Chapter 434 - The Six Nations’ Closing (1)

Chapter 434 - The Six Nations’ Closing (1)

The nine Navy Tide profound practitioners had already crawled up. They simply stood there, and looked dumbfoundedly at Yun Che who was standing on the stage. Their expressions were pale and their bodies were trembling, as though their souls had already departed from their bodies…

“Yu’er… Yu’er!!”

In the seats of Navy Tide Nation, a sorrowful cry could be heard. A middle-aged man had already charged towards Han Ruyu who had already fainted on the ground. His body, and even his voice, was trembling severely. Han Ruyu was number one in Navy Tide Nation’s young generation, a genius who could hardly be encountered in a thousand years, and was even the hope for their Navy Tide profound world. In this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, he even bore the most, and heaviest of Navy Tide Empire’s wishes. However, in his life’s one and only Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, on his very first match… he was actually defeated in such a miserable manner, with but a single strike.

Han Ruyu was after all, an early-stage Throne. If he were to exchange blows with Yun Che head-on, though Yun Che would still be able to easily defeat him, at the very least, it would have taken five exchanges of blows, and he definitely could not have gained victory so easily and completely. Naturally, only Han Ruyu could be blamed for everything that had happened. He basically did not put Yun Che in his eyes at all, and hence, he did not even have the chance to react to Yun Che’s sudden burst of force.

The sword strike Yun Che slammed on his face with was not actually heavy, otherwise, his entire head would have burst apart. Yet, it was enough to easily ruin half of his face. Because being called ugly was what Yun Che hated the most, and even the word “clown” was a taboo.

The middle-aged man shook him for a long while, but Han Ruyu was unable to wake up at all. He suddenly turned around, and stared at Yun Che with deadly eyes. “Junior from Blue Wind! Your heart is actually this wicked… The ranking tournament is nothing more than a simple exchange, yet you actually… acted so viciously!!”

This middle-aged man was Han Ruyu’s father. His name was Han Hongyu, Sect Master of “Coldbillow Sect”, the number one sect in Navy Tide Nation. No matter which part of Navy Tide Nation he stepped his feet on, he was a mighty individual whom the entire profound world would tremble in fear from. With his might and rage, even if it was the ruler of Navy Tide Nation facing him, he would still be terror-stricken. However, how could Yun Che be frightened by him? Laughing coldly, he said. “His skills weren’t competent, yet you’re still blaming me for being too ruthless with my attacks? In the rules announced by Elder Feng earlier, there wasn’t a single line which restricts the strength of one’s attacks. Even if he were to die on the Phoenix Stage, he can only be blamed for being too weak. He’s unable to clearly weigh his own abilities, yet, he still wished to court death by entering the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, no one else but him can be blamed for this!”

Yun Che had heavily injured Han Ruyu, who was claimed to be the future hope of Navy Tide Nation, and had even ruined his face, yet, not only did he not have the slightest intentions of being sorry, his rebuttal was filled with such arrogance. Han Hongyu was so furious, his entire body began to tremble. If this wasn’t the place where the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was held, he would have definitely charged out and exert his powers at Yun Che long ago.

“Enough!” At this moment, Feng Feiyan finally spoke. He collected his astonished expression, and faintly glanced at Yun Che. With a considerably calm voice, he announced. “For the first match, victory goes to Blue Wind Nation!!”

As Feng Feiyan had spoken, no matter how much hatred and fury Han Hongyu was harboring, he naturally didn’t dare to say anything more. He carried Han Ruyu up, took out all of the spiritual medicine he had on his body, and hurriedly saved him… However, in his heart, he knew that this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was over for Navy Tide Nation. The fact that the nine people had suffered light injuries and Han Ruyu being heavily injured were just secondary, the key factor was the blow to their spirits… Their confidence, pride, and even their faith, had most probably been completely destroyed by Yun Che. In the next upcoming matches, even if Han Ruyu were to wake up and strain himself up the stage, they would no longer be able to gather even the least bit of their momentum.

Anyone with discerning eyes was able to see that Yun Che had purposely thrown such heavy sweeps at the ten great profound practitioners of Navy Tide Nation. The reason was very clear as well… They were pushing the matter around among themselves. Every single one of their actions, words, and expressions, were all filled with scorn and humiliation towards Yun Che. And what Yun Che gave them in return, was an extremely ruthless retaliation! In regards to Navy Tide Nation falling to such a state in a blink of an eye, they only had themselves to blame for it.

Yun Che walked down from the Phoenix Stage, and slowly walked towards the preparation area. Currently, towards Yun Che, the eyes of the practitioners of the other nations had undergone a great change. The belittlement they had earlier, had already turned into a deep fear… and even dread.

“Heh, he’s rather interesting.” Among the participating practitioners from Divine Phoenix Sect, Feng Xiluo swept his eyes across Yun Che while holding his chin with his hand, and lightly smiled.

“Aiyoyo! This sure is incredible.” Ji Qianrou leaned his chest forward, and his pair of amorous eyes stirred. “This little brother sure gave everyone a very big surprise… The degree of strength he unleashed earlier, can basically be compared to the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm.”

“A peak Earth Profound comparable to a mid-stage Emperor Profound… It’s a sight I have never seen before in my life.” At this moment, Ancient Blue who had been silent, lightly spoke out, and gave an incomparably high praise… Evidently, Yun Che’s combat strength which completely did not conform to his profound strength, had even shocked this Monarch-class individual of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.

“Royal father, he’s really incredible.” Although Feng Xue’er was striving to suppress her own emotions, she still could not help but speak out. Her voice was as light as the wind. No one was able to see her facial expression, and her emotions carried in her voice were hard to discern as well. “However, isn’t his profound strength merely at the Earth Profound Realm? Why is he so strong?”

This was actually the first time Feng Hengkong had ever heard her own daughter praising someone on her own accord. His brows furrowed, and his expression was a little heavy. “It seems like I have completely misjudged this person… His profound strength is indeed only at the Earth Profound Realm. Beneath my eyes, it’s impossible for him to disguise it. However, the strength he unleashed earlier, actually approaches the strength of a mid-stage Emperor Profound…”

Feng Hengkong did not say anything more. When the disciples of their Phoenix Divine Sect face off against disciples of other sects, basically all of them were able to accomplish level-skipping matches.

However, in regards to an Earth Profound exerting the abilities of an Emperor Profound Realm, he had lived for several hundred years, yet he had never seen, nor heard of anything like it! Although he knew of the name ‘Yun Che’ due to the matter of him harboring the Phoenix bloodline, he had never taken this matter to heart. Because a small figure like this, was basically unworthy of an Emperor to pay attention to, and any one of the lowest class disciples could handle it. However, currently, from that shocking display that occurred in a mere four seconds, he could not help but really pay attention to this Blue Wind practitioner who clearly was only at the Earth Profound Realm.

Feng Hengkong turned around. With his calmest gaze, he stared at Feng Xichen… Feng Xichen was someone who had witnessed Yun Che’s abilities, however, in order to conceal the ugly fact that he was miserably abused by a Blue Wind practitioner, he concocted a huge lie. And, to cover this lie of his, he even sent Feng Chihuo to assassinate Yun Che… Ever since he received the news that Feng Chihuo had cruelly died, his mind had been in a state of panic. And then, he even sent several more waves of men, yet he was no longer able to find any trace of Yun Che… When Yun Che appeared on the Phoenix Stage, his heart had been beating wildly.

And Feng Hengkong’s eyes which lightly swept towards him, caused his entire body to suddenly stiffen. His expression instantly paled as cold sweat dripped down from his forehead… He simply sat there, and did not dare to move a single inch.

The atmosphere of the entire Ranking Tournament had undergone a change which no one could have ever expected. Blue Wind Nation and Yun Che… These two names which initially had been taken as jokes and cannon fodders, had currently, completely become the biggest focus of the entire tournament. Their shock, dismay, and utter disbelief… And the ridicule and scorn made by these people who believed themselves to be high and mighty earlier, currently looked that silly and laughable. Their faces were burning red, as though they had been given a ruthless slap.

Eliminating ten people single-handedly… An Earth Profound defeating an Emperor Profound… Everyone could already predict that the structure of this Ranking Tournament was destined to be completely overturned because of the sudden appearance of this monster from Blue Wind Nation.

The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament continued. In the second match, Black Fiend Nation was versus Divine Incense Nation.

The Black Fiend Nation was ranked third previously, while Divine Incense Nation was ranked sixth. However, in this match, they still fought to an exceptional stalemate. In a team battle, an individual’s top-notch abilities were no longer the deciding factor, rather, it was a contest of their overall combat strengths and teamwork… In the end, after a battle that lasted for half an hour, Black Fiend Nation which had an early-stage Throne suppressed the other party throughout the entire match, and gained victory over Divine Incense Nation.

This should have been an extravagant match, however, the cheers from the entire stadium wasn’t that intense. Because even if it was ten times more extravagant, it was still far from being as soul-shaking and visual-blowing as Yun Che sweeping away Navy Tide Nation in four seconds. And, a large group of people were still stuck in that soul-shaking moment. They could not completely regain their senses at all.

Third match, Navy Tide versus Sunflower Dew.

In terms of overall strength alone, it was no doubt that Navy Tide was stronger than Sunflower Dew.

However, in this battle, Navy Tide Nation was actually beaten by Sunflower Dew Nation basically one-sidedly. Han Ruyu was still unconscious… And most probably, even if he woke up, he would still act unconscious. He definitely would not have the face to face the entire stadium. The rest had all suffered light injuries, with the most serious issue being that their spirits were still in a half-collapsed state. It was nine against ten, and they had no will to fight either. In the end, Sunflower Dew won.

And the Navy Tide profound practitioners who came down the stage with dark and stiff faces, were drowned in the saliva of the Navy Tide audience.

Fourth match: Blue Wind versus Sunflower Dew.

When the profound stone revealed the three words “Blue Wind Nation”, the entire stadium instantly quietened down.

If Sunflower Dew Nation was the first to be matched against Blue Wind, then the Sunflower Dew audience would undoubtedly react the same way as Navy Tide. However, currently, the entire Sunflower Dew audience was dead silent. There was no longer a single person who expressed their excitement and ridicule. The joy they had from their victory against Navy Tide Nation earlier, had instantly been suppressed to nothingness.

The faces of Sunflower Dew’s ruler, hegemons, and especially the ten participating profound practitioners from Sunflower Dew, had drastically changed. A deep fear was revealed in their eyes.

“It’s actually… this guy!” A Sunflower Dew profound practitioner forcefully took in a cold breath. A strength to wipe out the entire Navy Tide team in four seconds, one would tremble in fear just by thinking about it. And what’s even more frightening was his ruthlessness, or better to be said, vicious battle style. Putting aside the heavy injuries, he actually directly ruined someone’s face!

“Do not be discouraged!” A core profound practitioner of Sunflower Dew Nation gritted his teeth, and said with a sharp voice. “Don’t forget, the key reasons why that Yun Che was able to wipe out Navy Tide, was because Navy Tide had underestimated him, and that Yun Che had suddenly launched a sneak attack! If we attack with all our strength and work together… with him alone, I don’t believe we’re unable to win!”

The other nine people hurriedly nodded in consent, but in their hearts, they were secretly cursing. Yun Che was able to wipe out Navy Tide because of a sneak attack? Your grandfather sneak attacks! Why don’t you try launching a sneak attack at ten Navy Tide profound practitioners yourself!?

Forget about underestimating, even if the ten of them were unprepared and squatting cozily on the ground, they would still be able to retaliate at any moment and abuse you into a dog!