Chapter 1023 - A Sense of Danger

Chapter 1023 - A Sense of Danger

After the banquet, Yun Che took advantage of Feng Huita sending guests away to find a moment to slip away to the back of the palace. There, he casually strolled for a while, before he finally stopped in front of a pond which strangely had not frozen over. As Yun Che observed the green leaves floating on the water, he sighed.

His ears were still buzzing even now as a result of the several raucous days but he still didn’t have even the slightest clue as to how he could obtain the Ice Qilin’s horn.

“It’s much more difficult than expected,” Yun Che dispiritedly thought to himself

For Mu Xuanyin, it was only a matter of speaking but for Yun Che, he had no clue how he should make his request. After all, he had no enmity with the Ice Wind Emperor. Moreover, the Ice Wind Emperor had treated him with great respect and even stated that he was willing to die ten thousand times for him. How could he directly open his mouth and ask for the Qilin horn…

After all, in the Ice Wind Emperor’s heart, that halidom was the embodiment of his country’s fortune!

It truly seemed that within the Snow Song Realm, no one could make such a request outside of Mu Xuanyin.

But if he didn’t just go and make his request, how else could he achieve his goal? Would he actually have to go steal it? But since it was a halidom, it had to be hidden in a secret place and heavily guarded. Even if he confirmed its existence, just how was he going to be able to steal it?

Mu Xuanyin had specifically emphasized the point that he should be doing this alone, yet with his current profound strength, any of the higher level guards of the palace could kill him. Moreover, Mu Xiaolan, who had ended up coming along… was weaker than him, yet another factor which held him back.

“Eh? Yun Che, so this is where you ran off to.”

While Yun Che dispiritedly thought to himself, Mu Xiaolan’s gentle footsteps approached him as she cutely skipped over to in front of Yun Che. She joyfully smiled as she asked, “Hehe, did you feel powerful and great today?”

“...” Yun Che just sighed. He had no reply.

“Eh? How come you seem to be unhappy?” Mu Xiaolan asked as she stretched her head out and observed Yun Che’s completely expressionless face.

“What is there to be happy about?” Yun Che pursed his lips.

“Mmm… All of those people praised you and fawned over you, they were all competing with each other to offer you drinks. Even Senior Brother Hanyi’s royal father, the emperor, had to bend his back while talking to you. I don’t believe that you do not feel the slightest bit of pride in your heart.” Mu Xiaolan comforted as her cheeks puffed up.

Yun Che sighed again as he said, “Do you think that the person they truly respect and fear is me?”

“Ah?” Mu Xiaolan became dazed.

“No,” Yun Che shook his head, “The person they truly respect and fear is my master.”

“Before my status as direct disciple was revealed, not a single person in the great hall cared to even look at me. In fact, the Ice Wind Emperor didn’t even remember my name, which I had just given him. It wasn’t just them either, on the profound ark, your father ridiculed my birth and status without a second thought and sternly told me to stay away from you.”

“Ah!” Mu Xiaolan became extremely surprised, her little face become pale as she stuttered, “Father, he… he…”

“It’s alright, you don’t need to be nervous. After all, I never said I blame your father for his actions.” Yun Che reached out his hand and gently patted Mu Xiaolan’s head. “When you return to your mother and father’s place later, you must remember to tell your father that there is no need to be stuck over that matter and that there is no need for him to personally approach me just to apologize as I do not care at all. Keep him from being unable to sleep at night.”

Mu Xiaolan’s hand hit her forehead as she finally understood why her father had been so soulless and silent today. She anxiously asked, “Father, he actually… you, you… you truly don’t blame him, right?”

“What is there to blame him for?” Yun Che shrugged his shoulders, “Isn’t this normal? With my profound strength and background, any powerful figure would treat me this way.”

“Moreover, the only reason his attitude changed was because of my status as Sect Master’s direct disciple.”

“For Master, even if she wasn’t the Snow Song Realm King and Ice Phoenix Sect Master, the people of the Snow Song Realm would still naturally respect and fear her. As for me, I’m afraid that if I didn’t have the status which has been bestowed on me by Master, the people here today wouldn’t even look at me, let alone praise and respect me. Thus, there is nothing for me to be happy about. Instead, today has allowed me to further understand that power is the only thing which is respected in the world.”

Mu Xiaolan blankly stood there for a while and then shook her head as she refuted, “What you are saying is not completely correct. Although your current profound strength is not too special, your innate talent with ice is really really high and you are the direct disciple of a Great Realm King. In the near future, you will definitely be able to become a figure whose strength is far greater than everyone else. There is no doubt that this will happen. That’s why they are all currently treating you so well right now.”

“Forget it.” Yun Che indifferently stated, “Anyway, in another two to three years… in at most three years, I will be leaving this place. In my Blue Pole Star, I am basically a great realm king, and I can impose myself however I want!”

“Tch” Mu Xiaolan rolled her eyes as she quietly said to herself in a voice which only she could hear, “You are already Sect Master’s direct disciple, it would be strange if she let you go home.”

Nonetheless, for her father to have said such things to Yun Che on the profound atk… ah ah ah! It was too embarrassing. What to do…

“You… truly don’t blame my father?” Mu Xiaolan anxiously asked again as she hung her head down. Her voice was very quiet and contained traces of guilt and nervousness.

“If it were someone else, with my original temper, then they would long be… cough cough cough. But since it is the father of Senior Sister Xiaolan, I naturally will~ not~ blame him at all.” Yun Che’s expression was extremely sincere as he continued, “Moreover, I know your father is not a bad person. The reason he reprimanded me was because he truly cares for you.”

Yun Che turned his gaze as he looked at Mu Xiaolin’s bright, smooth, and slightly blushing face from the side. “It’s very clear that your father’s character is extremely direct and straightforward. He’s not kind but he’s also not someone who hides himself. Right from when he met me, he directly expressed his disdain for me. Although at the time, he seemed extremely fierce, he was not terrifying at all… Senior Sister Xiaolan, do you know who the most terrifying kind of people in the world are?”

“Ah?” Mu Xiaolan’s mouth opened and closed but she didn’t respond.

“The most terrifying kind of people in the world are those who never show others their true emotions. The most terrifying are those who are always pleasant and calm regardless of if they are facing a weak, ant-like cultivator or someone they hate!”

As he spoke, a serious look appeared on Yun Che face and in his eyes.

“...” A look of confusion emerged on Mu Xiaolan’s face, as if she couldn’t understand why Yun Che had suddenly said such words.

“This kind of person, they patiently bear everything and shrewdly make plans. Their minds are truly extremely terrifying… and it’s not terrifying in the normal sense. At the very least, I am completely unable to fully contain myself perfectly in the face of someone who I greatly resent. Naturally, I am even less able to talk cheerfully and humorously in such circumstances. These people normally don’t hurt others and are generally admired, praised, revered, and adored by others like a saint. However, once they make a decision to kill someone… they will be extremely careful and thorough. They will make a single death blow with absolute certainty and not leave any traces behind. They are like a dormant snake which suddenly shoots venom at the darkest moment of the night for the kill. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.”

Yun Che then put his hands on his neck behind his head as he silently looked up at the night sky.

Mu Xiaolan’s eyes continued to express confusion as she asked, “Yun Che, you… what are you saying? I don’t seem to understand.”

“Do you not understand or do you not dare to trust your understanding?” Yun Che glanced at her from the side and then calmly said, “Do not doubt yourself, it is exactly the person whose image has emerged in your mind… Forget about it, I predict there is no way for you to accept it. All you have to do is listen a little deeper and keep an eye out for me.”

Mu Xiaolan, “...”

At this time, the sound of hurried footsteps resonated over from behind the as Feng Hange arrived with a group of guards. Upon seeing Yun Che, his eyes brightened as his footsteps sped up even more. “So you were here, Brother Yun. Because of personal matters, Hanyi left and has neglected looking after Brother Yun. I hope you are willing to forgive us over this matter.”

Yun Che turned around and chuckled as he said, “There is no need for your highness to be so polite. Ice Wind Imperial Palace is truly quite beautiful at night and extremely pleasant to look at. I couldn’t help but subconsciously walk over here.”

Seeing how not a trace of dissatisfaction was present on Yun Che’s face, Feng Hange relaxed slightly as he straightened himself and said, “We are fortunate and honored to be able to gain Brother Yun’s praise and appreciation of the beautiful scenery here. Ah, that’s right, a palace has been prepared. Considering how Brother Yun has come here through all of the wind and snow, I presume Brother Yun is somewhat tired? Would you like for me to show you to your quarters?”

Yun Che thought for a moment, then nodded, “Alright then.”

“Please. Ah, Sister Situ, your palace quarters have also been prepared. It is quite close to Brother Yun’s, let’s go and see them together.”

“Ah… okay.” Mu Xiaolan was a little dazed. It was clear that she was still thinking about what Yun Che had just said.

Under the personal guidance of Feng Hange, Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan arrived in front of Ice Maiden Palace which had been meticulously crafted during the day. Flowers of ice swayed as ice spirits slowly danced around and various colored coral illuminated the insides with a brilliant, resplendent glow. Even the carpet spread outside of the room was woven from the best quality ice threads.

In front of Ice Maiden Palace, twenty or so young girls wearing snow white clothes stood waiting. All of them seemed to be younger than twenty. They were all as beautiful as flowers and moons and an extraordinarily extravagant scent emanated from their bodies. Upon seeing Yun Che arrive, they all slowly walked forward and greeted him as they all said, “We pay our respects to Sir Yun.”

“...” Mu Xiaolan gaped.

“Brother Yun, this here is our Ice Maiden Palace. It is the palace my Ice Wind Empire uses to entertain and treat our most important guests. Within a thousand steps in all directions, there are hundreds of the most talented guards defending, so you will not have to worry for your safety at all.” Feng Hange then lowered his voice as he continued, “These twenty girls were all specially and carefully selected for you from the imperial city by people my Royal Father personally commands. Although they absolutely cannot be compared with Fairy Feixue, they were all born into large, rich families and are all still virgins. Brother Yun, please… enjoy.”

Mu Xiaolan, “(ー`′ー)#”

“Oh! Very good!” Yun Che’s eyes brightened as he happily nodded, “Your highness is really nice! Please thank your royal father for me!”

“As long as Brother Yun is happy.” Upon seeing Yun Che smile, Feng Hange’s heart relaxed.

“Senior Sister Xiaolan, do you want to go in and take a look?” Yun Che asked as he smiled.

This question… clearly had an intent of driving someone away behind it.

Mu Xiaolan became furious as she forcefully stomped on the ground and indignantly shouted, “How could I dare disturb the enjoyment of my sect’s dignified direct disciple!? Hmph!”

Finished speaking, Mu Xiaolan turned around and began walking away.

Yun Che slowly nodded, “So its like this. Then alright, I shall trouble your highness to send Senior Sister Mu Xiaolan home.”

“Ah… Alright. If Brother Yun has any other instructions, please do let me know. There is absolutely no need to be courteous.”

“You’d better not let Senior Sister Feixue know about this!” Mu Xiaolan shouted in anger as she suddenly turned around after walking far into the distance.

“Uh… then this little prince shall withdraw.” Feng Hange awkwardly saluted as he hurriedly backed out.

“Ah, women are truly troublesome.” Yun Che sighed as he raised his head and looked at the night sky which was far darker than the one above the Ice Phoenix Realm. He whispered to himself, “I keep feeling like something big is going to happen tonight.”