Chapter 437 - Heating Up

Chapter 437 - Heating Up

“Ph… Phoenix Flame?!”

“That’s right! That is indeed the Phoenix flame’s aura, it’s impossible for any other profound fire to imitate.”

“How is Yun Che suddenly able to ignite Phoenix flames? Don’t you have to have the Phoenix bloodline in order to ignite Phoenix flames? Could it be… that Yun Che is of the Phoenix bloodline?”

“Yun Che can’t be a member of Divine Phoenix Sect, or else why would he come out to represent Blue Wind Nation and dare to provoke Divine Phoenix Empire… Could it be that he’s of Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline that leaked out?”

“But Divine Phoenix Sect absolutely wouldn't allow the bloodline of the Phoenix to be leaked out in the slightest..."

The Phoenix flames Yun Che had ignited caught everyone’s attention. No one would’ve ever thought that such an unexpected scene would appear at the beginning of the last match.

Forget about the entire audience of spectators, even those from the Four Great Sacred Grounds had shocked expressions.

“Hehh, looks like a pretty good program is about to start on stage.” Ye Xinghan narrowed his eyes, as though watching a play. Shooting a glance at Ling Kun, he asked lazily: “Elder Ling it appears that you don’t see too shocked about this.”

“Because two years ago, I already knew that this kid possessed the Phoenix bloodline.” Ling Kun answered.


“My guess was right, it was due to Divine Phoenix Sect’s pressure that he came to participate in this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, to settle this bloodline matter. It’s just that the way he intends to settle it is quite intriguing… I am the same as Young Hall Master, let’s see what’s the next item on this program. However, I don’t believe that this Yun Che kid is simply courting death.” Ling Kun leaned on his seat, also with a posture of watching a play.

Feng Feiyan was the nearest to Yun Che. He too, totally did not expect that Yun Che would actually take the initiative to ignite the Phoenix flame in front of everyone present and expose the fact that he possessed the Phoenix bloodline. Since the situation had already become like this, he naturally didn’t bother to remain silent. His brows sunk as he said sternly: “Yun Che! My sect was planning to settle the matter about you possessing our Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline after the ranking tournament, so it wouldn’t influence the course of this ranking tournament, but it seems like you can no longer hold yourself back!”

“Right, I can’t hold back any longer.” Yun Che leaned over to the side, his face cold and grave, without the least bit of fear: “Because you Divine Phoenix Sect, owes me an explanation!!”

Yun Che’s words were like thunderclaps echoing on a clear day, shocking the entire audience stupid.

The mighty lord of the Seven Nations, the unshakable Divine Phoenix Sect… owes him… an explanation?

He, a profound practitioner from Blue Wind, actually wants Divine Phoenix Sect to give him an explanation?

Feng Feiyan was stunned, then he didn’t know whether he should be angry or laugh: “Divine Phoenix Sect owes you an explanation? Hahahaha… In my entire life, I have never heard a joke as funny as this one.”

Yun Che was expressionless as he distinctly enunciated each word: “Half a year ago in Blue Wind Imperial City, my wife Cang Yue and I were celebrating our wedding in the imperial palace. On that day, the entire nation was suppose to celebrate with us, and overflow with joyousness. But…” Yun Che’s gaze shifted, accurately focusing on Thirteenth Prince Feng Xichen, who was sitting in Divine Phoenix Empire’s seating area: “Your Divine Phoenix Sect’s Thirteenth Prince Feng Xichen actually brought two people along, unsolicited. Not only did they wreck my great wedding without reason, they even threatened to put me to death on the spot. If not for the fact that this Thirteenth Prince was a little weak and was driven away after being beaten severely injured by me, I probably would’ve died on my wedding day for no reason…”

“I previously had no grievances nor enmity with Divine Phoenix Sect, yet you guys wished to take my life just based on the comical word “bloodline”. Is this your Divine Phoenix Sect’s way of doing things?! If you guys still want to save some face, shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation in front of everyone present?!”

Yun Che’s righteous words were shocking to the core. He was but one person in Divine Phoenix City, in Divine Phoenix Sect’s main headquarters, in front of Divine Phoenix Sect’s core members and three million Profound Sky people, yet held no fear as he severely questioned this incomparably enormous number one sect of the Profound Sky Continent.

Aside from shock, everyone’s reaction toward this was still shock. They never would’ve imagined that there would be someone… who was even just a young practitioner from Blue Wind Nation that had not reached twenty, would publicly question the entire Divine Phoenix Set without fear. How bold was this? How courageous, how brave?

And Yun Che’s words had also more or less given the entire audience a basic summary of the grievances between Yun Che and Divine Phoenix Sect. Clearly, when Divine Phoenix Sect knew that Yun Che possessed the Phoenix bloodline, they sent Feng Xichen to deliver the ranking tournament invitation letter, and to handle Yun Che on the side… Because half a year ago, was exactly the time of when the six nations received their invitation letters.

Everyone knew that their bloodline was Divine Phoenix Sect’s biggest taboo, and that was understandable. For any sect, they absolutely wouldn’t allow their core techniques to be leaked out, let alone the Phoenix bloodline, soul of the entire Divine Phoenix Sect.

But it seemed like this Thirteenth Prince Feng Xichen couldn’t show off his prowess in front of this hard headed Yun Che, and had instead suffered a huge loss.

Feng Xichen’s entire face became thoroughly red as everyone’s gaze made him feel as though he was sitting on pins and needles. In front of the entire audience, Yun Che had actually just spoken out the events of that day. As a Divine Phoenix Prince, not only had he lost his dignity, his face had been completely obliterated. The lie he told Feng Ximing and Feng Hengkong had also no doubt been exposed… He firmly tightened his fists as he suddenly grew dizzy, so depressed that he nearly fainted right away. The expressions on the other princes’ faces that gazed upon him were mostly all of gleeful delight for his misfortune.

Feng Ximing immediately stood up from his seat as he roared in a stern voice: “Insolence! Our Divine Phoenix Sect has always guarded our bloodline for five thousand years, and has never allowed even a bit of our bloodline to go out, everyone knows this! Yet you, are a bastard and mixed breed that our sect accidently left wandering outside! According my Divine Phoenix Sect’s sectoral rules, you either return to my Divine Phoenix Sect and won’t allowed to leave for eternity, or you’ll receive my sect’s sanctions—— Death! How dignified was my Thirteenth brother; for him to personally deal with your matter was already giving you a face and chance as great as the sky. If you do not return to Divine Phoenix Sect, killing you would more so be right and proper. What face do you have to make a big fuss here!”

“HAHAHAHA!” Yun Che uttered a hearty laugh, and asked in reply: “Right and proper? Bullshit! I, Yun Che, was born in Blue Wind Nation, grown up in Blue Wind Nation. Never have I used any resource of your Divine Phoenix Sect, nor have I ever received the slightest bit of grace from your Divine Phoenix Sect; I’ve never even drank a single mouthful of water from your Divine Phoenix Sect! Yet you start talking about whether I return and submit, or die… You actually still have the face to say right and proper? On what basis!!”

“On the basis that you have our Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline! On the basis that you are a bastard who seeped out from my Divine Phoenix Sect!” Feng Ximing said in a stern voice.

“What a joke!” Yun Che coldly laughed with disdain: “Then, just on what basis do you think that the Phoenix bloodline in me, comes from your Divine Phoenix Sect!”

“Does that even need to be proven?” Feng Ximing also returned with a cold laugh: “My sect’s Phoenix bloodline, comes from the grace of the Phoenix God, and was thereby able to proliferate, forming into the Divine Phoenix Sect today. In the entire Profound Sky Continent, only our Divine Phoenix Empire possesses the Phoenix bloodline!”

“Is that so?” Yun Che slowly spoke: “Then how do you know, that my Phoenix bloodline doesn’t come from another legacy of the Phoenix God? The Phoenix Divine Beast had long ago disappeared in the ancient eras. The ‘Phoenix God’ spoken by you lot, is a tiny soul entity dispersed by the Phoenix Divine Beast for the purpose of leaving behind its bloodline. Scattered in various corners of the world, even in the same continent, there is a chance for multiple to appear, not simply one alone. You lot can obtain the heritage, on what basis do you think others can’t!”

The moment these words of Yun Che’s were uttered, the expressions of Divine Phoenix Sect’s people all simultaneously changed. Feng Feiyan’s face abruptly darkened, as he roared lowly: “Insolent youngster! To actually dare defile my sect’s Phoenix God… You think I won’t kill you here and now?!”

“Ha, fighting a battle of tongues with you lot really is wasting my energy.” Yun Che uttered a sneer. With the howling sound of wind before him, Dragon Fault was swung up, pointing at Fen Xiluo, as phoenix flames explosively burned on the sword’s body: “Didn’t you say that I, Yun Che, am a bastard leaked out of your Divine Phoenix Sect? Alright… then I’d like to see whether or not there is anyone of a similar age as me that can fell me here! If the young generation of your Divine Phoenix Sect who possess the orthodox bloodline doesn’t even have anyone who can defeat me, then wouldn’t that prove… that you guys, are the true bastards?!”

“How truly preposterous!” If not under the gazes of everyone, with the Sacred Grounds on the side as it was also the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’s arena, Feng Feiyan really wished he could just disregard his status as Great Elder, and personally go up and take Yun Che’s life with a slap. With Divine Phoenix Sect’s power and influence that imposed their might over the world, before them, just who did not tremble with fear and act respectfully? No one had ever dared to challenge Divine Phoenix Sect’s dignity like so.

He pointed at Yun Che, and said with an overcast expression: “Well, very well… As a bastard whose body flows with the blood of our phoenix, you actually still dares to be so unbridled and arrogant... Very well! Fourteenth Prince, no need to hold back! Let this bastard understand what the pure and genuine Phoenix bloodline is!”

“Great Elder, be at ease.”Feng Xiluo insipidly replied. His eyes narrowed and looked straight at Yun Che as he said with a low voice: “Haha, I originally only wanted you to immediately roll off the Phoenix Stage. But now, I’ve changed my mind. If I accidentally slipped and crippled your limbs and bloodline later, don’t blame me, okay.”

“I’m just afraid that the one crippled, will be you.” Yun Che said in a cold voice.

“Still being insolent when death is upon your neck, truly laughable yet pitiful!” Feng Xiluo raised his arms as the palms of his hands simultaneously burned up with phoenix flames. Just as he was about to step forward, a profound energy sound transmission from Feng Hengkong suddenly traveled to his ears:

“Do not underestimate the enemy! Attack with all your strength… kill him right away!”

Feng Xiluo froze for a bit, then his hand posture suddenly changed, as a scarlet colored lightning hissed through between his hands, then transforming into a approximately eight feet long lance that was entirely scarlet red like hot iron.

“It’s the Emperor Profound Weapon… Divine Phoenix Lance!! Fourteenth Prince actually utilized Divine Phoenix Lance from the start!”

“Seems like His Highness is completely enraged. I reckon it's to make Yun Che lose miserably with the quickest speed, making him unable to speak up again.”

“Once Divine Phoenix Lance is out of the bag… Guess, how many moves does His Highness need to defeat him?” A Divine Phoenix disciple said leisurely.

“Seven moves.” Another Phoenix disciple casually answered.

“Seven moves? You really are thinking too highly of that Blue Wind brat.” The Phoenix disciple in front of him curled his lips to a great extent, then sneered: “At most five moves, that brat would be burnt to the point that his biological father wouldn’t recognize him!”