Chapter 458 - Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation

Chapter 458 - Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation

The frivolity in Ye Xinghan’s voice was extremely heavy, and his eyes were even more so, filled with naked lust. During the Ranking Tournament yesterday, although he was arrogant, it was definitely not to such extent. Under his gaze, Feng Xue’er instantly felt uncomfortable throughout her entire body, as she replied. “Due to Young Hall Master Ye’s esteemed position, Xue’er does not dare to refer to you in such a casual manner… If Young Hall Master Ye does not have any other matters, then Xue’er will continue to sight-see.”

After saying that, just as Feng Xue’er was about to turn around and no longer pay Ye Xinghan another mind, Ye Xinghan, however, said smilingly. “Little Sister Xue’er, don’t be in such a rush to leave. This young master has a very important matter to talk about… Three years ago, this young master has heard of Little Sister Xue’er’s reigning beauty, incomparable by anyone else in the world, hence, I have always wished to personally witness Little Sister Xue’er’s fairy-like appearance. Above the stage yesterday, under the watchful eyes of the masses, even though this young master holds this strong wish, I could not bear to have Little Sister’s fairy-like appearance be tainted by the eyes of a bunch of mortals.”

“Then I wonder if, little Xue’er is able to fulfill this young master’s wish today?”

“Please forgive Xue’er for refusing. Xue’er’s looks are crude, and difficult to enter Young Hall Master’s eyes.” Feng Xue’er used a calm tone, and rejected him with the exact same words as yesterday. This person in front of her, called Ye Xinghan, caused her to feel a very intense disgust for the first time in her life.

However, Ye Xinghan was not angry in the slightest. Instead, he began to laugh out loud. “Hahahaha, that’s fine as well. Though today is different from yesterday; there are still two ridiculous and unpleasant brats. This young master isn’t really in a hurry either. In any case, before long, little sister Xue’er will only belong to me, Ye Xinghan. When that time comes, in this world, Little Sister Xue’er’s appearance can only been seen by me alone. Facing each other under the moonlight, while enjoying your appearance all to myself. Now that’s the real beauty in this world. Hahahaha.”

Yun Che: “...”

“You…” Feng Xue’er turned sullen. “You’re the Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, how can spout such nonsense!?”

“Nonsense? Heh…” Ye Xinghan smiled immorally. “This young master has never spoken any nonsense, especially when it’s matters regarding Little Sister Xue’er. The reason this young master has come to Divine Phoenix Empire this time, was not entirely because of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament nor the Primordial Profound Ark. Rather, it’s because of you… My little sister Xue’er. After this trip in the profound ark, I will immediately ask your royal father, in other words, my future father-in-law, for your hand in marriage, and have him betroth you to me. At that moment, we will be husband and wife, and when that time comes, I will have you become someone who completely belongs to me. No other man should ever hope of making contact with your beauty.”

Feng Xue’er’s voice became hurried, and under the phoenix jade-glazed coronet, her snow-like face had already turned pink from anger. “You… You’re spouting nonsense! Like I will ever… become your wife! And it’s definitely impossible for my royal father to accept your proposal either! If you speak nonsense again, then I will really get angry!”

“Even when my Little Sister Xue’er become angry, your voice is still so pleasant to the ears.” Ye Xinghan laughed out sinisterly. His demeanor was full of self-arrogance, as though everything had already fallen into the palm of his hands. “But, when it comes to something that I, Ye Xinghan, wishes for, I have never failed to obtain it. When it’s a matter that I, Ye Xinghan, has decided on… Heh, even if it’s your royal father Feng Hengkong, when the time comes, he would have no choice but to accept it either!”

“Shut your mouth!”

A rumbling thunder-like voice suddenly descended from the sky, and following after, a human figure flashed, appearing right in the front of Feng Xue’er with lightning speed, as he furiously stared at Ye Xinghan. “Young Hall Master Ye, our Divine Phoenix Empire has always respected the Sacred Grounds, and even more so respect you, a guest who had travelled far to come here. I never expected that you would actually spout such arrogant remarks, and even dare to offend Xue’er and my Sect Master with your words! What are your motives!?”

“Great Elder.” Seeing the figure who had suddenly appeared, Feng Xue’er cried out softly. “How are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be royal father and the rest…”

Feng Feiyan turned his head around, and lightly smiled. “Sect Master was worried about you being alone, so he had me protect you from the shadows. But, I never expected that… Hmph, that there would actually be someone who dares to offend you when we’re not around. Xue’er, don’t worry. Even if he’s the Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, since he dared to offend you, I will definitely not let him off either.”

“Thank you, Great Elder.” Feng Xue’er gently said. With the Great Elder here, her anxious and angry emotions had softened a great deal as well.

“Brother-in-law, what is this situation… Wu, it seems like we don’t have any part in this, right?” Xia Yuanba softly said.

Yun Che didn’t reply, his gaze turning even more solemn… However, at this moment, his gaze was not falling on Ye Xinghan, but rather, on Feng Feiyan. Because from his figure, he suddenly sensed that something was wrong. He was unable to say what was wrong concretely, and it was just his gut feeling.

“Oh! Isn’t this the Divine Phoenix Great Elder? You did not head over to investigate that so-called Primordial Treasure, but instead ran all the way here. Now that sure is unexpected.” Ye Xinghan said with a chuckle. “This young master has completely no intention to offend your Divine Phoenix Sect. I merely wish to marry my little sister Xue’er.”

“Give up.” Feng Feiyan said with a solemn face. “Not only is Xue’er the princess of Divine Phoenix Sect, she’s even the person personally chosen by our Sect’s Phoenix God. She’s the direct successor of the Phoenix God! In this world, there’s no one who is worthy of her. And Sect Master will definitely not agree to it either.”

“He will not agree to it? Hahahaha…” Ye Xinghan burst out in a disdainful, maniacal laughter. “And how are you people going to go about refusing it? Do you really think the Divine Phoenix Sect now, is still the same Divine Phoenix Sect of the past!?”

Feng Feiyan’s expression slightly changed. “Ye Xinghan, what do you mean by that!?”

“What do I mean? Great Elder, you should be more clear of the situation that this young master.” Ye Xinghan coldly smiled. “The growth speed of your Divine Phoenix Sect is indeed astonishing. In just a short five thousand years, you people have already begun to gradually approach the level of our Sacred Grounds. And with the existence of your ‘Phoenix God’, the Four Great Sacred Grounds didn’t dare to apply pressure, and simply allowed you to grow. After all, in this Profound Sky Continent your Phoenix God is the one and only Divine Spirit which had truly touched the Divine Profound Realm. Under the Phoenix God’s protection, if given another five thousand years, there might be a possibility that you people can really surpass the level of our Sacred Grounds.”

“But, unfortunately, your strongest protector has already disappeared. Do you people really think that we do not know that the Phoenix God had long been dead since three years ago!? Without the existence of the Phoenix God, what qualifications do you people have to challenge our Sacred Grounds!?”

“Ah!” Ye Xinghan’s words caused Feng Xue’er to exclaim out, while Feng Feiyan’s expression had even more so, changed drastically, as he said with a sharp tone. “What a bunch of nonsense! Lord Phoenix God of our Divine Phoenix Sect is a divine spirit of the Phoenix, which possesses an endless lifespan, and can never ever die! You… You actually spout such offensive remarks!!”

“Hahahaha, Phoenix Great Elder, in regards to the life and death of the Phoenix God, you’re more clear of it in your heart than this young master. With such a huge sect, you people actually play out such deceitful acts. Don’t you find it laughable and shameless!? Heh… Do you actually think that without the existence of the Phoenix God, the Four Great Sacred Grounds will allow your Divine Phoenix Sect to continue growing any further!?”

“You…” Feng Feiyan’s expression turned extremely ugly.

“This young master has currently set his sights on little sister Xue’er, and that’s a huge gift that I’m bestowing to your Divine Phoenix Sect!” Ye Xinghan stretched out his palms, pushing them up to the sky. That arrogant posture of his was as though he was a peerless emperor who was in control of the world. “Sun Moon Divine Hall will one day come into my hands. With the marriage intertwining my Sun Moon Divine Hall and Divine Phoenix Sect, if the other three Sacred Grounds wish to suppress the Divine Phoenix Sect, then they will have to still give face to my Sun Moon Divine Hall! If the marriage cannot be established…”

Ye Xinghan’s palms slowly lowered as his face revealed an extremely insidious light smile. “Then the other methods this young master has in his disposal, might not be as gentle. As for your Divine Phoenix Sect, let alone suppression, in regards to whether it still exists a thousand years later is still an uncertainty… Phoenix Great Elder, you must have heard of the Eternal Night Royal Family of a thousand years ago… Heh heh. Such a huge Eternal Night Royal Family was exterminated just like that. In a mere thousand years, every trace of it had disappeared, and even its name, had completely been forgotten… This is so unfortunate and pitiful.”

In Ye Xinghan’s speech, seemingly every single one of his words was piercing right into Feng Feiyan’s achilles heel, causing his body to tremble. Feng Xue’er’s expression was becoming paler as well… Although she had never inquired about the sect’s matters, and knew very little regarding the structure of the profound world, she knew that the death of the Phoenix God was a heavenly secret which definitely could not be leaked out of Divine Phoenix Sect. In the entire sect, only but a few people knew about it as well…

Why did this Ye Xinghan know about it!?

“This is really… a bunch of nonsense!” Feng Feiyan clenched his fists, and Phoenix flames exploded above them, while extremely intense profound aura stirred around his entire body. “Ye Xinghan! Just by those words you spoke earlier, forget about the fact that you’re the Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, if you’re the heavenly king himself, I will still kill you!!”

“Oh? Did your humiliation turn into anger, and you now wish to kill me? Hahahaha…” Ye Xinghan laughed maniacally with his head raised. “Then come. Allow me to witness just what the so-called Phoenix Great Elder is capable of!”

“You’re courting death!” Feng Feiyan loudly roared, and the flames in his hands once again surged as the profound energy from his entire body stirred crazily… Evidently, he had already completely brought out his entire profound energy out of anger.

The strength of an aura brought about a high-stage Overlord completely stopped Yun Che from breathing. However, the uneasiness in his heart, had grown to its limit at this moment as well. Looking at Feng Feiyan’s actions, his pupils suddenly shrank, as he roared out explosively. “Yuanba, watch out!!”

“Ah?” Xia Yuanba blanked… However, seemingly at that moment when Yun Che’s words fell, Feng Feiyan whose entire body was suffused with energy, fiercely turned around, and suddenly blasted his fists out… But, what Yun Che had completely never expected was, the person he attacked was not Xia Yuanba, it was instead… Feng Xue’er!!

At that moment, Yun Che’s pupils had instantly shrunk to the size of a needle. He had long sensed an anomaly, yet, never would he have guessed that the person Feng Feiyan would suddenly attack, was not himself, nor Xia Yuanba, but actually Feng Xue’er!!

When a high-stage Overlord suddenly attacked with his full strength, forget about Yun Che, even if it was Xia Yuanba, it would be impossible for him to react to it. Even if he was able to react, it would be impossible for him to block it either. And that went even more so for Feng Xue’er who was behind Feng Feiyan. She would have definitely never expected that Feng Feiyan, Feng Hengkong’s most trusted person whom had always cared about her, would actually attack her… Furthermore, her distance from Feng Feiyan, was merely less than five steps away!

Her pupils merely quivered for a moment. Before she had time to react, she had already been struck ruthlessly in the chest by Feng Feiyan’s palm… In an instant, a blood-red colored jade, which Feng Feiyan had been quietly grasping in his hands, completely shattered. With his energy, he released a crimson red profound formation, which firmly printed onto Feng Xue’er’s body.

Like a willow catkin being carried away by the light breeze, Feng Xue’er’s body flew up, and the phoenix coronet on her head slipped off far away.


The sound of the profound energy blast did not resound through his ears like it should have. Just as Yun Che’s face paled form shock, he charged out with lightning speed, and firmly caught onto Feng Xue’er. Then, stomping his feet with Star God’s Broken Shadow, he instantly flashed sixty meters away, and at the same time, roared out loudly. “Yuanba, block him!!”

At this moment, Xia Yuanba reacted as well. Glaring with his eyes, he threw a fist towards Feng Feiyan, and with an explosive bang, the two of them separated a good distance away. Xia Yuanba turned around in midair, landing in front of Yun Che and Feng Xue’er, with his two fists faintly trembling. On the other end, Feng Feiyan slowly floated over to Ye Xinghan’s side, his face carrying a light smile with a hint of treachery and willfulness within.

“Xue’er… Xue’er, are you alright…? Xue’er!” Yun Che carried Feng Xue’er’s soft body, as he shouted out anxiously. However, he immediately realized that there wasn’t a single trace of harm on Feng Xue’er’s body, but, the presence of energy in her body had completely disappeared instead. He couldn’t sense the existence of even a single hint of profound energy!

“Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation…” Without the concealment from the phoenix coronet, Yun Che once again saw Feng Xue’er’s flawless appearance. Her face was completely pale, and her pair of beautiful eyes were quivering intensely. They were completely filled with fear, mist, and utter disbelief. In Yun Che’s embrace, she gently turned her head, and looked towards Feng Feiyan who was standing together with Ye Xinghan. Leaking out an uncertain voice, as though she was talking in her sleep, she asked. “Great Elder… why… must you… do this…”