Chapter 432 - First Match: Navy Tide VS Blue Wind

Chapter 432 - First Match: Navy Tide VS Blue Wind

Seeing the huge blow Ling Jie took that made it seem as though his beliefs had crumbled, Hua Minghai couldn’t help but promptly console him: “You don’t really have to be so pessimistic either, I’ve also experienced Boss Yun’s strength. Even if it’s impossible for him to defeat those abnormals from Divine Phoenix Sect, handling the other five nations is not a problem… Mn, mn. One person against ten is no problem! Fighting against ten alone with the identity of a profound practitioner from Blue Wind, how impressive is that! How shocking! Blue Wind Nation would then greatly gain prestige from now on! Boss Yun’s name would resound throughout the seven nations and shake their world! And you… uh, and me, will bear witness to it all!”

Once Hua Minghai said that, Ling Jie’s spirit suddenly shook as his mood immediately became happier. He nodded heavily: “Right, right! Big bro Hua, you’re right! Boss, you have to give it your all… Aaah! Just thinking about Boss defeating ten alone and slapping everyone who looked down on Blue Wind’s face… I almost can’t control my excitement!”

“Mn! This kind of spirit is much better.” Hua Minghai nodded with satisfaction. Then, as he looked toward the arena, his gaze became heavy…

The course of the matches and their conclusions are minor…

But the matter about the Phoenix bloodline in your body… how exactly are you going to solve that? You specially coming here to participate in this ranking tournament ought to be for the purpose of the bloodline matter...

“Oh right, Big bro Hua, are you really called ‘Yan Xiaohua’? Why do I keeping feeling that this name of yours… seems to be fake.”

Hua Minghai turned around, stared at Ling Jie, and said solemnly: “Can’t tell… that you’re actually a little smart.”

Very quickly, the assessments of the nine participants of Divine Phoenix Sect had finished. Aside from Feng Feiban’s fifth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, the other eight were at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm.

It was at this time that Divine Phoenix Sect’s tenth person stepped forward… His expression was as calm as water. While carrying a faint smile, the space between his brows displayed a kind of inherent nobleness. His attire was somewhat different than the other nine, embedded on his fiery phoenix robe was a radiantly burning golden colored Feng, and phoenix robes inlaid with gold meant that those who wore them were direct successors of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family.

Following his footsteps, the first signs of restlessness finally appeared within Divine Phoenix Empire’s seats as loud exclamations of surprise sounded.

“That’s… Fourteenth Prince!”

“Waah! Fourteenth Prince is actually personally participating in this ranking tournament!”

“I heard that Fourteenth Prince is exceptionally talented, the other princes, even the Crown Prince is not as gifted as he is. It could be said that he is number one of Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation! When he was only ten, he had already stepped into the Sky Profound.”

The restless voices made Yun Che’s attention land on this “Fourteenth Prince’s” body. While also a prince, the difference between the impression he and Thirteenth Prince Feng Xichen gave Yun Che was as different as the sky and earth. He had a sort of bone-deep noble aura without any deliberate restraint of his arrogance, and a kind of… oppression that would directly infiltrate the heart.

This person...

Feng Xiluo —— Twenty two years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level eight.


The layer of noises triggered by the previous nine top-notch geniuses of Divine Phoenix Sect combined could not compare to this short instant of commotion. Not only was it the six nation’s profound practitioners, even Divine Phoenix Empire’s profound practitioners were entirely dumbstruck at that moment, and essentially did not dare to believe their eyes.

Even though it was extremely shocking, being in the mid stages of the Emperor Profound at twenty five was completely acceptable to those from Divine Phoenix Empire.

But, late stage Emperor Profound at twenty two… a twenty two year old high level Throne! Even in Divine Phoenix Empire, where strong beings were all over the place like clouds in the sky, it was almost a legend!

Feng Xiluo’s eyes were calm and tranquil. While faintly smiling, he took on the entire audience’s shocked cries and gazes that seemed like they were looking up at a child of god. Yun Che’s gaze stayed on him for a while, and his eyebrows secretly knitted...

This person’s strength… was actually comparable to the Feng Chihuo he could only defeat by exhausting all of his trump cards, while even nearly losing his life!

Even at Divine Phoenix Sect, Feng Chihuo’s position wasn’t low at all. And his age, was also at least one hundred years old… But this Fourteenth Prince, was only twenty two years old!

This was questionably the person with the most terrifying aptitude that Yun Che had ever seen in the Profound Sky Continent.

“Mn, amazing. Fourteenth Prince actually made a breakthrough again.” Divine Phoenix Sect’s Third Elder Feng Feiran exclaimed: “Such an aptitude, really is astonishing. Seems like, there’s hope for Fourteenth Prince to reach Overlord at forty… In the future, hundred years later, he definitely can attain Monarch.”

“What Third Elder said is right, Fourteenth Brother’s aptitude is indeed world shocking, and is rarely seen in a thousand years even in our Divine Phoenix Sect. As his elder brother, I am really ashamed of my inadequacy.” Feng Ximing said, half exclaiming with half modestly.

Surveying over the other princes, some had calm expressions and nodded in agreement… But in the depth of their eyes, jealousy that was concealed with great effort flashed through each one without exception.

“Not bad.” Feng Hengkong, who was always extremely strict to his sons, also slowly nodded at the moment, as a praising smile emerged on his face.

“Hoh, looks like quite an amazing prodigy appeared in Divine Phoenix Sect.” Playing with his fingers that were as slender as leek, Ji Qianrou said with a smiling face.

“Hmph! That’s still only worthy of being called a prodigy in these seven nations.” Ye Xinghan disdainfully laughed, then narrowed his eyes, as he pleasantly enjoyed the two women coquettishly rubbing on his body. His gaze looked toward Feng Xue’er from time to time as the depth of his eyes burned with an incredibly intense flame of desire.

“A pity, his looks aren’t the type this one likes. Otherwise when drinking with Little Kongkong, he could be brought along… mnhmm.”

Ye Xinghai wisely shut his trap, and refused to get into the conversation for the life of him.

The ten participating Divine Phoenix Sect profound practitioners all descended the Phoenix Stage, entering into the match preparation area. On the arena, Feng Feiyan’s heavy voice sounded: “The Seven Nation’s participating profound practitioners have all reached their positions. Even though profound strength level is the most important label of strength for a profound practitioner, it cannot represent one’s strength entirely either! There are ten billions of profound practitioners, and ones who could challenge above their ranks are innumerable! The final ranking of the Ranking Tournament, will still need to be judged from the true strength of each nation’s profound practitioners… Moreover, it will be judged from the comprehensive average strength of a nation’s top-most ten profound practitioners!”

“The order of entering the stage, will still be randomly assigned via the profound stone. During battle, all of the participating profound practitioners are not allowed to leave the center area, and are not allowed to use any forbidden medicines that temporarily increases one’s strength in a short time. Otherwise, the right to participate will be immediately taken. During battle, unable to get up for ten breaths of time, unconscious, forfeiture, as well as being blown down the Phoenix Stage, will all be considered as defeat. Once all of the participants of a nation are defeated, the match will end. On the Phoenix Stage, you all can use any kind of weapon and protective gear, but no poison and concealed assassination tools can be used. Any tactics and means can be used, no matter how despicable and shameless; because gears, brains, and flexibility, is also apart of your overall strength!”

“No more superfluous words. The Thirty Ninth Seven Nation Ranking Tournament has officially begun!!”

Feng Feiyan’s voice resounded throughout the entire arena. As his voice fell, he extended his palm, and a ball of flame fell onto the profound stone.

A scarlet light momentarily flashed through the profound stone, as three dark red words slowly emerged: Navy Tide Nation.

One of the sides of the first match, was precisely the Navy Tide Nation that ranked second in the last session.

“Very good, entering the stage early means there will be more time to recover later.” Navy Tide Nation’s profound practitioners all raised their heads and looked at the Phoenix Stage, their face filled with confidence and loftiness. In the battle of the six nations, since Divine Phoenix Empire was not participating, they wouldn’t have the reason to lose to anyone… And only their Navy Tide Nation, was the most qualified to challenge Divine Phoenix Empire and step onto the Primordial Profound Ark.


Ten Navy Tide profound practitioners took off into the air, and leapt up the Phoenix Stage at the same time. Every single one of them had lofty expression in their eyes, their will to fight awe-inspiring. At the same time, their gazes also looked toward the profound stone, awaiting their first opponent.

“Victory for Navy Tide!”

“No matter which of the other five nations become our Navy Tide’s opponent, they will encounter a nightmare, without exception!”

“Navy Tide! Crush the opponent as much as you want!”

“Waaaaahh… Flower Viewing Prince is so cool!”

The loud shouts coming from Navy Tide Nation was deafening. Atop the seating area of Navy Tide Nation, Navy Tide’s ruler, as well as the profound practitioning world’s hegemons also had changes in their expressions, as they became expectating and serious. This was a battle concerning the next twenty five years of Navy Tide Nation’s status and prestige. Even though they, who were ranked second in the last session, still had absolute confidence this time, they still shouldered quite a bit of pressure… Before encountering the final Divine Phoenix Empire, they absolutely could not afford to lose.

Very quickly, the name of the other nation participating in the first match also appeared on top of the profound stone.

Blue Wind Nation.

The entire audience’s shouts were cut short. Then, the entire atmosphere immediately changed greatly.

“F*ck! It’s actually Blue Wind! What’s this?”

“I originally thought that I could see Navy Tide’s might… How could this be a fight? Anyone one of them releasing a fart could knock him down.”

“Hahahaha! Navy Tide Nation’s luck is really good, running into a filler character the moment they’re up.”

Yun Che looked at the two words Blue Wind, narrowed his eyes, then suddenly jumped up as the entire arena roared with commotion that came from every direction.

“Looks like that kid’s going up. One person against ten, tsk tsk tsk tsk, how impressive!”

“Damn! They’re actually up against Blue Wind Nation first. How boring, hurry up and kick that Yun Che brat off, then quickly move onto the next match!”

“Don’t even say anything, even though this brat’s strength is trash, the skin on his face isn’t your ordinary thickness. If it was me, I definitely wouldn’t have the guts to go up to lose that much face. I’m guessing that in at most three breaths, this kid would be cleanly knocked down.”

“Three breaths? My Navy Tide Nation’s top geniuses actually needs three breaths to take care of a brat? Even a casual attack would be an instant KO! If this kid was even a little bit smart, he ought to have obediently surrender immediately. Otherwise… if any of my Navy Tide geniuses are even a little heavy in their attacks, losing half his life would be considered light.”

“Go, Yun Che… Go! Let them see your might!!” Appearing within the arena were also scattered shouts cheering for Yun Che, but these sparse and weak sounds were easily drowned out instantly by the waves of sound coming from Navy Tide Nation.

“Haah, how boring. I originally wanted to fight a satisfying splendid first battle to properly raise my prestige… but it was unexpected this kid.” An extremely angry faced Navy Tide profound practitioner in front of Yun Che said as he held both hands against his chest. He casually cast a glance at Yun Che, then didn’t bother to look a second time.

The other nine profound practitioner’s attitudes were more or less the same. For some of them, they didn’t even properly look at Yun Che after he had gone up on stage.

“Thirty Ninth Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’s first match, Navy Tide versus Blue Wind Nation… Match start!”

Feng Feiyan immediately declared the start of the competition, but after his voice fell, neither side had a person that assumed a battle stance. Yun Che stood in place while staring expressionlessly at the Navy Tide Nation’s profound practitioners that were in front of him, and Navy Tide Nation’s ten participating profound practitioners stood with a lazy posture as they faced him with bitter faces. Let alone a battle stance, even their eyelids drooped, for they didn’t even feel like opening them.

“What to do? Who’s going to go up?” A Navy Tide profound practitioner asked: “In any case, I’m definitely not going up.”

“Shit! Why the hell are ya’ll looking at me? I’m definitely not gonna go up. Since six years ago, I can’t even be bothered with oppressing newbies below the Sky Profound.”

“The reason why I came here from so far is to spar against the world’s warlords and randomly raise my fame. Fighting with this guy is an insult to my strength… Whoever wants to go up can go up, but I’m not going up even if you beat me to death!”

“Then… Junior Sister Ji, how about you go?”

“Hmph! Such a useless man is not worthy enough for me to act.”

The ten profound practitioners of Navy Tide Nation pushed and shoved one another. No one was willing to come forth and fight with Yun Che, as if fighting with Yun Che was the greatest of humiliation to them… It would be more so impossible for ten to go up at the same time. If they really did that, perhaps the rumors would later circulated in this way… Navy Tide Nation, ten against one, defeated the sole profound practitioner of Blue Wind Nation… They couldn't take being disgraced like so.

And right now, Yun Che’s situation could be summarized with one sentence:

Silently watching a bunch of fools pretend to be great.