Chapter 447 - Little Mingming, You Need Some Sense of Shame

Chapter 447 - Little Mingming, You Need Some Sense of Shame

The Phoenix Demon Lotus was still at full bloom, not withering for a long time. It was as illusionary and enchanting as a sacred heavenly flower, yet the destructive aura released was like lava from hell.

In the middle of the Demon Lotus, a blazing pistil supported a human silhouette that rose unhurriedly. Yun Che’s entire body was in flames as he held onto his heavy sword, appearing in everyone’s line of sight. He appeared to look weak, his whole body trembling slightly, panting, as if he had difficulty standing, but the look in his eyes was still as powerful, striking fear to those who looked into them. People just stared blankly at him… at this moment, it was like they were witnessing a blazing sovereign who ruled the lands!

“These are precisely... the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix! These are the stages that your Divine Phoenix Sect... have never managed to reach! For an entire five thousand years, the highest stage your Divine Phoenix Sect’s World Ode of the Phoenix has ever reached is only the fourth stage!” Yun Che panted with anger. Nevertheless, every word of his was as loud as thunder: “Now, do you guys still want to say… that my Phoenix bloodline, is from your Divine Phoenix Sect!!”

Yun Che’s presence in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was to solve the grievances he had with Divine Phoenix Sect… but, this “solution”, was not to clear the grievances he had with Divine Phoenix Sect at all. It was fated that there was no way to clear it. The conclusion he wanted, was for the Divine Phoenix Sect to go from taking the initiative, to being passive in front of everyone!

He possessed the Phoenix bloodline, thus, the Divine Phoenix Sect wanted to “tidy up sectorial issues”, in the eyes of the people; it was just and proper. However, he only needed to prove that his bloodline did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect, and their attempts to kill would then be without justification.

And the best opportunity, would be under the gazes of all the heroes of the world, in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament with the Four Great Sacred Grounds present!

If not, if he directly confronted Divine Phoenix Sect, even if he could prove that his bloodline truly did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect… that would instead be courting death.

Moreover, after rising to prominence in the ranking tournament, not to mention publicly killing, even if they wanted to assassinate him, they would have to hold back.

Before coming to Divine Phoenix City, Yun Che’s best method to prove himself was to defeat the strongest practitioner from the younger generation of Divine Phoenix Sect, making them speechless, forcing them to admit it! If Divine Phoenix Sect still censured him, then, it was possible that the Four Great Sacred Grounds who espoused righteousness and benevolence would step in. It was possible that the profound practitioners of the six nations present would step in too, based on the glory that he brought to the six nations, placing pressure on the Divine Phoenix Emperor… however, the probability for success was only fifty-fifty. But when Jasmine told him that the Phoenix Spirit was already gone, the probability for success rose to seventy to eighty percent.

From then on, he could exhibit the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix without any restraint! And this was his bloodline’s most substantial, most irrefutable, ironclad proof!

As for Xia Yuanba’s arrival, it gave him an indirect layer of protection from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, which was totally unanticipated.

The Phoenix Demon Lotus started to wilt slowly, after ten breaths, it totally disappeared under everyone’s gaze, but the shock and visual impact was deeply engraved in everyone’s souls.

Indeed, doing so would undoubtedly increase Divine Phoenix Sect’s desire for him to die… Because they would never allow another Phoenix branch in the Profound Sky Continent to appear and expand. Furthermore, a branch with Phoenix Profound Arts two entire stages above theirs! They would even strongly lust for his World Ode of the Phoenix as well.

However, Yun Che would rather Divine Phoenix Sect increase their murderous intent by more than a hundred, even thousand times, than to allow them to chase and kill him as if it was proper and inevitable! He would even more not allow himself to be chased and killed in front of everyone as if it was proper and inevitable!

That was his pride and arrogance!

After the Star Scorching Demon Lotus disappeared, the bodies of the nine Phoenix disciples appeared in the area previously covered by the fire lotus. Having received heavy injuries, their entire bodies were dyed in blood, yet none were dead. Though they had drowned within the fire lotus, none of them were fatally harmed… this was evidently the face and leeway Yun Che had left Divine Phoenix Sect, it was even a favor… Because if the nine most gifted disciples of the young generation were buried, it would be an immense loss which Divine Phoenix Sect would not even be able to evaluate.

As to whether or not they felt grateful, and whether or not they wanted face, would be up to Divine Phoenix Sect themselves. For the usually petty Yun Che to give way to such an extent, it was already extremely benevolent.

From within the silence, a sharp voice came from the seats, completely breaking the silence.

“Wah! Did you guys hear that, the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix! Didn’t the Divine Phoenix Sect’s World Ode of the Phoenix only have four stages? What’s going on!!”

The person who spoke was shockingly Ling Jie, he used his profound strength to shout his loudest, afraid that people would not be able to hear him.

“Doesn’t this clear things up!” Hua Minghai immediately continued, even louder than Ling Jie by several folds: “This proves that Yun Che’s Phoenix bloodline and World Ode of the Phoenix, simply doesn’t originate from Divine Phoenix Sect.”

“Eh? But aren’t the Divine Phoenix Sect the only ones in Profound Sky Continent who possess the Phoenix bloodline and World Ode of the Phoenix?!”

“Are you a fool?! Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix bloodline originates from the legacy of the remnant Phoenix Spirit, but who told you that there is only one Phoenix legacy in the Profound Sky Continent! For the past five thousand years, only Divine Phoenix Sect possessed the Phoenix bloodline. This only proves that the Phoenix legacy was not discovered, but now, it has been discovered by Yun Che. Didn’t Yun Che clearly explain before that his Phoenix bloodline did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect, but from another Phoenix legacy?”

“Before, I would definitely not believe it. However, Feng Xiluo, Divine Phoenix Sect’s most gifted, the one who possesses the strongest Phoenix bloodline was defeated by Yun Che, and now that he revealed the power of the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix… These two points are both ironclad proofs! If you don’t even believe this, your head is probably full of dog shit!!”

“Rightly said! Yun Che’s Phoenix bloodline is definitely not from Divine Phoenix Sect, the World Ode of the Phoenix is even more impossible… Whoaa! Our Profound Sky Continent actually has another Phoenix legacy. My heart is starting to surge! After the ranking tournament, I will definitely risk my life to search for it… don’t restrain me!”

Ling Jie and Hua Minghai spoke hand in hand, every sentence affecting everyone’s thinking. The arena gradually became flooded by the sounds of discussion. If, Yun Che claimed that his Phoenix bloodline did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect at the beginning of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, not a single person in the entire arena would have believed him. But he had defeated Feng Xiluo, and displayed an even higher level; in fact, two whole levels of the World Ode of the Phoenix… everybody could not help but to believe it!

The sounds of discussion in the arena was becoming increasingly loud, almost every voice was saying “Yun Che’s bloodline definitely did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect”. The faces of the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, Grand Elder and Crown Prince were as downcast as water; they had never thought that the situation would have such a development.

Divine Phoenix Sect originally only handled the situation of Yun Che simply as a matter of the leakage of bloodline. Characters the level of Feng Hengkong and Feng Feiyan would only ask about it occasionally, not putting the matter to heart at all… because no matter who the person involved was, it was impossible to escape the fate of the tidying up of sectorial matters. So much so that they felt that it was beneath them to interfere during the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament for Yun Che. Thus, during the tournament, they didn’t take the initiative to bring up the matter of his Phoenix bloodline.

No one would have expected that under Yun Che’s guidance and performance, the situation would develop into one which they could not even dream about.

Now, even they themselves believed that Yun Che’s bloodline did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect, the World Ode of the Phoenix even more so… However, they could never admit this fact. The moment they admitted in front of everyone, they would lose all rights to conduct the “protection of bloodline” and “tidying up sectorial matters”. And after today, Yun Che’s name was bound to shake the world, and at that point, they would not be able to do anything to him in the open. Even doing things under wraps would be difficult to the extreme… Divine Phoenix Sect would probably be the first suspects, even if others wished harm upon Yun Che.

If they acknowledged Yun Che’s bloodline and allowed him to leave safely, then, in the Profound Sky Continent, their Divine Phoenix Sect would no longer be the only sect of a god! How could they allow this kind of matter to occur!

Feng Ximing glanced at Feng Hengkong and noticed his unsightly expression. He took a deep breath, stood up, and shouted loudly: “A bunch of nonsense! Completely a bunch of nonsense! All of you, don’t be deceived by his nonsensical suggestions! In the Profound Sky Continent, ever since ancient times there has only been one Phoenix God, and only one Phoenix Legacy Sect! Our Divine Phoenix Sect’s only Phoenix God has said not only once, that he is the only remnant Phoenix Spirit in Profound Sky Continent! If there existed another remnant Phoenix Spirit, then how would his Lordship, our Phoenix God, not be able to notice! If any other Phoenix legacy existed, then how would it not have been found by anyone in a whole five thousand years!!”

“This Yun Che… no matter how he quibbles and conceals, it is impossible for his Phoenix bloodline to originate from other Phoenix legacies. Originating from our Divine Phoenix Sect is the one and only possibility!”

Feng Ximing’s every word sounded like clangs, spoken with righteousness. But no matter who heard it, would feel that he was clearly trying to shove arguments into other's’ throats. Xia Yuanba suddenly turned his head and roared: “What utter rubbish! Your Divine Phoenix Sect’s top ten disciples have been beaten worse than dogs by my brother-in-law! You still have the audacity to say that my brother-in-law’s bloodline originates from your Divine Phoenix Sect? Ptooey!! This is simply humiliating my brother-in-law!”

The words spoken by Xia Yuanba were tyrannical to the extreme, and more so offensive. Its nastiness was simply not inferior to splashing a bucket of shit on the Divine Phoenix Crown Prince’s face in front of everybody. Feng Ximing’s face instantly became the color of a pig’s liver, Yun Che also immediately opened his eyes wide… Holy cow! These words were actually from Xia Yuanba!?

“Yuanba, don’t be rude!” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue laughed inwardly, obligingly berating him, then said: “However, based on what this old one has seen, Yun Che’s bloodline indeed does not originate from your sect. His World Ode of the Phoenix is enough to prove everything.”

Although Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s words were mild, based on his strength, background, prestige and status, he was undoubtedly the one whose words had the most credibility in the entire arena. The moment he said those words, he was undoubtedly supporting Yun Che… what a joke! His last closed-door disciple would give his life for Yun Che, he could not keep quiet even if he wanted to. Moreover, he felt surprise, and an appreciation towards Yun Che’s talents. Even if he was not related to Xia Yuanba, he would have spoken up for Yun Che too.

Once Spiritual Master Ancient Blue opened his mouth, it caused Feng Hengkong and the others to look even worse. Feng Ximing took a deep breath, saluted towards Spiritual Master Ancient Blue and spoke forcefully: “Senior Ancient Blue’s words are naturally of enormous weight. However… this matter concerns my Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline taboo, which cannot be compromised whatsoever. Him defeating my fourteenth royal brother, only proves that he is extremely gifted, it has nothing to do with the purity of bloodline. His two moves from before… they were merely named by him as the fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix! In this world, who has actually seen even higher stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix? My venerable Phoenix God is not even proficient in higher stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix, so how can he be?!! That just proves that he was using other fire profound skills to cover it up!!”

The moment Feng Ximing’s words were spoken, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue lightly scrunched his eyebrows. The hairs on Xia Yuanba’s skull immediately stood up. Just when he wanted to scold out fiercely, a sweet and cute voice was suddenly heard:

“Aiyo aiyo aiyo… after listening to Little Mingming, you really don’t have a sense of shame. this one has listened until it’s too unbearable already… Little Mingming, it’s not that this one is criticizing you… but you’re the little Crown Prince of Divine Phoenix, your father is Little Kongkong, how can you be so shameless… As a person, you should have a sense of shame. Even if you are shameless, Divine Phoenix Sect isn’t. Even if the Divine Phoenix Sect is shameless, Divine Phoenix Empire isn't… Little Mingming, be obedient. Quickly stop being so shameless, this one hates shameless people the most.”