Chapter 435 - The Six Nation’s Closing (2)

Chapter 435 - The Six Nation’s Closing (2)

Yun Che sprung up with a leap, and landed atop the Phoenix Stage. This time, no one mocked him for not even being able to use Profound Floating Technique anymore, no one mocked him for coming from Blue Wind Nation anymore, and even more so, no one mocked him for being Earth Profound Realm. Every one of them had serious expressions, especially Sunflower Dew’s spectators, their expressions were all anxious to the extreme.

All gazes were focused onto Yun Che; even the four from Sacred Grounds, who didn’t bother to watch the previous battle raised their heads as well, and looked toward Yun Che… They wanted to know whether or not this person who clearly was only Earth Profound, yet possessed such unusual combat power was merely short-lived like a Queen of the Night that bloomed only once, or that… He really could exhibit a true strength of a middle stage Emperor Profound at the Earth Profound Realm.

The ten from Sunflower Dew Nation entered the stage, then quickly formed into a battle formation. Each and every one of them had on grim faces, as if they were facing a great enemy. Sunflower Dew Nation was a seafront nation, the majority cultivated in water attribute profound arts, and their weapons were generally blades and swords. Before the match even started, they had already all pulled out their weapons. On the surface of their bodies, a light blue colored profound energy glow stirred with wave-like ripples.

Yun Che had also already taken out Dragon Fault. As the sword’s tip touched onto the floor, an instantaneous shaking sound was made as the entire Phoenix Stage had even clearly trembled a bit. The ten profound practitioner from Sunflower Dew Nation also trembled along with it, their gazes which looked toward Dragon Fault was instantly filled with fright.

It merely touched onto the ground… That heavy sword in his hands… Just how terrifying of a weight did it have?!

“Seven Nation Ranking Tournament fourth match, Blue Wind Nation versus Sunflower Dew Nation, match start!”

The moment Feng Feiyan’s voice fell, all of Sunflower Dew Nation’s ten profound practitioners moved in an instant. Ripples of water surged, the glimmer of swords harsh and cold, as they directly closed in and assaulted Yun Che from all sides… The instantly surging blue colored profound light proved that they had actually used their full strength right from the start!

Clearly, that scene of Yun Che sweeping Navy Tide Nation away had left them with too great of a dread, as they simply didn't dare to hold anything in reserve.

“Countercurrent Sword Formation!!”

The strongest core profound practitioner took the lead. As the Sky Profound Sword in his hand swiftly danced, a sword beam bright to the extent of glaring was actually like flowing water, directly rushing toward the bottom half of Yun Che’s body with an extremely eccentric and hard to grasp trajectory. Yun Che’s body didn’t move, and his left hand suddenly reached out. Channeling Frozen End Divine Arts, a cold light like that of stars glittered in the center of his palm.


The sword beam filled with turbulent profound energy of water was instantly frozen. Terrifying cold energy traveled from the frozen sword beam onto the sword, then onto his body, causing his arm to feel as though it was being ruthlessly stabbed by tens of million steel needles.

“AHH!!” The Sunflower Dew’s core profound practitioner uttered a scream, as he retreated in a flurry. Only by channeling profound energy with all his might, did he finally barely manage to suppress the cold energy on his arms. The gaze he used toward Yun Che, was already filled with fear.

“What… What profound art is that?”

“Even the sword beam was actually frozen!!”


The energy sword beam from Sunflower Dew’s profound practitioner shattered apart just like a frozen physical entity, scattering into a pile of fragmented ice. Yun Che opened both his arms, then, his entire body explosively flashed with blue light. As three dots of cold light flickered, three huge trees of Frozen End rose steeply from the ground and grew quickly. In the blink of an eye, countless branches of ice and foliage of snow dispersed out, weaving into a densely packed net of ice, shrouding the entire Phoenix Stage from view...

“Waah…” Astonished cries filled the arena.

Feng Xichen’s eyes stared wide, agitated to the point that half of his bottom fell down from the chair from trembling… This was clearly the move used back then by the other girl whose strength was at least as strong as Emperor Profound, which directly locked up his two accompanying bodyguards. He distinctly remembered, it was precisely this terrifying ice attribute profound art that could actually freeze even the phoenix flame! He had never thought that Yun Che would actually be able to use this ice attribute profound art as well!

Beneath the tree gigantic trees, the ten Sunflower Dew practitioners were undoubtedly all sealed within. Those branches and leaves of ice crystals that appeared extremely gorgeous, were still like dreadful chains from hell, firmly binding and suppressing every single part of their entire bodies. The ten all stared with wide eyes, crazily channeling their profound energy, but none could struggle free by even the slightest bit. Instead, their entire bodies froze stiffer and stiffer under that catastrophe-like cold energy, as their blood almost solidified.

Yun Ch’s face was expressionless. Swinging up the heavy sword, Dragon Fault drew out a enormous arc whilst carrying a faint dragon’s cry.


The overbearing power of the heavy sword swept horizontally outwards like a hurricane. The huge trees of Frozen End were instantly blown into pieces by the impact, the fluttering ice crystals were like stars blotting out the sky, magnificent to the extreme. As for the Sunflower Dew profound practitioners who were sealed and frozen within, they also flew far away along with the sky blotting ice crystals at the moment the Tree of Frozen End shattered, and fell more than three hundred meters away.

After landing, among the ten, none were able to stand up. The surface of their bodies were covered by a thin layer of ice, their complexions pale white, their lips blue and purple. Only after shivering for a long time while curling up, did they finally barely suppress down that frightening coldness and recover their strength to stand up. But other than that, they weren’t really wounded either.

Yun Che ruthlessly oppressing Navy Tide, was because of their absolutely unrestrained humiliation and disgusting words and face. As for Sunflower Dew, since there was no enmity, it was natural to be a little more gentle when striking out.

“Blue Wind Nation wins.” Feng Feihan glanced at Yun Che with a cold and serious gaze, then verdicted the outcome.

Sunflower Dew Nation’s spectators were all silent, as the escorting profound practitioners also silently left their seats, to lend their arms to those Sunflower Dew practitioners who were swept out of the Phoenix Stage. Yun Che sweeping Navy Tide away in four breaths back then wasn’t an illusion, and was even more so not irreproducible like a night flower blooming only once… Similarly, in just a short four breaths, Sunflower Dew Nation’s ten profound practitioners were also all blown out of the Phoenix Stage. It was only that they were relatively lucky, and no one was injured by much. Moreover, with Navy Tide as a cushion, their conviction wouldn’t go so far as to collapse.

Yun Che’s second battle once again resulted in an overwhelming victory. This time, there was already no one who dared to doubt Yun Che’s mighty strength… Even if he had come from Blue Wind Nation, and was only at the obviously pitifully weak Earth Profound Realm.

“Ice profound energy? Why would he cultivate ice attribute profound arts?” Feng Hengkong gazed at Yun Che, as an puzzled expression formed between his brows. The great majority of the people present did not know about Yun Che and Divine Phoenix Sect’s grievances, but Feng Hengkong did indeed know about Yun Che possessing the Phoenix bloodline… Possessing the Phoenix bloodline, yet cultivating ice attribute profound arts, moreover, to be able to display such a shocking power with it… This made him unable to not be secretly astonished in his heart while feeling puzzled.

“Seems like, a considerably interesting fella appeared in this session.” In the match preparation area, a Phoenix disciple looked at Yun Che with his head turned to the side, and said while grinning.

“Senior Brother Feibai, if you are to blast away ten trash from the Phoenix Stage, what would be the shortest amount of time required?” A Phoenix disciple asked on a whim.

Feng Feibai smirked, as he extended four fingers: “Probably also four breaths. But this doesn’t mean that I recognize that his strength is on the same level as me. His weapon is the heavy sword, which suits group battles in the first place.”

“Hahahaha, that is of course. Even though his strength is unexpected, how can he compare to Senior Brother Feibai.”

“However, to be honest, the strength he displayed until now, ought to not be all of his strength either. If I were to go against him, I really do not dare to say that I would definitely win. But if he wishes to beat me, heh, that’s more so absolutely impossible.” Feng Feibai said with a lofty laugh,

“Haha, as it should be. But this kid, to be able to receive such an evaluation from Senior Brother Feibai, it can be considered that he hasn’t lived this life of his for nothing.”

“Like this, it looks like the opponents we’ll fight with mere formality would actually be Blue Wind Nation. This really is something that can’t be expected no matter what.” Another Phoenix disciple said while shrugging: “But the problem is, who would we choose to go up by then? Blue Wind only has one person, it’s not like we can all go right? I can’t pull my face down that low.”

“If worst comes to worst, we can draw lots, rock-paper-scissors is fine too.” A Phoenix disciple said indifferently.

Even though this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had chosen the means of team battle in order to shorten the match schedule, in the end, when challenging Divine Phoenix Empire, Divine Phoenix Empire could totally send out ten people to fight… However, Blue Wind only had Yun Che alone. Their Divine Phoenix Empire, as the seven nations’ high and mighty overlord that was unsurpassable and invincible since ancient times, how could they possibly fight against one with ten?

As the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament continued underway, the person who was treated as laughingstock at first, had now become the most dazzling focus of the entire tournament.

Grand Asura Nation versus Black Fiend Nation, Black Fiend Nation wins.

Divine Incense Nation versus Sunflower Dew Nation, Sunflower Dew Nation wins.

Navy Tide Nation versus Grand Asura Nation, Grand Asura Nation wins by a close margin.

Blue Wind Nation versus Grand Asura Nation, Blue Wind Nation wins.


Divine Incense Nation versus Blue Wind Nation… Divine Incense Nation surrendered right away.


Blue Wind Nation versus Black Fiend Nation… Blue Wind Nation wins!

The time consumed by a team battle was naturally much longer than an individual match. Not including the match of challenging Divine Phoenix Empire, there were a total of fifteen matches today. Divine Phoenix Empire had originally estimated that one match would take thirty to forty-five minutes, thus, even if the match schedule was compressed by a great extent, the time of one day was still somewhat scarce.

However, it was only four in the afternoon, and the fifteenth match was already over.

Because as long as it was a match that Yun Che went up in, every single one of them would be finished in the blink of an eye. After five matches, the total amount of time spent fighting didn’t even surpass thirty breaths of time. The fourth match, Divine Incense Nation who knew that it was simply impossible to win, more so surrendered directly, so as not to let their nations’ genius profound practitioners face injuries and deaths.

Navy Tide, Sunflower Water, Grand Asura, Divine Incense, Black Fiend; the five nations’ level of profound strength, indeed far surpassed Blue Wind Nation. Similarly, in regards to the younger generation, Blue Wind Nation would be completely crushed by these five nations. But Yun Che’s strength, wasn’t merely just the apex of Blue Wind’s young generation; it was more so the apex of Blue Wind’s entire profound practitioning world! It had long ago surpassed the level of the six nations’ young generation by an incomparably far distance.

During this half a year, the one he annihilated was one of the strongest sect of Blue Wind Nation, the one he defeated was the number one of Blue Wind, the one he crushed was the Prince of Divine Phoenix, the one he killed… was even a bodyguard level being of Divine Phoenix Empire!

So how could it be possible for these five nations’ young practitioners to even imagine, or compare to these experiences and achievements.

In Yun Che’s eyes, these apex experts of five nations’ young generation, were just like infants who had just learned how to walk. Let alone ten, even if there were twenty or thirty, he could easily crush them the same.

In terms of the same age, the level he was at was already not the six nations’ level at all, but was at the seven nations’ overlord… Divine Phoenix Sect’s level!

As for the direction this tournament went, no one was able to predict it in advance. After Yun Che overwhelmingly defeated Black Fiend Nation, the last match of the six nations’ battle also closed its curtains. And this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, entered the final epilogue with a speed unforeseen by anyone.

Challenging Divine Phoenix Empire!