Chapter 487 - Leaving the Primordial Profound Ark

Chapter 487 - Leaving the Primordial Profound Ark

“Eh?” Hong’er felt the abnormality and opened her eyes, which widened in confusion, “It seems like something weird is happening!”

Yun Che looked at Hong’er, and focused his spirit, testing out the command to withdraw. Suddenly the sword-shaped profound seal on the back of his hand flashed. Hong’er let out a cry, and her entire person morphed into a red beam of light which flew into the profound seal.

Yun Che raised his arm and looked at the sword-shaped profound seal on the back of his hand and stood there, dazed. It… actually… really… worked!!


He shouted in a low voice. Suddenly, the profound seal flashed once more, and the beam of red light was released and transformed back into Hong’er’s body. Her mouth gaped open, and she tried to strongly blink her eyes as she was obviously still in a muddled state.

“Become a sword!”

As his will was transmitted, Hong’er’s body flared up with light once more, and her small and delicate body morphed into a huge scarlet heavy sword. Yun Che extended his palm and he reached out with his mind once more, causing the scarlet greatsword to autonomously fly into his grasp. He used both hands to grasp the scarlet greatsword, and he could feel a shocking heaviness. His heart echoed the words he had just chanted to himself. It… actually… really… worked!!

But this time, the scarlet greatsword in his hand suddenly started to struggle against his grip, and as the sword swung itself, it forcefully escaped from his grasp. The red light flashed once again and the sword once more turned back into the little girl, Hong’er.

Yun Che stood in amazement… what had happened? She could struggle herself free? You mean she wasn’t like a normal contracted profound beast, that was completely under the owner’s control? She could rebel?

Once Hong’er materialized, she began to examine her own body in a rushed and haphazard manner. Once she discovered that there were no abnormalities, she crooked her head and said with uncertainty, “It’s so strange, it seems like my body isn’t listening to me… Big brother, did you do anything to me?”

As Yun Che was about to explain the situation to her, she instead twinkled her eyes in joy and said with a laugh, “But it’s really really fun! Big brother, won’t you please play with me again!”

Without waiting for Yun Che’s reply, she followed up with a self-serving demand, “Hey! No, no, this isn’t right! Delicious food… there is still delicious food! Hurry and give farmer faulty to me to eat! You already promised me! You can’t go back on your word!”

Being able to plant a contracted profound seal on her, and being able to withdraw her into the seal, summon her, then make her transform into a sword… if this had happened to a normal person, it would be enough to scare said person out of his wits! But Hong’er only experienced a short daze, and even said that it was ‘fun’. Not only that, she promptly threw these experiences to the back of her mind… what exactly were her nerves made of?

Yun Che took out Dragon Fault and said with a strange expression on his face, “You can take it to eat.”

“Wah, wah!” Hong’er received Dragon Fault and began dancing excitedly. She had eaten the other half of Dragon Fault while being chased around by Yun Che, so she had to swallow it whole. But this time, she could eat with no pressure at all. Naturally her eating speed slowed by a lot. Her small and delicate soft pink lips and delicate and pearly-white teeth easily gobbled up Dragon Fault, which was more resilient than profound iron. This picture caused Yun Che’s spirit to receive an unimaginable impact.


The tremors in space began to strengthen and a tiny dimensional tear had already begun to form in the air… The Primordial Profound Ark’s repulsion field had arrived.

“Hurry and keep her in the profound seal! Because of her unique physique, she might not be affected by the Primordial Profound Ark’s repulsion field!” Jasmine said hurriedly.

Yun Che furrowed his brows, and quickly sent a mental order for Hong’er to return to the profound seal… Hong’er, who had been happily eating, let out a dissatisfied cry. Then, she, along with the other half of Dragon Fault, morphed into the red light and returned to the profound seal.

At practically the same time, a strong and irresistible force carried Yun Che up, and threw him into the dimensional vortex which had appeared out of nowhere.

After suffering a full eighteen months within the spatial turbulence, a mere dimensional vortex was not even worth mentioning to Yun Che. He closed his eyes and let himself be moved by the dimensional vortex with a heart full of apprehensiveness...

What kind of world would he be brought to exactly…


Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Nation.

The Divine Phoenix Empire had launched a massive invasion without warning, setting all four corners of the Blue Wind Nation ablaze with war. New Moon City was the central region’s hub. Once news of its occupation had spread, the citizens of Blue Wind Nation descended into a greater state of panic.

Navy Tide, Sunflower Dew, Divine Incense, Grand Asura and Black Fiend coalition of five nations kept receiving request after request for help from Blue Wind Nation. However, they all kept silent. It was unknown whether they had forgotten the simple concept of “if the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold” and the six nations interdependence on one another, or if they were simply too scared of any possible reprisal from the Divine Phoenix Empire. And ninety percent of the large profound sects within Blue Wind Nation had chosen to defect… because any resistance would only end in their total destruction. Even though surrendering was shameful, they could at least preserve the foundations that had been laid for hundreds of years. Those sects which rose up in resistance or joined the army were actually those smaller and weaker ones; the sects without any famous background or influence.

The strongest sect, the only one which the Divine Phoenix empire would fear, Heavenly Sword Villa, had instead chosen to seal their doors and lock themselves in when Blue Wind Nation was in such a predicament.

This war had brutally exposed the naked selfishness of humanity.

Facing the overwhelming strong Divine Phoenix Empire without any assistance from outside or from the profound world, there was no possibility that Blue Wind Nation could muster any form of resistance. Under the command of Blue Wind Empress, who withstood the Divine Phoenix Empire without backing down or compromising, Blue Wind Nation had managed to endure thus far. This was already a deeply astonishing miracle to all seven nations. Even though every single Blue Wind citizen could smell the dying embers of their nation, Empress Cang Yue had become the brightest moon in their dark sky, and she had earned their boundless respect. Even though she might soon become the ruler of a conquered nation, she would forever have a place in the annals of the Profound Sky Continent.

At the western frontier of Blue Wind Nation, a location already engulfed in the flames of war, a young man with shoulder-length hair dressed in pitch-black clothes came striding through the flames.

His steps were ponderous, his gait stiff and heavy, the expression on his face incomparably cold and hard. This coldness was especially prominent in his eyes, it was as sharp and cold as a cold blade of the nine hells. If anyone glanced at his eyes, chills would be sent down their spine… and if anyone peered into his eyes, they would discover that his pupils stirred with an aberrant black light.

This was a place that had been baptized by the fires of battle, it was a desolate plain, and even the odd building that was still standing was completely ruined. There were a few travelers, all of whom bore a face etched with despair and hopelessness. War should not harm the common people, but Divine Phoenix Empire had attacked with an unbecoming haste and their great army swept through the land, completely disregarding the safety of these helpless civilians.

The black-clothed youth’s every movement was possessed of an unparalleled uniformity. And his entire journey thus far had, astonishingly, been traveled in a completely straight line. When people saw him, they would unconsciously shrink away from him and maintain the furthest distance possible.

After walking for a long while, he finally chance on an inn which was still in reasonable condition. His steps slowly came to a halt and he entered the inn.

There was already famine everywhere, with refugees being forced to leave. Thus, there was no more customers for the inn to receive and the inn was not going to be able to operate for much longer. The innkeeper sat listlessly at the shop counter, his sighs unceasing. But all of a sudden, his body felt an intense cold which came out of nowhere and his heart suddenly tightened up. He raised his head and saw the black-clothed youth who had entered the inn.

Someone who opened an inn would naturally be worldly and knowledgeable. The unprecedented fear invoked by the black-clothed youth immediately informed the innkeeper that this young man was definitely one terrifying character. He hurriedly strode out from behind his counter and took the initiative to welcome the young man. He said in the calmest voice possible, “Will this young master be staying here?”

“Where is Yun Che!?” The black-clothed youth did not look at him directly and spat out words which were as cold and still as stagnant water.

“Yun… Yun Che?” The innkeeper said in a careful voice, trying to keep his fear in check, “Which Yun Che?”

“Of course it is the Yun Che that destroyed the Burning Heaven Clan!” The black-clothed youth said in a voice that suddenly became even colder.

“Ah? Well…” The innkeeper looked at him with shock and suspicion, but hurriedly lowered his head and replied, “I do not understand this esteemed customer’s question, Prince Consort Yun Che… isn’t he already dead?”

The name Yun Che was naturally known to all within the Blue Wind Nation. Two years ago, the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had caused his name to send shockwaves throughout the Profound Sky Seven Nations. But swiftly following this illustrious news was the information that he had been buried within the Primordial Profound Ark.

“What… did you say?!”

The innkeeper’s words caused the unstirring young man to explode like a sudden peal of thunder. He grabbed the collar of the innkeeper with one hand, and easily lifted up the innkeeper’s body, which weighed over two hundred kilograms. His dark eyes let out a fiendish light as he shouted, “You said he is dead? You said Yun Che is dead?!”

The innkeeper felt as if he had been dropped into ice, and he nearly pissed his pants in fright right there, “Esteemed… esteemed customer, please do not be angry. Prince Consort Yun has indeed died, he had already died two years ago… this matter, the entire continent knows of it… Esteemed customer, please spare my life… please spare my life….”

The black-clothed youth hands shook, and his face distorted in an incomparably terrifying way. He spoke in a hoarse voice, “Dead… how can he possibly be dead! Tell me!! How did he die… How did he die?!”

“He… He… He died in the Divine Phoenix Empire… Seven… Seven Nation Ranking Tournament… Primo… Primordial Profound Ark… I… I heard that it was to save the Divine Phoenix Empire’s Princess Snow… he was buried in the Primordial Profound Ark…”

The innkeeper had been badly startled, his whole body convulsed and his speech became incoherent.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!” The black-clothed youth let out a furious yell, then sent the innkeeper flying with a wave of his arm. The innkeeper’s body flew through the wall, and there was no sign of movement after that. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

“Dead... Dead… Dead… Dead… He is actually dead… Ha… Haha… Hahahahaha… Dead!!” The black-clothed youth entire body spasmed as he kept repeating those words to himself. His entire demeanor was in disarray and he started to howl with laughter. After the laughter, his expression transformed into one filled with pain… it was as if he had suddenly turned insane.

“Why… Why is he actually dead?!” The black-clothed youth raised his head, and howled in agony, “After three years of rending flesh and tearing the soul, and enduring countless hellish purgatories, I had finally awaited for this day to arrive… but why is he dead… Dead… Who will I take revenge on then? Ah!!!!!”

The black-clothed youth let out a huge roar and, all of a sudden, a column of pitch-black smoke rose from his body. Within the smoke, the wooden table near his feet soundlessly rotted away. The white bowl on the table turned pitch-black, and afterwards dissolved into a black powder which was carried away by the wind.

After his roar had subsided and he regained his sense, one name appeared within his mind.

Floating Cloud City!!

“Floating Cloud City…” The black clothed youth muttered in a low and deep voice, “Yun Che… You exterminated my entire clan… This grudge will last for an eternity! Since… I can’t kill you anymore… then I will simply slaughter all the people in your clan.”

The black-clothed youth started flying as he broke through the roof of the inn, shooting out like a black arrow in the direction of the east… Making his way directly to Floating Cloud City.