Chapter 431 - Powerful Divine Phoenix

Chapter 431 - Powerful Divine Phoenix

“So you’re Yun Che?” Feng Feiyan sized him up. Without even waiting for his reply, he casually detected the presence of the Phoenix bloodline on Yun Che’s body, and immediately spoke: “As expected… Does this mean that Blue Wind this time, has only sent you alone?”

“That’s right.” Yun Che frankly answered calmly.

Feng Feiyan lowered his voice and said coldly: “Since you’re here, then fight through this ranking tournament smoothly. After the conclusion of the ranking tournament, there will be someone who’ll come to properly settle the matter about your Phoenix bloodline. However, if you’ll allow yourself to die on this Phoenix Stage, that’s also not a bad choice… Hmph, then, go test your profound strength.”

The place where Yun Che stood was quite a distance from Feng Feiyan, yet his huge aura continuously pressed down on Yun Che’s body and soul. However, his expression was nevertheless a field of tranquility, without any signs of oddness at all. He didn’t say anything else to Feng Feiyan as he walked toward the Profound Assessment Stone and placed his palm on its surface.

Nineteen years old, Earth Profound Realm level ten.

The profound strength level displayed on the Profound Assessment Stone had undoubtedly caused the entire audience to roar with laughter. Yun Che removed his hand from the Profound Assessment Stone and leisurely walked to the match preparation area in the midst of a sky filled with laughter and mocking gazes. As the seated profound practitioners from the other five nations saw him approach, none did not reveal an extremely contemptuous expression… Within the disdain were even revulsion and pity, perhaps they thought that having such a person as an opponent was an insult to their strength and reputation.

Yun Che casually stopped at a corner. Not too far to his right, were ten of Navy Tide Nation’s participating profound practitioners. One among them shot a glance at Yun Che, and beamed while speaking in a voice loud enough for Yun Che to hear: “No wonder I keep thinking that the name ‘Yun Che’ was familiar, I suddenly remember now, it seems like in Blue Wind Nation’s Ranking Tournament two years ago, the one who seized first place was this ‘Yun Che’.”

Another person said with a grin: “Tsk tsk, tenth level of the Earth Profound Realm at nineteen can indeed be considered as number one of little Blue Wind Nation’s young generation.”

“Hmph!” Han Ruyu slightly slanted his eyes, faintly snorted from his nose: “It’s only a pathetic little clown.”

“Heheh, Junior Brother Han is right, but this little clown is the impressive ‘number one’ of Blue Wind Nation, you know. Hahahaha…”

Yun Che raised his eyes, indifferently swept a glance over those people, and then turned his head around, not bothering to look back a second time.

“It’s actually him.” Ling Kun looked at Yun Che with a thoughtful expression.

“Oh? Elder Ling actually recognizes this Blue Wind commoner who can’t even be considered trash?” Ye Xinghan asked with narrowed eyes.

“This kid is not as simple as how he appears on the surface.” Ling Kung answered. Back when he was in Heavenly Sword Villa, it was due to Yun Che’s shocking mastery of the heavy sword that caused him to ask Yun Che to enter Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Then, he perceived that he possessed the Phoenix bloodline, which naturally left a considerably deep impression on him. A few months ago, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region received news of Yun Canghai’s suicide, which automatically removed the seal on Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace, and the fact that the person who had mistakenly been shut inside had also come out alive.

He never thought that he would actually see Yun Che here.

“This little brother’s obviously not that simple.” Ji Qianrou’s tender voice came from the side: “He has such a pitiful cultivation level, yet did not have any change in expression beneath the Great Phoenix Elder’s imposing oppression. Look, not only is his cultivation level low, he’s even here alone without even an escort, and is being mocked at by so many people… it’s just too pitiful. But his deep expression has always been calm, making one feel fascinated…”

Ji Qianrou twirled his finger and slowly stuck out his tongue to lick his lips in a circle: “If it’s not a lot of nerve, then this little brother has many hidden depths… The main point is that… he matured quite attractively, he’s this one’s most favorite type…”

Ji Qianrou’s posture and cheeks flushed with the color of peach blossoms made a chill go through Ye Xinghan, he nearly vomited out the food he had yesterday.

After the six nations was the ranking tournament’s host, Profound Sky Seven Nation’s senior chief… Divine Phoenix Empire!

“Phoenix disciples, enter the stage!” Feng Feiyan turned toward Divine Phoenix Empire’s seats, and roared.

As soon as Feng Feiyan’s voice fell, ten streaks of human silhouettes soared from Divine Phoenix Empire’s seating area and then became ten Phoenix fire silhouettes. As the flames covered their entire bodies, they were like ten dancing phoenixes dancing in midair, releasing a scorching and heavy mighty pressure. The cauterizing high temperature were like surging ocean waves that spread throughout the entire arena in the blink of an eye, making those who had relatively low profound strength feel as though their own bodies were about to ignite.

Yet the emergence of Divine Phoenix Sect’s disciples, didn’t bring about such cheers like the ones of the prior five nations. As the host, naturally, the number of Divine Phoenix Empire’s citizen was the greatest. But they all looked at the image of the phoenix dancing in midair with fervorous gazes, as none cheered uncontrollably… Because, Divine Phoenix Empire was the eternal king, the overlord that would never be defeated! They simply didn’t need to cheer, and more so didn't need to boost morale. Even though they were similarly participants of this ranking tournament, in the eyes of those from Divine Phoenix Empire, their true position, was the judge participating amongst them!

Phoenix flame burned in midair as ten streaks of phoenix fire silhouettes meandered closer to the Phoenix Stage. Then, along with a long bird cry, they all landed. The instant they touched the Phoenix Stage, all the Phoenix flame immediately extinguished, revealing ten majestic young figures wearing fiery red phoenix robes.

How the Phoenix disciples’ came onto the Phoenix Stage, and the formless might that was naturally released from their bodies completely supressed all of the previous six nations’ disciples. The Phoenix disciples didn’t make any mighty movements, didn’t slovenly walk forward, and didn’t even announce their names as they directly placed their palms on the Profound Assessment Stone.

The Profound Assessment Stone lit up… what was different from before was that this time, not only did the Profound Assessment Stone reveal the age of their bones and profound strength, even their names had appeared.

Feng Feibai —— Twenty four years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level five.

The entire arena was instantly filled with shocked cries; the first person that came forth to be assessed, his profound strength level had already entirely pressed above every profound practitioner of the six nations… But there were only shocked cries, and no cheers. Because the ones who uttered cries, were all those from the six nations, while Divine Phoenix Empire’s people were all calm. Because this kind of might, this degree of crushing oppression, simply couldn’t be anymore ordinary.

And very soon, those of the six nations discovered, under extreme shock, that this Feng Feibai, whose strength was already extremely terrifying in their view and could be said as opposing the heavens, was actually merely the weakest of the ten from Divine Phoenix Empire!!

Feng Lingyun —— Twenty three years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level six!

The second one who came up, was a vigorous looking woman with short hair. When her age and profound strength was revealed, the entire audience cried in shock once again without question. Even Yun Che’s brows severely jumped a little.

Emperor Profound Realm rank six, a height equal to Ling Tianni! Not to mention that Ling Tianni was over one hundred years old, he was more so publically recognized as the number one of Blue Wind’s profound practitioning community! Yet this Feng Lingyun, was only twenty three years old! And that was only the tip top of the Divine Phoenix Empire’s younger generation… Moreover, she was a woman!

A twenty three year old female disciple of the Divine Phoenix Empire, in Blue Wind Nation, was on equal terms with the strength of the number one. Such a difference between the sky and earth, made Yun Che unable to help it but to lament once again.

Feng Boyi —— Twenty five years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level six.

Feng Lanshan —— Twenty four years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level six.

Feng Mingzhu —— Twenty three years old —— Emperor Profound Realm level six.



Phoenix disciples came forward one by one; the words displayed on the assessment stone made the six nation’s profound practitioners all flabbergasted, as their open jaws couldn’t close for a long time. Naturally, they knew long ago that there was a considerable gap between the six nations and Divine Phoenix Empire. But only after personally seeing it today, did they understand how enormous this gap was!

Amongst the six nations, a total of two Thrones appeared… One Emperor Profound Realm level one, the other Emperor Profound Realm level two. These two Thrones of twenty five years of age, could be said to be the greatest pride of Black Fiend Nation and Navy Tide Nation’s profound practitioning circle in these several hundred years, and were even considered miracles.

However, even the weakest of Divine Phoenix Sect’s participating disciples were nearly half a realm stronger than them!

Moreover, it was half a realm at the Emperor Profound level!!

The difference was just like that of a candlelight and the moon; it simply couldn’t be compared on equal terms.

“I-I-I… Is this even real? People of Divine Phoenix Sect, are all… this powerful!?” Ling Jie’s entire person was already stunned. As he stared at the profound strength levels that were emerging one by one on the Profound Assessment Stone, he didn’t dare to believe his eyes at all. These, were all only Divine Phoenix Sect’s young disciples… Their profound strengths were actually no weaker than his grandfather Ling Tianni!!

His grandfather, who was publically accepted as the number one of Blue Wind, actually could only be compared to young disciples of not even twenty five in Divine Phoenix Sect!!

Such a huge disparity, made it extremely difficult for Ling Jie to accept..

“Of course, I just knew that such a Blue Wind little bro like you would be startled.” Hua Minghai had on an unsurprised expression as he said very slowly: “Tsk tsk, strong nations such as Navy Tide and Black Fiend’s gap with Divine Phoenix Sect was already no less than that of heaven and earth; so about your Blue Wind, hohum… I heard that in your Blue Wind, Emperor Profound is already the pinnacle? But at Divine Phoenix Sect, Emperor Profounds are simply as prevalent as dogs. Without entering Sky Profound at eighteen and Emperor Profound before thirty five, they wouldn’t even have the face to call themselves Phoenix disciples.”

Ling Jie intensely gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and couldn’t speak for quite a while. As he saw each and every one of those incomparably shocking profound strength levels, he, who previously had an enormous amount of confidence in Yun Che, now had his confidence collapsed for the most part. Half a year ago, only after being almost killed and joining forces with Xia Qingyue, did he finally defeat Ling Tianni, who was at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm… But now, these people sent out by Divine Phoenix Sect, were all strong beings at the level of his grandfather.

While on the side of Blue Wind, there was only Yun Che alone!

How the hell could this be played!?

Hua Minghai gave Ling Jie’s stumped face a side glance, and guessed what he was thinking right away: “Damn! Kid, don’t tell me you came here with the notion that Boss Yun would defeat Divine Phoenix Sect? Did you eat too many brain-dead pills or something!”

“Um…” Ling Jie scratched his head, and said meekly: “Because Boss is powerful beyond limits, and even defeated my grandfather, so I had always thought that in the young generation of the entire continent, Boss should be unparalleled… I didn’t expect that Divine Phoenix Sect would actually be so powerful. This really is too… too ridiculous.”

“How ridiculous,” Hua Minghai had the impression of looking at an idiot in his eyes: “You think that Divine Phoenix Sect’s five thousand years of accumulation and the bloodline of a deity is good-for-nothing? Then I wouldn't fret to tell you, for just a mere Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Divine Phoenix Sect doesn’t need to be too serious at all. So these ten people may not even be the strongest ones under twenty five. In any case, I don't believe that Divine Phoenix Empire would lay out the trump cards of their younger generation in an unnecessary situation just like this. Whatever, I reckon that if I keep on talking, that little heart of yours couldn’t bear it anymore. Later, this big bro will cram a proverb into you, mn, called viewing the sky from the bottom of a well.”

Ling Jie’s eyes stared unmovingly. He, couldn’t speak for a long time, and his self-confidence received an unprecedented blow. At Blue Wind Nation, he was also a prodigy whose name stirred the profound practitioning world and was publicly accepted to be able to surpass Ling Yun. But if he was placed before this Divine Phoenix Sect… it would be simply too harsh to even look at.