Chapter 1416 - Exposed

Chapter 1416 - Exposed

There were many strange and mysterious emotional paradoxes that existed between men and women.

For example, Mu Xuanyin’s heartstrings had been plucked all those years ago because Yun Che had put his life on the line for her sake when he had rushed the ancient horned dragon. But after that, the thing she was most afraid of, the thing she could least tolerate, was that very act of Yun Che risking his life again… whether it was for herself or for other people.

These were the sorts of subtle changes that Mu Bingyun, who was inexperienced in love, would definitely not be able to understand.

“Are you so urgently trying to send him back because you’re afraid that he’ll find out about the matter regarding the ‘Evil Infant’?” Mu Bingyun asked.

“To the best of his knowledge, both the Heavenly Slaughter Star God and the Heavenly Wolf Star God died three years ago,” Mu Xuanyin said in a slow and measured manner. “I’ve witnessed the gradually worsening disasters on the Blue Pole Star with my own eyes, so the reason he suddenly returned to the Snow Song Realm this time was indeed only to solve the calamity that was slowly spiraling out of his control.”

“…” Mu Bingyun was stumped for words upon hearing that. After that, a complicated look appeared on her snowy face as she said, “You’ve been going to the Blue Pole Star frequently over the past few years?”

“…” Mu Xuanyin’s icy eyes wavered slightly. But after that, she avoided Mu Bingyun’s direct gaze and said in a cold voice, “That isn’t important!”

After a slight pause, Mu Xuanyin continued to speak, “What he said just now should be the complete truth. However, if he does not obtain the answer that he desires, or if he perhaps discovers that his own strength is insufficient, or if perhaps the【Eternal Heaven General Assembly】, which will gather the strength of all the Divine Masters, will prove to be enough to deal with the crimson calamity, then he will have no reason to take such a huge risk and stay in the God Realm. Instead, he will obediently return home.”

“However, if he discovers that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God is still alive and that she has become the Evil Infant that the entire God Realm hates and is trying to kill… What would he do?” Mu Xuanyin said as she closed her eyes, “Would he still go back?”

Mu Bingyun, “…”

“Given his personality, and the special relationship that they shared, even if the Heavenly Slaughter Star God were to become the Evil Infant, he would still do everything he could to find her, and after that, he would stand by her side… Even if it meant that he would go against the entire God Realm.”

Whether it was Mu Xuanyin or Mu Bingyun, both of them had no doubts whatsoever when it came to this particular point.

“If that time really does come, then anyone will be able to take action against Yun Che, who would be ‘associated with the Evil Infant’, in the name of justice and righteousness. Those that hate him and those that covet his power, they would not even need to secretly attack him or use any underhanded means. Furthermore, given Yun Che’s temper, even if he is well aware that this would be the result, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate or back down.”

Over the last few years, Mu Xuanyin had already completely understood exactly what kind of person Yun Che was. However, it was precisely because he was who he was that the people who loved him were willing to give up everything, and the people who hated him would love nothing more than to break his bones and scatter his ashes. She continued, “If I were the Evil Infant, I would definitely not want him to know that I was alive either.”

“I understand. I understand everything you just said,” Mu Bingyun said with a soft sigh. “But, Big Sister…

“If you were Yun Che and he was the Evil Infant… Then, would you want him to forever be consigned to memories that can never become reality ever again. Or would you feel that even if you【had to oppose the rest of the universe】, you would still…”

Mu Bingyun left the rest of her words unsaid while Mu Xuanyin simply stood there at a loss for words, her aura faintly disordered.

After she gave Mu Xuanyin’s profile a deep look, Mu Bingyun’s gaze swept across the barrier that was sealing Yun Che away. Then, she soundlessly padded out of the Sacred Hall with complicated emotions in her heart.

The flying snow outside of the Sacred Hall was dancing wildly and chaotically in the air. Mu Bingyun trod through the snow, her steps slow and measured. It was only when she was about ten steps away that she finally realized that Mu Feixue was standing there.

“Palace Master Bingyun,” Mu Feixue said with a curtsy.

“Feixue…” Mu Bingyun turned around and gently said, “You definitely mustn’t tell anyone about the fact that Yun Che is still alive.”

“Yes,” Mu Feixue said as she lightly bit down on her lips and stopped herself from saying what she wanted to say.

“You want to ask about how Yun Che is right now, correct?” Mu Bingyun asked. She could sense Mu Feixue’s somewhat evasive gaze and she softly sighed in her heart : Yun Che… was truly a calamitous star.

Mu Feixue lowered her delicate head before she spoke in a soft voice, “Just now, Master seemed to be really angry.”

During the past few years that she had followed Mu Xuanyin, she had never once seen her so angry.

“She has always been like this with Yun Che, there’s no need to worry,” Mu Bingyun said as she shot her a glance. “Right now he is being confined by your master. You won’t be able to see him for the time being and you shouldn’t go and disturb your master either.”

Even though Yun Che had been the one who had been confined for twenty-four hours, Mu Bingyun was well aware that the one whose thoughts were truly in disarray, and who really needed time to think and sort stuff out was not Yun Che. It was Mu Xuanyin herself.

“Yes, this disciple understands. This disciple will stand watch here then, and unless Master orders me to do so, I definitely won’t approach her,” Mu Feixue said.

“Mn,” Mu Bingyun responded with a nod of her head as she walked past Mu Feixue. But after she took a few steps, she suddenly stopped and turned her head slightly before speaking in a soft voice, “Feixue, the sect has never once decreed that the Ice Phoenix women were forbidden from having any feelings. The reason why so many generations of Ice Phoenix women, who were descended directly from the Ice Phoenix, ended up living lonely lives was not because they were forbidden from having relationships, it was because they did not want to have such a relationship. You don’t have to restrict yourself in any way whatsoever.”

Mu Feixue raised her head. She was left at a complete loss after hearing Mu Bingyun’s words.

“It is extremely hard for Ice Phoenix women to feel any emotions because of our bloodline and our profound art. So if one’s heartstrings have been tugged by any man, it isn’t a crime. Rather, it is something that one should rejoice in. In this world, no matter whether it is status or power, one has to strive hard to earn it. It is also the same with your feelings. In fact… it just might be more worth it for you to fight for your feelings than anything else.”

“This is something that you definitely must not learn from your master.”

“…” Mu Feixue stood there in a complete stupor. Every single word that Mu Bingyun had just said made her feel as if she was dreaming.

This was not only limited to herself. Upon saying those words, even Mu Bingyun herself stood there in a daze for a long while… It was as if she did not quite dare to believe that those words had actually come out of her own mouth.

She was even less sure why she had suddenly said such a thing… and if it was even meant for Mu Feixue to hear in the first place.


Moon God Realm, Moon God Sacred Hall.

Xia Qingyue stood in front of a mirror, her beautiful eyes closed. Beside her, two lovely young girls with white teeth and bright eyes were helping her change her clothes. These young girls were absolute beauties and their bearing was as noble as a bright moon in the sky. However, because they were standing so close to Xia Qingyue, even their own radiant beauty was completely dimmed.

She was the first female god emperor in the history of the Moon God Emperors. The Moon God Emperor’s attire was extremely complicated and the two girls fussed over it for quite a while before they were finally able to carefully remove the outer garments, revealing a body hugged by a set of dull-purple undergarments.

The curves of the celestial body beneath those moon robes were astonishingly graceful and elegant. Her perfectly rounded shoulders looked as if they were made from fine jade, as if they had been carved by the heavens themselves. Her revealed skin glistened with a snowy luster. Perhaps it was in order to hide her figure, but her undergarments were bound exceptionally tight, so tight that her silky bosom swelled up in all of its fulsomeness.

The gazes of the girls who were attending to her involuntarily grew glazed and their breaths grew slightly rougher. This was far from the first time they had seen Xia Qingyue’s jade body, but every single time they did, their eyes would be mesmerized even though they were also women, and they feverishly fantasized about which man would be fortunate enough to enjoy such a body.

At this moment, a person rushed over on hurried footsteps, her breathing uneven. Swiftly, a young girl clad in silver robes appeared behind them. She knelt down and said, “Master…”

“Jin Yue,” Xia Qingyue said in a soft voice, “it’s rare to see you in such a hurry. Could it be that something has happened with the crimson crack or the Eternal Heaven General Assembly?”

“Reporting to Master,” Jin Yue hurriedly said. “We just received a piece of news. Yun Che is still in this world. He did not die and he is currently in the Snow Song Realm.”

“Ah…” The girls besides Xia Qingyue simultaneously let out startled cries. After that they simultaneously took a small step backwards, their delicate heads drooping. They did not dare utter another sound.

“…” Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes opened as she said, “Repeat that for me again.”

“Yun Che is currently in the Snow Song Realm, and it is very likely that the news of his death in the Star God Realm back then… was fake.” Jin Yue said with a bowed head. Jin Yue, who had been by Xia Qingyue’s side all these years, was more clear than anyone else on what the name “Yun Che” meant to Xia Qingyue.

The Moon God Sacred Hall grew silent and it remained so for a very long time.

“Where did this news come from?” Xia Qingyue turned around as she spoke in a slow and measured voice.

“It was from the Holy Eaves Realm,” Jin Yue replied.

“When was this news disseminated?” Xia Qingyue asked another question.

“Jin Yue just received this news and I came here to report it at the first possible moment.” Jin Yue’s breathing was still rather disordered as she continued to speak, “Yun Che has also just returned to the Snow Song Realm, and he shouldn’t have been there for longer than twelve hours.”

Xia Qingyue’s delicate brows very gently knitted together.

She had always been aware that Yun Che was extremely good at disguise and stealth. If he was truly still alive, given his circumstances, he should have been extremely careful when he had chosen to surface again. So just how had he been discovered when he had not even been in the Snow Song Realm for twelve hours?

Furthermore… the ones who had found out were the Holy Eaves Realm!?

“Can this news be trusted?” she asked, her jade mien calm and coldly sober. However, it was almost as if she had forgotten she had taken off her outer garments. Her icy flesh and jade bones radiated a beauty and charm that was enough to cause a demon to drool, enough to cow that demon into obedience.

Yun Che was already dead. This was something that had been confirmed by the Eternal Heaven God Realm so it could not be false.

“Jin Yue does not dare believe it herself,” Jin Yue said cautiously. “However, there is another piece of news that we can confirm. Two hours ago, the Holy Eaves Realm’s Star End Hall flew out of the Holy Eaves Realm at an extreme speed and it was very likely heading for the Snow Song Realm, given the direction it was travelling in.”

The Star Destroyer Warship and the Star End Hall were the two most famous large profound arks that belonged to Holy Eaves Realm. The former was the Holy Eaves Realm’s principle profound warship. The latter was the fastest profound ark in the Holy Eaves Realm and it was even said to be the fastest profound ark outside of the king realms.

Furthermore, its owner was one Luo Changsheng!

Xia Qingyue’s face darkened slightly. Her eyes were glazed and she seemed to be mumbling to herself, “If the Star End Hall is really headed towards the Snow Song Realm, then… the news that Yun Che is still alive may perhaps really be true.”

“Master, four years ago, Luo Changsheng suffered a miserable defeat at the hands of Yun Che during the Profound God Convention’s Conferred God Battle. His reputation was also greatly damaged and it became the greatest humiliation of his life. Could it be that upon discovering that Yun Che still lives, he is striking out to vent his hatred?” the girl on the right asked.

“No,” Xia Qingyue said with a gentle shake of hear head, “Luo Changsheng went through three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and he has already become a seventh level Divine Master. His name shook the universe and there are quite a few people who praised him by saying that he may perhaps reach the heights of a god emperor in the future. If the current Luo Changsheng made a move against Yun Che, it would not only expose his old wounds, it would also cause his status to plummet, causing everyone to despise him.”

Xia Qingyue’s voice paused for a moment before she slowly pronounced a single name, “It’s Luo Guxie.”

The eyes of three young girls clad in moon robes violently twitched at the same time.

That was right. If the current Luo Changsheng went to start a fight with Yun Che, it would truly destroy his own glowing reputation. However, Luo Guxie… No one in the Eastern Divine Region would forget that during the Conferred God Battle, she, despite her status as a Divine Master, had crazily lashed out against Yun Che in order to protect Luo Changsheng, who was being abused by Yun Che. She had even done so in front of the Eternal Heaven God Realm and countless powerhouses of the Eastern Divine Region… and she had even intended to kill with her strike…

But the result was that she ended up being heavily wounded by the heavenly law tribulation lightning that remained in Yun Che’s body.

That bolt of pale white lightning had not only pierced through her body, it had also destroyed all of the reputation she had built up in her life, reducing her to the laughingstock of the Eastern Divine Region.

If she suddenly received news that Yun Che was still alive, it would definitely remind her of her extraordinary humiliation. After that, she would immediately rush off to find him… Anyone who had witnessed what had happened all those years ago would not find her reaction the least bit strange.

“Jin Yue,” Xia Qingyue said as she moved forward, “Accompany me somewhere.”

“Is… Is it the Snow Song Realm?” Jin Yue asked.

“No, it’s another place.” Xia Qingyue’s eyes were like cold stars and her face was completely expressionless, “If we have received this news, then there is no reason for that person to have not received this news as well. And she will want to find Yun Che even more urgently than Luo Guxie herself.”

Jin Yue was briefly stunned by those words. But after that, her face blanched as she said, “Could Master be talking about…”

“Let’s go!” Xia Qingyue said as she caught Jin Yue’s arm.

“Ah! Master, your clothes…”

The startled and urgent cries of the girls behind them caused Xia Qingyue to pause for a brief moment. With a wave of her jade hand, a long amethyst robe clothed her body as an amethyst crown appeared on her delicate head, “Lian Yue, quickly send a sound transmission to the Eternal Heaven Realm and inform them that Yun Che is in the Snow Song Realm. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor has always felt guilt for not being able to protect Yun Che all those years ago, so he will definitely respond to this.”

“Yao Yue, seal the Sacred Hall, we cannot let anyone know that I’ve left the Moon God Realm.”


Lian Yue and Yao Yue acknolwedged their orders but Xia Qingyue and Jin Yue had already vanished in an abrupt flash of moonlight.