even if she had been born in the weakest star realms or lower realms, would boost the level of her birthplace to that of an upper star realm in the span of a single night.

Because that was power at the level of the god emperors!

At this moment, everyone in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, from top to bottom, felt as if they were dreaming.

But the one who was most convinced that she was dreaming was undoubtedly Luo Guxie.

Her eyes had grown slack as she was confronted by Mu Xuanyin’s cold voice and the icy light coming from her fingers. Her profound energy had become weak and insipid while her entire body trembled. She was unable to utter even a single word for the longest time.

No matter what, she was unable to believe or accept everything that had happened.

Space fluctuated as the figure of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor appeared. The gaze he directed towards Mu Xuanyin was completely different from what it had been before, and even his tone of voice was far milder than it had been before, “Snow Song Realm King, Luo Guxie is, in the end, still an extraordinary person. Losing a hand is a small matter but having one’s reputation destroyed is something far greater. Since she has already been utterly ruined, please stop here and spare her. I believe that she will take this to heart and that she definitely won’t offend the Snow Song Realm ever again.”

Mu Xuanyin gave Luo Guxie a penetrating glance but she did not give it a single thought. The icy light glowing on her fingertips immediately dissipated as she said, “Since the Eternal Heaven God Emperor is pleading on her behalf, then this junior will naturally defer to you.”

“Mn,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said and nodded with a smile on his face. A cluster of warm profound light soundlessly dispelled the cold energy inside Luo Guxie’s body as he said, “Luo Guxie, the Snow Song Realm King has decided to be magnanimous, forgive your previous offenses, and allow you to leave this place unharmed. As such, let this be the end of your grievances with the Snow Song Realm and Yun Che, you are not pursue them any longer. Otherwise, it won’t only be the Snow Song Realm who will get involved. This old one will also not allow any further misbehavior.”

Luo Guxie’s complexion recovered slightly as she staggered to her feet. It was only then that she finally circulated profound energy and completely dispelled the cold energy afflicting her body. She clenched her teeth lightly as she looked at Mu Xuanyin. She was just about to spit out some vicious words but the moment her eyes came into contact with Mu Xuanyin’s ice-cold gaze, her very soul shivered and the hatred in her eyes swiftly transformed into alarm and fear...

She turned around and gasped roughly. After that she spoke in a hoarse voice, “I, Luo Guxie… admit my defeat today… But the both of you, master and disciple… you had better… remember this…”

The words that she said caused the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s eyebrows to greatly furrow as he shook his head in disappointment.

Her disciple, Luo Changsheng, had been defeated by Yun Che, someone who had been born in a middle star realm, and today, she had been defeated by Yun Che’s master, a middle realm king… She slowly stepped forward and the hatred, resentment, and humiliation in her heart intensified with every step that she took.

Before this, Luo Changsheng’s future had been set up perfectly. He had been the leader of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, and he was the Young Master Changsheng who was roundly praised and admired by everyone in the star realms. Yet because of Yun Che… everything he possessed had been crushed in a single day and all of his future plans had been ruined.

Moreover, she, Luo Guxie, had received a serious injury despite launching a sneak attack against Yun Che. Her ten thousand year reputation had also been ruined in a single day and she had even become the laughingstock of the Eastern Divine Region. She came here today to vent her hatred, but not only was she unable to fulfill her desires, she had ended up in a miserably pathetic state thanks to Mu Xuanyin… and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor even had to plead on her behalf in order to protect her...

Her teeth clenched together tighter and tighter as her legs trembled… The profound energy in her body slowly swelled up and just when everyone thought that she was about to take to the skies and leave, a crazed hatred abruptly flashed in the depths of her eyes and the arm that had been dangling at her side was suddenly thrust out explosively as a beam of green profound light ripped through the air, instantly travelling fifty kilometers, as it shot toward Yun Che. 

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s complexion abruptly changed as he gasped, “You!”

Nearly everyone had been surprised by Luo Guxie’s sudden attack. Back then, when she had attacked Yun Che on the Conferred God Stage, everyone could still understand that she had been triggered because of her smothering love for Luo Changsheng. However this time, her attack was completely and utterly crazed and despicable… It was a level of craziness and despicableness that practically no one could understand.

With this attack, even if she managed to kill Yun Che… the name “Fairy Guxie” would still become completely notorious and infamous.

Even ten thousand Yun Ches would not even be able to resist the power of Luo Guxie. However, Xia Qingyue had always been near where he was standing. In the very first instant when Luo Guxie had attacked, Xia Qingyue’s palm had also stretched out at the same time as an invisible moon realm blocked the path in front of Yun Che… At the very instant the Moon Realm was formed, a shocked and furious roar rang out in front of Yun Che.

“Be careful!!”

With an explosive roar, Huo Poyun hurtled over and forcefully opened up a fire domain at the greatest speed possible. At the same time, Shui Meiyin had transformed into a black phantom as she stood in front of Yun Che.

On the contrary, Shui Qianheng had reacted half an instant slower… This was because he could never have imagined that someone like Luo Guxie would actually behave in such a frenzied and insane manner, not even if he was beaten half to death.

The green profound light collided with the fire domain that was farthest forward… Even though this had been a sneak attack launched by an injured Luo Guxie, it still was not an attack that Huo Poyun could block. The fire domain that he had forcefully opened up was instantly shattered, scattering in fragmented flames which filled the sky. Huo Poyun also let out a low groan as he was pushed back hundreds of meters, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

In the end, the current Huo Poyun was still a fourth level Divine Master, so even though he was not able to completely block it, he had managed to weaken the power of Luo Guxie’s attack while also causing the direction of the green beam of profound light to deviate slightly. Behind him, Shui Meiyin waved a hand as a water screen shimmered into existence around her, its appearance barely discernible.


With a light ringing, the profound light that came into contact with the water screen behaved as if it had touched the surface of a mirror. Its direction suddenly changed as it shot towards the distant west...


A green curtain of light exploded upwards and soared to the heavens in the area to the west of them. Under that curtain of light, a region hundreds of kilometers wide was engulfed by storms, completely transforming into a calamitous purgatory that could house no life.

Xia Qingyue’s hand withdrew as she silently glanced at Huo Poyun and Shui Meiyin. She had been slightly shocked when Shui Meiyin had released her profound energy. As for Huo Poyun… He had clearly used his life to block that blow.

“Brother Poyun!” Yun Che’s body flashed as he swiftly arrived at Huo Poyun’s side, “Are you okay?”

“It’s nothing, just some minor injuries,” Huo Poyun said as he shook his head. His breathing had become rather rapid as he raised his head to look at Luo Guxie and said through fiercely gritted teeth, “Senior Guxie… How could you do such an utterly despicable thing… Ssss!” 

On the other side, Mu Xuanyin had already become completely enraged. The profound light that she had just restrained violently flared up in that instant. The sudden burst of profound energy caused even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to retreat a few steps.


Mu Xuanyin’s palm fiercely smashed into Luo Guxie’s back… Due to her raging fury, she did not hold back or take any pity on Luo Guxie. The figure of an Ice Phoenix exploded against Luo Guxie’s back, causing an explosion that was so loud that it seemed like the heavens themselves had exploded!

This was accompanied by the extremely ear-piercing sound of bones breaking.

Luo Guxie spat out an arrow of blood that flew several kilometers as scores of cracks appeared all over her body. Her entire body seemed like a broken bag of blood, spraying out blood amidst the wind and snow as she hurtled through the air.

The blue light glowing on Mu Xuanyin’s hand flashed as cold light accumulated on the Snow Princess Sword. Contained in that cold light was a malicious energy and killing intent so fierce and violent that it seemed almost frenzied. An aurora of light abruptly flashed into existence as that sword was shot straight toward Luo Guxie.

The cold energy and killing intent accumulated in this sword caused the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s expression to change as he urgently yelled, “Stay your hand for now!”

That was because this sword stroke was clearly meant to take Luo Guxie’s life!

His body rushed out with great urgency as an invisible beam of profound energy swifty blocked Mu Xuanyin’s path. However… the cold light in Mu Xuanyin’s eyes had not dissipated in the slightest. On the contrary, the Snow Princess Sword abruptly thrust forward with a sudden flash and the obstructing energy that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had hastily released was completely torn apart like a layer of cloth. A beam of blue light also shot out at the same time, directly striking the Eternal Heaven God Emperor in the forehead.


With an explosive ring, icy light exploded outwards and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was sent spinning through the air. By the time, he had managed to forcefully stabilize his body, Mu Xuanyin’s Snow Princess Sword was only three feet away from Luo Guxie and the tip of that sword was pointed straight at Luo Guxie’s chest.

Luo Guxie had practically lost half of her life due to Mu Xuanyin’s furious attack. Scores of cracks had appeared on her back and it looked like it was about to collapse. Furthermore, what was approaching her was clearly an aura of death!

She could not bring herself to believe that this sword stroke of Mu Xuanyin’s was actually going to take her life… Just like no one had believed that she, Luo Guxie, would actually suddenly make an attempt on Yun Che’s life.

In the end, she was still Luo Guxie and she mightily forced her body to turn as she was hurtling through the air. She waved her arms as she let out a weird yell, causing galeforce winds to sweep toward the Snow Princesses Sword that was growing nearer and nearer.


How could the power that Luo Guxie had sent out in her broken state ever block the furious power of Mu Xuanyin? Those galeforce winds had been torn apart in a single instant, but the direction the Snow Princess Sword had been pointed had also deviated slightly. It suddenly pierced into Luo Guxie’s right arm and after a slight pause, it had completely pierced through that arm.

Following the ear-piercing sound of cloth being torn apart, Luo Guxie’s right arm was completely shorn from her body by the Snow Princess Sword. However, not a single drop of blood sprayed out from that wound for it had already been completely frozen into an ice sculpture. Furthermore, the excess energy that radiated from the Snow Princess Sword heavily swept over Luo Guxie’s body, causing another arrow of blood to shoot from her mouth as she fiercely hurtled to the ground.

Mu Xuanyin’s body suddenly turned as the Snow Princess Sword’s icy light flashed once again and it began to pierce towards Luo Guxie once more… But at this time, a purple light flashed in front of her as Xia Qingyue’s figure appeared. Releasing a purple light, Xia Qingyue’s right hand grabbed the Snow Princess Sword, firmly catching it between her fingers. 

As Xia Qingyue looked at Mu Xuanyin and faced her shocking malicious energy and killing intent, she slowly shook her head and said, “Senior Mu, do not kill her.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze was so dark and cold that it was extremely frightening. Her body was vibrating with what was clearly cold energy, yet it seemed as violent as a raging volcano. While her chest heaved up and down, the cold light radiating from her body and her sword crazily flashed. She looked at Xia Qingyue for several full breaths before the cold light shining on her sword finally started to weaken bit by bit.

Xia Qingyue relaxed her grip and the arm that Mu Xuanyin was using to grip the sword also started lower.

Indeed, she could not kill Luo Guxie...

Even though Luo Guxie had already left the Holy Eaves Realm, in the end, she was still the sister of the Holy Eaves Realm King Luo Shangchen. Furthermore, after she had become the master of Luo Changsheng, she, someone who had almost never stepped foot into the Holy Eaves Realm before this, had started to live in the Holy Eaves Realm with the intention to stay.

It would be fine to injure Luo Guxie even further. But if she were to be killed, it was not possible for the Holy Eaves Realm to simply leave the matter at that.

Mu Xuanyin personally had nothing to fear from the Holy Eaves Realm, but the Snow Song Realm had no choice but to fear!

Even though he could sense that Mu Xuanyin’s malicious energy was still present, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor could also sense that she was starting to restrain her aura. He breathed a long sigh of relief at that… but at this moment, when he recalled the profound energy that had erupted from her body due to her extreme rage, huge tidal waves surged in his heart.

Luo Guxie, who had lost her right arm, had fallen into the snow, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. Even though she had struggled for a long time, she was still unable to get to her feet.

Mu Xuanyin stared down her, her gaze colder than it had been at any other moment as she spoke, “Luo Guxie, listen and listen well. This king won’t kill you today and if you want to take revenge in the future, this king will be happy to comply.”

“But if you dare to harm Yun Che… I will personally kill Luo Changsheng!”

Mu Xuanyin’s words caused the light of hatred to flash in Luo Guxie’s eyes, but the moment Mu Xuanyin had pronounced the three words “Luo Changsheng” with obvious killing intent, it was as if her weakness had been grasped. Her head jerked upwards as her pupils started to contract in fear, “You… You…”

She wanted to say the two words “you dare” but she had just personally experienced Mu Xuanyin’s nightmarishly dreadful power. Furthermore, that killing intent that had very nearly buried her was right in front of her… If even she, Luo Guxie, dared to attempt to murder Yun Che, why would Mu Xuanyin not dare!?

She did not say another word nor did she look at anyone else. She got to her feet while trembling and it was only after she spat out many mouthfuls of blood that she took to the air with much difficulty and gradually flew into the distance… returning to the Star End Hall that she had arrived in as she sped away pathetically.

She had come here to vent her hatred and wash away her shame. But the only things she had obtained were utter defeat and an even greater humiliation than the one before.