Chapter 488 - Lucky Person?

Chapter 488 - Lucky Person?

“Where is this?” Hong’er nibbled the food in her hand while curiously assessing the surroundings of the world, which was a vast expanse of white.

“This is the world of the Sky Poison Pearl.” Jasmine appeared in front of her, looking indifferently at Hong’er who just appeared in that world.

“Sky Poison Pearl?” Hong’er took another big bite off Dragon Fault, and said indistinctly while chewing: “Sky Poison Pearl? What a weird name, why would I appear here?”

“That’s because the Sky Poison Pearl and the Profound Seal Space are both worlds which exist within his body, when your Profound Seal Space was created, both of them were merged into one.” Jasmine explained unenthusiastically.

“Oh… even though I don’t understand at all, it seems very amazing!” Hong’er’s opened her mouth wide and put the last piece of Dragon Fault into her mouth, then swallowed it completely… like she had just swallowed a soft, delicious piece of bread: “Mmm ahh! I’m done! So full!”

A peculiar red glow shined in Hong’er’s scarlet eyes, who had finished eating Dragon Fault, yet it quickly vanished. She sized up Jasmine, then said while giggling: “That’s right, little big sis, what’s your name?”


“Jas… mine… I’ve got it! Little big sister, you have to play with me frequently from now on, I really like to play!” Hong’er yelled adorably, being familiar on her own accord at Jasmine, who emanated an indifferent aura from her entire being. She stretched lazily, her eyelids suddenly drooping: “I suddenly feel so tired after eating… I really want to take a nap.”

Hong’er lightly rubbed her eyes, then yawned: “Ahh, mmm… I’m really really tired, little big sis, I’ll go take a nap first, good night.”

With that, Hong’er directly curled into a ball like a cat on the ground, closed her eyes, and in the next moment, she fell asleep with shocking speed.

Jasmine’s line of sight never left Hong’er for a moment. After she fell soundly asleep, her eyes flashed and she said coldly: “Come out!”

The moment her voice landed, a strand of colorless radiance rose from Hong’er’s body; it then slowly revealed a misty silhouette.

And this silhouette was actually the remnant spirit which had encountered in the Primordial Profound Ark that already dissipated!

Only that this remnant spirit was evidently more frail than the one that Yun Che had initially seen, it was inconsistent to the point that it could completely vanish at any point, she said with an ancient and heavy voice: “Who exactly are you, how could you actually know the Star God Imperial Family’s ‘Soul Star Relegation’!”

“You actually know about ‘Soul Star Relegation’.” Jasmine squinted.

“...So that really was ‘Soul Star Relegation’!” Jasmine’s words were a confirmation. The remnant spirit was evidently shaken: “You are from the Star God Imperial Family… No! The twelve Star Gods have already been destroyed, you are someone who has inherited the strength of one of the Star Gods!?”

“That’s right.” Jasmine acknowledged without trying to hide anything at all: “Is it not better to relieve yourself earlier? Why did you still leave a remnant spirit on her body?”

“Without seeing my little mistress get rescued and recover, how could I leave peacefully… I did not expect that when little mistress got healed from the devilish poison and awoke, she would be put under the ‘Soul Star Relegation’, and be attached to an ordinary person!” The remnant spirit’s voice was filled with deep indigence: "Who would have expected that you would be such despicable and malicious people!”

“So, would you rather that she continue sleeping in the Coffin of Eternity, to forever be fast asleep and be a living dead?” Jasmine laughed coldly: “In the entire world, only the Sky Poison Pearl can save her, and you have just witnessed it. The Sky Poison Pearl has already merged into his body; in the entire world, he is the only one who can save your little mistress! Your little mistress is able to see daylight again, yet you cannot even accept such a small price, how laughable!”

The remnant spirit remained silent for a long time, as if it had trouble retorting.

“I am, after all, not a real ancient Star God, and am unable to employ the complete ‘Soul Star Relegation’. On top of that, I am unable to casually use my full power. The power of the ‘Soul Star Relegation’ is much less than it is supposed to be, if your little mistress had resisted a little, it would not have succeeded. Yet you have witnessed that she subconsciously had not even the least bit of vigilance or resistance towards him, and accepted such an outcome on her own accord, and was not forced into it!”

“Little mistress has totally lost her memories, her soul is completely blank and is not vigilant against anyone, and thus got taken advantage of by you. If not, how could she be plotted against! Little mistress is the miracle and hope left behind after my sect’s destruction, yet now she is attached to a mere human… Even though my soul has been scattered, I have let down my king…” the remnant spirit said indignantly.

“A mere human?” Jasmine laughed coldly: “Though I cannot confirm exactly which Primordial Clan you are from, however… do you really think that your little mistress being attached to him, is a loss?! In my view, this is clearly the biggest favor that the Heavens have done for your little mistress and your clan.”

“Ridiculous!” The remnant spirit twisted with rage: “How honourable is the little mistress’ status? She currently has yet to grow up, but she has unlimited potential. When she has completely matured, she would be able to surpass my king and conquer the whole world! A mere human is limited to just the Divine Profound Realm. Compared to my little mistress, he is a petty and lowly individual!”

Facing the more and more agitated remnant spirit, Jasmine, however, maintained a calm expression, and asked calmly: “A mere human? Since you know about the ‘Soul Star Relegation’, then you should also know, even for the true Star God back then, the ‘Soul Star Relegation’ could only be used once, yet I used this once in a lifetime ability of the ‘Soul Star Relegation’ on him. If he is just a ‘mere human’ as you said, would he have the qualifications to make me unhesitantly employ a skill which can only be used once?!”

Remnant spirit: “...”

“A few years ago, I had also thought that he was just an ordinary human… No, at that time, he could not even be counted as ordinary, at that time, his profound veins were crippled; even among the humans, he was just a piece of trash. At that time when I complied to him, it was just simply because I wanted to make use of the Sky Poison Pearl on his body to remove the devilish poison from my body.”

“However, I quickly found out that I had completely misjudged this person.”

“Since you are from a Primordial Clan, you are aware of the Realm of Gods. After the death of the gods, there has continuously been humans ascending into the Realm of Gods, frantically searching for bloodlines, strengths and legacies left behind by the deceased gods. After countless years, countless astral planes were set up in the Realm of Gods, causing the domain of the gods to become a domain to obtain godly bloodlines and legacies. The Realm of Gods is incomparably huge; up until today, there are still countless of people searching for legacies left behind by the ancient True Gods.”

Jasmine shifted her gaze and said: “I’ve said all these just to tell you that, the current Realm of Gods has been searched by people for several thousand years, tens of thousands of years, tens of tens of thousands of years, and even several hundreds of tens of thousands of years, yet no new True God’s bloodline nor legacy has been found. More than ninety-nine percent of them only possess a single type of godly strength, and they are legacies from astral planes. In the entire Realm of Gods, the number of godly strengths is at most only three. This is because new True God legacies are getting harder to find. In addition… the strength of gods are proud, with even a single godly power in the body, the entry of another would easily face rejection. For three godly powers to coexist in the current Realm of Gods, is already enough to shock the entire world, they are the peak of existence!”

“But, do you know how many types he has on his body?!”

“The Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood; the Rage God’s Divine Art; the Heavenly Wolf’s Divine Art; the Phoenix’s Divine Blood, Divine Soul and Divine Art; the Primordial Azure Dragon’s Dragon Blood, Dragon Soul and Dragon Marrow… Five types of godly strengths, coexisting in a single body! You are currently existing in a space inside his body. If you concentrate your soul and feel, you will be able to feel the existence of the five godly strengths coexisting.”

Jasmine said heavily: “With such numerous legacies left behind by True Gods in the Realm of Gods, countless people have searched bitterly for hundreds of thousands of years for new godly powers, yet he, an ordinary person, moreover, in the most lowest level world, obtained an entire five godly strengths… and in just a span of three years!”

“...” The remnant soul was severely moved.

Jasmine continued: “Of these five types of godly powers, three originated from me, but I am unable to wield them. Back then, I exhausted time and effort to seize the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood, and even thus got struck by devilish poison, almost getting destroyed. Yet I found out in the end that once the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood melded with the body, the profound veins would be reconstructed, causing one to lose their original power. And back then, his profound veins were coincidentally crippled. For me to completely recover, he had to have sufficient strength, thus, the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood which I used half of my life to exchange for was eventually given to him, giving him the one and only Heretic God’s Profound Veins in the whole world!”

“My elder brother once got extremely lucky and found the divine arts left behind by the Primordial Rage God, however he had not cultivated to great completion before his body and soul started to fall apart. My power and the Rage God’s repel each other so I am unable to cultivate. However, to not let the power which my elder brother bitterly searched for to disappear, I imprinted the Rage God’s Divine Arts into my soul… Once, because his silhouette looked like my brother’s, I impulsively taught him the Rage God’s Divine Arts, but I didn’t expect that he would actually comprehend it in such a short time. After that, he repeatedly broke through with shocking speed.”

“My elder brother bore the strength of Star God Heavenly Wolf, and by coincidence, he obtained the Heavenly Wolf's Divine Arts, which specialized in heavy swords. While watching older brother practice, I subconsciously memorized a small portion of it, but I couldn’t cultivate it. However… His weapon was coincidentally a heavy sword. I accorded the basics of Heavenly Wolf's Divine Arts to him, and he used not more than three months to master it.”

“In regards to the Phoenix and Dragon God, he found them himself, and subsequently obtained their highest approval. Five types of divine bloodlines and strengths coexist within his body, never once experiencing the least bit of rejection! I have been attached to his life for many years, yet have not been able to find out the reason,” Jasmine moved her gaze to the remnant spirit who was evidently in shock: “Apart from this, not only has the Sky Poison Pearl which you have been bitterly searching for countless of years is with him, it has completely merged with his body. I can even tell you that apart from the Sky Poison Pearl, he has on himself another Heavenly Profound Treasure! Do you now still believe that he is just a ‘mere human’?”

The remnant spirit stayed silent for a very, very long time, then slowly said: “Heavenly… luck?”

“That’s right, he seems to have an extremely strong luck. Even back then when he was crippled, it was also due to luck. If not, I would never have granted him the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood.” Jasmine said unenthusiastically: “Also, his perception and rate of growth are astonishing. If his luck continues to persist, then, his future achievements are immeasurable. Your little mistress, as she follows him, will also be affected by his luck! Who knows, she might even have a future far better than what you hoped for.”

The remnant spirit said unhurriedly: “Such a thing like luck is simply an illusory existence; everyone will have periods of good luck, and eventually meet times of bad luck. With his current state, you can comment about his luck, however, what I have seen is something else… In the two years on the profound ark, I have been monitoring him, eighteen months of spatial turbulence; that is bad luck which a normal person would not face in a hundred years. Yet he faced it, and if he was not able to take it on, he would have undoubtedly died. All of the so-called good luck, is summed to nothing. What I am willing to believe, is that whatever he possesses today, is because he is willing to do his utmost, and has enough willpower. Luck, possibly exists, or it could a made up name… who can even quantify luck? Who can quantify the heavenly laws?”

Jasmine: “...”

“Sigh.” The remnant spirit sighed : “Forget it, the Soul Star Relegation has been done, things have reached such a state and cannot be changed. I, too, have no power to change anything. Me calling him a ‘mere human’, is merely just out of a moment of anger. I have been monitoring him for two years; compared to this so-called ‘luck’, his willpower is even stronger, greatly shocking me. Little mistress has already awoken; even though she was attached, she did not reject it or feel sad, and even likes him, smiling and laughing like back then. I can see that he will not bully or humiliate little mistress… perhaps there is nothing for me to worry or be angry about.”