Chapter 438 - Dragon Fault, Divine Phoenix

Chapter 438 - Dragon Fault, Divine Phoenix

An Emperor Profound sword, an Emperor Profound lance; just the mere aura of the two Emperor Profound weapons distorted the air above the Phoenix Stage. Feng Xiluo shifted his eyes, glancing at Yun Che’s Dragon Fault as his brows slightly raised… The Divine Phoenix Lance in his hands had more than three thousand years of history, experienced numerous battles and refining, and had long ago developed a consciousness. Only the strongest practitioner of Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation was worthy of possessing it. Once the Divine Phoenix Lance came out, numerous other lances would tremble.

But at this moment on the Phoenix Stage, Dragon Fault’s aura was actually mutually contending against it, with both sharing the limelight! The Divine Phoenix Lance that he was immensely proud of, was actually unable to suppress a Blue Wind practitioner’s Emperor Profound heavy sword!

But very quickly, his attention shifted away from Dragon Fault. Forget about the Emperor Profound sword in his hands, even if it was a Tyrant Profound sword, he would not still not care. He used one hand to casually support the lance as his other hand stretched out toward Yun Che. With an entire body full of openings while not concealing the contempt he had for Yun Che, he said: “Make your move, it is beneath my dignity to make the first move against a bastard who overestimated his abilities.”

“Really? I just happen to feel the opposite.”

Yun Che laughed coldly as he stepped forward. Phoenix flames violently ignited on his entire body, rapidly spreading toward Dragon Fault. A shocking aura suddenly burst forth like a volcanic eruption as he directly struck forward toward Feng Xiluo. Relying on the Sky Profound Universal Pellet to forcefully promote his strength, Yun Che’s currently overall strength had long surpassed the level he was at before, back when he was fighting Feng Chihuo. And with every increase in profound strength, his overall strength was amplified by several folds if compared to an ordinary profound practitioner. Hence, even though he was faced with such a contrast in level, the Feng Xiluo who surpassed Feng Chihuo, he was still not afraid.

“Imposing aura, is not bad. However… that’s not of any use.”

Facing Yun Che’s blazing heavy sword attack filled with an astonishing imposing aura, Feng Xiluo still wore an indifferent smile. With a leisurely posture, his right hand that grasped onto the Divine Phoenix Lance was still horizontal, without any indication of him attacking with his lance. Only his left hand slowly extended, casually releasing out a Phoenix fire beam that was as sharp as lightning.


The Phoenix flame above Dragon Fault collided with Feng Xiluo’s fire beam in the sky, creating an ephemeral ear-piercing tearing sound. The two flame radiances immediately conjured wisps of smoke, the Phoenix flame on top of Dragon Fault was torn apart as though it were paper, instantlly becoming two halves.

The faces of Divine Phoenix Empire’s profound practitioners and Phoenix disciples all revealed sneers as they jeered at how much Yun Che had overestimated himself. Ling Jie and Hua Minghai’s heart immediately rose to their throats… The imposing aura of Yun Che’s strike was incomparably large, but Feng Xiluo was a terrifying level eight Throne!!! In front of Feng Xiluo’s absolutely overwhelming strength, his unreasonable strength could be said to not be threatening at all. Saying that it was unable to withstand a single blow was not too excessive.

“Heh, trash is trash…” Feng Xiluo’s face was filled with contempt, but just as he revealed his sneer, it immediately froze on his face. He had indeed easily torn apart the Phoenix flame, but after the flame, a force as great as a mountain suddenly came battering over. This force was unreasonably tyrannical, and had even caused him to stop breathing for a short while.

The Phoenix flame Yun Che had released was just ordinary phoenix fire that did not use the World Ode of the Phoenix. Possessing both the Phoenix bloodline and World Ode of the Phoenix, if Feng Xiluo wished to control ordinary phoenix fire, it was naturally as easy as pie. However, he was absolutely unable to tear apart the peerless berserking strength of the heavy sword!

Feng Xiluo startled, and the Phoenix flame in his hands immediately burst out with full power. However, the oppressiveness of Yun Che’s heavy sword far exceeded his expectations; his arm sunk down as his entire body was pushed back. His gaze sharpened. As he swung his right arm, the originally motionless Divine Phoenix Lance released an angry aura that soared to the skies. Like a huge ferocious flame beast, it heavily smashed toward Dragon Fault.


Divine Phoenix Lance and Dragon Fault fiercely collided as countless Phoenix fire beam diverged outwards, scattering to become scarlet colored flame serpents that filled the sky. An enormous current of energy exploded between the two people, exactly like that of a small scale volcanic eruption. Feng Xiluo’s gaze darkened, then, with an explosive force, the Phoenix flame on top of the Divine Phoenix Lance immediately rose by several fold, directly knocking Yun Che up in the air.


Yun Che spun in midair, and steadily landed over sixty meters away. Beneath the recoil, Feng Xiluo was also heavily forced back a step… Although it was merely a step back, to him, it was already the highest humiliation.

Ling Jie and Hua Minghai now let out a long breath of relief… Even though one was knocked in the air and one, who hurriedly attacked with a lance, had taken a step back, the difference between Yun Che and Feng Xiluo was still far too distant. However, neither of them had suffered a grave defeat, and making Divine Phoenix Sect’s number one genius take a step back was still considered to be consoling.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Feng Xiluo levered the lance and slowly nodded, his face with the expression of a strong practitioner praising a weaker one: “I never expected this, you’re actually a tiny bit stronger than what I had imagined. Even though it’s mainly because I only used thirty percent of my strength, you still were able to force me to swing my Divine Phoenix Lance once, worthy of praise.”

Yun Che only kept a calm face, not even bothering to smile.

“Very well, since I’ve already used the Divine Phoenix Lance, then I’ll let you properly have a taste of the Divine Phoenix Lance’s power. Though both are Emperor Profound Weapons, weapons are still dead. How large of a power they could display still depends on its owner. Hold onto your Emperor sword tight, let me play for a while longer, don’t drop it after only two or three moves.” Feng Xiluo held the Divine Phoenix Lance horizontal to his chest with the faint smile of an inquisitor, as the invisible imposing aura that came from the Divine Phoenix Lance slightly distorted the surrounding atmosphere.

The corners of Yun Che’s mouth twitched, forming a faint smile. Feng Xiluo was a genius, there was no need for any doubt, and he was also the top genius of Divine Phoenix Sect, the number one sect. However, the word “genius” often coexisted together with the word “arrogance”, this was true in no matter which plane. Especially when they were met with praise and other people’s admiration throughout one’s life. As for those who never had a rival within their peers, even if they appeared humble on the surface, they had long since made it a habit to never put anyone in their eyes.

This also included Yun Che.

However, what was different about Yun Che was that although he was arrogant, he would never deliberately underestimate an opponent.

“Then, let the games begin… you’d better receive them well!”

Feng Xiluo swung the Divine Phoenix Lance and the Phoenix flames on its entire body immediately combusted as a scorching heatwave surged in every direction. Wrapped in Phoenix flame, the Divine Phoenix Lance trembled unceasingly while uttering a phoenix cry at the same time, as though it was alive.


The Phoenix Stage below Feng Xiluo’s feet suddenly ruptured.

This time, Feng Xiluo moved first. With a raise of his long lance, a tsunami-like flaming tornado charged toward Yun Che. The shattered stones below were lifted up by the tornado, turned into fine powder midair.

“Ayah, His Highness seems to be a little bit serious now. Looks like he’s not really in a good mood because he was forced to use the Divine Phoenix Lance earlier.” A Phoenix disciple commented.

“Tch! His Highness was just too careless, that’s all. If he added a little more force back then, how could that Yun Che brat possibly make His Highness use the Divine Phoenix Lance? But it looks like His Highness being in a somewhat bad mood is right. This Yun Che brat… hehe, he’s finished. I can’t even imagine how tragic he’ll be.”

The entire atmosphere above the Phoenix Stage was completely thrown in disorder as a terrifying aura that clearly expanded the air itself became visible to the naked eye. In front of this remarkably strong attack, Yun Che’s expression turned grim. Opening “Burning Heart”, he ignited a surging Phoenix flame, then fearlessly met it head-on. The berserk profound energy poured into Dragon Fault as a “Falling Moon Sinking Star” ruthlessly smashed onto the flaming tornado.

“He’s courting death!!” Seeing that Yun Che did not block or retreat, and was instead actively confronting the attack, three words simultaneously appeared in every Divine Phoenix profound practitioner’s heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As a chain of profound energy explosions crazily echoed, the splattering Phoenix flame was like a shower brought along by a storm as it madly danced about. The Phoenix Stage below the two suddenly split apart, as fine cracks quickly spread out, resembling spiderwebs; the longest crack spread directly to the edge of the Phoenix Stage.

The Phoenix Stage was a place where Divine Phoenix Sect held internal competitions, so it was naturally incredibly firm. It wasn’t constructed of ordinary stone, but rather, the toughest of jade stone. In the previous six nation battles, even though the matches were intense, the Phoenix Stage’s pavement was not damaged in the slightest. But now, a large expanse of the Phoenix Stage had ruptured due to the collision of the two’s weapons.

“Wha… What kind of a power is this!!”

Not one of the five nations’ participating practitioners were not trembling with fear. They had personally experienced how hard this Phoenix Stage was; even when they used all their strength to smash upon it, they couldn’t even make a little hole… How terrifying was this power that had actually split apart the Phoenix Stage?!


After the last echo of explosion, the two parted in the midst of scattering flame and broken stone. Then, they landed on separate edges of the Phoenix Stage… Feng Xiluo landed steadily, and Yun Che… also landed steadily.

“Wh… what!!”

Everyone was shocked still; all of the eyes of Divine Phoenix Empire’s citizens convexed, not daring to believe their own eyes.

Everyone clearly saw how terrifying Feng Xiluo’s lance strike was, for even the incomparably hard Phoenix Stage had been split apart.

But Yun Che had actually blocked it… and had even completely blocked it!!

With five thousand years of history and the World Ode of the Phoenix as its core and foundation, numerous profound techniques had been created by Divine Phoenix Sect. What Feng Xiluo cultivated was the extremely powerful “Absolute Flame Divine Phoenix Lance”. The moved used previously was “Absolute Flame Divine Phoenix Lance’s” powerful “Glorious Phoenix Dance”.

When he had been forced to use the Divine Phoenix Lance due to Yun Che’s attack, he was secretly resentful, so he decided to directly defeat Yun Che with a “Glorious Phoenix Dance”... Never did he expect that it could actually be completely blocked by Yun Che.

Not only was the Yun Che in front of him standing stably, his expression was calm, without any indication that he had been harmed; even his aura didn’t have the slightest bit of turbulence. And at this moment, his figure suddenly blurred, appearing behind Feng Xiluo so fast that he didn’t even have time to breathe. With a swing of his sword toward his waist, a surging profound energy storm assaulted Feng Xiluo, lifting the entirety of the Phoenix robe he wore.

“Phoenix Sweeping the Heavens!” Feng Xiluo’s complexion darkened as the Divine Phoenix Lance was thrown out, screaming alongside a scorching heatwave.


As the Divine Phoenix Lance fiercely smashed onto Dragon Fault, an intense dragon cry simultaneously sounded with a sharp phoenix cry. Both of the two’s Phoenix flames were torn into thousands of chaotically fluttering flame tongues, burning the atmosphere with hissing sounds.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom…...

Flames scattered higher and higher as a large majority of the Phoenix Stage was submerged inside the tongues of flame which filled the sky. The two people and two Emperor weapons, were like two enormous cruel sharks that frantically tore within the sea of fire as they clashed wildly. Each collision would cause the Phoenix Stage to tremble acutely.

So intense that even the entire arena faintly quaked.

The expressions of Divine Phoenix’s profound practitioners changed, the expressions of profound practitioners from the six nations also changed. Even the expressions of Divine Phoenix Sect’s big shots had become heavy.

In front of Feng Xiluo, who was using the Divine Phoenix Lance, Yun Che… was actually still not at a disadvantage!!

Within the entire audience, almost every person did not dare to believe what their eyes were seeing.

Especially the six nation’s profound practitioners, their souls continuously shuddered acutely. That frightening collision and that strength, terrifying to the point of unfathomable, incessantly burst apart the Phoenix Stage… Was this really a battle between two youths?

Forget about Feng Xiluo, he was, after all, of Divine Phoenix Sect’s imperial bloodline, and was even known as the number one genius of Divine Phoenix Sect in this generation. But Yun Che came from Blue Wind, and he was even younger than Feng Xiluo by three years… To actually be strong to such an extent, how exactly did he cultivate?!

Those profound practitioners of the five nations that had exchanged hands with Yun Che previously were stunned on the spot… They were originally resentful because Yun Che had defeated them with a brief sweep, but now, as they stared blankly at Yun Che’s power, they realized that Yun Che had completely gone easy on them. If Yun Che felt like killing all of them, it would be as easy as blowing off dust.