Chapter 1058 - Beseeching Help, All for Naught

Chapter 1058 - Beseeching Help, All for Naught

After traversing through the bottom of the Inferno Prison for four hours, he only used an hour to reach the Inferno Prison’s northern shore in his full speed retreat.

It was just that his retreat out of the Inferno Prison landed him in a region that was more than one hundred fifty kilometers apart from the place he entered from. Under his burning anxiety, Yun Che quickly locked onto the location and used all his strength to charge there, nonstop.

Boom boom… boom...

The continuous rumblings from the distant south were oppressive, as though both the heaven and earth would collapse at any time.The churning of the Inferno Prison did not stop for even a moment.

Mu Xuanyin’s battle with the ancient horned dragon had already persisted for more than eight full hours and to those who witnessed the fight through the Vermillion Bird’s projection, every second was worldshaking.

Yan Wancang’s breathing quickened and his forehead was already filled with beads of sweat. Even if he was the Flame God Realms strongest practitioner, he would still consume a ton of energy after releasing the Vermillion Bird’s will at such a long distance for such a long time. He was perpetually exhausted yet deep excitement appeared within both of his eyes.

Yan Juehai, Huo Rulie and everyone else was the same...

And they were all at their never before felt, most excited state!

Inside the Vermillion Bird’s projection, Mu Xuanyin’s aura had already weakened to near half its normal state, yet the icy might released from her body had not weakened in the slightest. The snow robe she wore was still as pristine as a snow lotus.

As for the ancient horned dragon, it was in an especially miserable state. Bloodstains covered its entire body as it howled and snarled in anger but it was completely trapped within the might of the Divine Ice Phoenix. With every passing breath it spent within, countless pieces of ice exploded upon its body. The battle began to reach the point where it was almost impossible for it to make any counter attacks.

Boom boom!!

The ancient horned dragon broke apart the ice seal. Dragon flames that could cover the sky surged out from its body and instantly engulfed Mu Xuanyin. Soon after, its dragonic body flew over from the Inferno Prison and its claws locked onto Mu Xuanyin’s aura before swiping downwards. Fire which could burn the heavens was at the place where its talons reached and a terrifying pitch black color stood at the center of that blaze… It was shockingly a black hole which had formed from the scorching destruction.



Heaven shaking cries of alarm rang out from the Inferno Prison’s northern shore as the Vermillion Bird projection instantly became a flaming sea of scarlet. Before these frightened cries had yet to fall, everyone suddenly saw a streak of icy blue radiance piercing through the scarlet scenery.

Like a falling meteorite, it instantly split apart the ancient horned dragon’s blazing purgatory. Then, it shot at the ancient horned dragon’s talons… A brief moment it pierced through, dragon blood spurted in every direction.

The instant the dragon blood scattered, it ignited into dragon flames.


As the ancient horned dragon’s painful cry rang out, its sky encompassing dragon flames changed to become a berserking tempest, causing the ancient horned dragon to steadily get forced into an abyss of ice.


The three great Flame God Sect Masters shouted at the same time.

Being able to run through the horned dragon’s claws… this clearly meant that this ancient horned dragon’s protective dragonic power had been smashed into bits by the layer. It was almost at the edge of total collapse.

“It is rumored that when one reaches a paramount realm like the Divine Master Realm, even taking the smallest step forward would be as difficult as scaling the heavens. Even if your innate talent was extremely high, many years were required to achieve that. However, the Snow Song Realm King’s strength would increase greatly every millenia. As for this time… I really wonder what happened within this millenia to make her powerful to such a degree,” Yan Juehai exclaimed.

Yan Wancang stared fixedly at the Vermillion Bird projection before slowly saying, “I’m afraid that the Snow Song Realm King’s current strength has already transcended more than half of… the Higher Realm Kings.”

Those words stunned the crowd into a long period of silence.

“The majority of the rulers of the Eastern Divine Region’s upper star realms are successors of a human god’s bloodline. For those of us who have inherited the bloodline of beast gods, our affinity with their bloodline and power simply cannot compare with those who have inherited power from human gods, which is why we can only be lower or middle star realms. The Snow Song Realm King’s inherited bloodline and power is also from a divine beast, yet it is able to reach such a level. It truly makes one gasp in admiration.”

“Choosing to endure the grudges and grievances from a thousand years ago was indeed the right choice,” Yan Juehai said with a sigh.

“Who cares about the past!” Huo Rulie waved imposingly with flushed cheeks and eyes shining with an odd light. He rubbed his hands excitedly, “My heart was clenching when we found out that the horned dragon’s dragon fault had completely recovered but it seems like the death of this horned dragon is already inevitable! It’s absolutely infallible!”

“Poyun!” Huo Rulie heavily slapped Huo Poyun’s shoulder all of a sudden. He took a deep breath to calm his excitement before speaking with a grave face, “Your road is soon about to be paved but which step you will be able to walk to will all depend on you. You have seen for yourself how powerful the Divine Master Realm is… and if you are able to enter the top one thousand of the Profound God Convention to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl to cultivate for three thousand years, with your innate talent, as long as you don’t slack off, it is absolutely possible for you to reach the Divine Master Realm! By then, it would not only be you, our Flame God Realm’s future position and destiny would also change because of you!”

Huo Rulie had said similar words to Huo Poyun countless of times before but this time, it was extremely grave and solemn… because back then, they only hoped that it would happen but now, it was before their very eyes.

Huo Poyun nodded fiercely, eyes showing rigid determination. “Master, Sect Masters, don’t worry, Poyun hereby solemnly swears that as long as he still holds a single breath, he will never turn his back on the Flame God Realm!”

“Good!” Yan Wancang nodded. “Poyun, with your words, forget about us three decreasing our strength and lifespan for that moment, even if we have to trade our life for it, we would have no regrets!”

Even though the masters of the three great sects were of different veins and normally competed against each other for checks and balances, when it involved the Flame God Realm’s honor and future, they would absolutely be unanimously united, with no disloyalty in sight… even if Huo Poyun wasn’t a disciple of their own sect.

“If you are able to pass the Eternal Heaven Pearl and a Divine Master appears within our Flame God Realm, then we truly would die without any regrets,” Yan Juehai chuckled but then said seriously, “But the condition for that is to enter the Profound God Convention’s top one thousand. Poyun, about what you are suppose to do before Profound God Convention, I believe… you won’t disappoint us.”

Huo Poyun heavily nodded. After a while, his eyes began to wander yet again until he was no longer able to endure blurting out, “Master, I think it’s best if I go look for Brother Yun. It’s been a while since he left and he hasn’t come back yet, if something happens…”

“No need,” Huo Rulie casually waved. “Aside from us, this place is absolutely empty. How could something happen? Even if something did happen, that kid would’ve already called us for help. The ice attribute profound arts he cultivates definitely cannot endure the scorching energy here. Moreover, he has already seen the horned dragon and whether or not we are able to kill the horned dragon doesn’t have anything to do with him so he probably doesn’t care about it. He might even be sleeping somewhere, hidden in the distance.”

“Presently,” Huo Rulie’s gaze shifted back to the Vermillion Bird projection, “I dare say that this horned dragon will die in no less than an hour. If we miss that moment, it’ll be such a waste, hahahaha.”

Just thinking about being able to obtain the ancient horned dragon’s corpse soon caused Huo Rulie to let out a great laugh in his excitement. However, his eyes immediately widened and looked toward the west. “Hm? Isn’t that Yun kid back now… and it seems like he was kicked out by something.”

“Sect Master Yan!!!”

Before Yun Che’s figure had yet to arrive, his hoarse roar came from a distance, drawing everyone’s gaze.


Amidst a loud whistling sound, Yun Che fell from the sky like a windstorm. Due to his haste, his powerless legs lost their footing and he heavily fell to the ground. He practically rolled before Yan Wancang and before he had yet to get up, he shouted like a madman, “Sect Master Yan, since your Vermillion Bird’s will is able to spread throughout the entire God Burying Inferno Prison… does it mean that you can also send a sound transmission to the places the will is spread!?”

Yan Wancang was stunned. Then, he nodded his head. “Yes but what has happened? Why are you in such a panic?”

If it was an ordinary region, the three great sect masters would easily be able to send a sound transmission up to a distance of five thousand kilometers with their profound strength alone. However, the God Burying Inferno Prison was clogged with an extremely strong fire element. Even if they tried their hardest, they would only be able to send a transmission within a few hundred kilometers of range.

If one wanted to send a three thousand five hundred kilometer sound transmission, only his Vermillion Bird’s will was able to do such a thing.

Yan Wancang’s answer filled Yun Che with joy. He quickly rose and said, “Quick! Quickly transmit to my Master, tell her to run… quick! Quick!”

Due to his fright and anxiety, how could he possibly care about etiquette? He basically roared out those words, inciting the displeasure of the Vermillion Bird elders and disciples. A few of them nearly flared up on him.

When he said that, he had undoubtedly stunned the entire crowd. Afterwards, strange expressions soon surfaced on the faces of everyone present. Yan Wancang wrinkled his brows, “Why? If you are worried about your master’s safety, it is not needed at all. The horned dragon is covered with many injuries and its strength is currently greatly depleted. Even though your master used up a considerably large amount of energy, she has not a single external injury on her person. It won’t be long until she has successfully killed this horned dragon.”

“Yun kid, have you gone mad?” Huo Rulie asked in puzzlement.

“No! It’s not like that! It’s not that simple!” Yun Che quickly glanced at the Vermillion Bird projection, anxiety shooting through the roof. “That horned dragon isn’t the only one in the God Burying Inferno Prison, there are two of them! If the other one appears, my master will be in danger!”

Once those words came out, they immediately caused everyone to widen their eyes in shock. Huo Rulie immediately erupted into loud laughter, “Hahahaha, Yun kid, did you sleep so much that your brain went stupid? The God Burying Inferno Prison always had one horned dragon since ancient times, how could there possible be two?”

Due to Huo Rulie’s laughter, the surrounding crowd also joined in.

“Hahahaha,” Yan Juehai laughed as he shook his head. “It would be great if there were two. Unfortunately, it is already a heaven sent favor that the God Burying Inferno Prison gave birth to one.”

“I’m not joking, I’m telling the truth! The God Burying Inferno Prison always had two horned dragons and their molting cycle isn’t once every thousand years but every two thousand! Furthermore, the two horned dragon’s ecdysis periods just happen to be one thousand years apart. The fact that they appear once every thousand years added to the fact that they look exactly the same, makes it impossible to accurately distinguish them based on aura! That’s why it seems as though there was only one horned dragon here!

“The dragon fault of the horned dragon from a thousand years ago was damaged, yet this one is completely undamaged… that is proof enough!”

Yun Che was already out of breath after his explanation. “Sect Master Yan, you absolutely have to trust me! I definitely would not joke around with something related to my master’s safety! The other horned dragon ought to be hiding nearby… Sect Master Yan, I beg of you, please send a sound transmission to my master to let her leave at once. Or else it’ll be too late!”

No one revealed shocked expressions after he said that; he was only given strange looks.

This Snow Song Realm junior… had a donkey bitten off a nerve in his brain?

Yan Wancang’s brows wrinkled as he finally couldn’t withhold his temper. “The reason why you suddenly think that there are two ancient horned dragons is because of their dragon faults? Haha, I’ve already said it before, dragon faults can recover completely and it is probably because it lives in the God Burying Inferno Prison and is able to draw support from the Inferno Prison’s power.

“Of course not!!” Yun Che forcibly gritted his teeth. Only Yan Wancang’s Vermillion will was able to send Mu Xuanyin a sound transmission from this distance so he had no other choice. He could only give a full account in detail, “In the past several hours junior was gone, I had actually stolen into the Inferno Prison and discovered two horned dragon lairs at the bottom of the Inferno Prison! The dragon auras remaining inside those two lairs definitely have a minute difference! Neither of the horned dragons are in their lairs!

“If any of my words contain any falsehood, may I die a violent death!!”

Yun Che’s poisonous vow caused everyone to speechlessly stare at one another for a moment before they erupted into heaven shaking laughter.